Free! “KyoAni’s Best Yet!”




Free!, Kyoto Animation’s homo-erotically charged foray into the world of a highschool swimming club, seems to have received a rapturous welcome from fujoshi and otaku alike, with the show’s lithely entertaining characters coming in for almost as much praise as their gorgeously animated and exceedingly frequent strip scenes…

































































The show is enjoying a positively rapturous reception even on 2ch:

“Everyone goes on about the homo stuff, but this was pretty damn good!”

“They are really going for the fujoshi. The quality is really high and I’m quite looking forward to it though.”

“KyoAni is really showing us what they’re made of this time.”

“Definitely great pacing, seems nice.”

“So this is their effort to capture the rotten crowd. I can’t believe I just watched this.”

“It makes me hot!”

“Surprising just how good this is. They strip too much!”

“It is addictive.”

“And it was a total homo anime as everyone said.”

“This is actually rather good.”

“Everyone is going to keep watching this I can tell.”

“It is good. It’s a continue for me.”

“It’s too homo for me…”

“I’m not really interested, but I’ll give it a try.”

“Just look at Twitter – the girls all love this, it’s a hit for sure. It might be a bit odd for guys, but it’s still worth watching for them too.”

“I’ll watch it just for the token female characters, they are ero-kawaii!”

“I watched it because it is KyoAni after all, but 1 episode is the limit for me. Enjoy, all you wet fujoshi.”

“What is with the loli boys in anime of late…”

“And male naked apron…”

“These guys are serious exhibitionists!”

“I don’t see why they are OK with nude swimming with the guys but not the girls.”

“The fujoshi aren’t going to give imouto-chan any piece, are they?”

“Imouto is super cute. Everything else is aimed squarely at the fujoshi though…”

“She’s just an omake character though.”

“It kind of made me want to go for a swim.”

“They way they just aggressively tear their clothes off at the drop of a hat and wear swimsuits underneath all the time just made me laugh.”

“The perfect summer anime!”

“Am I actually gay for having had so much fun watching this?”

“Finally, a homo anime both men and women can enjoy!”

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      • Anonymous says:

        I didn’t see it as homo either. I think all those guys calling it “homo” should be questioning themselves. I mean, if seeing seeing anime guys with swimmer’s bodies when the show is about SWIMMING affects them enough for them to be thinking “homo,” then I have bad news for them….

        • Anonymous says:

          @20:15 – actually yes, if they’re seriously disgusted at seeing something they themselves have it’s a defense put up in their own mind to counter their anxieties about being gay. The same shit applies. I thought all those uptight feminists trying to put down sexual depictions of women are usually made fun of as dykes, anyways?

        • Anonymous says:

          @Akihito – no actually, I wouldnt. I’ve seen tons of anime where women bathe naked together and it takes a lot more than that for me to see it as “yuri”, it takes sexual advances from one of the characters or something about the personality of the character that would make me think they’re gay/lesbian. What you’re suggesting seems the same to me as suggesting that all the girls in a change room scene are lesbians and that it’s a yuri scene if they get naked.

        • Anonymous says:

          It will be homo service if these boys will start grabbing each other butts (like moe girls do with boobs) or making each other be pantless. Or one could touch other’s penis, blushing and saying “ohhh, I envy you so much, girls must be love this part of yours, sempai” (like in yuri fanservice again).

          But for now it’s not homo at all,

    • There isn’t a market. Women care about their appearance way to much to publically present themselves as otaku and buy stacks of DVDs and display figures in their house, and put up posters and buy anime shirts and all the other shit that men do that keep the anime industry alive. The anime industry will die if more anime is made like this because men wont buy it and women will barely buy it because they have to look good in front of their friends. In addition to that, on the slim chance anime that caters to women does catch and on and women in droves become otaku the two otaku types cannot coexist together. The interests of men are always put after women and anime will turn into the shit that drama is for women, men will eventually be pushed out and anime as we know and love it now, will die. Not enough quality characters and men type anime to have waifus. And everything else that men love and enjoy will be destroyed. As women commonly are the harbingers of.

        • Anonymous says:

          20:10 – you could literally paste in the high sales figures of a lot of ‘fujoshi’ type shows to prove there is a market (not to mention the fact that female-run doujin circles currently outnumber male-run) and Taylor would still not admit to being wrong. He’s incapable of doing so.

          I’m interested in how well Free! sells because it’ll be one of the first of these kind of anime with an actual decent animatioin studio attached.

        • Anonymous says:

          ‘yeah 107 and they violate copyrights and ruin peoples favorite characters make shit money for the industry and what little they make is cancelled out by their pirating which actually takes money away from anime.’

          >implying anyone here pays for anime

          also I feel bad for you if drawing male characters being gay ‘ruins’ them for you, every time I look for pictures of a female character on the channel I have to see her getting gangbanged by a bunch of fat ugly men and she’s not ‘ruined’ for me, guess your love for characters isnt that strong then.

        • Anonymous says:

          Rofl at all these losers just downvoting every single one of Taylor’s posts. I don’t know what’s popular in the industry, I don’t pay attention to it since even though I watch a lot of anime, I am content to just casually pick a few to watch every season that look interesting.

          But it is interesting to think about the economical side of it. Television is a terribly stifling medium because of all the pressure to recoup the production costs. You don’t “sell” a show like you do manga or movies, and either way, so much of the budget has to go towards things like marketing and promotional goods (though the margins are huge, I’m sure the production cost is a sizable chunk of the budget) instead of the production studio. More than most other mediums, anime has to sell well, not be critically acclaimed by the demographics in the minority (non-moetards).

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh Taylor my baby, I need you, I love you, you know! You’re such a beautiful little asshole that just needs a bit of solace, I don’t know, why not the calm of a bamboo forest for example? Or a field of flowers to calm yourself and be in peace with your mind? Hey Taylor, come to me and let me hug you. I won’t mind if you cry in my arms.

        • 15:58 You make it sound like I want anime to have more female fans which means apparently after all I’ve said means you can’t read and understand. If being all those random namecalling names you called me keeps more women out of anime then I will continue to be all of those names you ranted. Thus your emotional temper tantrum was in vain.

          Ps if you arguments lack logic and only resorts to personal attacks because you can’t think of anything intelligent to say, as any debate class, or open forum, or really any conversation with people who are dumbassas would, the person in my position is considered the victor of the debate. Thank you.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s okay Taylor, we know you’re sad because you’ll never get a woman to love you while you live your misogynistic existence. Shhhh, ye of the mentality of a spoiled five-year-old, shhhhh.

          Also, if you’re going to be so high and mighty about your self-proclaimed intellectual arguments, you might want to drop the metric fuck-ton of painful run-ons and awkward sentence structure. We realize your arguments are flimsy at best, but there’s no need to butcher grammar for it.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, I mean those actual otaku rooms that are not remotely glamorous, unless you want to argue that they are actually owned by men who just happen to like a lot of fujoshi anime.

          Theres also my room, my sisters room, and some of my friends rooms. Until recently I kept most of my stuff hidden in the closet because my brother was really judgemental about liking ‘nerdy kids shows’, but now I dont give a shit what he thinks.

        • Oh, I see, so it’s like self-hypnosis. He keep repeating himself things and feels better because he gets to believe what he says. It’s like when fujoshi want to believe that X and Y are lovers, then. They are on the same level of delusion. It’s kinda funny.
          To me, Free would be the second anime that ‘dared’ after Tiger and Bunny. And I can already see the increasing sales as people start to hear about it. I hope they will use that money the right way.

        • Anonymous says:

          you know, maybe there isnt alot of fujoshi and girls in general in the otaku group because, idk, MAYBE MOST ANIME IS FILLED WITH FUCKING FANSERVICE FOR MEN AND ONLY MEN? MAYBE ALL THE FUCKING GIRLS ARE PRACTICALLY NAKED AND HORNY FOR THE MALES ALL THE TIME? I mean, if there were more animes directed to a female audience, such as Free!, im pretty sure there’d be like, bajillions of more otaku girls everywhere and being more proud and public of it. not only that, but the majority of the otaku group is filled with stupid ass misogynist asshats like you, and that usually makes us not want to associate with the otaku group at all because hahah wow who the fuck would want to hang out with narrow-minded pieces of shits like you, Taylor? only other otaku misogynist asshats. im sure plenty of women avoid you, and its sad that you think because of that there’s hardly any in this otaku group.

        • Anonymous says:

          And yet when other people out dick you, you go to the corner and pretend you ‘won’ the argument…

          You’ve shown your true colors so many times and got fucked for it but you don’t even want to think about that. Thank the hell you are hiding behind an anonymity or you just can’t handle what’s coming your way to put a train on your virgin ass ^^

        • Anonymous says:

          @17:44 – people aren’t downvoting your copypasta’d list, people are downvoting what your reasons for posting that list and what you’re trying to say about it. They’re also just downvoting it in general because it’s by you, because it’s quite likely impossible to find a good post by you anyways. How is this so hard to understand?

        • Anonymous says:

          @22:33 – I don’t see anime pandering to EITHER sex there, it’s all “normal” anime. Maybe kyoani should stop pandering to anyone and try to make masterpiece anime like Miyazaki’s.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think you need help with your searching more then anything else because you don’t find yaoi unless you go looking for it saying how they’re going to see that and be turned away from anime forever or whatever and turn into a serial killer. Honestly, you really don’t find yaoi unless you’re that side of the internet…. or go searching for it.

        • Oh you mean those rooms that are usually decorated by management or a production staff and then insert a random cute model girl who knows little or doesn’t give a shit about the anime surrounding her for her to take idol pictures in to do what so many other opportunistic women do and use anime and otaku to promote their own careers?

          Yeah I know about those. What was your point? By the way that “otaku girl” in “her otaku room” has an album coming out soon. Make sure to get it cause shes kawaii !!

          Here is a better test, how many real life girls do you know with rooms like that buying up anime shit like crazy? How many otaku guys in Japan would you guess know otaku girls just like them? How common is it vs male otaku? Enough to support an industry? When the hokago tea time train opened why was just about ever single person standing in like from like 1am male? I don’t remember seeing one female standing in that line. You speak Japanese right? Why isnt it common to see real life cute girls with otaku rooms posting on 2ch just like in those pictures you told me to google? If I showed you a picture of the president riding a dolphin would you believe that too?


          Women are casual anime fans.
          If you’re trying to argue the anime otaku world is not 90% supported and dominated by men then you’re going to have to take that argument to

        • I understand my more opinionated comments being voted down, but when you vote down clear and obvious statistical facts and vote up factually proven incorrect statements just because they’re in opposition to me it only proves me right about women being uneducated butthurts who’s emotions override their logic and are just senselessly argumentative and dont want to face the truth admit being wrong and live in denial. That’s the beauty of me saying thing in the jerky yet factual smart way that I do because it forces people into a corner because they cant prove what I said wrong they just dont like that I said it and that causes them to abandon logical thinking and act out and you get to see their true colors.

        • yeah 107 and they violate copyrights and ruin peoples favorite characters make shit money for the industry and what little they make is cancelled out by their pirating which actually takes money away from anime. Thanks Women/fujoshi.

        • “you could literally paste in the high sales figures of a lot of ‘fujoshi’ type shows to prove there is a market”

          I hear alot of shit talking. I don’t see alot of facts. Let’s see these numbers compared to other anime. That’s a weak argument anyway because look how much akb “sells”. – To male otaku btw.

          “(not to mention the fact that female-run doujin circles currently outnumber male-run)”

          (citation needed)

          also men don’t really give much of a fuck about doujin, and the sales numbers are shit compared to actual titles. and why would you use doujin as an example instead of just manga? Is is because if you used manga you would have to say ALL the top selling manga of all time, and of any year, ever, are all titles that are aimed at MEN and each out sell all doujin combined?

          Dragon Ball (350 million copies sold)
          One Piece (270 million)
          Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsujo (155.3 million)
          Naruto (135.5 million)
          Slam Dunk (117 million)
          Bleach (78 million)
          Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (77 million)
          Captain Tsubasa (70 million)
          Fist of the North Star (60 million)
          Hunter X Hunter (60 million)
          Dragon Quest: Dai’s Great Adventure (50 million)
          Rurouni Kenshin (50 million)
          Yu Yu Hakusho (47 million)
          Rokudenashi Blues (43 million)
          The Prince of Tennis (40 million)
          Dr. Slump (35 million)
          City Hunter (35 million)
          Bastard!!: Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy (30 million)
          Yu-Gi-Oh (28 million)
          Death Note (27 million)

          I don’t see any fujoshit there. Nice argument. Tell me more about this fujoshit market. Or shall I post anime stats as well and make you feel worse?

        • And in the first place I never even said they ruin the character by being gay. They can do that with poor writing. So thanks for jumping to conclusions and assuming just like you kind typically does. So I will write about them ruining character by making them gay just to spite you.

        • I didn’t say they ruin it for me. My 2d love cannot be tainted by the vile acts of women. But think about that new up and coming 11 year old boy anime fan who just bought his first manga with the money he saved delivering newspapers. He reads it, love it, picks a character to be his role model, then he has to come online and stumble upon fujoshit and see his fav character with sparkles all over his head acting like a bitch and getting fingered. That little boy never returns to anime again and grows up bitter and becomes hitler. All because of fujoshi. Now on the other hand he can come on sankaku and see his character plowing the female main character. The he grows up to be a man with good role models and becomes the first black president. Thats what anime is all about. Even I learned some lessons from Ichigo. But if I would have seen him fucking chad online my first week watching bleach Id probably be a serial killer by now or something. Fujoshi must be stopped.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is funny that you mention “Prince of Tennis” since after watching the first episode of Free! I noticed many similarities between the two shows. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see more and if that guy that wears the glasses makes protein drinks I will call this a ripoff of “Prince of Tennis”.

      • Okay seriously?! While Taylor usually blesses us with out of the line, and presumptuous arguments which I find usually pointless to reply to(if I may add, which I just did) the guy’s totally has a point here. No discussion needed if women were as serious about this as men were, there would be, the current market for fujiyoshi/female based goods would at least be have to be 300% or more of it’s current state, instead we end up with a majority being just half-assed about their favorite shows with the most hardcore ending up ruling fanfic sites and fewer still simply opting for cosplay(which doesn’t really sell well since last time I saw they were making their own costumes mostly atleast). While I support their rights, the least they could do is be a LOT more proactive about their hobby especially when Kyonani is making such an incredible effort.

        Oh and Taylor is blowing his points out of proportion, no matter how valid they are =-=

        • Anonymous says:

          @Taylor- I used doujins as an example because thats one of the easiest ways to tell the popularity of a series. If there are people making and buying doujins, they constitute a fanbase.

          Also, I never said that fujoshi anime sell -better-. They dont, because they tend to be shit and poorly animated. That’s why so many people are glad to have an actually decent company working on one for once. But the shows definitely sell. Utapri and Hetalia wouldnt have gotten the shitload of merchandise, not to mention mutliple series, if it didnt sell, and I’m pretty sure most of the people buying it arent men.
          You said there isnt a market, but there is, and its a market tired of the same shitty animation studios all the time. Let us have at least one show by a good studio and see how it goes. If Free is a a bellyflop that doesnt sell, then you’ll have made your point, but its too premature to make such claims right now.

        • Okay first Tiger and Bunny loved the show, I honestly have to ask was it REALLY targeted females or showed any signs of being specialized to them??? Not trolling here, cause I loved the series but it gave me nothing of the vibes No. 6 or even Free does right now. What I felt was Kotetsu’s obvious friendship towards Barnaby but it never once felt forced to me and the show gave us a lot more variance like the love from Pepsi girl and the Kotetsu’s love for his daughter all felt natural and smooth to me. If I had to categorize T&G, would love to put it in the general category definitely a must for anyone but to keep flailing it as a fujiyoshi marketed title makes me think that Harry Potter might as well have been, considering that more than half the people I personally know who liked it are Women.

          You just have to see the ratios and Anime and Manga Industry (Including everything else) is a business cruiser if you will, it’s gonna float best in waters and sell best, ergo if Fujiyoshi/Women were as supporting as some of the people’s reactions here convey don’t cha think there would be a lot more of it in the mainstream. Why are seasonal show so over populated with harem titles than shounen ai if the market was that big? why does there seem to be a whole LOT more merchandise targeted to males when as some of you people say “there are always as many females as me”. I never said that the market didn’t exist OR that it’s miniscule but companies are business oriented first before entertainment, there is a reason why 20:46 you are able to name those 2 alone, not saying that there aren’t anymore but there’s also a reason why when we think of female stores those 2 usually pop up but when it’s about the male demographic what pop’s into your head are tons of stores that can just be shuffled(Why some of you may ask, because their more scattered.Why? Cause society can supply them with the demand) Hey don’t look at me look at Sankaku how many women do you think have come out in this site? Do they number even closely as the men? Look at the ads around this site who are they targeted to? Jlist is known for catering to both men and women after all.

        • Anonymous says:

          i dont want you on my back Taylor, I’ll be fine.
          I’m quite confident that my penis isnt going to fall off from a little ladies about the place, but you little boys who insist on turning everything into some battle of the sexes while screaming about cooties can have fun in the sandbox by yourself.
          -chuckles to self and returns to reading newspaper-

        • Anonymous says:

          To people who think there is no female anime market…lmfao. Why do you think Tiger&Bunny sold as well as it did? It wouldnt have become half the hit it was if it didnt catch on so much with the female fans.

          Also Taylor doesnt seem to realize that in his manga list is nothing but titles that appeal to both men and women. Of course they’re going to be sell better if both genders are buying them as opposed to just one. Meanwhile ‘Wet Panty Neko Imouto-chans’ isnt going to sell as well, because its probably something only male otaku would buy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh Taylor.

          You won’t have any other place to go because you would be rejected wherever you go. So that implies you to question yourself. If you were born a girl, what would you have thought? If one day… I dunno, let’s say it’s a fantasy scenario… if one day you wake up as a girl, how would you feel and what would you think? I’m curious of your reply, because for the moment, your tears are delicious as fuck.

        • Anonymous says:

          @21:46 – Keep women out of anime? Fucking sexist bigot, from what I read from you I wouldn’t be surprised if you started calling for a genocide or jihad against all women. Female concentration camps too. You heartless bastard…

        • Anonymous says:

          You can just say ‘final say’ and post a bunch of bullshit, homophobic fear-mongering. Thanks for the laughs though.

          Go burn your K-ON collection like the overreacting, sad otaku you are. That’s the hobby of you guys when you get mad, isnt it? Fucking pathetic.

        • I see alot of back and forth on the male comments vs fujoshi.
          I like to thank the real men out there for not letting sankaku be taken over by fujoshits and feminazis. This is our last stand. We have no where to go if they take over this too. Even if we;ve fought in the past and will fight in the future, I got your back on this one men. Stay strong. Don’t let them take down our stronghold!

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you retarded or what?
        I`m a girl and I have a room full of anime related posters, games, DVDs… I`m a well known otaku in my class, but I still care about my appearance -.-“

      • Anonymous says:

        Is this comment a joke? Satire? Please? OP, come on. No market for lady Otakus? -coughs and points to Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo MewMew, All of Shojo, Madoka, Yaoi and BL manga- Like seriously. Anime isn’t a boys-only treehouse.

        • Is the conversation about female anime fans or fujoshi. Learn to read please. Yaoi and BL manga don’t sell shit. Go look at the numbers in comparison to popular manga and calculate how much is costs to run a anime/manga studio and speak to me again after you’ve educated yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL, yet women make the target market for soap operas. Women may not buy posters and figures, but they end up watching this stuff on TV – like the many South American and Western soap operas all mainly watched by WOMEN.

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor, I’m disappointed! You always talk about how you have the unpopular opinions and go against the crowd, so I was excited to see you tell everyone who opposes this show why they suck. But instead you just act as much as a sheep as they are and follow the popular opinion. Guess you really are all talk when it comes down to it.

        • 39 ad hominem with no counter argument to prove your point. Thanks for being a moron.

          38 its about knowing your audience and what will sell. Thats all there is to it. Its a business. Business is about profit not idealism.

          By the way I don’t know what movie channels your trailer park gets, but two of the top 5 actors in the world are black males. Google will smith and denzel washington. With denzel arguably topping the list over brad pitt in opinion and certainly in awards. Thanks for being stupid.

        • Anonymous says:

          dooo wop
          dupe dupe
          dooo wop
          dupe dupe
          dooo wop
          dupe dupe
          dooo wop

          Well she sneaks around the world
          from Kiev to Carolina
          She’s a sticky-fingered filcher
          from Berlin down to Belize
          She’ll take you for a ride
          on a slow boat to China,
          Tell me…
          where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

        • I don’t oppose all popular opinion just because its popular. I oppose popular opinion if its stupid.
          Its stupid to think that all popular opinion is stupid which is why I see you came up with that conclusion, because you are stupid.

          If you notice all my comments are voted down as they should be regardless of what I say, so I am still true to my Taylor self. If I wanted to be accepted by you people I’d simply make a new name and make nice posts. But I am still the one, the only, @Taylor.

          You anons should be happy I even acknowledge your existence. Usually the dumb shit you says gets ignored and people dont reply or even bother to even vote you down. But making a anti-taylor post is sure to get you positive attention no matter how stupid and ordinary it is and you are, people will actually agree with you and reply and talk to you on the internet making you feel happy. You should be thankful for me. You’re welcome.

        • Anonymous says:


          LOL explains why taylor would register. He has no ‘career’ to speak of unless his parents buy it for him. They are probably tired of cleaning up after his mess everywhere since he can’t keep his mouth shut.

        • Anonymous says:

          More fujoshi anime arent made because theres no market, its because they dont want to take risks.
          Its the same reason you never see any popular action movies with black guys in leading roles. Or rather, giving the leading role to anyone who isnt a white male. Studios in all forms of media are afraid to do anything different, and I respect KyoAni for having the guts to try this. It’ll look bad on them if it fails, but we dont know if it has.
          If it wins, dont worry. Your penis isnt going to fall off.

      • Anonymous says:

        I belive they’d buy it, just not at retail. Look at ebooks, which have generated an 81% gain in the sales of raunchy ‘romance novels’. This sudden spike in ‘romance novels’ is because women no longer have to feel embarrassed waiting at the checkout counter. The same count hold true with online retailers, like Amazon, with stuff like this.

        Thou I believe Japan would need a shift to digital to really spur on a market gain in that area, just like the western world did. After all, when the files are hosted on a remove server or hidden away on your harddrive, no one is going to take note of it on your bookshelf.

      • Not even going to touch how fucking misogynistic you’re being. I look at your writing and can only think “There but for the Grace of God go I.”

        KyoAn aired the damn commercial to show they could do something OTHER than Moe–they milked that thing for how many years? You try eating the same fucking thing for 4+ years. So they jumped ship and are aiming for that Fujoshi-Money. Moe’s had a good run of a couple years, but maybe now it can be someone else’s turn to play with the dolly? And soon enough it’ll be another someone’s turn. Chill the fuck out, it’s not personal–it’s just business.

      • Excuse me, but I believe Hetalia is one of the most popular anime out there currently. It may not have sold the most, but it’s a lot younger than the ones you mentioned and has a huge fanbase with tons of merchandise being sold online and fanmade merchandise all over Etsy. I went to a con last year and the only things that really sold out was all the (official) Hetalia merch. Personally I think doujins and fanfictions are a more creative way to spread the word about your favourite anime – plus, some people just don’t have the money. But don’t you dare say that women don’t contribute to sales of anime and manga. I own a whole stash of manga volumes and anime DVDs alike, which is pretty much littered across my room in draws, or on bookshelves – on display or off doesn’t really matter. And it may not be an anime, but I contributed $105 to the Homestuck Adventure Game Kickstarter last year and this year I bought 2 more Homestuck shirts, each costing me $30. I wear them whenever I can and I love to talk about my fandoms with my friends and try to get them into the anime, manga and webcomics I like. I’m 15 years old, unemployed, a female and a student and I contribute to every single one of my fandoms with my own allowance. Not to mention the fact my walls are completely plastered with video game posters. There’s not much official merchandise that caters towards me. Everything’s covered in loli girls with big tits, and I don’t really want that merchandise, sorry? But I still do my best to contribute. Not all girls are fujoshis. If there was more merchandise aimed at girls who generally just wanted tote bags and the like with their favourite characters without panty-shots and eroge art, maybe there’d be more shit for the female demographic to buy. You’re a misogynist bastard and just taking one look at this site tells me you’re a yuri-loving, homophobic, sexist prick.

      • So many of these manga have huge sales because of the huge fujoshi fanbase. Haven’t you heard the typical otaku complaints of “fujoshi are taking over Jump”? D.Gray-man, Reborn, lalala?

        Haven’t you ever been into a game center? Girls are lined up trying to get Zoro or Sanji figures, and the immense popularity of Chopper is entirely due to women.

        Haven’t you ever been into a Mandarake, or an Animate? Especially Animate, omg, it’s full of mostly women. All their special events for newer shows like Blue Exorcist and such are just full of women. Most of the merch at Animate is targeted towards women/they sell stuff for shows fujoshi like (Black Butler or Magi or Sengoku Basara or what have you).

        Haven’t you ever been to comiket? So many fujoshi!

        I can’t even believe you put Prince of Tennis on that list because I’ve never met a single male fan. It’s common knowledge that the entire series has been fujoshi bait for years. It’s homohomohomo. And Then there’s Reborn. Shezus. That manga hasn’t legitimately been “shounen” for ages.

        It’s pretty clear from your posts that you’ve never actually been to Japan and have no goddamn idea what you’re talking about. Hell, it looks like you’ve never even been to a convention in North America either, because if you had you’d realize that there’s a good majority of women at any convention.

        You just have your eyes and ears plugged. I guess you’re bitter because your misogynistic attitude is keeping you from getting laid.

      • Anonymous says:

        If anyone here thought they were not under NSA or FBI signals surveillance since they achieved the technology to do so, you have be pretty fuckin naive. Everybody got into that game and lied to their respective oversight committees as soon as they could. That’s how the clandestine agency policies and games are played.

        I am still laughing my ass off at all the sensitive little fucks who are crying about ‘invasion of privacy’ and ‘constitutional rights’ when they understand neither of those things or their implications. NSA can listen to me and read my mail all they want – they will find most of it as mundane as anyone else’s. As for my political views, they will find that I am probably more patriotic and pro-US than most of the people working FOR NSA (hint snowden).

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh great. Someone that is fine with others reading his mail, browse his mail.. and stare at him while his is masturbating to porn (kinetic)..

          Naive is not the correct word, pretty much everyone do not know this shaddy thing been going on until it was exposed, and now is the right time to fight back this privacy invasion.

          You are fine with it, the alright, but I am not alongside with many others, so, nope. We are not alright with our privacy being violated.

        • Anonymous says:

          As much as I like my privacy and rights, both of those things are maintained by knowing you can uphold your responsibilities. In America, they are given to your as an opportunity at birth with largely full backing of constitutional foundation in this country. Being around a few dozen nations, I believe America really is relatively much better than any other places in terms of ultimately following through in that regard.

          However, opportunity =/= free ride. Many other places overtly or covertly denies certain rights for groups at birth, but at least in US by an large majority fights against oppression of basic rights and opportunity to exercise those rights from birth. However, although they are granted at birth, the CONTINUATION of those rights and privileges are dependent upon whether you can hold up yourself to a certain standards and responsibilities. For people who cannot even bother to vote in presidential and local elections, much less run a financially stable and responsible life styles, even those basic standards are never met. How, then, can they continue to claim they are strong and conscious enough to wield the rights and privileges of living as a free man?

          This is a land of opportunity. Opportunity. Not all rights, privileges, and lack of compliment responsibilities. There are no free lunches anywhere. In truth, our nature goes against all that US constitution stands for – it’s only your continued and conscientious effort to man up to your actions and responsibilities that maintains and advances your rights. This is exactly the opposite of those who bitch about this NSA activities the most: Irresponsible, young and immature, all me me me and no sense of obligation or power befitting a real, established man with back bone.

          Your rights were not taken from you. You gave them away with irresponsibilities, forcing the law enforcement agencies to react against your excesses with this kind of activity that is considered almost common public knowledge in other countries, which I am sure spoiled, posh suburban kids in America can’t even imagine. Fatal rot doesn’t start from the outside. It begin from within. If you want your rights back, shut the fuck and grow a pair in regards to being a true free man, not a bitchy spoiled and naive fuck you are right now.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a girl… Why are you guys so mad? You guys all love yuri anime that’s completely unrealistic about the relationships between girls. I’m not exactly into yaoi, but I was watching this and thinking of how nice it was for something in anime to cater to ME for once. Why do you all see it as a bad thing that there ARE female otaku out there (in larger numbers than you might imagine)?

        • Anonymous says:

          “Yo Taylor, get the FUG outta here kid. This place ain’t for some spoiled ass bitch boy to mouth off. Scram back to that posh bitch suburban hole you call your home.

          LOL that’s you right there fool.”

          (That was so glorious from that other anon that I just wanted to see it appear twice.)

        • Anonymous says:

          Do keep reminding us how you are absolutely, completely, undeniably heterosexual. Definitely not a homosexual. Never should anyone question your sexual insecurities, which most definitely do not exist because you are 100% heterosexual and will explain that even when not asked directly. No, you are NOT a homosexual.

          Not at all.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yo Taylor, get the FUG outta here kid. This place ain’t for some spoiled ass bitch boy to mouth off. Scram back to that posh bitch suburban hole you call your home.

          LOL that’s you right there fool.

        • 1633
          See another reason we dont like you fukkin fujoshi? You think everybody is fucking gay. Go create and get the FUG outta here. That’s if any women here have to intelligence to create a successful website which I doubt.

      • Anonymous says:

        No I think its because they can’t see how an attractive male body, that requires work and discipline of which they have none, should look. I have an excellent 6 pack that takes 5 workouts a week to maintain and I’m proud of it. These dweebs have a fucking pot belly and are just jealous.

        • Anonymous says:

          Uh, wait… Was it not this Taylor dude who continuously says “all you do is quote memes to insult me, give actual facts, be intelligent, blah blah blah”, and now he comes and say “Do you even lift?”…

          …I mean, OK, I know trolls are anything but consistent on their pseudo-logic, but that was TOO much inconsistence even for a troll…

          And guess what: I bet he will go and defend with the lamest excuse ever: “it was sarcasm lol”. Weak, really… Taylor’s posts are gradually going down on quality; at least they used to be fun before, but now I cannot even bother reading them: either they are too long, too boring… or both.

        • Anonymous says:

          17:43 Testosterone level just shot up and it doesn’t look good for the bro-wannabe Taylor. Will he man up or pussy out?

          Next up, how not to get fucked talking shit anonymously.

        • Anonymous says:

          @12:29 That’s what happens when a fragile and weak bitch ego that’s been over inflated in a posh greenhouse environment of suburban shit hole meets reality. It’s like listening to a rape victim as she/he desperately fights against the inevitable rape lol

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow, I’ve seen some girls and… actually a lot of guys too, saying this kind of stuff about the ecchi anime I like. Complaints about unrealism, messed up proportions, jealousy, etc

          I’m not falling into that trap, I honestly think these dudes look good. Any girl watching this anime has alright taste in my book.

        • Anonymous says:


          HAHAHAHAHA yo bitch if you got what it takes, just put your shit up and and talk to these guys man to man, no bullshit. Otherwise, be a good little pussy and shut the fuck up.

        • Anonymous says:

          If women are used to see naked female bodies everywhere, this is because males told them to stfu about it while they spread their nudity everywhere.

          This lack of respect could have happened in the other direction.

          Now, to the people (akihito and taylor for example) who think that this kind of “repulsion” or another shit in the same style is written in either the male’s or the female’s brain, let me respond that they probably have a serious problem in THEIR minds.

        • Anonymous says:

          @13:58 White kids don’t stoop even this low. They at least know and are some what conscious of what it means when someone’s being a bitch. This level of bitching whore shit is only possible from ass raped sing kid.

        • no women are always comparing themselves with each other and and live in a state of perpetual jealously. the look at magazines because theyre jealous of another girls style and the want to copy it. men arent repulsed by shirtless males we just dont want to see em swimming in pools. Im not repulsed by people making out in the street, I just dont care to watch it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor, what do you think about the fact that less opportunities are given to women to create animes etc, BECAUSE OF SOME MEN?

          And what do you also think of the idea of a production, a series, an anime, or even a TV channel, made and governed by both males and females?

          Couldn’t this be cool, everyone holding any other person’s hand, without asking questions about whether the person is white, black, yellow, gay, straight, bi, female, male, or hermaphrodite?

          Thank you for your attention @Taylor.

        • That’s the best point anyone has made @ me on the whole thread 1007. I give you credit. Simple and smart.
          However the problem still remains that even if the story were good anime like this will bring down the industry as we know it now and conform it into shit like anything else that caters to women. The only compromise I could take into consideration would be for women to create and produce their own anime of this type, with their own anime studios, and air it on their own network. But we all know women are too useless and lazy to pull off such a feat.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly like they can’t handle it in their mainstream battle anime? Yeah right.
        Stop being stupid, this anime is doing some things women like and straight males not ON PURPOSE. Give them the right to bash it for nothing just as you do with K-on

        • Anonymous says:

          In a way, this type of anime should be supported, otherwise we’re just oppressing women’s sexuality. Wouldn’t this reinforce the desire for men? Rather than reinforcing women to be non-sexual, which would cause aversion to men’s sexual advances? In the end we’re not helping ourselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      People are so used to anime girls groping each other (while I enjoy that stuff to an extent, it’s extremely ridiculous), yet no one yells yuri. But then you have this and BAM! All hell goes loose! It’s not attractive women, it’s all about attractive men! END OF THE WORLD, etc.

      The anime fanbase can be pretty damn shitty sometimes.

    • Most guys like straight relationships in anime, the market for yuri shows isn’t that big and there is actually a (straight) female audience for yuri shows.

      That’s the only thing I wanted to add. You are right that there should be stuff catering to you. It doesn’t mean I’m going to watch it, but if you like it show your support, because Kyoani certainly won’t see me buying their BRDs for this anime.

    • Anonymous says:

      They’re just insecure like that. Anime catered to guys, they welcome it. Catered to girls, it’s like “eww cooties” all over again.

      Sad to say but they’re this shallow.

      • There’s a vast difference to gay men and gay women generally. Gay women, it has less of a stigma to it, and therefore they don’t act as fake and vapid as gay men tend to to make up for the social stigma. This gave birth to the cluster of what is called ‘flaming faggits’ so to speak, which has thus evolved in to ‘power gays’ and all sorts of other self-indulgent crap that tries to get in peoples’ faces.

        The problem isn’t homosexuality, but fake, vapid ‘dramafags’ as the phrase has been coined. Much like anything, one bad egg ruins it for the many, and as much as we try to consciously think otherwise, it takes more effort than we have time, or care to exert. I have several gay friends who don’t actually use it as a weapon against people or flaunt their homosexuality as if it actually is something that deserves flaunting, yet I have a couple friends who are that way, and I can’t stand being around them for very long. On ‘Chelsie Lately’ there is one extremely effeminate gay man who I reference when I speak about homosexual men who are flamboyant without being fake. He’s fun to watch and entertaining, and doesn’t feel like he’s forcing anything.

        Put simply, I haven’t seen Free yet, so this is just general, we just don’t want anymore fake, hollywood gay men who make us regress in our homosexual tolerance. Make no mistake, it is tolerance, because I have yet to meet a homosexual or heterosexual who can make logical sense of homosexuality. Because of that, it’s virtually impossible to understand, and thus its left in tolerance territory. At least with stupid people we can’t generally attribute anything specific to their utter stupidity, but a homosexual, who happens to be stupid, who bases many of their decisions on their homosexuality and judge others for judging them based on those stupid actions can eat a proverbial dick. Their stupidity has something obvious, and it’s difficult to ignore.

        Ironically, I believe I’ll enjoy Free a lot as long as the characters aren’t fake. It’s that simple.

      • Anonymous says:

        As a man, a straight man, I think moe is stupid but this is brilliant. Primarily because you know that all these die hard moeists are secretly watching their fortress of moe, Kyoani, invaded by fujoshi. Also its funny how openly gay it is. Being Canadian were its alright for people to be gay, I’m fine watching it. Its still better than K-ON and A-Channel, those were crap.

        • Anonymous says:

          “and that women hate more than anything else” are you kidding me? last time I checked, K-On! is one of the ONLY moe anime that I didn’t want to puke after watching. I’m not trying to sound like the representitive for all women, but K-On is definitley /not/ one of the moe anime we hate. Also from my personally view, I think most girls can relate to when I say I think a majority of guys who like moe are creepily wanting some sort of child-like lover, however moe isn’t NEARLY as bad/disgusting as modern loli… I usually don’t care too much about the gothic loli because it seems more mature and romantic than disgusting loli that try to cater to men’s arousal through childish poses/phrases that try to implicate sexual inuendo.

        • So you’re a man, a straight man…

          And you think moe is shit, when moe is really just about cute girls and or cute girls being head over heels for one guy. Something that, all straight guys hate…

          You think shirtless wet men in boyshorts is “brilliant”. I mean regardless of the gender and the naked swimming aspect, you’re calling this story..brilliant…which is really all the same elements of K-on if we break it down and talk objectively. And I’m a proud K-on fan but I would never call that story or this story BRILLIANT. But ok…

          and you hate K-on. Out of all the anime you could have mentioned, you specifically went to the one anime that has one of the biggest straight male followings and that women hate more than anything else.

          Ok well I’m not calling you a homo or fujoshi pretending to be a anon male online to make it appear as though this shitty series has alot of straight male support or anything…
          But you just so happen to coincidentally…have all the exact same qualities of your average everyday anime loving homo/fujoshi.

          But hey its 2013. If you want to go online and call yourself a straight male, or a woman trapped inside a males body, do whatever you makes you happy.

        • Anonymous says:

          As a moe fan……

          I totally agree with this guy, because I’m sick of elitist KyoAni snobs who like to pretend they’re sticklers for animation quality but they’re really just into girls with faces like pudding.

      • Men got called insecure on sanaku and this is voted up to good 6. WHERE ARE THE FUCKING MANLY MEN ON THIS DAMN WEBSITE. How could you let this shit be up here and without a proper bitchslapping comeback comment. Sankaku you are a shell of your former self. See what happens when women join in shit. It gets ruined. Sankaku is going to hell. We’ll have to find a new home base soon. Artefact if I see one more post about Free I’m done with you.

        I guess I have to do it since Im the only alpha male here.

        Nobody is insecure about this dumb shet. Unlike women we males dont obsessively compulsively compare ourselves to other men and get jealous like women do even over 2d characters because they’re cuter than them and have personalities that dont suck ass like most 3d women.
        We have intelligent political reasons for not what shet like this in the anime industry. One of them being it’ll stir all women up and cause them to talk shit on the internet about other men being insecure because they dont want to watch men in boyshorts swimming around in a pool. Failing to realize the insecurity they recognize is present only as a reflection of their own personalities thinking that all anime that does not feature wet shirtless boys is catering only to men and their inability to enjoy good stories featuring cute girls is their own insecurity staring back at them. Bitches.

        • Anonymous says:

          If anything, women/fujotards are truly the “insecure” ones given all their crying over bishoujo, harem, etc. They’re the ones with the “delicate sensibilities”. It’s funny how they’re now trying to turn that around. *rollseyes*

          Keep fighting Taylor. Rooting for ya.

        • Anonymous says:

          You only support Taylor now that he’s on the side of hating against Free! What about when he preaches that basically he thinks the world would be better if all the females were gone?

    • Anonymous says:

      “As a girl… Why are you guys so mad? You guys all love yuri anime that’s completely unrealistic about the relationships between girls. I’m not exactly into yaoi, but I was watching this and thinking of how nice it was for something in anime to cater to ME for once. Why do you all see it as a bad thing that there ARE female otaku out there (in larger numbers than you might imagine)?”

      The reason, baby, is KyoAni is the master, the pro in giving yuri/slice of life/fanservice(male) type of anime.

      Now they try to cater towards fujiyoshi/woman, what will happen to their fan in the past? Surely Free anime is not the type they prefer, and KyoAni effectively abandon their supporter in past.

      I don’t mind this kind of anime, I can simply do not watch it, but the cost is I will lose watching KyoAni anime for this season. 3 month without KyoAni’s drug make Jack a bored boy. No anime from studio that I like and anticipated their product for every season, is gone.

      Even if KyoAni decide to make two anime, one cater towards their usual audience, and the other toward you girl’s, I’d be fine with it.

      • Anonymous says:

        As a guy, I cringed and stopped reading when you said “baby”, that’s incredibly patronizing and it’s not helping the image of any of us nor is it helping your post get read.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m simply not happy about it because this is taking up a spot in the season and studio-wise a very good spot. While they work on this they can’t work on another piece to please “us”. Sounds logical, no? I’m still giving it a shot because the story so far is somewhat interesting but there were some scenes that just creeped me out. I kind of see how girls feel about fanservice now though (even though i’m convinced that guys have more problems with opposite-gender-fanservice)

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t entirely agree with you Akihito.

          Although some animes like Free are targeted to a specific audience, this doesn’t mean that it is RESTRICTED to this audience.

          Some male (AND STRAIGHT) fans can be interested by Free as well as some straight females can be interested in almost-yuri shows like Queen’s Blade.

        • Yes, kyoani will come out with something that both male and female fans will enjoy. Only the male fans are excluded by kyoani with this repulsive sausagefest. Until now, every anime of kyoani could be enjoyed by male and female fans alike.

        • The male fans are excluding themselves, really. Funny how ‘girls acting moe and showing off their legs and navels’=perfectly watchable for girls but ‘boys acting moe and showing off their muscle=NO GET IT AWAY AAAARGGGH’.
          It’s one show in a single season. If the season was a shit one, maybe you could complain, but theres a lot of great looking shows coming out that you can occupy yourselves with in the mean time instead of complaining about something you dont like.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, the entertainment I get from the comments are the reason I keep visiting this site. I especially like reading about “Free” on Sankaku and elsewhere. But I don’t intend to watch it anytime soon – might watch it when the impressions I got from the discussions have faded in my memory and I feel a bit more unbiased…

    • Anonymous says:

      Because Fujoshi are biased as FUCK! they judge anime based on appearance not story.
      give male Otaku typical harem and fanservice with weak story. only few male gonna buy it. and do the same to Fujoshi, all retarded fujoshi gonna spend all their money and fap to it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am not mad at all. It looks interesting to me. Nobody is mad. Sister, I can assure you the majority dude are not mad at all. Of coz there are some dude don’t like this anime just like some girls hate K-on. But the majority dude are cool. Right?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t even like Yuri anime or much like harem anime for that matter, most of it is just lazy story telling most of the time. I don’t care if this caters to fangirls because extreme fangirls creep me out more than those people who make a shrine just because their favorite moe character had a birthday, I just hate that this thing exists and since it’s made by an otaku-loved company it’s gonna get all the mainstream media its gonna get ’til the nightmare is over.

      I just want a good fucking anime that relies solely on its way to tell a good damn story with interesting characters without having to rely on hiring stupid wannabe cute girl or boy VA’s or relying on fanservice to boost of their Blu Ray and views.

      God, this is like Madoka all over again it’s making my fist hurt from not hitting something fleshy.

    • I can just feel the screams of sankakus begging Taylor to get involved on this conversation.

      Ahh where should I start. How about we take apart your argument piece by piece.

      “As a girl… Why are you guys so mad? You guys all love yuri anime that’s completely unrealistic about the relationships between girls.”

      First of all, typically YURI anime is STILL FOR GIRLS. Guys don’t watch that shit unless its something funny like yuru yuri. No straight spartan males are watching …ehh..what the name of that dumb shet about the lesbian girl whos too shy to even speak like a human being and likes the short haired theater girl or something. Goes to show you I can’t even remember the name of the shit. All in all men don’t watch yuri anime. Even that is made for WOMEN. What you’re thinking of is yuri porn. And that’s different, theres porn of everything for everybody you cant complain. In normal anime when a yuri character is introduced she is usually the feminist man hating type like in hentai ouji and photo kano most recently we obviously don’t like that shet either. So you’re assumption is incorrect. K-on is not yuri, its about girls but its neutral girls could enjoy it too if it wasn’t for the fact they can’t handle another girl looking and acting cute without going into super sayan jealously and losing their minds.

      “I’m not exactly into yaoi, but I was watching this and thinking of how nice it was for something in anime to cater to ME for once.”

      -The whole fucking world is already catering to you you selfish cretin. If you exercise those love handles, brush your hair and teeth, and wear some slim fitting jeans you can have anything in the fucking world you want handed to you for FREE as some guy will pay for it for you. Are you women not satisfied enough with not having to work or contribute to society and just live as a house wife and sweep dust off the coffee table every now and then while complaining about it. While us men go out and accomplish all the important life and society changing shit that goes on. You have drama, manga, jpop, kpop, all music is pretty much dedicated to you, kawaii culture, fashion, an entire gender chasing after you and doing everything for you ect ect is that not enough? Can we just have ANIME. Its ONE thing. Fuck. We can’t even have action movie car chases and explosions and super heros without one of you fucking up causing trouble and us having to go save your ass. Ok I have an idea then, how about you can have anime if more than just the handful of women already out there get off their lazy asses, go to school and learn to draw/write/produce/create/run a anime company/ and all the other shit themselves and make shit for other women. Why does the creation of anime that is 90% the work of men, have to cater to women. Fuck you, you want anime tell your human leech counterparts to stop sucking the richest dick they can find go learn a skill and contribute. Also also as pirate said if shirtless guys swimming is what caters to you then thats pretty sad and you are deserving to not have any anime made for you.

      “Why do you all see it as a bad thing that there ARE female otaku out there (in larger numbers than you might imagine)?”

      -Because like everything else, once you get involved you fuck it up. Women hating otaku and anime is the best thing to happen to it because we dont have to worry about creating shit for you to buy. If droves of women became otaku then they would bitch and moan and complain as they do about everything else and as you are doing right now about not having enough anime for them, and youd find reason to complain about all the anime thats already out there like start whispering to your politics husband that the lolis in anime need to be banned. And you’ll fuck it up for everybody. And the market will be flooded with fujoshit and men will be pushed out of the anime industry as our needs and desires ALLWAYYS have to come 2nd to womens. Anime will turn into what drama is for women and the whole thing will be fucked and the one thing we had left in the world will be gone. Female otaku who like anime THE WAY IT IS are fine and they are the good ones because they are the rare quality type of girl who doesnt get jealous and start comparing herself to any female who walks in the room 3d or 2d and they can love and appreciate anime and the characters just as men do, and as a bonus they LEARN from the IDEAL character traits anime girls have that men love so much (simple shit like love affection and faithfulness and even if youre really cute you can be with and like a simple average guy for his heart instead of what he can do for you things 3d women cant seem to get right or do without something in return) and try to adapt them making them not the worthless shits of humans being you normally see out there. But those otaku women are few and can still get opportunistic when they learn being a same type otaku as men give them alot of love adoration and attention and reverts them back away from being cool into the bottom feeders all other women are. You are just completely useless and beyond help.

      “Sad to say but they’re this shallow.”

      -Yeah, about as shallow as the water these shirtless guys are jumping into that pleases you in the king of anime that “caters to you”. Right.

      Anything I miss men? You’re Welcome. I will go now and make fools of individual fujoshit comments now.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re missing a point here again, baby Taylor. Women usually complain because they have less rights than men, and less things than men. This is the case here; they feel their situation as an injustice, and regarding our past history, it’s true.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because there is ENOUGH fujoshi stuff already. Stop acting as if there’s little of it, there isn’t. There’s more than enougn.
      The problem here is that for quite some time fujoshi stuff is creeping into companies that previously produced for a male audience, thus taking up space that was previously for them.

      It’s like your favorite ice cream going out of production in favor of something you simply don’t like. There’s no reason to be happy about that at all.

      • Anonymous says:

        But ice cream in this case (anime series) goes out of production all the time regardless of what comes next, besides there’s always my kind of ice cream in production I haven’t lost anything while other people are getting the icecream they like too. What I like doesn’t have to come from KyoAni all the time.

      • Anonymous says:

        “because there is ENOUGH fujoshi stuff already” lmfao, so that’s your excuse as to why there shouldn’t be any more anime catering towards fujoshi, yet it’s perfectly fine how every season there are at least 3 made for either harem, moe, loli, or oppai loving otaku?! you make me laugh at your ignorance, who are /you/ to decide what should be considered enough for an audience you aren’t even a part of?

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah, gotta love how the Fujoshi simply down vote anyone disagreeing with them. In their minds apparently every single last guy is gay and some are only in denial.
        They can’t accept people genuinely not liking what they like. And while it’s okay for them to cry about everything they think they have a right to (which is everything they don’t like) everyone else is supposed to shut up.

        I’m quite happy most of them will never breed.

        • Anonymous says:

          ? Now i dont know what to stamp my self ? I usually ship people not based on their gender but their interaction therefor I have ship that is het but also homosexual (both yuri and yaoi ) Am I a fujoshi? And who are you to wished someone to get raped?

        • @Anon 20:52
          I support Anon 20:52 statement:3
          Well, I see some of them (fujoshi) like that (closed minded),though not all of them though..That’s why it creeps normal guy to associate with them.
          ( Just the same with girls would creeps out with otaku guy to associate with them )

          The key is understanding each other. To listen to others and accept (both party).

          Without it, it will be endless battle each with his/her own viewpoint


          Btw, FYI, There ARE A LOT of FUJOSHI materials to fap on for girls in Japan especially. They usually like yaoi stories with pretty boys in it. ( and some extremes too, crossdressing pretty guys especially appeals to them ).

        • Anonymous says:

          Probably why I hate the fujoshi/female fanbase. It would be nice if they go away or get raped in the brutal and vile manner imaginable. I get so sick of their” it’s ok for us women not ok for men” attitude/mentality among them.

      • Anonymous says:

        then again, you don’t own that company. They can run their business however they want.
        I duno what’s ur definition of “enough fujoshi stuff” is but ur definitely not the one deciding that.

        as a straight guy,i’m no fan of yaoi or fujoshi crap myself but there’s an option to simply not watch it.

        after all, there’s still a whole summer roster of anime to choose from, and there’s still hentai if u really need to jack off.

      • Anonymous says:

        Stop posting your activity feed which nobody even clicks. It has become spam long ago. Be someone important first, not just a random who posts more often than others on some site account and call it “fame”.

        • Anonymous says:

          You know…I employ people who raise kids like this. It’s really amusing seeing the look on their faces when I fuckin pop their bubbles. They look like deers in headlights and both them and their kids either wail and cry or screech and squeal about lawsuits. Most of them are asian, with some scattering elements from other groups.

          It’s as if they grew up in some pseudo-rich cesspool with delusions about being opulent, then realize they can’t get their way when someone out smarts them at every turn. They either cry and run or puts up an attitude mouthing off to save face since they are impotent and can’t take on other people.

  • This is just ecchi for girls; that is why it isn’t my thing. It’s the same when a straight girl doesn’t want to watch an anime about a bunch of attractive girls who obviously have the hots for eachother on a swimteam. I personally can not find something to enjoy in this, however I am sure there are those who can. I personally don’t care what KyoAni does as most of their recent stuff short of Chu2koi/Hyouka has just been pure moeblobbage; which is fine in moderation.

    One of the amazing things about KyoAni is they can essentially take something, and push it to the most ridiculous point, yet people will still find it to be appealing. Whether it be a bunch of lesbian girls with instruments with faces with the consistency of pudding, or a bunch of ripped, obviously gay dudes on a swim team. Some will like it, some won’t; all in all, who really cares?

    • Actually, it’s much easier for girls to watch yuri and in fact there is a considerable (straight) female audience for yuri stuff. There are so many girls watching stuff like K-On or Clannad which was intended for guys, but I’m guessing the male audience for Free won’t be above 10%.

      That means you won’t lose as much viewers by doing something like K-On or Chuunibyou as you would with Free. Sure Kyonani is aware of this, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tap into the fujoshi market once in a while.

      • Anonymous says:

        I watched the first Free ep and I thought it was actually pretty cool, it’s honestly a well made first ep. I didn’t find it very “homo” but then again I’ve watched some very “homo” movies before (Milk, Brokeback, Mysterious Skin) so this hardly compares. It’s almost kind of something refreshing and different to me.

        As a side note, I actually know a surprising amount of straight girls who watch total oppai anime. I’m just glad that they finally get their’s and that it turned out well made to boot.

    • Every time you write ‘obviously’ you should add ‘but it’s only my opinion’. I personally only see ideal friendship in both K-on or Free. The same friendship I share with friends of both gender, or maybe should I say regardless of gender, which explains why while being able to frolic naked on a beach, we never fall in love with each other.

  • Seriously guys, if you dont want Artefact to report on Free then maybe stop reacting to it so much? He’s clearly only doing it for your predictable reactions. Save the energy for watching some of the other nice new shows coming out this season. I just watched Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, it has a cute girl, go see that. It’s not the end of anime when a show you dont like appears.

    • Anonymous says:

      see the quotes in the title? He’s quoting people on 2chan, or where ever, calling this the best show of the season.

      May or may not actually reflect the owner of the site’s own opinion. I’m guessing no though.

      So, 4 shows have aired so far this season, and already Fujoshis are calling it best show of the season, with like 15 more shows left unseen. Hardly s surprise.

      They are welcome to the show, more power to them. I tried watching the first episode. Think I’ll pass myself

  • What I found really funny, was how butt hurt the female fans are about people complaining about this.

    Yes, guys are immature even as they age, but so are women.

    Yes, 99% of shows are directed for guys, girls should be able to enjoy their shows too.

    The girls whining about the whining do have a point. However, it is also in the nature of men to hate “pussy shit”, that is the norm for all men.

    When you have a show, that is more “gay” than Twilight, hate is bound to happen; if you can’t accept it, you’re not very intelligent.

    You said it yourself 99% of the shows are catered towards male, because the otaku industry is obviously driven towards satisfying males (you’re an idiot if you want to argue against this). No shit males are going to complain about some gay anime. (I actually found the show quite entertaining, exhibitionists and boys confused with their gender)

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why most of your comments revolve around fujoshi, as though only that select group of women would be interested in an anime about attractive men. You sound like those Japanese otaku who complain when their favorite idols show any sort of natural sexual interest. Women like attractive men and are not the asexual beings some of you seem to believe they are. Fujoshi may contribute to the success of this anime, but I’m baffled that so many of you blaming them for it’s success when all that’s really needed for this market are FEMALES. (It’s also weird that when something is marketed towards women, 2ch calls it “homo,” as though everything created must be viewed through a male lens and no other.)

    Also, many of you complaining about this anime are being short-sided. Young women are the biggest spenders in Japan. If there is more stuff like this marketed for them, the studios will get more money to make more products.

  • Anonymous says:

    Not all females who watch this are fujoshi. And if a guy likes the show that doesn’t make them gay. Now it’s understandable if it makes alot of guys uncomfortable. But just becuase it makes you uncomfortable doesnt mean its automatically shit.
    I thought the series started off well and I can’t wait to see the character development. Also naturally they will be shirtless I mean it’s a freaking anime about swimming. Have you ever seen the olympics? All the dudes are ripped! And the characters have been competitively swimming since elementry so yeah they are gunna be uber fit.

    The haters would know that if they WATCHED the first ep instead of making assumptions based off their hatred :/

    • Anonymous says:

      C’mon, aren’t you smarter than that? They just glanced at these screenshots then continued to attack it. Most anime fans in general wouldn’t dare watch something before hating on it, and even if they do they already have their minds made up beforehand.

      Funny how the way I’m defending Free! and this situation feels exactly like when I’m having to defend my favorite ecchi anime from haters, who are actually 10% fujoshi/feminazis and 90% “serious anime fans”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah mens body is so repulsive! Only females should exist! Becuase that makes sense!
    And all males should become trans so no more precious animus become tainted with abs ever again!

  • Anonymous says:

    The rampant sexism on this site is ridiculous.
    Girls are treated as ‘disgusting fujoshits’ and guys are treated like bastards who want to do nothing but fap and it’s fucking pathetic.
    All of you are old enough, I’m sure, get the fuck over yourselves and get along.

    • I’ve got nothing against guys who want to do nothing but fap, guys who want to fap sometimes or guys who dont fap at all. My issue is that because they dont like a show they think it simply shouldn’t exist.
      Can I tell you how much I despise Uta no Prince-sama with every fibre of my being? (I may have said before it was ‘ok’ but I watched more and uuugghhhh) However, I dont wish it doesnt exist. I dont get enraged at the thought of it being popular or at the thought of people enjoying it. It’s perfectly within my rights to hate the show, of course. It’s perfectly within my rights to explain why if asked. But I dont want to shit all over someone else’s happiness about the show so I just Live and Let Live and ignore it.
      I feel the same way about some of the other more otaku-oriented shows popular on this website, but plenty of people like these shows so me getting mad about them isnt going to change the fact that they exist. It’s simply a waste of effort, and an effort better spent on something productive.

      No one here has to like a show they dont want to and it would be useless to convince them to, and they’re free to hate any anime they want to hate as hard as they like, but that doesnt mean they should keep moaning about it as though that’s going to change anything.

      But eh, overreacting is an international passtime of many otaku and fujoshi alike, sad facts.

  • Anonymous says:

    I actually watched this to experience what it might feel like for a woman to watch an ecchi anime with close up boob and panty shots. It wasn’t so bad actually, I really liked the animation and plot and some of the characterization, you don’t have to like looking at naked/sexy men to enjoy this anime. Maybe I lol’d a bit at some of the “sexy” parts but that’s as far as my reaction went.

  • Anonymous says:

    Will probably finish this one for the looks of it and (possibly) imouto, but still way too fujoshitty. I enjoy my otokonoko traps, which probably gives me just enough gay tolerance.
    The saddest thing, however, is that female fanservice, while definitely abundant, rarely, if ever, has this kind of production/animation quality.

  • The BD version would probably feature feature six-pack

    man nipple and man-bulge.

    I just hope in next episode there will be no romance

    between the guys/yaoi instead focus on the rivalry

    among the team members ( which I less expect ).

    The first episode is actually quite good. If they

    stick to the swimming theme ( not the fanservice ) I

    might like it.

  • I can’t believe shows like this are so polarizing. I don’t want it personally, but I think it’s great there is stuff like this out there. It takes a bit of pressure off the huge male-leaning demographic of anime fans (or the perception of it? Comiket has always been a majority of women circles and customers…) Besides, wouldn’t a fujoshi be the ideal compliment in a relationship for a moe otaku? It would be one of the few pairings where your partner could give you no flak for your hobby, and probably the best pairing where she’d understand where you’re coming from and accept it. Yet everyone goes “us vs them” fanboy on it and wants it to not even exist… pfft.

    • In fact, the ideal compliment in a relationship for a moe otaku would be the opposite of a fujoshi : The moe female otaku (yes they exist, even if the fujoshi talks of themselves as if they were the entire female anime fandom)

    • “wouldn’t a fujoshi be the ideal compliment in a relationship for a moe otaku?”

      I suppose you are kidding. A fujoshi is the last think a moe male fan would like near him. A female fanatic of repulsive male x male explicit sex? No thanks.

      • lol… But I suppose it’s cool if you happen to like girl on girl stuff? What’s the repulsion even supposed to be? It means she likes guys. Of course you’re not going to be into that stuff if you’re a hetero male, but who said you’re forced to watch it?

        • Anonymous says:

          (( yeah sure like male otaku dont take female character and imagine doing their disgusting fetishes like yuri and gangbang to them but it’s completely fine right? Because it’s male otaku not the disgusting and repulsive fujoshi . Even though the female is completely straight and normal in the anime/manga . And who forced you to read their doujinshi? You disgust me ))

        • So when girls act all gay its fine and dandy but if boys act gay its DISGUSTING AND REPULSIVE!!!
          The problem here is not with fujoshi but with your own repulsive homophobia. It’s not their fault so many of you guys have such a ridiculous fear of gayness. It’s not going to hurt you, lads. But I guess I’m preaching to the choir here.

          But I dont understand why its ‘ok’ to take characters from series aimed at young girls and draw them being gang-raped by fat old ugly men, yet if a fujoshi puts their own fetishes on existing characters that are (usually) both attractive its horrific. Good ol’ otaku hypocrisy. I dont really mind het porn but it’d be a hell of a lot more appealing if it didnt feature so many fat ugly guys.

        • your efforts to unite otakus and fujoshis are certainly laudable, but futile. The vast majority of male otakus only have well deserved hatred towards the fujoshi. Not only they are obssesed with the most repulsive fetish for your standard male otaku, they are the girls that take perfectly straight male protagonists of shounen manga/anime, admired by their male fans, and turn them into homos in their doujinshi, ruining them forever. And now they are corrupted a until now family friendly and gender neutral anime studio. Sorry but I want nothing with any fujoshi.

      • Anonymous says:

        As you often say: “provide facts, not just insults. Show some intelligence, don’t be a monkey”.

        …even though none of your “facts” had ever been void of personal insults, mainly to site members, but well, I am simply quoting you. It is not MY work to make sense…

        • Youre probably right 2027 haha
          and no I never anon pretending to support myself. If I did that you wouls see all of my comments with anon support. Why would I only do that for this one piece of shit comment? I could also just open multiple account and see to it my comments are never voted down, but that never happens does it? Nope I just let people be butthurt and vote down everything I say all the time. It doesn’t bother me, but it obviously bothers you to see I do get agreeing comments and often from registered members, but I guess everyone who agrees with me is just me, and every anon who disagree is a different person everytime lol. mkay enjoy your butthurt delusional world.

        • To Anon who keeps following me around the website because nobody else will bother to talk to you. Let me tell you what your posts sound like to me even though I only bother to read the first sentence or two:
          “Taylor is a bitch bitch kid bitch bitch whine whine cry cry bitch kid bitch he hurt my feelings bitch bitch kid bitch only word I know is bitch”
          You spend your life calling me a bitch on every topic and you wonder why I ignore you lol. I out bash the bashers, but not the dumbass ones who only know one word and follow me around like a stalking boyfriend who got dumped, I just ignore those. But keep trying so hard to get my attention ya fairymuffin you flatter me sweety.

        • I have also mentioned that I can keep up in the most intellectual of conversations and make clear logical points like an adult which most people who reply to me are unable to do. But I can also out rant the ranters, out bash the bashers, and out bully the bullies if need be.

        • Anonymous says:

          2:27 is definitely Taylor as an anon, by looking at how close the timestamp…. lol

          btw, this late into a thread, let me just have you know Taylor that there’s at least two different anons after you and one of them doesn’t really like using the word “bitch”

        • Anonymous says:

          @20:25 Or maybe you actually do have bitch tendencies…but I doubt you can actually learn that shit. lololol someone bitching and whining half the day on sankaku trying to mouth off about ‘bitching’ at someone else. Don’t fucking try and mouth off again gayass little fuck or you might embarrass yourself again/

        • Anonymous says:

          Hahahaha this kid. Let me put it straight out there so your don’t fckin get it wrong this time while you spend half your days bitching and moaning on this website.

          I put up exactly 4 replies in regards to your posts, and my boys and I had a good laugh over exactly what kind of pussy a$$ response we got from you. You got nothing for arguments other than whatever the fuck you want to think in that uneducated, weak mind that is too scared to even talk to other people properly. Every time you open your mouth, you talk from the safety of anonymity without even putting up actual promise of showing this in real social setting, face to face, like someone with some balls if they want to talk this bullsht. All the while you make other people laugh with endless bitching about how no one understands you when your mouth obviously does you no service other than making other people laugh at your ass.

          Maybe someone else or other people are happy enough to toy with your feelings by leading you around by the nose. You are fucking yourself, but obviously you can’t take any shit more than a btch on her period.

          You better be prepped to back up your mouth with some act depending on what you say. I am sure you heard this many times in school and from your family, but do other people a favor and grow up.

          Get it now? Scram and don’t let your parents catch you on this site.

        • Anonymous says:

          Awww someone fucked taylor again. Quick, bring your other accounts to upvote yourself! Day in, day out, you must hang around sankaku and defend yourself in the only place where you can talk without fearing real consequences or imagine having an audience!

        • Anonymous says:

          Hahahaha this kid. Let me put it straight out there so your don’t fuckin get it wrong this time while you spend half your days bitching and moaning on this website.

          I put up exactly 4 replies in regards to your posts, and my boys and I had a good laugh over exactly what kind of pussy ass response we got from you. You got nothing for arguments other than whatever the fuck you want to think in that uneducated, weak mind that is too scared to even talk to other people properly. Every time you open your mouth, you talk from the safety of anonymity without even putting up actual promise of showing this in real social setting, face to face, like someone with some balls if they want to talk this bullshit. All the while you make other people laugh with endless bitching about how no one understands you when your mouth obviously does you no service other than making other people laugh at your ass.

          Maybe someone else or other people are happy enough to toy with your feelings by leading you around by the nose. You are fucking yourself, but obviously you can’t take any shit more than a bitch on her period.

          You better be prepped to back up your mouth with some act depending on what you say. I am sure you heard this many times in school and from your family, but do other people a favor and grow up.

          Get it now? Scram and don’t let your parents catch you on this site.

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor “intellectual” conversation: make a stupid uninformed statement and cry bitch tears googling terms when someone bitch slaps him with facts. When all fails, try to convince he said something else and never ever address how he got his facts completely wrong even though all referenced and better researched sources say otherwise. Never address the wrong statement he made and bitch louder hoping it will never be addressed, and then throw a one-line gay statement like a little fucker when the other guy’s bitch slapping him left to right.

          This is like arguing with a spoiled 9 year old. This is what comes out of privileged shit holes they call ‘educated’ neighborhoods. Real leaders and bosses are laughing their asses off at how these naive dumb fucks think they know anything.

  • Anonymous says:

    Only reason people don’t like things like this, is because they’re too afraid that enjoying it = gay.
    Well, get over it, the more you resist, the more you’re proving the urge to fap over men 🙂 lol

  • Anonymous says:

    I was approaching this anime as a typical “gay/fujoshi” anime and was kinda prejuiced.

    After watching the first episode, I think the anime is much better then I expected. Sure some scenes are really more for the girls then boys. But the storyline got something interesting for the ‘normal’ people aswell.

    I am going to follow this one, see where it goes.

  • Rokudaime says:

    Huh, well what do you know…From the looks of it there are some cute girls in this show too…Might have to check out the first episode…

    Btw, Artefact, can we please ban this Taylor guy? He’s a friggin’ waste of space, with his extreme misogyny and narcissism, and always arguing with EVERYONE, ALL THE TIME! -_- I mean just look at how absurdly many comments he has that are heavily downvoted. He’s making the rest of us normal sane guys look bad, seriously…

  • Anonymous says:

    I though it was an okay first episode. It looked REALLY nice I will give it that but, not much else for me to go on and this had nothing to do with it being a show full of good looking dudes which I can watch and enjoy like I did with Code;Breaker.

    I will give it another episode before I determine if I want to watch more of it or not.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just wait till the doujin of this anime if you thought this was gay. lol

    Then again there might be a gender swapped doujin that this site might like. Then it would be all gay-girl fun for the guys.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bitches have ALWAYS(and still do) cried about how women are portrayed in anime, so yeah, it’s extremely hypocritical of them to be drooling over this.
        Whatever.They’re now crying because they on the receiving end of the raging.
        I am enjoying fujotards/female fanbase’s tears.

      • Anonymous says:

        There are good women and good men that exist who just enjoy and don’t bitch about anyone else like all these assholes are doing though. Good and reasonable people are always the minority regardless of sex.

  • Anonymous says:

    Honestly, I would watch this if it wasn’t for ALL OF THAT YAOI!!!! I saw some actual women in there, so if somebody could tell me if there’s some STRAIGHT romance in it, I might watch it.

    • Anonymous says:

      i havent watched the anime yet. first impression wise……….. i would say: very likely a product for homo and likeminded. of course it could be just a show about 4 guys swimming. they do swim straight right? ^^ after the jump into the water? which can be seen in the little introduction movie .

    • Anonymous says:

      I actually watched it, there was no yaoi. There was some things/situations that guys who see themselves as “manly men” might see as “gay” but no one is actually gay in this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Not as gay as I espected, and it seems it will be entertainig to watch, also the teacher and imouto were really cute. Yo can have a laugh at all the things the swiming guys do, like the mizugi apron or the lets get naked and run to the pool to find it empty.

  • These comments are so sad.

    I’d hate to imagine some people’s reactions here over the past 2 summer olympics when Michael Phelps made history.

    Or maybe some of you didn’t watch it because you couldn’t stand the thought of people that look better than you with your beer bellies and/or pimple-filled faces.