Cops Arrest Man For Wearing Leotard

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Police have arrested a man for the apparent crime of wearing a pink leotard in the middle of Shinjuku.

The man announced his intention to take an afternoon stroll in Shinjuku wearing his pink leotard, and gamely posted some pics of his svelte posing and fine physique:

gymnast-exhibitionist (1)

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However, police promptly detained him:

gymnast-taken-away (1)

gymnast-taken-away (2)

Just why he was arrested is not clear – and since he was apparently not up to anything suspect at all, his case has aroused some sympathy online as yet another likely case of police overreach:

“Just taking a stroll in a leotard is enough to get you arrested nowadays!?”

“Why he do this? Why they arrest him?”

“I quite like idiots like this…”

“Take him to the hospital!”

“Think of his poor family.”

“I don’t get it. What crime is this supposed to be exactly?”

“What are the charges!? Don’t we have the freedom to wear what we want!”

“It’s not like anything was showing.”

“Honestly I don’t see what the problem is here.”

“I don’t know what his objective was, but it does look like it was achieved.”

“How is this any different to what any famous dancer does in public? I think he deserves his freedom of expression.”

“I don’t get how the sling bikini one is safe but this is out. Location?”

“Well, that is the beach. I guess wearing only a swimsuit in public elsewhere gets you arrested.”

“I think they took him away for voluntary questioning, so it may be that it is not illegal.”

“If they arrest someone for this, can’t they do something about that guy in his fifties who dresses as a pink lolita in Tama centre?”

“What about the guy who dresses in serafuku?”

“This one is just your average hentai. Arresting him is going too far.”

With Japan being a nation in which police can apparently arrest even the customers of a strip club for merely being in attendance whilst “soaplands” and “delivery health” services go unmolested in favour of crackdowns on private orgies and humble nudists, to say certain degree of arbitrariness appears to be in play would be an understatement.

Obvious parallels between his case and that of the sling bikini beach exhibitionist have been also drawn, but although in that case police stalked the individual in question, they did not got so far as to take them away.

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