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CG Loli Arrest “Japan’s First”


Japanese police have reported the nation’s first child pornography arrest involving “computer generated” artwork.

According to reports, the 52-year-old Gifu city man was arrested for child pornography offences after allegedly selling computer generated images based on photographs of an actual minor.

The “CG” phrasing used in reports of the arrest is ambiguous as to whether 3D computer generated imagery was involved, or whether it was instead 2D imagery created using a computer art package.

Police say the arrest is the first in Japan of its type, although as usual they do not provide much in the way of details or any explanation as to why it was suddenly possible to make such an arrest when there has been no change in the law.

Not surprisingly considering the typical conduct of Japan’s police in these matters, the bust has aroused some suspicion:

“Since when was 2D subject to these laws?”

“They are testing the waters with this arrest. If they aren’t opposed they’ll ramp up these arrests.”

“And people were saying they wouldn’t touch 2D with the new laws… now they are doing it with the existing one!”

“They don’t say whether this was a realistic CG illustration or 3D CG… I suppose if it was anime type CG they would have ignored it.”

“The issue seems to be whether there was a real model. For it to get to an arrest I would think they clearly identified a model.”

“Did he even base this on actual pornography, or was it a junior idol?”

“Like a CG image has any victim. They are warping even the existing laws well outside their intended scope.”

“There was a clear victim here so naturally they were right to make an arrest!”

“Honestly I doubt this was actual CG art. Probably some reworked photograph.”

“Sure, if it was just retouched. But how the cops determine what is applicable is the issue here.”

“I think they picked him up on other charges and added this on. Would be interested to hear just what the circumstances of his arrest were.”

“Without having any idea as to what sort of image was involved it is basically impossible to know what was going on.”

“As ever the cops release no useful details at all. Because they just want to maximise the intimidation factor so artists censor themselves out of fear…”

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  • Okay, so I see “why” he was arrested, he took a real photo and reproduced it with CGI and sold the CGI, so in take, I don’t know how “realstaic” the CGI photo was but this means he tried to loophole his way through the law and redistribute CP he had, which in turn kind of give the police right to arrest him, this news is missing some serious part but either way they arrested someone for 2D is going to be additional ammo for that shittey bill.

    on Another note:-

    I’d like to point out to all the idiotic loli-ban wagoners, the loli-ban does not effect lolicon alone, it affects ALL 2D media, so video games, anime,manga,etc, are going to be hit, they plan to DESTROY the industry, it is not helping children and before you give me some lame ass argument on defending it, go and look up what the law entails and see it scope is only to include 2D content stuff like Volcaoids are ALSO being hit, the LDP is attacking the industry, they are doing it because of bias, not morality and you know why it is not pure morality ? because the reformed bill does not include junor idols and you can still possess child pornography, it only destroys all the old and new anime and manga coming out and destroy volcaoids, visual novels and eroge, so go on and support, something that is against freedom of expressions and freedom of speech.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol the idiot politics of the west.

      Why is japan suddenly abiding and listening to the bullshit talk from white western countries? From feminist heads? Yet in the west we are forced to accept and abide by homosexuality, but a mere cartoon or video-game character is abusive and illegal.

      Utter bullshit. Anyone should be able to draw the art they want without some PD force or the government making scape goats out of them otherwise. Wtf japan. Junior models of real kids are ‘legal’ but a painting or a cartoon/video-game illegal? Totally backwards.

      • Anonymous says:

        if i may add my “non’sense'” to the discussion, i guess the western person means the “omni’presence’ of gays/homosexual’s” ‘everywhere’ and in “every media allready”.
        i cant watch any shows anymore without “THE GAY” popping out of NOWwhere trying to make the viewer more tolerate towards “‘sweaty muscles'” of ‘MEEEEN’.
        and i can’t listen to any politician’s anymore talking about “killer games”. they come up with THE MOST unbelieveable stuff just to blame videogaming for the newest desu in a school.

        i do not understand mostly from the “utter bullshit part”.is it about ‘copyright infringement’? i got the ‘oppinion’ that ‘3D model’s’ created are not considered “child pornography” unless the ‘3D model’ is animated in a small movie sequence with another 3D model (or the same 3D model copy) and this movie is sold. the animation needs to show ‘genital’s’ and “sex” for it to be considered “‘*pornography*'”.
        I have not seen any *’material’* considering this* but this’ would be my ‘interpretation’zzz of “it”.

      • Anonymous says:

        “accept and abide by homosexuality”

        Are you an idiot, or just completely illiterate? No, really, I am really asking, because you don’t seem to comprehend the meanings of English words or how to use them appropriately. Do you even know what “accept” and “abide BY” mean?

  • When I read the title I was like here we go they finally lost their minds but then I read the story and that it’s real pics that were altered with CG.

    Now what would be a suitable punishment as altered pics are not as bad as typically produced CP in that a child was not forced to perform sexual acts.
    Though in theory harm is done to their reputation.

    I guess the appropriate punishment would be to take whatever is a typical punishment for producing CP and divide it by two or three.

  • Anonymous says:

    As long as there’s CP involved, it’s totally fair.

    What is an absurd, is saying that exposing cartoon characters that resemble kids are the same as child pornography.

    Following this logic, murdering a character would be the same as an homicide too.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it isn’t totally fair.

      Pedosexuals are the new homosexuals, heterosexuals outside of marriage, and interracials. I.E. a boogie man used to make people turn their attention away from the misdeeds of those in political office.

      Also, need I remind that California is seriously thinking of making pedosexuality/pedophilia a PROTECTED sexuality?

      That kinda means that lolicon artwork would NOT be able to illegal anymore (it is actually not in the United States except in some very small localities where if the laws were challenged, they would be thrown out on First Amendment grounds).

      It’s also only one step from having pedosexuality legal and protected to having adults having sex with children made legal.

      It’s really time for society to wake up and realize that children over 2 are not helpless like children under 2 are. They can easily report to an authority figure (unless they are basically held as prisoners in their own homes) that someone has tried to touch them against their will in a sexual or non-sexual manner, even their parents, if properly educated as to what their rights are.

      • Anonymous says:

        You say “protected sexuality”, but pedophilia itself isn’t illegal, you can’t be arrested for simply desiring something, you need to make it happen for it to become an illegal act.

        Cartoons should never be considered child porn, though, no matter how realistic they are, for example, you may use a dressed kid as reference to draw a naked one, this should never be considered child abuse…at best, image copyright infringement or moral damage if the artwork resembles the actual kid used as reference.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, pedophilia in some areas CAN get you harassed by the police, arrested solely for being a pedosexual, etc.

          Look again at the numerous people who have been harassed and turn into a boogie man because of that.

          Secondly, NO consensual sexual act, no matter the ages of the people involved, should be made illegal by fiat of law. If you can prove that the child in question was forced physically into a sexual encounter, that’s a horse of a midnight black color.

          Otherwise, busybodies should butt out. Coming from my own experiences having sexual encounters with adults as a child and LIKING 99+% of them.

  • I have separate, securely cyphered server serving as a full-fledged node to all hidden networks imaginable (i2p, darknet, e.t.c). It’s HDD is bursting from GBs of quality CP for my own pleasure. I dare you to go and fucking arrest me, bitches.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, if I took a photo of my neighbours 3yo daughter and pasted it on the face of a nude CG body… that would be way different from doing the CG face from scratch. The police report doesn’t say much about the “art”, but there clearly seems to be a 3D victim, which is the cause of arrest.

    Maybe the guy used only the face, or he based the CG model on an image of the girl… worst case, he fetched a girl, undressed her, took pics and videos, maybe even had sex with her.

    • Anonymous says:

      In my country photoshop the head of a minor into porn it is illegal but drawings/CG are okay, unless the CG is so good that it is impossible to differentiate from real stuff, them it is illegal too. I think it is made this way to avoid people making up excuses like “this is not CP, just photoshop”

  • Anonymous says:

    There are no detal artists in Japan, all you have seen for 50+ years are Dillards magazines – swimming gymnastic tiny tennis school events and photos taken of olympics transfered by tracing and digital scan in photography equip (photoshopping) images. no one can draw that got that often. real manga looks like scribbles and lines and bits. maybe a good face but sorry all thise art you see here was from a real human being and or photograph. dont forget Japan has girls every day selling booklets of their photos plus idols selling ‘little’ dvds or cds of their images daily. again someone took those and made them into these. would avoid any thing with actual sexual activitity if it appears not to be an adult now that they have passed a more usa like law. if you know what i mean.

    • Anonymous says:

      Simon Lundström did eventually win his case in Sweden, though. No harm to any actual minors could be shown or proven, as it was strictly 2D artwork. Considering the size of his artwork collection, what was submitted as evidence as loli art was a small fraction of what he actually had in total (as he was a professional manga translator) so it’s not like he was peddling in child porn. The court agreed.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just hope this doesn’t intimidate any artist. Works now feature drawings which are almost photorealistic, I’m guessing they’re based on junior idol kinda material, and it’s great. as long as there’s no real child being abused or harmed I don’t see a problem.

      • Anonymous says:

        I suspect the same too. So far, there as been no evidence that an actual child has been used in it’s creation.

        More than likely it was probably just some CGI Painting, and the Japanese Police are using it as an excuse and this guy as a leveling case to start arresting ANYONE who has lolicon-like material or just even bathing-suits.

        What I don’t like is how the world keeps trying to be a moral dictator about loli-con, yet the same ones will allow people to produce violent scenes of murder in movies and television shows without claiming that its “harmful” and that the actors/cartoons are victims of “violence” or that it leads to violence. Bullshit logic at it’s best.

        For every violent movie produce, read and watch, we should have 100,000 average citizens turned into murders from just watching it. Obliviously real-life doesn’t work that way, but they always make the expection in the case of lolicon. Cartoon characters are real-life little kids. Quiet frankly, it’s disgusting how the laws are being bent to protect imaginary images of non-existing and non-real cartoons or figures.

        Face it Sankaku Users, Loli-Users etc, the cartoon characters are being worshiped like real-life citizens by your local government/PD bodies. Supported by lack of evidence but “morally correct”(pffft) fear-factors at the top.

    • Anonymous says:

      more the case that an identifiable minor was used for the CG images.

      I mean the first line in most porn disclaimers are
      “no identifiable minors were used in the production….”

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d say people of any age should be free to decide if they want to trade their naked pics. If some kids do it without thinking of the consequences, I blame their parents for not giving them a proper education.

        • Anonymous says:

          Imyou, that almost never happens and it’s usually THE PARENTS OF THE CHILD OR SOME OTHER BUSYBODY making them feel that they should feel ‘guilty’ about it, which I personally feel should be classified as emotional child abuse and get the PARENT or busybody locked up for life.

        • How about pedos tricking 5 year olds into giving nude pics of themselves, then realizing what they did when they’re older and having it haunt them for the rest of their lives? Look up statutory rape – it’s built on the premise that minors cannot give INFORMED consent. I agree with this, because I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t do some really stupid things as a kid. The brain is still developing, and good long-term planning and judgment tend to come last, like age 15-25.

      • Anonymous says:

        its not exactly right to say “oh whats that, you had shit parents? well, your just fucked then” though. it isnt the kids fault for having terrible parents. this is why we have schools and such. to make up for the failings of parents.

        trading photographs is even more potentially harmful than regular sex. with sex, you do it, you like, maybe you dont, but thats the end of it. but a picture? if that gets on the internet, it could seriously hurt your future, be it finding a partner or work of whathaveyou

      • Anonymous says:

        This isn’t an issue of civil liberties. Child pornography is illegal because it encourages abuse.

        That said, I fail to see the merit of allowing children to suffer for having idiot parents.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s not about the CGI he’s arrested

    It’s about the REAL photos which the CGI BASED ON that he’s got burst

    You guy sure have the tendency to overreact before go through the whole thing, huhm?

    • Yup. If you read the article that’s what’s alleged. So you can’t assume it’s just CG fantasy but someone who turned known childporn into CG. No reason to overreact. Sooner or later someone was going to try to make reallife childporn look like it was made entirely on a computer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if that is the case, why does it matter? Turning a picture of a fully-clothed child into a nude picture of a child should NOT be a crime in the slightest.

      Hell, even taking pictures of nude children shouldn’t be a crime.

      Sexual situations as well.

      It’s time to get off the bunkus that children need to be ‘protected’ from sex (they can protect themselves by simply telling an authority figure if someone does something to them, sexual or not, that they dislike) and move on.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know how dumb jap society is, right? It only takes a bit of time before all of them jump on the wagon of anti ero-CG of any loli wether fictional or based on an actual kid. If the cops don’t emphasize on making that the CG is completely different to the ones seen usually, the general population would conclude all loli CG is bad and IS a form of child pornography

    • Anonymous says:

      How do YOU or ANYONE know if a real minor was involved. We aren’t allowed to see the proof, and never will be.

      They could just lock up anyone on charges of child abuse, and say the evidence can’t be shown.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re right. It was mentioned according to the original news in the link. The mas has 12-13 years old girl’s photo in his PC.

      I think SanCom intentionally skip that part of the story.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you’re misunderstanding something here. The real issue is that there aren’t any details released in regards to the case, so it’s impossible to know just what they’re basing the case off of.

      If — and I highly stress the word — there was an actual child who was put through some sexual situation and the artwork was based off that, then everyone would agree that the arredt was lawful.

      But, on the other hand, if the artwork was purely fictional, then there was no real child molestation involved. That, in turn, would mean that the police were overstepping the boundaries of the law and were simply arresting people as they saw fit.

      The police have apparently said hat the artwork was based on actual photographs of a real minor, but where is their evidence for that? And just how strong was the “basis” on the real photographs? What if they were simply normal photos that were not sexual in nature and the artist merely drew what was in his imagination, so to speak? What is the police were merely using some random photograph as the basis when it in fact had no relations to the artwork at all? What if there weren’t even any “real photographs” at all and the cops were making a phony arrest on someone just because he happened to have 2D tastes? If any of those are the case, the police are clearly twisting the due to the fact that there was no actual victim involved, and henceforth no need to arrest him.

      Because there’s no way to prove one way or the other due to the insufficient information, it’s inly natural ti assume that people would react in a fearful sort of way. There are simple too many what ifs involved, and people ni longer feel quite so safe because of it.

      All it’d take is some cop with a messed up interpretation of the law and suddenly a completely innocent person could be behind bars for potentially years. All the while, the real child molesters and rapists continue unhindered because the police are too focuesed on the wrong targets.

      THAT’S the real issue here.

      • Anonymous says:

        i like how you claim there can be no conclusion due to lack of info, and yet your argument leans strongly in defense of the perpetrator. Hm, personal opinions glaringly obvious. You’re all retarded virgins.

    • Ikuhisashiku says:

      I think you’re misunderstanding something here.
      The real issue is there aren’t any details released in regards to the case, so it’s impossible to know just what they’re basing the arrest off of.

      If — and I highly stress this word — there was an actual child who was put through a sexual situation and the artwork was based off of that, then everyone would agree that the arrest was lawful.

      But, on the other hand, if the artwork was purely fictional, then there was no real child molestation involved. That, in turn, would mean that the police were overstepping the boundaries of the law and were arresting people simply as they saw fit.

      The police have apparently said that the artwork was based on photographs of an actual minor, but where is their evidence for that? What if there was no relation whatsoever between the artwork and any real child? What if the cops were using a fake reason to try and get an arrest and were merely using some random photograph, trying to make phony ties to it as a basis? What if the pictures it was based off of were of some normal child in a normal situation with their clothes completely intact and the artist simply felt like drawing what was in him imagination instead? If any of those are the case, the police are clearly twisting the law due to the fact that there was no actual victim and henceforth no actual need to arrest him.

      Because there’s no way to prove one way or the other due to insufficent information, it’s only natural that people would react in a fearful sort of way. There are simply too many, “What if”s, and people don’t feel quite so safe anymore because of it. They’d never know if they could be arrested on thin charges like that as well.

      All it’d take is a cop with some messed up interpretation of the law and suddenly a completely innocent person could be behind bars for potentially years. All the while, the real child molesters and rapist run about unhindered because the police are too focus on the wrong targets.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’d point out that he was arrested for reasons unrelated to this CG picture. The CG picture was then just added on top of everything else. Reason for arrest was violation of _child prostitution_ and forbidden pornography laws.

        Also, just because a picture is based on a real child in a sexual situation doesn’t neccesarily make the arrest lawful. Under rule of law, if something isn’t criminalized, it’s not punishable. Simple posession of child pornography is not illegal in Japan. I’d also assume that using your private collection for some ‘inspirational drawing’ is still okay. The reason he is being charged is the commercial intent – selling child pornography is a no-no.

        Also if you are going to start pulling theories about how the police could have just conjured stuff up to get this arrest, you might as well question every crime related judgement ever. Obviously a court is going to see the original picture that was source for the CG picture. Obviously, a court isn’t neccesarily going to dish out real justice and could be corrupted, but at that point you got significantly bigger problems and you are better off questioning every single judgement given by that court, be it a murder or shoplifting.

        I think we have a fairly simple case in hand here. The guy was originally arrested based on anti-child prostitution laws – he probably was fucking little girls, taking pictures and videos, one of the girls tattled on him, cops found his collection and CG pictures obviously based on them – and he was selling them. That’s a no-no, so added charge for selling child pornography on top of everything else.

      • Ikuhisashiku says:

        Not to mention the fact that Japanese police have been known to make bogus arrests before.

        Actually, police around the world have been known to make bogus arrests, not just the Japanese. It’s a trait that’s common amongst police worldwide.

        • Anonymous says:

          Exactly, if you are a ‘boogie man’ for society, the police are known to arrest on a whim unless you are a RICH boogie man for society who can legitimately fight back against them.

      • Anonymous says:

        that’s the part make the whole law become extremely vague & in most case, prove it can be misused. You have the image legally doesn’t mean you’re able to make image from the real thing, LEGALLY.

        There’s a Tweet from a certain lawmaker. He said the local officials around Japan are encouraged “from the high-ups” to increase charging cases like this to promote for that stupid revised bill.

        The best we can do is hoping this whole shit will just be another abandoned law. Or if you need to complain? Tell that to bunch of $(*&%^#(*$& activists/feminists from UNICEF. They are the true ringleaders behind all this.

      • It quite clearly says the was selling it. Now think who would buy original CG loli images when the internet is full of them? Who would even sell them? I’m not saying that the Japanese police absolutely did the right thing here, but assuming these allegations are true, they didn’t do anything wrong.

      • Make no mistake, Anon. Child pornography of any form is illegal, and to say otherwise is just stupid.

        This issue is that it is based off of a real child, however as usual Sankaku doesn’t really do much journalism before it makes claims, so we don’t know to what degree. If it was based on a real girl, then it depends to what degree it was based off of them and to what degree it fits the bill of ‘pornography’ considering child models run rampant.

        As usual, police in this matter aren’t really to be trusted in Japan, but realistically, if he pushed his limits relative to reality, and the way in which he sold it were out of the accepted pathways, then he pushed a bit too far.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, Anonymous 22:05, all those studies have been done by adults so the conclusions of those are…. iffy at best.

          I personally raised my children and allowed them to make their own choices about EVERYTHING, sexual and not.

          They were very good at making legitimate choices on their own. Yes, they were sometimes choices that old fuddy duddies wouldn’t have agree with, but those old fuddy duddies can go fuck themselves.

        • @HouseLife:- Japan’s Child pornography law, state it is illegal, to distribute and produce, the anonymous is correct when he said (real) child pornography is legal to have in your possession, I think the problem here is he distributed which means the police have the right to arrest him but depending on the GCI, I can’t say as whether or not if what we know is enough information.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, it’s been proven already that the brain undergoes various stages of development from infancy to relative ‘adulthood’, and that’s a large part of what constitutes an adult.

          The majority of minors below the age of 14 may be able to appear mature from the outside, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they understand what it is they’re doing or saying from an emotional, moral, psychological or other aspect.

          You’re also ignoring hormones, which change in balance naturally as one ages; a sudden interest in sex and an increase in sex drive can cause irresponsible behaviour in a ‘minor’.

        • dude, the problem generaly lies in what is a minor. Under 18 years? Under 16 years? Under 14 years? The truth: biologically and psychologically, there isn’t a age to determine what is a minor or not. So each contry create a completely arbitrary, completely debatable age to call someone a minor. So if the police don’t give information regarding what age is this model (if she is a 17 years old girl or 3 years old), people will tend to be against the police in this case.

    • Anonymous says:

      This on the other hand, is a very dick move by a bunch of exclusive and bitter males in a fandom whose medium pushes further and further in the fields of sexist and exploitative content, and is now expressing ethnocentric qualities and wanting to tell people that those that enjoy anime are “evil and tyrannical”. This isn’t an act of kindness, nor is this funny. This is a rather low blow, thinking that attacking others will do something for their ego and compensation needs.

      • Anonymous says:

        This on the other hand, is a very dick move by a bunch of exclusive and bitter males in a fandom whose medium pushes further and further in the fields of sexist and exploitative content, and is now expressing ethnocentric qualities and wanting to tell people that those that enjoy anime are “evil and tyrannical”. This isn’t an act of kindness, nor is this funny. This is a rather low blow, thinking that attacking others will do something for their ego and compensation needs.

    • Anonymous says:

      oh so watching lolicon with no actual girls being involved as i watch it is worth killing.Get your morals straight and people who want to kill for such stupid reason can be killed off by the people who didn’t do anything bad.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s just another dick-move to curve the creativity and expansion of loli cartoons. “Lolicon’s gone too far! Lolicon is gross!”

        Yea, we know the REAL reasons why. Because there’s some twats out there uncomfortable with the themes of fictional lolicon and sexuality in general, so their deciding to be the dictators and tell us what we can’t do throught he law.

        ” THEIR ALL PEDOPHILES IF THEY LIKE LOLICON!” Another statement that is bullshit propaganda from the west made mostly by fear-mongering fools. It is true however of the CULTURAL differences between japan and the west. However, it does not mean that japanese people or non-japanese people are child-molesters because they view things differently or read different material. A child molester is someone who purposesly goes out into society to take advantage of someone who is well, ‘dumber’ than they are. A Lolicon/Japanese person is one who minds their own business, and simply enjoys reading books of their fandom.

        I find it quiet odd however, if what is considered an “adult” is 18+. then why isn’t the same age applied to all countries in the world. Why is it some countries say 13, and others say even 16? Does it mean, because the age is different that one is morally superior than the other? Or is it simply the propaganda taught in the west that attraction occurs suddenly at 18 and 18 only? Yet at the same time, these western countries are pushing for homosexuality with open arms, even defending and calling it a “hate-crime” if spoken against.

        But a simple fellow with his lolicon? Suddenly he is painted as an abusive monster waiting to lunge out, and all the papers are filled with his lolicon material being “obscene” as determined by society, “harmful” and “threatening” because of a fictional comic book. A fictional comic, of the most fictional things imaginable. Even cat-girls are considered “children” by the morons in the west.

        And now Japan is being filled with this idiotic self-preachy disease. What was different with Japan is that they explore and did nearly EVERYTHING in fiction. Now their trying to be another United States of Thought-Police.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know the ironic part about the bible? Under-age people have been marrying for thousands of years. LOL! Yet the west pretends and acts everyone was 25 years old when they hade relationships or got married.

      No, they weren’t. Mary was a teen/minor the time she married and got pregnant to Joseph. LOL.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anonymous 15:34, there is NO evidence that human minds go through ‘differing periods of reasoning’, contrary to popular bullshitting by various psychologists.

          In fact, a great number of psychologists in recent years are coming out on the side that children are born fully capable of reason, just not with the physical capacity to express that.

          I.E. it takes awhile for you to learn how to walk, speak, etc. but you can still express yourself even without those means if someone LOOKS AT WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

        • Anonymous says:

          Doesn’t matter. Adult is still age 17~18 in most countries. But in the real world – the person is still maturing. About 20~21, a person’s thinking abilities are pretty much done, the rest is experience.

          Hence, its easier to get the panties off a drunk 18 yr old than a drunk 24 yr old (I have not done this). And its easier still to get the panties off a drunk 15yr old over a drunk 18 yr old. (again, not something I approve of – but have read about and have seen drunk teens.)

          But not just drinking and sex, but in control. Hence, a 10~16yr rape victim is less likely to talk than someone older. The adult, usually a known family member – that they don’t want to get in trouble.

          Its stupid and bigotry to compare pedophile to homosexuality and mixed-race relationships.

          1 – If all pedophiles are “gay” – then why would a gay man have sex with a girl? Most child victims are female in western civilization… in the middle east, flip that.

          2 – Children cannot consent to sex or relationship with an adult, any parent can tell you this. Children are simply that, children. Is it possible for a 13yr girl to be in “love” with a 30yr old male – yes. But its puppy love or distorted love. The male adult is using manipulation. A more extreme version of what players use to pick up women.

          3 – Gay marriage and equality is a civil right, same as race. Needless to say, being a black lesbian counts as triple damage. 🙂

          [ I’m not a lesbian / and I have tried putting some pervs in jail – been to court ]

          PS: what this guy has done is in the grey area… If we can see it, we’d have a better idea. But with todays photoshop tech and skill, a photo of a girl in a swimsuit would be easy to turn into a fake NUDE. I can see that being a NO-NO… if you can’t tell.

          If you turned the model into a 2D, completely – no tracing, then – doubtful.