“Top 10 Mistakes Foreign Guys Make With Japanese Girls”


The top 10 reputed failings of non-Japanese men when attempting to woo the flower of Japan’s womanhood – according to experts on the subject and Japanese girls, at least – have finally been collated and ranked.

The list, adapted from a popular guide to the subject, for once handily involves feedback from actual girls rather than random 2ch denizens or online polls:

1. Believing the myth that all Japanese girls are “loose” and “easy”

Contrary to the submissive, eager-to-please, sexually-charged nymph archetypes taking center stage in Japan’s “export culture”, the girls of Japan run the gamut from the sexually conservative, to the lusty, adventurous types, with a full spectrum in between.

“Westerners look down on people in Asia.”  – Yuki, 26

“You hear so much about foreigners just wanting to play – and they will sleep with anyone. It’s a little scary.” – Natsuno, 19

2. Expecting things to just happen

While having a few drinks and letting the mood take you might be the recipe for romance in the West, Japanese girls respond to pro-activity and leadership. If you’re not sure where things are going, and you aren’t prepared to lead, then you’ll soon find yourself alone (SO RONERY).

“When they can’t speak any Japanese at all, that’s also a problem” – Tomoko, 25

“They can’t seem to do anything by themselves.” – Eri, 27

3. Not transmitting clear signals

It’s natural to forget that while we strive to decode the cultural complexities of the Japanese girl, she is similarly trying to understand our own cultural quirks. Be clear and confident about your romantic overtures; don’t bury them in hesitancy and apologetics.

“Japanese people are more definite about the status of the relationship. Foreigners are vague, so you’re not sure if you’re actually boyfriend and girlfriend.” – Miho, 23

“There are many jokes foreign guys make which are hard to understand” – Yuko, 18

4. Trying to act more Japanese

Your cultural differences are an asset more than they are an obstacle. Ask yourself this: Does a Japanese girl become more attractive to you the more she assimilates into your culture?

“Japanese men don’t usually think about anything … only food, games, TV, or work. It’s nice to experience something different, and foreign guys can be much more mature.” – Mitsuki, 24

5. Trying to get intimate in public places

Japanese girls are hyper-aware of the watchful eyes of society. Tone down the PDAs in favor of showing your affection in a more private moment. She’ll thank you for it.

“They are mostly interested in skinship, and that can be nerve-wracking.” – Ayumi, 20

“Some foreigners have terrible manners.” – Kaori, 28

6. Assuming it’s “in the bag”

Just when you relax and let your guard down, convinced that the battle has been won, your date with a Japanese girl can turn on a dime. A kiss isn’t an implicit agreement for anything more. Don’t stop leading, and keep your eyes on the road.

“Often, foreign guys just can’t read the atmosphere.” – Hitomi, 25

7. Moving too fast

Shared intentions or none, bulldozing ahead with physical intimacy can be the equivalent of shifting from first to fourth. Kissing, making out, and sex should not be big jarring steps you spring on someone, but rather points on a smoothly ascending curve.

“Because Japanese girls are quiet and not so assertive, foreigners can be domineering and persistent.” – Kaede, 22

8. Moving too slow

In lieu of clear signals from a Japanese girl, many guys find themselves caught in “limbo”. Waiting for a signal that means something to you is moving too slow. Make a decision as to what you want, and take the lead in that direction. She’s not going to lead for you.

 “It can be frustrating when foreigners are vague and indecisive.” – Manami, 21

9. Relying solely on the gaijin novelty factor

“Foreign guys don’t have to try” is the myth carved on the gravestone of so many Japanese girl-foreign guy interactions. To a Japanese girl, your foreign-ness may represent some tasty icing, but be sure there’s a decent cake underneath.

“Foreigners come to Japan and make the mistake of assuming they’re really fashionable and popular” – Sachiko, 24

“They try and force their own culture on everyone else” – Megumi, 25

10. Trying to drive a wedge through the wa (和)

Wa (和) means harmony, and when it comes to groups of Japanese the importance of the concept is often underestimated. You may have found that spark with a Japanese girl – but the wa still has to be upheld. Trying to pry her away from her friends for some one-on-one time may kill your spark dead, unless you can carry this off in a natural way that maintains the flow of the wa.

“They have a tendency to focus on themselves and what they want, rather than the needs of the group.” – Naomi, 22

Fortunately, recent trends seems to indicate even the uncouth barbarian male could hardly be in any worse position than his Japanese counterparts – those looking to try can find out more in the guide proper.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I’m gonna call bullshit on your “popular guide on the subject”. That’s clearly and ebook scam site. Their websites all look exactly the same, and offer to sell usually a sub 30 page pdf with random info you can find on the net anway, to sucker the rubes out of 20 to 50 bucks depending on the site.

  • Anonymous says:

    I know 2 friend of mine who had experience with Japanese girls which doesn’t follow these rules. First friend of mine just went to Japanese on vacation and met a Japanese girl and she took his virginity on the day before he was about to leave. He told her he was going back to the U.S. and she told him she want to lose her virginity to him. I laugh at him when he told me this since she was obviously not a virgin but a virgin hunter. He didn’t want to believe it since he wanted his first time to be with another virgin and also he kept saying she was acting shy. Anyone who watches Japanese porn knows it’s an act. She never contacted him afterward.

    Another friend of mine dated a Japanese girl and oh boy she was something special. she moved to the u.s. for college and my friend was coming home for a visit and met her at a club. She dated my friend once and had sex with him and afterward told him she have a boyfriend and want to dump her boyfriend of 3 years for him even after knowing my friend is in the army and will have leave soon. My friend was just surprised but told her it’s up to her on whatever she wants to do but if she chose him he is ok with that. She dumped her boyfriend and start dating my friend during whatever days he still have left before going out of state to his military base. She contact him all the time and one time she surprise him by buying a plane ticket to see him. She even went to New York to hang out with her friend for Christmas and bought a last minute plane ticket for my friend. He was not suppose to leave the military base and could had went to jail for it but she already bought the ticket for him. Their relationship went up and down afterward and his Japanese girlfriend was a little too strange, possibly mental and controlling and crazy horny. She like having sex in public places and give random blow jobs at the most inconvenient time like while driving. also she is crazy jealous.They broke up at the end obviously.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sounds like more nonsense japanese women think up. women are women, japanese or no. they still have no logic or accountability and act entirely on emotion, selfish, and naive ideals. find a women with the personality of a man, or you will suffer.

  • Anonymous says:

    What I learned from this news and thread:

    No one likes an idiot or an asshole, but people expect everyone to be ok with themselves being an idiot or asshole.

    Do I care less about 3D women now? No, what the girls expect is pretty reasonable for any human being really, but the response just makes me care less about humanity in general. Thanks SanCom! Shitting on humanity one article at a time!

  • Uh, so I take it running up to her with a tentacle hentai open to a scene of a schoolgirl getting hot sex from Mighty Cthulhu and yelling “Heyyy, baby, translate this for me!” is likely not a good pickup?

    Just kidding.
    Neat article here actually!

  • Anonymous says:

    “Japanese people are more definite about the status of the relationship. Foreigners are vague, so you’re not sure if you’re actually boyfriend and girlfriend.” – Miho, 23

    AHAHAHAHAHA Sorry but this is the other way around. Foreigners actually ASK. Japanese men do not. Every single one of my wife’s friends has said the same thing. A Japanese man will never ask you to be BF/GF and will just assume that after 1 date you are.

    “Some foreigners have terrible manners.” – Kaori, 28

    Says the Japanese woman who probably cuts in line in front of any Foreigner or sneezes/coughs on a foreigner and doesn’t apologize or say anything.
    There are people with terrible manners everywhere. What you consider terrible manners is probably acceptable where they come from. Her “good manners” might be bad manners in other countries but she doesn’t think about that…

    “They try and force their own culture on everyone else” – Megumi, 25
    And Japanese don’t do the same? lol

    “They have a tendency to focus on themselves and what they want, rather than the needs of the group.” – Naomi, 22

    Yes because following the group is smart? That’s why your anime DVDs are $70 for two episodes? or you have a nuclear power plant spewing out radiation and most of you are doing nothing because you don’t want to “upset the group”? Maybe you should try thinking against the group.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Japanese girls respond to pro-activity and leadership. If you’re not sure where things are going, and you aren’t prepared to lead, then you’ll soon find yourself alone”

    So my drunken groping would be a hit among japanese women.

  • Anonymous says:

    tl;dr, Japanese women are just like western women with class. There’s a few loose ones here and there, but for the most part it’s just like the west.

    Because they’re human beings.

    Sadly, the type of westerners that go over there and do this shit are assholes and are not representative of most of us. They’re like that here too. So when decent westerners come over, they’re treated with extreme xenophobia and hate because of the others (some of it is ingrained in japanese society already, but made worse by these fuckers)

  • Anonymous says:

    Can’t move too fast. Can’t move too slow.
    Can’t be too foreign. Can’t be too native.

    Yep, the men in SanCom don’t like this bullshit either. Sounds a lot like Anko Uehara from Great Teacher Onizuka. …But then again she’s a tsundere, and the weeaboos in SanCom just LOVE their tsundere.

    “Must be tsundere in 2-D, but can’t be tsundere in 3-D because that is annoying.” Hah. No fucking wonder they’re all wizards.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hm.. reads like it’s about women in general, not Japanese women.

    But this really shows how fucked up 3D is… they expect the men to lead, but we do everything wrong. We move too fast, because we don’t read the atmosphere… we move too slow, because we’re indecisive and can’t read the atmosphere.
    Solution: WOMAN, stop ranting silently in your fucking mind and open your mouth, say what’s up or just act YOURSELF!
    Gaijin think they have to adapt to Japan, thus losing their charm… and Gaijin don’t adapt, thus come off as arrogant suckers, who want to turn Japan Western-style.
    The thing about intimacy in public I understand, that’s something non-Japanese or porn-only.
    “Japanese women are loose and easy”, this only applies to porn/hentai, or in case a guy is wealthy lol
    And a big LOL at number 3. Yeah, Japanese people are more clear about relationship statuses, but most of them have no idea what love is.
    “Oh I’m turning 30+, I have to marry fast, omiai here I come. Chooses a random beautiful woman/random wealthy guy. Don’t know shit about each other, almost no sex at all, no activities together, almost no talking, etc.”
    Or look at how romance is portrayed in fiction. Teenagers are attracted to each other (because of beauty or popularity). They start dating, but don’t meet at all during the week, only on Sundays do they go to the movies, karaoke and stuff. Should a couple be seen during the week, everyone will talk about how frivolous they are, bringing shame to their families… as they don’t meet often, or can’t be seen at school alone (because it’s frivolous lol), they don’t get to know each other, yet still talk about love.
    The Japanese concept of love and relationships is simply retarded!

  • Anonymous says:

    “7. Moving too fast

    8. Moving too slow”

    So it’s the same dangerous game of thread-the-needle women play everywhere else, huh? “Don’t be a wuss, but don’t be cocky. Be confident and self-assured, though once you cross the line one way or the other, be assured that you’re blacklisted for good.”

  • Anonymous says:

    This is about Japanese women vs foreign men?

    These all sound pretty universal to me. I’ve never felt like jumping through a procession of flaming hoops, to bust through some sexist ‘woo barrier’, in order to get some girl I feel attraction towards, to feel the same way about me. This is why I have been single my entire life and had intercourse only once.

    Accept it. If you are an awkward slouch, you either wait until you’re lucky enough to meet a person whom is attracted to bumbling bashfulness (to whom you are mutually attracted, of course), or you die alone with a smile on your face, because only emotionally insecure chumps require the validation of a relationship, in order to be happy with themselves.

    Pretending that you know what to do to impress women, based off of some consensus based list of bullshit tricks 90% of which you won’t even remember when the time comes, is a good way to make your awkwardness even more obvious.

    Why the fuck do YOU need to impress women anyway? Why the fuck should YOU have to do all the work?

    Be a Tesla-damned man for once and OWN your fucking penis, you sexually and emotionally crippled turd.

    As for this list? Perhaps SOME women just adore guys who make it so obvious that they’re attracted to them that it’s painful, but most of them are skittish little wimps, who just run off like frightened sparrows the moment they catch wind of a flirtatious wink, rather than outright rejecting the advance.

    Yeah, I’ll make the first move alright. I’ll go up to some female friend whom thinks of me as nothing more than one of many other male acquaintances that she doesn’t really know or talk to very much, then I’ll just get down on one knee, and practically pop the fucking diamond out. I’m sure that I’ll come across as romantic, spontaneous and interesting, rather than clueless, assumptive and creepy.

    Lists like this don’t help you get women, my brothers. Self-respect, patience, empathy and a little introspective might one day see you to that end, but purported cheat-sheets like THIS?

    You’d have better luck snagging yourself a partner, if you simply stood buck naked on the sidewalk and waited for a pretty girl to catch her clothing on your outstretched erection.

  • Rokudaime says:

    The combination of 7 and 8 has me lost…It sounds like you’re screwed no matter what you do. :-/ Also, that Japanese girls won’t take the initiative is not what I heard. I read the newsletters from the guy who runs J-List, and he says that because there has been such an increase in herbivorous men in Japan, the girls are more willing to take the initiative. Apparently many of them also believe that foreigners are more romantic than Japanese men, which is a good thing.

  • Anonymous says:

    All you gotta do is whip out the d and tell them that they will look 60 when they’re 30 if they don’t jump on it. Also, tell her the best chance of her kid looking like those anime characters with pointy noses and bright colored eyes and hair is if she takes all the jizz like a champ.

    Problem solved.

  • Anonymous says:

    “They can’t seem to do anything by themselves.” – Eri, 27 no shit when you’re in a foreign country you don’t just automatically know everything about that country so obviously we would need some help.

  • Anonymous says:

    … I’m wondering if this has any actual weight to it.

    Given my experience (you know, of actually BEING foreign? In the current situation anyways) it’s.. really.. really inaccurate.

    And I’m not talking about the girls; sure, canadian guys are dumbasses at times, but for the most part? Not quite that dense.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure they treat their japanese countrymen the same way, and Nippong wonders why their birthrates are so damn low. Don’t blame the men for not trying, blame the women for being unpleasable concrete slabs with stratospheric expectations.

    Specially the last one, can’t take them away from their friends for a little romantic time? Fuck your shit, bitch.

  • Anonymous says:

    There’s only 1 mistake that most foreign guys make. And that’s being non-American. American’s are god-like in the eyes of most Japanese girls. For some reason, they can’t see how much of a cancer America is on the rest of the world…

    If you’re not American, you chance with a Japanese girl drops by 90%.

  • Anonymous says:

    Whenever I’ve traveled overseas, I’ve noticed that foreigners (and I do include Americans) generally act like fools in front of the natives. Ergo, these women may be making valid points.

  • I think these ladies are hanging around the servicemen a little too much. At least the young ones. Or the really dumb foreigners who visit McDonalds instead of trying the native food.

    But then again, women around the World never speak in clear terms what they want so who the hell knows.

  • Anonymous says:

    It is pretty simply. People just need to be straightforward – i.e. just ask the women out. and assertive. Also confident. If you want to get through the door. The rest is engaging in conversation. Women are just people too.

    They certainly are unsure themselves, in how they say need to be passive and assertive. Which would seem paradoxical. Best their is no set template, past being straight forward in your feelings. Dont smile and think she fancies you. Out right say you fancy her and want to go on a date. For one night stands, its obviously different. You just got to show that you want them, so you confidently talk to them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man these bitches don’t know what the fuck they want. Hell most of the list contradicts what their saying.

    Moving too fast – Moving too slow. Dafuq?

    Im pretty sure the reason why their trying to act more japanese, and trying to get intimate in public places are more than enough of a fucking clue to tell you what signals their trying to get out there.

    Relying in the gaijin factor – Trying to act more japanese

  • Anonymous says:

    lol…seriously, One line reads “Expecting things to just happen” the next is “being too forceful” lol there just as lost as girls from any country…They just want a hot guy with loads of $$$ like all the rest D:

  • Anonymous says:

    I think I came out of this article feeling sorry for Japanese men. I didn’t think it was possible.

    Poor sods.
    No wonder you’re so clearly confused, from what I can tell, the women in Japan don’t know what they want either.

    “food, games, TV, or work”
    Those are pretty big subjects… I think they expect them to bungee jump off the Tokyo Tower or something equally crazy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Of course everyone hates foreigners if those two are the types that they get lol, lets face it, the only people going to Japan are rich snobs, who have the money to travel like that, thuggish guys looking for an easy lay, or just otaku looking to do the same. In which case, you’d be making them a guide to help those punks with Japanese women.

    The only decent one would probably be one visiting with his family, and they’ll probly already have a gf back home

    • LOL..

      If she wants me to make a move .. I will tease!

      If she tries to make a move, I will be cool.

      If she is hot and wants it!

      I will make her beg.

      When there is mutual attraction … Look Out..


  • Anonymous says:

    “Japanese men don’t usually think about anything … only food, games, TV, or work. It’s nice to experience something different, and foreign guys can be much more mature.” – Mitsuki, 24

    How is this an exlusive trait of Japanese men? I certainly dont think about much beyond food, games, tv (She forgot books) and work. Im dont really try to act japanese for any reason, it is just part of my introvert personality..

    If a foreigner is more mature it is prolly because theyre living abroad which is kind of a big undertaking no?

  • Anonymous says:

    Who are the two (as of this moment) hypersensitive assholes who are downvoting almost every comment. Fuck you assholes. You are probably filthy Koreans trying to make Japanese look bad.

  • Anonymous says:

    Considering that many of the rules being presented here are mutually contradictory merely emphasizes that no one knows what Japanese women want. Since Japanese men have long ago given up trying to have sex with Japanese women, preferring sex toys and pillows, suggests that there is no point in a gaijin trying to understand or adapt to the poorly defined desires of Japanese women.

    I have studied Japanese sexual behavior exhaustively through the medium of hentai manga and anime and can provide the following suggestions.

    Japan is a hierarchic culture that bows to power and dominance. Japanese politicians and businessman assert power by getting red-faced and yelling gibberish. When trying to fuck a Japanese woman get red-faced, loud, and aggressive. Don’t worry about what to yell, it all sounds like gibberish to them.

    Women should be stripped naked, men should just open their pant’s zipper and expose their dick.

    Japanese foreplay consists of pushing a woman down, ripping her panties off, and yelling “hora, hora, hora” while penetrating an orifice.

    Japanese women are difficult to satisfy. This is why most Japanese men prefer to fuck a woman in a group. They can thus take turns until she is finally worn down and satiated. It’s all about teamwork.

    Western penises are significantly larger than Japanese dicks (on average). Make sure she is well lubricated. Be prepared to help with judiciously applied saliva. A handy rule is “If it don’t fit, use spit!”

    Good manners and family are important in Japan. While fucking a girlfriend be prepared to fuck her mom and her sisters as well. It’s only polite.

  • Anonymous says:

    “To a Japanese girl, your foreign-ness may represent some tasty icing, but be sure there’s a decent cake underneath.”

    Translation: Be sure there’s a large wallet underneath.

  • Goddamn it, what a pain in the ass! Bet most of these brats either using the “cultural differences” as a pretext for bitching or to squeeze more money out of the “stupid gaijin”. Or that they too full of themselves to learn English like the French. Not that it is a Japan-only phenomenon, though.

    • Anonymous says:

      No offense, but THIS is precisely why men have trouble when interacting with girls. I mean… come on, is it really THAT hard to understand…? Look, let us exemplify it with a concept any men can easily understand.

      A car. Imagine a car moving. As you may or may not know, if a car moves “too fast”, you will spend extra fuel (at least when over ~80 MpH). Then, if you move “too slow”, you ALSO spend extra fuel due to forcing the car to move its own weight with so little energy, so it has to spend more fuel. So, both moving too fast and too slow have a common negative consequence…

      Well, in that regard, many things in life work the exact same way. Like I have heard often, “no excess is good, ever”, be it a literal excess or an excess of LACKING something.

      THAT… is what these girls were trying to say, and if many men really have trouble understanding that… then of course they go for “2D”, then make comments like the ones upvoted here and feel like they made the right choice, when everbody knows deep inside that such attitude is just a self-assuring consolation, even if often implied just as a joke.

      AND before you commit the fallacy of discarding everything I said because “lol she’s a girl pissed off cuz 2d takes chances away from her”: no, I am a man who just happens to SOMETIMES (not many, granted) understand what girls try to say. Get real: not many girls visit this website. And what I quoted above is also a myth, by the way: “2D” is a BIG problem for girls to get men in Japan and Japan alone, and even there it is a problem mostly for girls with nothing to offer, so… hm.

      • I think you mean girls interacting men, due to the men actually doing the action of trying to do something. As japan is in trouble more and more measures will be taken to encourage Japanese female to mate with Japanese males. (Here what could happen in my opinion) However if the Japanese female doesn’t correct her line of thought, when the population gets below a certain point Males will reclaim the mantle but not in a good way. The government might even consider legalizing rape as a means to prevent the extinction of the Japanese people, of coarse that would lead females to suicide before babies are born, so the next step would be to completely remove women rights in the country and treat them like sex slaves, to cage them hook them up to machines and allow men to have they’re way with them until babies come out and repeat the process till to problem has been corrected. The other option is the culture to become extinct and the country completely absorbed by another country… maybe china or the usa.

        • Way easier, there just need to be social benefits in having children as opposed to having benefits for not having children.

          Y’know what.. fuck that social up there and make it monetary benefits. Because that’s all that really matters. People that don’t earn enough to sustain a family can’t have a family. And as it looks that’s basically every young Japanese.

    • LOL..

      If she wants me to make a move .. I will tease!

      If she tries to make a move, I will be cool.

      If she is hot and wants it!

      I will make her beg.

      When there is mutual attraction … Look Out..


  • Anonymous says:

    So, Japanese man are good for nothing, who can only eat, play, and watch TV, while foreigners are too slow/fast, can’t understand them, and have around 50 other faults, so what’s good for these Japanese girls? nothing?

    • Anonymous says:

      A flesh hole you can fuck while staying there. Can be abandoned and be treated as a breeding whore. Did I miss anything? As far as I see the list, they’re bitches to be fucked then paid afterwards.

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem is the foreigners I think they’re talking more so about are US soldiers/jocks from poor areas that have crappy education. So these ape-like men then go over there being loud, drinking and obnoxious and give all foreigners the bad rep we have.

    Every relationship is different and I don’t think every point above will apply to every Japanese girl. Basically just be polite, a bit reserved, and don’t rush too fast. Also if you don’t know the language it’ll be hard to date as most Japanese girls are bad at english and it’s presumptuous to expect them to speak in your language while in their country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Says the foreigner who’s never been to Japan, doesn’t know the types of trashy foreigner guys who are in Japan (hint: 99% of them teach English just to get laid by people they run into).

    • There was a day women avoided this website, I miss those days because now wimpy ass tiny dick comments like this get voted up to the top. “Just b-be polite and d-don’t rush things onegai…><" Old days there would be a slick witty funny 'Well Fuck them then!' type comment at the top. Damn women and males-who like-to-stare-at-the-penis-when watching-porn are ruining our sankaku man cave. Why must you ruin everything you touch.

      By the way that website doesn't offer a top 10 list on wtf Japanese women have to offer other than their hairy snatches to make us even give a shit. While you're figuring out how to asskiss these worthless literally good for nothing women they're sucking the giant cocks of these very same mean ol foreigners (you're worried are ruining your polite too afraid to talk to women reputation) disrupting the gentle kind japanese people and society while Yakuza run the whole fucking country. Grow some balls and be a man. Thank you. This is Sparta.

      • Anonymous says:

        aha.. says the guy living in his parents basement fapping off to his pc, while despising women cause he can’t score without paying for it cause he’s a douchebag/internet toughguy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its an interesting list, but having personal experience of actually living in Japan, the two points that strike me funny are 2 and 4.

    They sort of contradict themselves a bit, but I get what they are saying.

    If you act too Japanese as a gaijin, then you do lose some of your charm. If you act too much like a gaijin, you wont fit in.

    Its a very strange dichotomy, but that’s Japan for you.

    But…. this list can honestly be applied to just about any country…. seriously.

  • Why precious 2d girls are better than 3d whores reason #5648

    So in other words men do all the work. All of it. Even from school work to job work, and relationship work. And women just spread their legs. And even then still expect men to do all the work and judge our performance and if not good enough, cheat.

    It’s rant time.

    I looked all over that website and I couldn’t find any list on why the fuck we should care about Japanese women and what they had to offer other than being female and being Japanese which presumes they’re saying that’s all they feel is necessary to make them worth it and worth reading that long ass guide, moving to Japan, learning Japanese (takes them 2000 characters to do what we do in 26), trying to find a Japanese job, having enough money to support them, look good enough to attract them, and then making sure to adhere to the list. Which also says we shouldn’t assume all the positive stereotypes like you’ll be a good submissive wife IS TRUE.


    This is todays women..

    Women feel they don’t have to work hard on their personalities, education, job positions, conversational skills, how to please a man emotionally, mentally, sexually (in the beginning they’ll work hard sexually mainly because they’re benefiting too, but after they get bored with you usually they’re fine with just laying there and that happens less the longer your married), educated childcare, effort into relationships and making them work, learning about you, not even homemaking ability anymore, I can go on. Now you know why I call them useless, its technically true.
    As long as they’re cute men are supposed to do allll that for them and pay attention to them AND adhere to dating guides…and all that they have to offer is:

    I can get companionship, from companions.
    If all you essentially have to offer is vagina I can get that at the soaplands. And on that point you know why my posts always start out with 2d girls and 3d ‘Whores’.

    Show your unnecessary need for 3d women and their expectation of equal, no, SPECIAL treatment without equal work in the relationship and switch to 2d. The Revolution is Now.

    2d vs 3d Scoresheet:
    2d girls – 5648
    3d girls – 1

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay first, in japan, you never run out of weird customs and if you go wrong in one of them, their impression of you would be bad. Second, as japan’s an american province and a place where there are foreigners who goes in and out of the country, you’d EXPECT them to learn some english but then they’re too good to learn it so anyone who visits that country should either learn japanese or hire a translator. Because japan is sooo very hospitable, get it?

      • Anonymous says:

        If only the visit was initiated by the visitor – however they are stupid enough to beg and request foriegn workers and know-how then think those people should prioritize japanese ‘culture’. They are obligated to make the same effort as those from whom they request such efforts.

        • Anonymous says:

          Um…the visitor is not forced, is he?
          There’s always a way to refuse an offer…
          ‘When in Rome, do as romans do’ is a splendid metaphor to be used in this context.

          Nobody will ask visitors to forsake their origins,
          even if they want to work or live in that land.

          Naturally you could ask for the same treatment when foreigners visit you/your homeland.

  • Anonymous says:

    So basically, a call for common sense? To be fair the whole any foreigner can get laid in Japan is only true to a certain extent, as a foreigner you can generally trade urself up. As well as the fact you’re bound to get at least a +1 or +2 on the looks scale simply by being foreign. Just as the article points out, some common sense and cultural awareness will net you some pretty damn hot ladies though.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japanese girls are easy there may be a spectrum from conservative to lusty, but I’d say it’s weighs more heavily on the lusty side.

    How is it possible that Japan has so many old male virgins when middle schoolers are whoring themselves constantly?

  • Anonymous says:

    That told me nothing. They’re basically the same as any self-respecting woman… doesn’t matter where they’re from. I’m sure they have some that are “loose” as well. Whoever put this together wasted their time, and ours.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m Asian, so blend in well in Japan, and I make an effort to fit into the sea of people.

    But these young ‘white’ guys are the worst, they think they’re cool or something. I mean who the hell put’s his collar up whilst wearing big aviator sunglasses on a cloudy day in the middle of Akihabara. I’ve seen my fair share of ‘white’ guys since I come from such a country, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a big load of these guys are just loser/rejects trying to score easy.

  • “They can’t seem to do anything by themselves.”

    Japanese women have a misconception of westerners. Men may lead, but we won’t do everything either. They say lead but they won’t put much effort either. I look at equal standing relationships, which require equal amounts of effort in the fields the person is working at to woo their partner. We take the initiative but then are seen as being too push and rushing things. We take it slower and then seen as being helpless. I feel like its impossible to win with Japanese girls.

    Even if they bring out the issue of culture differences, it’s how the culture is used amongst Japanese women, and men that’s a fraction of the reason why their country’s birth rate is dwindling, maybe its time to re-evaluate their values and where culture comes into play for a greater importance. Oh I don’t know…maybe such as the preservation of the Japanese race/species!

    • Anonymous says:

      I love how this list is self-contradictory. They should take charge, because we won’t do it! But they shouldn’t do it, because we aren’t easy! Not too fast; that disturbs us! Not too slow; that’s wimpy!

      Be foreign! It’s part of your charm! Try to act the same as everyone else so as not to upset the peace – it’s disturbing when you act, well, foreign!

      So basically, these women have a lot of different preferences, can’t agre on what the heck they want, and want men to tread a very fine but completely subjective and always changing line between one trait or another.

      In other words: the same as every other woman and man looking for a relationship in the world. This list is likely accurate, but says absolutely nothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well i think they meant that a foreign guy stand out from the crowd like walking with a huge banner . And in japan public kissing can freak out the girl i guess if they are more on the socially awkward side. So in other words they like the cultural difference because its thrilling and new but they more introverted then western girls and might shy out.

      • Anonymous says:

        In the end the only scientific proven fact is that a guy hotness is directly proportional to his income. They actually made studies out of it by comparing photos of men and photos with fake descriptions of jobs and incomes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t make it seem like it’s a given that many girls would subscribe to majority of these at the same time. They are differrent from one another and their opinions and expectations vary.

      But from your point of view, why would you want to ‘win’, instead of making your idiosyncrasies work for you? Just do what you like and don’t do what you don’t, keeping whomever finds that agreeable, and discarding the rest. More speed, less tension accumulating, better fits.

      • yuriphoria says:

        I agree with this, be yourself is the best strategy in life.

        Of course you likely won’t score with a Japanese girl, unless she’s weird (then she’s a keeper). Statistically a woman from your own culture is more likely to understand and accept you.

    • all those (11) things can be said about any country, not only Japan. I heard the same crap when I wanted to fuck some Dominican girls in their country. The same goes for Spain and Italy.
      By this time a man has to know when a woman wants something or when his plan to have sex that night has failed, before she is even offended.

  • Anonymous says:

    “There are many jokes foreign guys make which are hard to understand” – Yuko, 18

    Sounds familiar….oh wait..the infamous Japanese puns.

    Anyway, based on my research of all those materials.
    There’s no actual difference between Japanese guy and western one huh. Same “flaws” all over.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yay, viva la revolución! Don´t make out with 3d women anymore, let our species die off before we destroy the world with nuclear missles. No, wait, I have an even better idea, let´s use them to nuke all women out of existence! Best. Idea. Ever.


      Are you really that stupid or are you just pretending? You do know you were born from a woman as well, right? Or does your overly America crazed brain block all information processing regarding that fact? Or was it lack on sexual education? Man, America´s censoring laws on that has to do with boobs is scary.

      • Use women as incubation chambers. Simple. I suppose you’re too much of a fuggin dumbass to have considered that possibility. Now shut up and go away you are not intelligent enough to speak to someone like me.

        • Is this shuubi again ranting her own feminist opinion while not reading and being able to understand even the simple points of my post?

          Every single one of them? Where in my link did you read that? Or did you read all or every? If you lack the ability to read, understand generalization, and critically think then it makes sense that you are unable to grasp the intelligence of my argument and can only respond in ridiculous rants and asinine points. Your comment is not quality enough for me to pay attention to and is far beneath me to even acknowledge so be happy I’ve said this much to you. Stay in school and keep studying and perhaps one day you’ll be able to keep up in a debate and strike the interest of someone like me.

        • Anonymous says:

          lol, calling sb dumb is pretty dumb if you yourself are dumb. I mean, only calling sb names and badmouthing them, what kind of education did you receive, the one for the mentally-ill? You seem to often use words like “fact” or “factually”. Wtf are you using those words for if you dont provide us with some FACTS? Speaking from personal experience is not enough for a “fact”.

        • Anonymous says:

          Pure genius! Taylor for president of Who-gives-a-shit-country. If you´re that smart, why don´t you go in politics and propose your ideas to the world or why don´t you just experiment yourself on an unknown island? Everyone can talk about big ideas, but do you have the balls to make them true yourself? Probably not.

          But back to your original link: So you claim to know every woman in the world? Saying that every single one of them is just spreading their legs and and not contributing anything and what not? This is not only all around stupid but simply wrong. You CAN NOT just assume your family life represents that of the world, it just doesn´t add up, only bithering idiots can have this sort of narrow-minded thinking.

          If you don´t want pussy (or can´t get any, I don´t know), then that´s fine, but what is your problem then? If you don´t want to have anything to do with them, then LEAVE THEM ALONE, nobody´s forcing you to hunt for pussy, just stay in your cellar and everything´s fine! Women have a right to have the kind of attitude they want to have, to express their own opinions, it´s called FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS, don´t know if they have that where you live.