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“What Free! Would Be Like If Haruka Was a Girl”


Dejected KyoAni fans have been taunted by a vision of what the enormously popular first episode of Free! would have been like had Haruka been a girl…

The picture in question, posted by a fan on Twitter, has inspired plenty of comment from the substantial contingent of unrotten Free! lovers:

“I think… there may be demand for this.”

“This could work!”

“It’s better with the hero as heroine. The rest of the cast are all basically girls in character anyway as well.”

“Damn, I thought this would be no good if the sexes were all reversed but this could be interesting. Do an OVA like this please…”

“I’m a girl but I think this works. Let’s have it like this from next week.”

“What is with all you moetards…”

“Just wait for the doujinshi.”

“It actually has a lot less impact than with boys though…”

“Remake it like this!”

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  • oh lol the poor menz not having one anime catered all to them. Even though there’s plenty of pussy in Free! if you only watched it. But no, it has to be all females otherwise it’ll be shit right? And having a genderbent fanart is not enough (and also she looks like Mio so they’d be ripping themselves off lmao) but females have to be happy to get genderbent fanart when they can, right? And that’s even bad, right? Cry me a river. And Taylor you’re pathologically insane, you need a psychiatrist, a good one.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wonderful, but the embarrassment in the bottommost part needs to be corrected. The awesome part of the character (specifically that action) is the straight-mindedness(/unconcernedness) with which the character strips for the sake of swimming, while the people around have to go ‘Nooo!’ at the complete lack of hestitation.

    Granted, embarrassed people are also wonderful, but.

    Ah, that said, if the main character and the rival were both girls, /but/ the youngest character were still a boy, he would surely die of blood-loss by the end of the episode (I’m exaggerating).

    …then again, the same might happen if it were exactly the same, but with the youngest character a girl. *amusement*

  • Anonymous says:

    @Taylor‘s moe question

    I just prefer female characters that don’t exactly fall into the “moe” category. Moe partially means “budding/sprouting” meaning early puberty, so I’m just not into that and frankly, to be honest, I’m just kinda of annoyed by the very idea of “early puberty” characteristics even being so popular and prevalent among anime and anime fans. It’s not just the age thing either, it’s the usual personalities and other characteristics of moe characters that turns me off too, I don’t care to see women I’m interested in as “cute”. For someone that likes something like “milf” characters, moe is like the antithesis of that. My think tastes in female characters might go as far as be considered “normal”, yet “abnormal” when it comes to anime, lol.

    And while I try to ignore it all and keep to my own stuff and ignore the things I don’t like and the fans of those things, I feel that I do get effected by moe, like when so many shows put the youngest characters on the front and center while the type of characters I like are usually pushed to the side and get less screen time…

  • Anonymous says:

    As someone who is bi and a long time moe fan, objectively speaking I have to say this is pretty weak. I think fans could have done a better job of making something that actually looks like a female flip of Free! This looks incredibly generic. Seriously the original male Haruka looks more hot than this female one, and I couldn’t tell this was supposed to be a female haruka unless someone told me. Needs moar topless, maybe. Or maybe I’m just not into waifs.

    • Anonymous says:

      All people are objectified and we’re all sexual objects. It depends on the viewer to objectify a person or not. If it’s not as apparent in the media, then women at least shouldn’t be afraid to be more vocal about sexually objectifying men.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gender swapping the MC won’t make this a better anime. The problem is not with the MC being male. The real issue that I have is with the character personalities. They are very stereotypical. I’d like them to act a little more boy ish. They could use a lot more depth.

    As for the fanservice. I think it’s only fair. I get boobs and panties shoved in my face all the time. Am I offended? No, not really… If I can put up with it than any male should be able to do the same with fanservice aimed towards females. There is no reason to feel threatened. The boobs and panties are not going to be taken away from you.

  • Anonymous says:

    So reverse harem? Nice try. She’d probably be guaranteed to be nailed by Rin. Even as a guy you can see there is something going on between them. A girl? Nothing to hold him back. The otaku will still cry either way and I would be there to suckle on their cheeks nursing off their tears like a newborn calf suckling its mothers teats. I literally get off on this.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’d be watching the shit out of FREE if all the sexes were reversed and it was basically cute girls in the swimming club.
    Oh yeah, I’d watch it good.
    But I prefer it this way. Why? Because the draa from all the kyoanifags crying about it is jut priceless.
    I might not give a shit about the show if it’s alll about guys but god this amount of anger and rage from the fans has been just the best show of the season already.

  • Anonymous says:

    The amount that I would love this series would be…Oh God, I’m literally tearing up by how disappointed I am that this isn’t actually how the series’ main character is. Why would KyoAni do this to us!? Have we not been loyal fans until now!? And then that fan that made this picture is just evil for taunting us so much. Making an anime of all guys is literally like delivering a smack to our faces! If it was a romance I could deal with it but it isn’t!

  • Anonymous says:

    People are just never happy, are they? Hating it cause it’s a male fanservice show, hating female characters then going ahead and turning the main cast into females and demanding a version like that… People ask way too much from companies.

    • Anonymous says:

      And yet you can’t stay away. You’re force to click on the thread, and forced to comment. You’re obviously incredibly attracted to what you regard as shit. Pathologically attracted, in fact.

      You are a fecalpheliac. Please seek help.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is internet; the place where If you don’t like a thing; you have to transmit your hate to everyone who likes It in order to start flamewars and give negative feedback to avoid new releases of the product you hate.
        This is how internet works, don’t fight against the system

  • Hey I want to have a neutral objective conversation with MALE anime fans about Moe. I already know the female opinion and don’t care for it to be explained further. Also any TAYLOR UR A BITCH type comments will be ignored. At least the ones without a logical argument. I don’t care if you call be a bitch if you include an intelligent argument.

    So I like moe and K-on and imoutos and all that shit that seems to have hate support by some male anime fans. But I’m not sure if this is legitimate hate or retarded hate like hating bleach just because its popular and the battles take long and it has fillers. So why the moe hate can someone explain it? Or is it in fact just senseless. What’s wrong with cute ideal girls? Shiro was cute as fuck why wouldn’t you waifu her?

    • Anonymous says:

      I just prefer female characters that don’t exactly fall into the “moe” category. Moe partially means “budding/sprouting” meaning early puberty, so I’m just not into that and frankly, to be honest, I’m just kinda of annoyed by the very idea of “early puberty” characteristics even being so popular and prevalent among anime and anime fans. It’s not just the age thing either, it’s the usual personalities and other characteristics of moe characters that turns me off too, I don’t care to see women I’m interested in as “cute”. For someone that likes something like “milf” characters, moe is like the antithesis of that. My think tastes in female characters might go as far as be considered “normal”, yet “abnormal” when it comes to anime, lol.

      And while I try to ignore it all and keep to my own stuff and ignore the things I don’t like and the fans of those things, I feel that I do get effected by moe, like when so many shows put the youngest characters on the front and center while the type of characters I like are usually pushed to the side and get less screen time…

      Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

    • Anonymous says:

      I just prefer female characters that don’t exactly fall into the “moe” category. Moe partially means “budding/sprouting” meaning early puberty, so I’m just not into that and frankly, to be honest, I’m just kinda of annoyed by the very idea of “early puberty” characteristics even being so popular and prevalent among anime and anime fans. It’s not just the age thing either, it’s the usual personalities and other characteristics of moe characters that turns me off too, I don’t care to see women I’m interested in as “cute”. For someone that likes something like “milf” characters, moe is like the antithesis of that. My think tastes in female characters might go as far as be considered “normal”, yet “abnormal” when it comes to anime, lol.

      And while I try to ignore it all and keep to my own stuff and ignore the things I don’t like and the fans of those things, I feel that I do get effected by moe, like when so many shows put the youngest characters on the front and center while the type of characters I like are usually pushed to the side and get less screen time…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not sure what the difference between “legitimate hate” and “retarded hate” is, from your point of view. Probably most of the people who “legitimately” don’t like moe type shows simply don’t watch them and don’t read threads about those shows, so most replies in these threads are not going to be from those types of people.

      The other type of displayed hatred for moe shows, I believe, have more to do with hatred towards the people who the commenter thinks like moe, rather than just the show itself. For example, your comment there at the end about “waifu’ing” a character. Many (perhaps not all) moe haters assume that anyone who likes moe shows is making the characters their waifu and running around in public with a dakimakura and acting like they’re on a date. This is of course false; I like plenty of moe shows, but I don’t do the waifu thing. (Not that I look down on those who do; who am I to judge?)

      Also, as I constantly have to remind myself, there are plenty of people on the ‘net who act like deranged 12 year olds because they ARE deranged 12 year olds. (no disrespect intended towards the majority of 12 year olds out there who act quite appropriately on the ‘net) Plenty of the haters seem to be, whether due to physical or just mental immaturity, unable to grasp the concept that not every anime show is going to be made to their personal preferences. An anime that doesn’t consist of robot battles, preferably in space, with lots of explosions, is going to get those types of people complaining bitterly because they haven’t grown up yet, or they’re simply idiots. In either case, there’s nothing to be done with them except ignore them.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really dislike moe, I like action. Sad that bleach anime ended and naruto isn’t that great, especially with the “Naruto Fillerden” season :/ This anime season starting looks totally filled with moe crap, I am disappoint 🙁 Anyway I hate it because it is vapid, pointless, plotless, inane crap.

    • Personally, it just seems like a ton of people are just bashing on it because it’s not to their taste. Sort of like how everyone bashes homosexuality or something. I’m not talking about the ones that actually put up decent criticism for these things, just the ones who posts only a 5 word sentence filled with “lmao f@ggot”.

      I just enjoy watching anime that show the characters in their every-day casual lives, characters that actually seem like they have (semi)human emotion. The majority of these types of anime happen to be in the “Moe” category. Though, I will not lie, the characters tend to be super cute.

      • Thank you. Yeah sometimes they do tend to be super cute, but there are real life girls like that too and I don’t mean the ones who are forcing it. I like slice of life too. I don’t get why people hate moe (again not including free, I don’t consider free moe.) What’s wrong with cute girls? Every guy wants one. Guess is just meaningless bashing.

        • @501
          That makes sense I see.
          Well I do agree it is refreshing to see different types of anime. But each season there are still 5-7 really good series that arent moe like titans and flowers of evil. So I don’t think theres really much lack there and I haven’t gotten tired of cute moe girls yet. I get your point though.

          yeah Ive heard that argument mainly from women. I think its weak logic though. 1. Its anime so I dont see why it has to be like real life. 2. I think there are some girls like that, not as quality on the inside though since there 3d, but similar behavior. and 3. in either event these are still ideal type girls and if they don’t exist in real life thats because real life girls dont measure up and could learn some things from them. so can’t discredit moe for being better than 3d girls. Who wouldn’t rather date a moe character over their xgirlfriend.

        • Anonymous says:

          Personally, I think the moe hate SEEMS to derive from the argument of “every anime producer is capitalizing on it now (which is kind of true), so they do not even consider working on other genres, leaving non-moe fans with little to no options.”.

          So, it is not about “cute girls doing cute things” being a bad thing. They simply think it has been overdone and over-exploited already, at least from a fan perspective… because from a marketing perspective, it CLEARLY has a long way to go yet. They want anime to move on to something new, or even return to classics, but none happens since moe sells like hot bread in Japan and, it seems, even outside Japan, which is unfair to all those not into it.

          Of course, I do not support that. Hating on it will not change anything and it is not like anime is the only industry suffering from that… From a marketing perspective, moe isto anime what FPS games are to videogames: a top fashion destined to die, but only when it stops being profitable.

    • Anonymous says:

      This anime is not for me, but I’m glad you like it. It is your opinion, and you should just ignore those whining babies. Their real lives probably suck and so they feel the need to whine about everything.

      • You misunderstand. I’m not supporting Free Lol! is that why this comment is voted so high? hahah. Let me get it back down. No no I mean moe anime like K-On not fujoshet like free. I am one of those whining babies. My mistake let me clarify that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Simple really. Some people hate anime that doesn’t have a filling plot, fast-paced action, satisfying endings or non-cookie-cutter character archetypes. They don’t get why something like K-ON! (a show about a music club that has a similar amount of actual music in it as Angel Beats, despite having 3-4 times the total running time) can be a satisfying watch, because to the casual viewer it looks like the show is about nothing, therefore boring.

      No matter how much you like it you have to admit moe anime is slower-paced, less eventful and more predictable than most other types of shows.

      I personally enjoy watching moe shows like K-ON! for something easy to watch when I’m tired. I can get into them as long as they have some quirk that grabs me in the first few episodes.

    • Anonymous says:

      its possible that this moe hate is my doing. because you use shit and moe and k-on and imoutos in the same sentence.
      you know this “cleaner” thing from bleach? ^^ it looks like shit if you ask me !

  • Anonymous says:

    everyone complaining about it simply hasnt seen it yet. aside from very little gay undertones there is nothing, there even is a female love interest and it actually could turn into a solid sports anime

    • Anonymous says:

      It can make a U-turn.. but from what I just watch, two muscular handsome man swimming naked in open pool..

      Holy crap, my eyes hurt.

      I prefer female to be the one to swim naked, or at least male + female combination to swim naked..

      If it sausage feast, then no thank you.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have some weird thinking there. You claim Tailor is gay, and call this anon gay too, while the comment have no indication whatsoever about his sexuality.

        He mention about KyoAni making an anime that watchable by everybody, did he? Hyouka, Kannagi, Haruhi, even K-ON is the great family friendly animation that KyoAni make before, and he simply want KyoAni to make that kind of anime, not this fujiyoshi fan-service only anime.

        • Anonymous says:

          Why does every anime have to be watchable by everyone? Why can’t some anime shows be targeted towards specific segments of the market?

          I have no interest in watching Free! (I’m here in the thread to be amused by all the wailing about it), but I’m glad KyoAni is making it. Because it shows they’re willing to take risks, and that they don’t view anime fans as a single monolithic block without differing tastes.

          While this particular show isn’t for me, KyoAni’s next show is more likely to be something I will like, and not another cookie-cutter show *because* they take risks like this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Explain to me why the fuck you kids even care about this ‘show’ that you hate so much? As a 20 something male with a girlfriend and millions in savings, reading comments on this site is pretty damn fuckin hilarious. Why don’t you gay kids quit bitching so much about a show that may appeal to your sensibilities and live like some normal human being?

    Or, as the other anons put it, are you just a bunch of sexually-insecure teenagers who like to bitch and moan?

    • Pardon, rich sir, however even with your ePenis credentials flaunted in a way to match the childishness in which you are acting, it fails to reduce the impact of your hypocrisy, nor your inability to recognize that no respectably wealthy person whose riches or girlfriend would potentially impress someone would never sink to whining as such in response to whining.

      Now go do something useful with your millions, like investing in a second season of something you enjoy and commission the creation from a Japanese studio and sign a contract to get a hefty profit percentage as the executive producer. The average creation cost of a high-level animated episode is approximately $100,000-150,000, and the simulcast benefits of advertising revenue will give you a return, on top of merchandising, which will be the real source of money as long as you get the correct Seiyuu and artist to enhance word-of-mouth.

      Otherwise I invite you to cease the hypocrisy and engage in the conversation with logic rather than adding bitching, like pissing in the sea of piss.

      Your ‘credentials’ mean nothing in an internet forum, and never will.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can ignore any comments from Taylor. He’s an immature butt-pirate who hates EVERYTHING about women. Of course, his ridiculous generalizations on the subject merely show that his experience with the fair sex is nil.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not sure about you, but I actually work for a living (and for saving). What, you failed to find a job or start one yourself after college? You can keep it up with tired comments if it makes you feel any better though.

        I think it would be interesting to take a stock of employment/wealth-education level of those registered to this site.

        • @ Anon 6:50

          I have read what I wrote. And what you wrote. You just didn’t read what I wrote with any perspective. Your supposed millions don’t pour from your mouth, and nobody here takes bullshit as a currency. The amount of money you have, nor the existence of a girlfriend, have any merit on your opinions, nor their validity. The fact that you brought them into a conversation is the mark of someone who not only attempts to use people, but also someone who doesn’t have the wherewithal in their own opinions or communicative ability to stand on their own knowledge.

          You are worth nothing more here than your words and your actions with those words. The fact that your actions dictate that you would rather assert an opinion with your supposed money or social standing on a topic devoid of relevance to either is proof that your arguments are a waste of time.

          The solution is simple. You have no name, you have no reputation. You choose to hide behind anonymity, which already reduced your validity. Nothing you have goes beyond your words here, so make them count by not regaling us with irrelevance such as money and women who are not here to defend you.

        • I would agree, but not because of the shit you’re shoveling. If you’re bored enough with your millions in savings to be here, then your girlfriend must suck and you must not have many actual friends. With the way you speak, it wouldn’t surprise me anyway.

          Keep your millions, real or imagined, out of the conversations here. You’re just wasting everyone’s time. Including yours.

        • Anonymous says:

          Houselife, you seem incapable of taking in the idea that I am stating a fact. I don’t think having some savings or a successful relationship is THAT offensive to your sensibilities or anyone else, nor do I think you got what it takes to bitch about it as you are doing now, without any kind of justification other than “I don’t like it”. Unless, of course, someone must be entitled to react with disbelief and denial when told of things they don’t like to believe.

          Your knee jerk reaction is what needs to step out, take a deep breath, and take a cold one before opening up again. I suggest you just read what you wrote and understand how strange it is.

          On the other hand, you people are fucking hilarious. I do hope some of the normal people are sitting around reading these denials and comments and are as amused as I am.

    • So you’re a millionaire anon ranting on sankaku from his yacht on the coast of the rivera with his supermodel girlfriend bringing you glasses of cristal and feeding you grapes while you bitch and moan about the bitchings and moanings of sexually-insecure teenagers disinterest in homoerotic cartoons..


      Listen guy don’t get cocky just because you won a game of monopoly against your dakimakura and come on here talking shit from your parents basement with a champagne glass of store brand gingerale wearing nothing but your cool guy sunglasses, a towel, shaggy from scoobydoo beard and raggedy flipflops with holey socks you’ve been wearing since 7th grade blurting maniacal laughter typing this piece of shit comment and disturbing your cat mr snuggles rest. You parents told you if you wake them up with this shit again they’re taking away your internet.

      At least then you won’t have to be annoyed with our comments right? 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL now THAT’s some moaning talk. Get the fuck off my cock that just ass fucked your defensive bitch mouth.

        Hey kid, when you actually think few million makes you a ‘millionaire’, you tell everyone you got no idea how to manage or think about money. You squeal ‘bitch’ this ‘bitch’ that every damn comment you make. What have you achieved in your life worth talking about?

        Go back to school and learn your ‘vocabs’. Fucking kids these day are just asking for it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Taylor, you are such an asshole! And don’t use “we” or “our” when referring to your inane little comments. You don’t speak for me or others. We have real lives, unlike you.

        In one of your other comments you said that “anime is all that men have”. Again, you were speaking only for your pathetic little self and, if anime is really all you have, I pity you.

        Thirdly, stop your deranged attacks on women. I find THAT insulting to my wife and others I know. Go to a gay website if that’s all you have to share.

      • Anonymous says:


        Tell me, kid, how old you are. Judging by you thinking several millions make you are millionaire you obviously have no experience with money or handling yourself in society.

        This is going to be fun. While you are at it, post your facebook to let everyone know how successful you are. That is unless you got no spine to back up that dirty little mouth of yours.

  • Anonymous says:

    No matter the gender… Haruka likes it in the butt, fact!

    As a guy I obviously prefer the female version, but from an objective point of view… I think the style in which “Haruka’s” face is drawn fits females better. On the guy version it looks weird IMO.

    Female Haruka screams Hikasa Youko. She looks like the slut/prostitute from Seitokai Yakuindomo. The horrible voice would fit this character design.
    Yes, I dislike her voice… after watching most of her anime, the only ones I liked were Mio and the one from Dog Days. Like 2 other characters were ok, the rest had that horrible tone to their voice. I’m trying to like her… at least she’s not on the level of Yuki Kaji, who I truly hate (even before I heard his Shoe)

    • Anonymous says:

      You dare talk shit about my Hiyocchi?! FUCK YOU AND YOUR MOM!

      Seriously though, even though Hikasa is my favorite voice actress, I see Haruka fitting more for the likes of, say, Miyuki Sawashiro or Yuu Asakawa or hell even Chiwa Saito.

      • They just admitted women only watch anime if it specifically caters to their selfishness. Unlike men who watch Madoka, Sailor Moon, and all types of anime if it has a good story because men are not as shallow and superficial as women thus the anime industry has a better chance at survival if the ignore the interests of women and ignore making shit like free.

        • Lol ok whatever you say. Men just watch things because its filled with girls not because of the story just ask the best selling mangas like one piece naruto and bleach who’s all about the girls. Spoken like a true feminazi. Didnt see nanoka, Madoka is shoujo so how is that made for men? No straight adult men watch prety cure. And Sailor moon is a classic everyone is going to watch the new series. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Explain why men don’t watch yuri anime which is filled with girls who actually kiss and do stuff to each other.

  • Anonymous says:

    It has been suggested that Taylor is (a) a juvenile, (b) a Korean agitator, and (c) gay. I submit that I have come to the conclusion that Taylor is, in fact, a trolling fujoshi, pulling our chain for her own amusement. As such, in future, her comments will be unread and uncommented on. Such flagrant deceit deserves ostracism.

    • Anonymous says:

      Damn, calm down. Just don’t watch it and don’t click if it bothers you that much.

      I don’t know why some of you are so opposed to girl’s getting something for them.

      I’m an equal opportunity pervert.

      • > I don’t know why some of you are so opposed
        > to girl’s getting something for them.

        People don’t care about that but are annoyed that SC is lately getting swamped with this BS that doesn’t interest them.

        What’s next? knitting for old bitter dykes?


        • Anonymous says:

          Really? We’ve been through this in the “Free” topic. In essence,fujotards are getting their cake and eating it too. Pretty much the general thought process behind it all.

        • Anonymous says:

          “knitting for old bitter dykes”

          Actually, that’s not a bad idea. A show about a sewing circle made of up older alumni from a local girls-only high school in a small town. The girls visit the sewing circle, as it’s come to be regarded as a safe place for girls with problems to get advice and assistance. Some girls have boy problems, a few have girl problems. One girl falls in love with one of the older sewing circle members, and cures the older of her bitterness. Everyone gathers together to fight against a beloved local park from being converted to… oh, I don’t know, a bowling alley or a karaoke club.

          Needs tweaking here and there, but that could be a good show.

        • Anonymous says:

          There is tons of stuff they can click on. It’s weird to me that they insist on clicking on the stuff they claim “to not be interested” in. If I see a title I don’t care about, I don’t click on it.

          But there are girls on this site too, and some of them enjoy this. Let the people who enjoy it have theirs and move on. Most of the front page is stuff that caters to guys anyway. It makes me wonder why they insist on being obsessive about this one anime.

          That and… you guys know that if you complain enough, Artifact is just going to keep posting about it to troll you, right?

      • Girls have enough shit/everything else. Anime is all men have. Think about it we have nothing else specially made for us. NOTHING! I can list off the top of my head 100 things girls have catering to them the number 1 thing being: Men.
        That’s why Japanese girls hate otaku so much, it something that makes men happy without the need of 3d women. Which is unacceptable. LEAVE ANIMU ALONE!

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor 18:05 07/07/2013 I agree with you that a lot of shoujo and shounen-ai animes don’t really go outside of their genre stereotypes (but this also applies to shounen, seinen, and moe anime).

          However, AND HERE IS THE GREAT DIFFERENCE, I don’t have the same conclusions about it than yours.

          My conclusion is: new genres are like wine: the older they’ll be, the better they’ll be. This is currently what’s happening with some seinen, shounen, and ecchi. So let some time to shoujo and boy’s love to become better too.

        • All of my posts are geared towards insulting women, are you new here? 3D Women ruin shit as I have proved on multiple occasions and what may seem like ‘just one anime’ could be just the beginning. With hitler it all started with just one jew and look how that turned out. Hitler used to be a starving boy on the streets and you know what happened? A WOMAN saved him and fed him and later on went to say she regretted it her whole life. True story look it up.

          The influence of women ruin every good thing men enjoy and it just starts with a little. You think like a commoner only in the present, but some of us think like leaders and have to consider the future. Do some research on the snowball effect.

          Stop ass kissing women are u after upvotes? Think for yourself and don’t think you always have to say the neutral popular opinion because you think it makes you objective. Objectivity is being able to consider BOTH sides of the argument including mine and justifying the conclusion you reached which you did not do and only preached on the obvious argument any simpleton could come up with without critical thought as if I didn’t already know it. Ass kissing and supporting women no matter what (shallow superficial shit) they do trying to be a hero because theyre pretty is what turned women into the useless non contributing to society leeching on men opportunists they are today. Because of kumbaya men with no backbone andideals like You.

        • Of course that if studies begin to make more animes like these will be to the detriment of other anime, and that it is certainly a threat. I do not want that creepy fujoshifest to extend more. The male otaku must express their opposition to the existence of this crap, otherwise the future of anime can be insufferable.

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor, again you’re thinking about it too hard. This is just one anime. And if more anime like this are created, it’s not a huge deal. It will just be an addition to the vast library of anime, and not a replacement for other things.

          Just read your entire post. Most of it is pretty geared towards insulting women. Take the anger out of it, remove the tendency for an overemotional reaction, and just look at it objectively.

          When I saw this was coming out, all I thought was: Women are going to get to see some man flesh for once. Cool. Good for them. Next.

          That’s it.

          Just take a second and consider that this isn’t a threat. It’s just one more anime you won’t have on your list of things to watch. Stop putting so much effort into hating it and go watch something you like.

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor, the problem here is that you’re clearly insecure. I have no fear or malice about what women have that is catered to them. I know what I like, and I go for what I like. I don’t need to keep score with other people in order to know what I like. If I want to watch an anime with hot women, this anime existing has absolutely no effect on that. Take a step back and try distancing yourself from the need to win against this imaginary battle with women and just focus on what YOU want. Because at the moment, your energy is all focused on what you don’t want, which just means you’ll be seeing more of it.

          Girls don’t give a damn about otaku being out of the dating market or otaku not paying attention to them. It’s a well known fact they see any male attention as harassment unless it’s the guys they actually want hitting on them. You’ve invented this war in your mind because you *want* women to be upset at being replaced by 2D, but the reality is, the majority of 3D women don’t care. They can get laid whenever they want dude. They don’t need otaku attention. When you think about it that way, and realize this territorial thing you have going on with anime is a one-sided battle that’s all in your mind, you can look at this more objectively.

          The fact of the matter is, Free exists and women like it. Women liking it contributes to the companies success. If the company is successful they can also make more stuff for men. The anime field will also get a much needed boost in income, because while people are all complaining about fujoshi, they fail to realize that there are tons of girls who aren’t fujoshi who would support anime like this.

          And lastly, why are people complaining about girls showing sexual interest in something? I think this point confuses me more than anything. I couldn’t be more happy about it.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re thinking too hard. It’s the Us vs. Them mentality that has some of you all defensive in the first place. I thought the first episode was well done, so I’m giving it a chance. With the way some of you were talking about it, you’d think all the guys were butt fucking the whole episode. But all I saw was shrug-worthy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anime was never all for men. And even if that were valid, what it comes down to is that no one is being forced to watch (or click on articles for) this particular anime. Anime for men is not affected by this anime existing. That’s all in people’s heads. Why are people so up in arms about one anime with swimming guys and not about all the shoujo that has existed for years?

        • You’re not thinking deeply enough about it 1732. If anime starts catering to women more often anime is going to start to fuggen suck. No more quality characters like Senjougahara, just men acting like women (which ironically girls dont like irl and wont date you but they love it in anime and manga) and the shallow shit that gets womens attention like in ouran and kuroshit. No more moe for those of us who like it. No short skirts, no pantsu, no lolis, no harem, no action, no warrior battles, no deres, no role model characters, no deep thought provoking storylines (name one fujoshi anime with a deep story line I dare you) no plots or PLOT, no waifus, no need for quality art (men are visual women like to hear shit), no sarcastic or dark comedy (women are too stupid usually to get it, dont believe me? no shojo anime has it.), and beautiful/cute girl going after the average guy not because hes cool but just because he treats her well will be replaced by poor antisocial average looking boy bodied no friends loser girl gets the rich model beautiful guy all the girls love to notice her and even though this dull boring nothing special about her girl pushes away this beautiful smart athletic guy whos great at everything constantly hes still chasing her annoying melodramatic ass around for 13-24 episodes. I can go on. That’s the future of Anime if shit like Free persists. If you don’t believe me, free has none of the fore mentioned elements that has made anime the greatness that it is today.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’d have normally liked seeing somethng like this, but I think this thread and the hate in the last thread for Free has turned me into someone who doesn’t like fanservice in anime anymore. Even if I enjoy it, I feel depressed now knowing the kind of people enjoying it with me, and I don’t care for women getting it either now. I guess it’s true that “porn” has turned the majority of us into inhuman beings, whither we’re for or against it. The simple existence of it is like The One Ring. Or maybe humans are just inhuman by nature. Simply put, I want everyone in the online anime community to die in a fire 🙂 and no discrimination here, I do mean all of you. Thanks for being so great.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been convinced by Sankaku that no one deserves anything. No sexuality what so ever. I’d rather all anime fans sooner have their tongues and fingers cut off before they get what they want, the assholes that they are.