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Gundam Seed Destiny HD Director: “I Fixed Luna’s Pantsu!”

gundam-seed-destiny-hd-remaster-episode-15-remastered-hard (1)

gundam-seed-destiny-hd-remaster-episode-15-remastered-hard (2)

The willingness of the Gundam Seed Destiny HD Remaster director to ensure fans are fully serviced has won him more than a little appreciation from loyal fans of the show, with some major improvements clearly on display.

Director Mitsuo Fukuda had this to say in between complaints about the sweltering heat and cloying humidity of the Tokyo summer:

With the terrible humidity today I’ve got the AC on. Have to be careful about heatstroke on a day like this.

Tonight it’s the distribution of the Gundam Seed Destiny Remaster isn’t it? I had go at fixing Luna’s pantsu in episode 15 >^_^< O-of course, that wasn't all we fixed! (;^_^A

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