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“Unforgettably Soft”: Chikan Cop in JC Groping Spree

after kishi_youko by tony

A cop who admitted to groping 30 girls on the trains of Kinki says he had to keep groping “because of how unforgettably soft they were,” and has been harshly punished with a month’s suspension from active duty.

The 38-year-old Osaka prefectural police corporal’s undoing began when a middle school girl sat on a Kintetsu commuter train felt someone press the back of his hand against her bare thigh.

The corporal admits his less than cunning scheme was to “make her think it was chance contact as it was the back of my hand.”

The girl looked over and saw that he appeared to be asleep, but rather than fall for the ruse took a snap of his face with her trusty cell phone.

Amazingly the photo she provided to the authorities survived being lost or accidentally deleted, and a week later when he was caught in the act of groping another woman they knew they had their man.

He conceded that “I must have groped women 30 times on the train” and explains they were simply too soft to give up: “It started when a jolt on the train knocked my hand onto a woman’s bottom. I couldn’t forget how soft it felt.”

After his perverted antics came to light, police came down hard on him – by suspending him from work for a month. He in turn obligingly “voluntarily retired.”

Authorities claim they do actually intend to press chikan-related charges against him for groping the schoolgirl.

The case has inspired a fair amount of comment online, though not much surprise:

“At least he was honest about it.”

“Voluntary retirement… don’t they see how bad they look?”

“At least fire him, this was a clear crime.”

“And so he gets to keep his pension and retirement payout…”

“I can’t believe they didn’t at least sack and arrest him.”

“If he really was only interested in soft girls he could have used a brothel. He was probably more interested in the chikan side…”

“Brothels, marriage, his own backside, other men, he had other options!”

“JCs and JKs are certainly unusually soft – there’s no comparison to some working girl!”

“Just a corporal at 38, a useless guy and a pervert.”

“Chikan seems to be a uniquely Japanese crime. Overseas I can’t believe the women would shut up and take it, and the men would probably not do it unless they went all the way and raped the woman.”

“Our cops are as bad as the teachers! The only difference being they probably manage to cover up the vast majority of their crimes…”

“He was sat there with his eyes shut rubbing some poor girl’s thigh with the back of his hand and savouring the feel. I bet he felt dread at hearing the shutter sound made by her camera pointed at his ‘sleeping’ face!”

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