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China’s SHN48 “Make AKB48 Look Even Uglier”


SHN48, China’s answer to AKB48, have lately been making waves amongst the Japanese – although so far more thanks to the undeniable impact of their photographs than the media saturation and obsessive followers which have helped make AKB48 such a “national” institution.

Charitably dismissing AKB48 as merely “orthodox” and Korea’s 2NE1 as “a plastic surgery group,” Chinese state media instead pushes the purely Chinese charms of Shanghai’s own (officially licensed sister group) SHN48 – which it patriotically praises as “both natural and moe”:





Amazingly, even creepy idol fans find them objectionable for some reason:

“Those eyes!”

“The eyes are too scary.”

“Made with Adobe’s help.”

“Can’t this lot manage to take normal pictures of themselves or what?”

“What the hell are these supposed to be?”

“Pretty extreme Photoshop usage.”

“Looks like China has chosen to use freaks for its idols too.”

“They look like love dolls…”

“Why can’t France or someone make a knock-off 48 group instead.”

“Was that Akasan I just saw at the end there…”

They have their believers even amongst the Japanese however – “They are actually super-cute!”:


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