Beijing Summer More Glorious Than Ever




Far from abating with the onset of summer, China’s toxic skies are proving as choking as ever, with Beijing reporting record levels of PM2.5 pollution.

Although it is supposed to be the off season for pollution, “PM2.5” pollutant levels in the capital have been clocked at 520 micrograms per cubic metre near Tienanmen Square even according to official Chinese sources.




In contrast, the slash-and-burn smog which Indonesia so kindly exported to Singapore and Malaysia recently only resulted in a “hazardous” peak of 401μg in Singapore.

Japan, now suffering from Chinese smog exports as well as the regular kind, warns levels over 70μg are dangerous enough to justify staying indoors for, and Singapore says an N95 mask is essential when levels are over 40μg.

The US government says levels of 300-500 (it does not even mention levels over 500) mean “everyone should avoid all physical activity outdoors” and sensitive groups should “keep activity levels low” even indoors.

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  • Anonymous says:

    from all of the reactions or comments i read on sankaku the ones here seem the “worst”. i dont know why…. but why are doctors that “hately and longely” discussing masks about fluids and pollution behind an anime avatar and anonymous accounts? seriously! na not seriously. i wouldnt know what to say to a doctor when its about masks. doctors usually dont play kamen rider cosplays & stuff right? ^^

  • Anonymous says:

    that’s weird. We only meant to send those smog to kuala lumpur. not singapore. singapore just a collateral victim lah…

    and those ungrateful malon… we give them free of charge and not without any cost shipment and they still complaining. what a dirty thief.

  • Anonymous says:

    Relax, nobody is going to hurt China, ever. China is the worlds best place for free slaveworkers. Not even South-East Europe can compete with that.
    Human is programmed for reproduction and chinese multiply like cockroaches. Short life > low IQ > nobody ever thinks about rebellion > the circle of slavery and tyranny continues.
    Death of a chinaman means nothing to anybody, ever.

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like I made the right choice to visit China in 2008 while they were trying to fool the world into thinking they didn’t have a pollution problem for the Olympics.

    Now that they don’t care anymore, their obvious pollution problem has returned with a vengence.

  • Anonymous says:

    The pollution won’t just kill the Chinese. It’ll be the “Communist Chinese Zombie Apocalypse”! They’ll begin to shuffle mindlessly from one country to the next, building bridges that collapse and making toilets that explode. Oh, the humanity!

  • Anonymous says:

    7 year ago I had been there the clear sky still visible and it look far more better than this. Proving China is on the path of self-destruction for a while now I hope it didn’t widely spend to nearby area and ruin many great place.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah damn… bad weather and lots of fog preventing great shots for tourists -_-
    Oh wait, my mistake… it’s just the usual smog. Let’s go to China to take beautiful pictures of smog. It’s awesome for sightseeing, the national treasure of China, SMOG….

    • Anonymous says:

      sorry to say… but my friend may see these comments here as “crazy” but i do not think that these comments here are “crazy”. and sense … is a word drugster can use. but its written differently. i know you all know this and i am just pointing that out because its so fun to piss off, right?

        • Anonymous says:

          taylor being a bitch when doing EXACTLY the same shit jesus christ you little bitch. Only an asian could be this pathetic. Just like many other kids, you try too hard just to measure up. Everyone can feel what a bitch you are every damn time you open that mouth of yours.

          “You obviously don’t understand how many medical explanations try to downplay the common misconceptions and give the wrong impression that using something is not any better than nothing. Obviously you are too much of a stupid little fuck to read between the lines when it actually counts.”

          Taylor missed the WHOLE POINT lol as usual. Is it hard to see what you don’t want to see from that slit you call eyes?

        • Looks like Im going to have to get factually serious.

          If you didn’t provide any links to prove your argument I didn’t even bother to read it and you wasted your time. I asked for proof not your retarded uneducated opinion. Only one person provided a link 502 so Im only responding to that the rest of you can cry more.

          First the argument was ITS A DUST MASK! Now the argument is ITS A FLUID RESISTANT MASK! Lol fuking monkeys. This is the last banana I’m going to give you.
          My original point was that there were different types of surgical masks, and so your argument is that shes wearing a fluid mask not a surgical mask. Ok. Did you even READ the shit you linked? Tell me if you can read this:

          FROM: Medical supply websites
          COST: £34 for a box of 50

          “Fluid resistant procedural masks are used by surgeons…. ”

          used by surgeons..


          That’s reason number 1 why you’re a dumbass. Moving along.

          You obviously don’t even know what the purpose of a FLUID mask is and what exactly is it’s main function. I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with fluid. Not Chinese chemical air pollution. But let’s not take my word for it, or ‘the daily mails’ how about we just ask the people who make the fucking shit eh?

          Curious about dust masks? lets ask 3m!

          Do you need a link to learn what non toxic means? or nuisance dust? It doesn’t include Chinese air pollutionnn. 🙂

          “Nuisance dust is dust that does not have any chemical or biological interaction with the body, but can be an irritant simply by its physical presence.”


          and that’s Reason number 2 you, and the other people arguing over fluid masks, or dust masks, are fucking dumbasses.

          And if that STILL isn’t enough for you here are some more resources from the people WHO MAKE LEGAL FEDERALLY APPROVED MASKS. Not some DUMBASS “Dailymail.UK.” source.

          I really don’t have to say anymore to prove your a fucking dumbass retarded moron. I just took the strongest part of your argument and fucking destroyed it and embarrassed you in front of your friends. but hey I have 10 more minutes to kill. Let’s continue shall we.

          Reason 3: You’re arguing about how a fluid masks will protect her and she’s not even wearing a fluid mask.

          Reason 4: Fluid masks do not protect against chemical air pollution, and the link YOU sent makes clear the only thing effective against the type of pollution seen in this topic is a respirator which was my point. So thank you.

          Reason 5: Dust masks do not protect against chemical air pollution, and the link YOU sent makes clear the only thing effective against the type of pollution seen in this topic is a respirator which was my point. So thank you.

          Reason 6: My sources were not limited to one place even though you keep saying wikipedia, and at any rate your source was “” Ill let you figure that one out.

          Reason 7: You posted some incoherent shit that made no sense whatsoever.:

          “See the bent metal tab and the oversized mask? That’s bigger than the fkin flimsy ass surgical mask. Since dust masks are not aesthetically fitting, many people either get a good kind of medically approved masks that protect them and put the fluid-resistant kind over them.”

          My reply:
          -What the fuck is this shit? It sounds like your scrambling to make 7 different fucking points that have nothing to do with each other and dont make any sense separately or together. Its bigger? OK? Because its bigger it protects against air pollution? Wow you’re stupid. I already proved dusk masks dont protect against chemical air pollution. I’ve read this shit like 8 times and I still dont get the fucking point you’re trying to make? Is is dust masks fluid resistant or “medically approved” you’re trying to make a case for? You don’t even fucking know do you? People wear multiple masks? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT DUMBFUCK. The girl is wearing one fucking mask I cant even properly argue against your point because none of this shit makes any sense. Let me just summarize, NONE OF THAT SHIT YOU POSTED PROTECTS AGAINST CHEMICAL AIR POLLUTION and where in FUCK in your retarded babble is the proof of protection against air pollution?

          Reason 8: Your source says: Filters on the mask take out 95 per cent of larger particles in the air, but this does not include droplets that contain the virus.

          -Apparently you are confused by your own source and the random 95% number they just threw out there and you accepted because you foolishly though this proves your point because you’re a moron. You don’t know what they mean by larger particles do you? Well thats what happens when you have a piece of shit source. But I’ll give you a hint. DUSK MASKS DO NOT PROTECT AGAINST CHEMICAL AIR POLLUTION. I’ve already said and proven that. And apparently you didn’t read the second part of the sentence about the viruses.

          Reason number 9: Your dumbass thinks that little metal strip is protecting you from air pollution.

          Reason number 10: You said “Writing a declaration of ass pain with double load of cock in your mouth doesn’t help because your comments gets bitch slapped by the filter shows what a little bitch you are.”

          My reply:
          -Please keep your homoerotic fantasies to yourself. Just the fact that you imagined this gay ass shit in your head as you typed it says something about you.

          Reason number 11: You said “Don’t try to pretend to be an anonymous 3rd party either ^^”

          -So apparently every other anon who called you an idiot and proved your rants wrong and got voted up by multiple people when I only have 1 vote, is me as an anon. You are living in a delusional desperate idiotic world and we are all laughing at you and your friends who keep saying bitch over and over because they have a poor vocabulary.

          Reason number 12: You have failed somewhere in life and have become a anon who argues on a anime porn websites about dust masks which is so pathetic I could cry. Luckily I’m a psychology thesis specifically about dumbasses like you so I appreciate the fact you have no life and nothing better to do than be confused by your own facts be proven wrong but still keep fighting with vague and hazy sources that agree with the person you’re fighting against but you’re too stupid to realize how.

          Reason number 13: The other anons here besides me who have proven your an idiot.

          Reason number 14: Evidently your dumbass mother walked into a chemical factory wearing a dust mask and thats how you became so fucking stupid. I encourage you to follow in her footsteps and walk into an even more toxic place to prove your point about dusk/liquid (or whatever other type makes you’re going to change it to other than the RESPIRATOR the only thing thats actually effective that I told you about in my SECOND POST) so that the chemicals will kill you and the world will have on less dumb fuck walking around.

          Thank you all very much. Ooohh I can feel how stupid you feel from here. I win bitch.

        • Anonymous says:

          For flu prevention in public spaces, empirical evidence encourages the use of a face mask with an efficiency rating of 95 or above – more akin to a respirator than a dust mask, and even then its efficiency is highly disputed. There’s a reason medical personnel wear a single mask instead of triple layers at all times – the effects do not simply add up. By the same token, dust masks do not stop infections by simply obstructing airborne particles that carry them (there is no “fluid-resistant” in mask categorization, btw).

          Medical explanations are not downplaying misconceptions but simply advising the general public against employing novelty measures as sure remedies – Certainly, even wrapping tissue paper around your face can lessen exposure to pollutants to some extent – the incorrect applications of many being potential cause for more harm than good.

        • You linked me to google because you couldn’t find the proof I asked for. DUST MASKS DO NO PROTECT YOU AGAINST AIR POLLUTION YOU FUCKING MORON. In fact the first link you linked me to tells you that shit for brains. Good job proving your a fucking dumbass Conduit. Good job.

          “and do not protect against chemicals such as vapors and mists”

          “These masks are
          respirators and do not offer protection against
          hazardous dusts, gases or vapors.

          Dust (e.g. powders, metal an
          d wood dust, flour etc.)

          Mists (from spraying applications, pickling baths etc.)

          Fumes (like metal fumes in foundries, welding applications)

          Gases and vapours ( from solvents
          and other volatile chemicals)

          Pollen, bacteria and other biological hazards

          For such applications you should be wearing mask
          s that are respiratory protective devices.


        • Your posts are neutral which means If I were to vote once everyones post would be in the negative since no one else has bothered to vote your retarded incorrect rant at all. In fact the highest rated post here goes again the stupid shit your talking about. Nothing Ive posted can be found on a wikipedia article. Go look you dumbass. Why am I bothering with you no life losers coming back here to argue about masks anyway seriously fml. You’ve already been proven wrong and by more people than just me so shoo fly go argue with a plant.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is what happens when a little sing bitch who thinks he knows something tries to bitch after goolging some shit. You obviously don’t understand how many medical explanations try to downplay the common misconceptions and give the wrong impression that using something is not any better than nothing. Obviously you are too much of a stupid little fuck to read between the lines when it actually counts.

          You don’t even know pollutants and harmful agents attach themselves to dust particles which ARE filtered by dust masks when coupled with a fluid resistant masks, as done in that picture. The reason why pollutants are so harmful is not just because of their polluting agents – they allow viral and bacterial agents to coalesce around a pollutant particle and increase the concentration in an area.

          Explain, slanty eyed mouthy fuck, how the flu prevention is more effective with even just fluid-resistant masked population than those that do not use them. Empirical evidence isn’t something you even know how to explain. Now, if it’s effective against flu VIRAL agents, they definitely can cover a good deal of pollutants that cluster around dust particles. There are plenty of articles that show masks defintiely decrease the harmful agents inhaled and thus serve their purpose. You are the only dumb fuck who thinks that’s supposed to mean nothing has to get through. The only way that’s really going to happen is if you travel in an air-tight sterilized condition.

          Don’t bitch when you don’t know shit about how things work in the real world. Singapore bitches are always bitching and moaning with no substance or real back bone.

        • Anonymous says:

          Get your facts straight when you haven’t even gotten further than wikipedia chnk-raped kid 🙂 You sound pretty ass fked like a good sing bitch/

          See the bent metal tab and the oversized mask? That’s bigger than the fkin flimsy ass surgical mask. Since dust masks are not aesthetically fitting, many people either get a good kind of medically approved masks that protect them and put the fluid-resistant kind over them.

          Next time you want to bitch, get your facts straight and get some real professional experience instead of running to wikipedia. Writing a declaration of ass pain with double load of cock in your mouth doesn’t help because your comments gets bitch slapped by the filter shows what a little bitch you are.

          Don’t try to pretend to be an anonymous 3rd party either ^^

        • Before you reply with anything else retarded. Go find a link that shows the type of mask shes using and explains how it protects against air pollution. If you’re so smart SHOW ME THE FUKING FACTS. I don’t give a shit about your fucking opinion and your asshurt rants. Pull the dick out from inbetween your cheeks and support your argument with some fukking facts like I already DID. PROVE your stupid shit. Show me the type of mask SHES WEARING and how it protects again air pollution or STFU.

          Thank you. 🙂

        • No sorry, only idiot here is you(as usual). Thats not a surgical mask, its a dusk mask, which can filter in coming particulates down to 0.3 microns in size. Although exact efficiency of filtration varies by brand, even the cheapest dust mask is still a thousand times better than breathing in that stuff with no protection what so ever.

        • Anonymous says:

          HAHA this dumbass kid. Let me spell this shit out word by word so you can actually understand with your slow ignorant brain.

          Medical masks, unlike surgical masks, can encompass various kinds. You stated ‘surgical masks’, which is NOT what she is wearing – it’s much thinner and smaller than what she is wearing. She is wearing something between a dust mask and fluid resistant mask.

          Dust mask protects well against at least 90% of dust particles and pollutants. Not to mention if you wear one kind over the other. There’s a reason why workers working in mines, factories, and dentists wear masks.

          All of that is moot point since you can’t even wait to bitch without even being able to tell the difference between what you are bitching about. Funny points for puffing out lips like you ‘won’ something on a porn site lol

        • Anonymous says:


          You didn’t refute my point about the masks not serving a purpose both ways, just pointed to wikipedia. Neither could you say anything when I pointed to the flu prevention with masks being statistically better lol

          Obviously ER doctors know better than RN or interns. Not to mention a kid bitching with wikipedia as a source.

        • Theres no difference between a surgical mask and a “medical mask” whatever the fuck that is. There are different types of surgical masks but the are all surgical masks. They dont protect you against inhaling shit it keeps you from spreading your own retard germs to other people so please buy one for yourself and protect us all. The only thing that protects against air pollution like that is a respirator and shes not wearing a respirator. Good job trying to make me look stupid but instead showing you’re the dumbass. Good thing you’re anon I don’t blame you.

        • Anonymous says:

          13:07 lol taylor doing the defensive bitch routine again. I take it you never had any experience working in the ER or surgical unit, never mind studying medicine. Surgical mask is but one of several kinds of medically used masks have each have different components depending on the situation. You have any idea what’s in the air pollution? You don’t have any idea what you are talking about after trying to rebut people googling ‘surgical masks’?

          Some amusing lol here with taylor trying to sound smart. Come back and mouth off some more defensive shit.

      • or the only one dumb enough to think it really makes that much difference

        “Surgical masks are designed to trap respiratory secretions (including bacteria and viruses) expelled by the wearer and prevent disease transmission to others. Surgical masks are not designed to prevent inhalation of airborne particles, and their ability to protect HCWs from disease acquisition varies.”

        • Anonymous says:


          The reason why many people think masks =/= protection is because different masks provide protection against different agents, i.e. viruses, particles which are difficult to differentiate for the layman, not because they’ve been “drilled”. In this case, wearing a surgical mask against airborne pollutants does nothing, in the same way a dust mask is ineffective against bacteria.

          So-called anti-flu masks are typically N95 respirators, i.e. “designated” masks and even then no solid proof exists to validate their efficiency at blocking out against viruses. Also surgical masks are just a subtype of “medical masks” if you’re intent on using that term, and the two are not nearly interchangeable.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually those masks can attract more bacteria than without one. As you breath and so on the mask can/will get damp and bacteria will stick to it easier and u will get sick and sheet.

        • Anonymous says:

          What are you even talking about? Anti-flu campaign people using ‘specifically designated’ masks? Those are your average medical masks (surgical masks and medical masks, technically are interchangeable).

          The reason why many people have been drilled into thinking masks =/= protection against outside agent is because that it is a common misconception that wearing a mask is a VERY EFFECTIVE (better than anything else, more convenient and cheaper) measure, which isn’t true because providing protection against outside agents is secondary to keeping your own infections in. Thus the medical establishment drill the idea into you again and again to make sure that misconception is reversed in trained personnel, hence the insistence on not considering it an option for proper infection-prevention measure.

          However, that doesn’t mean it has NO effect on preventing outside infection from intruding – the physical obstacle itself in fact can reduce many particle entries.

        • Anonymous says:


          That actually depends on the masks being used. Surgical masks are primarily meant to prevent infection from getting out, but physical and structural barriers of surgical or medical masks do have the effect of providing a degree of protection against many forms of harmful agents that could be transmitted from patients to doctors. For example, common public using face masks have higher chance of preventing flu infection than those not using them.

        • Anonymous says:

          As someone who has worked in hospitals, surgical masks do NOTHING to protect against incoming bacteria and exist only to protect the patient against infections. As for the various pollutant-blocking masks, none are actually “medical” and could hardly be called as such.

        • Anonymous says:

          We have given you referenced, proven facts. You gave us nothing but wikipedia, unreferenced, and unproven opinions that you never provided a valid source for. I corrected your misconceptions and you sit there to bitch some more to argue how you want to give out more downvotes.

          LOL taylor you such a bitch.

        • Anonymous says:


          Like I said those are not “surgical” or even “medical” masks but specifically designated for certain uses. In the case of protection against airborne pollutants (the only case relevant and which you were making an argument against), “medical masks” which you call them do absolutely nothing.

        • Anonymous says:

          Is that why masks worn by surgeons and dentists during the procedures? Only to protect the patient and others from germs from the doctor?

          Maybe, just maybe, you need to protect yourself from the agents, germs, and bacteria from the patient?

          There are more than one kind of mask. Try to actually gain some real life experience before bitching and moaning like you are doing. Oh wait, you are too much of a pussy and hides behind an anon name while bitching on a porn site 🙂