Atlus/Index Bankrupt – “Guess Who’ll Be Next!”


Index, owner of the once-proud Atlus brand, has finally declared bankruptcy after managing to pile on 24.5 billion yen of debt through a protracted and seemingly random IT-themed acquisition spree.

The news comes as no surprise given the scale of the losses they posted earlier in the year, and the bankruptcy proceedings look likely to result in a complicated and protracted sell-off of their various assets rather than any outright dissolution.

For Persona fans it is of course likely that the only matter of any consequence is which publisher buys up the remains of Atlus and whether the studio ever actually manages to produce a Persona title for a modern console.

Index itself seems to show little interest in hanging on to Atlus or its video game business, its court-submitted rehabilitation plan hopelessly mentioning only “smartphones” and “social games” as its path to solvency.

So far speculation centres on Koei as the most likely buyer, and although there is as yet no confirmation from Koei themselves, they do at least enjoy a very healthy balance sheet.

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