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“Who Should Rescue Atlus” Surprisingly Sensitive

persona_4 satonaka_chie by soejima_shigenori

After Famitsu hastily deleted a survey asking gamers which company they would most like to step in and rescue the remains of Atlus from Index’s insolvency and probable dissolution the question of Atlus’s fate has become more controversial than ever…

Just why the topic was sensitive enough to last only a few hours before being removed without explanation has been the subject of some speculation – as, of course, has the matter of who should take Atlus under their wing:

“What was so sensitive about this?”

“It’s not like someone died, it’s odd that anyone would consider this sensitive at all…”

“Shame, I would have been interested to see the results.”

“It’s not just some independent survey, they are a big and well-connected gaming industry publisher so they can’t do this sort of thing. It could influence the outcome. But how did it get published in the first place if so?”

“Probably not the sort of thing which goes down well with their advertisers.”

“More interesting than their usual tedious surveys of which Jump character their readers like most. Index probably complained immediately though.”

“It would be a big hassle to whoever came top of the survey though.”

“This damn rag’s reviews have done more to ruin Japanese games by turning them all into generic trash than any other…”

“Somebody influential probably has a position on their stock they didn’t want an article like this interfering with.”

“Anyway, Koei Tecmo!”


“Only Sega can pull this off.”

“Compile Heart.”

“As long as it is not Nintendo, Sony or Square Enix…”

“Nintendo ought to buy them.”

“Bandai Namco or Capcom.”

“Square Enix.”

“Get out of here! You don’t even joke about that.”

“If you are so consumed with hate as say such an awful thing you are already dead.”

“Koei Tecmo! Then we can finally have Megami Tensei Musou and Megami Tensei Beach Volleyball”

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