Seiyuu Otaku “Harrassing OreImo Monorail Passengers”



The operators of the Chiba Urban Monorail have had to issue a warning to the very creepy seiyuu otaku they lured onto their trains with their glorious Ore no Imouto wrapping campaign, after reports that they tried to bully passengers into silence so they could record Ayana Taketatsu and Kana Hanazawa’s station announcements…

From a relatively brusque warning on the monorail operator’s site:

Regarding recording the train announcements

1. Recently there was an incident where a passenger told other passengers engaged in conversation to “shut up, you’re being noisy!” Passengers engaged in recording should please be aware that the carriage interior is a noisy environment where conversation and train noises occur.

2. Being engrossed in your recording activities can block access to the trains and may cause delays, we’d appreciate your cooperation in preserving their access.

Also, please also do not inconvenience other passengers by bringing overly bulky recording gear onto the trains.

This is not the only complaint they have about Ore no Imouto fans:

Regarding photography:

1. Please do not inconvenience or cause discomfort to other passengers when taking photos inside the train or on the platform. When you are engrossed in your photography, please take care not to block areas, bump into people or point your cameras at them.

2. Please take care not to inconvenience road users or pedestrians.

[A further seven pleas for better manners and safe behaviour follow]

We are delighted to have been able to realise such a well supported wrapping project, but if safety is judged to have been compromised or other passengers troubled, sadly we will not be able to continue running “Ore no Imouto Gou.”

Strangely, no such complaints have been made with respect to Tachikawa’s endless Railgun related promotions…

It may yet just be possible that reputation of both seiyuu and train otaku got a little worse with all this:

“This is a dangerous combination, isn’t it?”

“They don’t know the meaning of the word shame!”

“They should sell CDs at the station for these nuts.”

“Why are they even recording something like that…”

“Perhaps if they were shouting, but if they were just talking this is crazy.”

“It’s not like you can hear what someone is saying if you are whispering on a train.”

“Wait, aren’t we always being told to shut up and be quiet on trains?”


“Someone talking loud enough to bother a recorder like that was probably a mannerless wretch anyway.”

“Recording a train announcer is not abnormal behaviour at all then I suppose.”

“It’s no bother to anyone! Talking in a loud voice is!”

“Talking loudly is one thing, but telling someone to be quiet is just rude.”

“What do you expect if you are shouting on a train!”

“You could be polite about it at least.”

“So is recording stuff on a train normal now?”

“Yes. Go look on YouTube!”

“It hardly matters. Look at the full set of warnings they posted. Those seiyuu pigs have been causing a lot of trouble!”

“I bet they still wouldn’t be happy if the monorail uploaded the announcements somewhere for them…”

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