Nippon No Sex: Young Japanese Men “40% Virgin”



A national sex survey reveals over 40% of Japanese men in their twenties are now still virgins, along with a variety of other interesting findings about the nation’s varied but increasingly non-existent sex life.

The survey – appropriately enough entitled “Nippon No Sex” (“Japan’s sex” in Nipponese) – covered 14,100 Japanese aged 20-60 across 47 prefectures, and was conducted by condom manufacturer Sagami Rubber.


Most strikingly, 40.6% of men in their twenties reported never having had sex, compared to only 25.5% of women.

The figure for men dropped off precipitously to 9.5% in their thirties (and to 5.1% for women), suggesting that the chances of Japan’s most recent generations of young men may well be worse than ever – or possibly that they are more committed to “herbivorousness” than ever.

Even so, average ages of first experience differed little throughout Japan, with a low of 19.6 in Okinawa, and a high of 21.1 in Ibaraki – although an increase in those having never got any would not necessarily have much impact on this number.

Average numbers of sexual partners did however differ a great deal – Kochi led with 12.4, followed by Okinawa with 10.2 and the also ironically named Aichi with 10.1. At thee bottom languished (or led, if fewer partners could be taken as a sign of more success in finding better ones) Saitama with 5.3, Ibaraki with 6.2 and Shiga with 6.3.

Unsurprisingly it was Tokyo which boasted the lowest rates of marriage, at only 59.3%. Shiga had the highest with 76.3%.

Rates of actual sex were uniformly low – from 2.79 times a month in Saga to a dismal 1.52 a month in Osaka.


Quizzed about their general adulterousness, they proved reliably unreliable – 78.7% stayed true but 15.8% had another special someone and 2.2% had several, along with 3.4% being hardcore libertines having sex with an additional “non-specific” partner or partners.


Most of these partners were picked up at the company (21.4%), the school (10.3%), a friend’s introduction (16.4%), were an actual friend (13.9%), or on SNS (4.4%) or otherwise. Only a minority (7.2%) were obtained from bars or similar.


Japanese asked about the preferred gender of their partners did prove reliably heterosexual, with 93.6% of men preferring women (4.9% preferred men, 1.2% either and 0.3% a potentially disturbing “other”), and 89.8% of women, men (7.1% preferred lilies to roses, 2.4% liked both and an intriguing 0.7% liked “other”).

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  • Anonymous says:

    from reading “Top 10 Mistakes Foreign Guys Make With Japanese Girls” i guess i understand the japanese guys have to do everything and become a leader through the whole group and have a good income creating too much for someone to show that they are interested in them. wherever they are from they love like everyone else in this world so just let love flow and enjoy it and it will all come into place.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, you can be a geek and a cool bad-ass. I can think of one right now…

    Samuel L. Jackson! He’s big-time into Star Wars, Comics, cartoons and Super Heros. Notice the movies and cartoon characters he plays?

    Another one: Seth McFarlen of FamilyGuy (I’m tired, I know its spelled wrong).

  • Anonymous says:

    I think it’s some massive genetic illness you got there. Or actually even not. Human at some age starts sending out chemicals, which attract other humans to mate. “Love”, “spark”, whatever, it’s all chemistry. Human also has chemistry to make own relatives appear as repulsive. You can fantasize about anything, but you in no way want to really mate with your own sister. Must be a hardcore pedo to bypass that barrier. But luckily, there’s cheap, but 1 year long cure for any sexual retardation.
    It has been noticed that humans, who have less children have usually higher IQ than humans, who multiply like cockroaches.
    It has also been noticed that average human’s mating chemistry will be at its highest peak only once in human’s whole life. If you missed it, then your screwed.
    Some humans may have strong mating chemistry for whole life – every opposite sex human wants and always.
    Others may suffer from chemistry that sends out “I’m repulsive”…

    But is this really a problem? A male human can be sexually active from age of 8, but regular females will have higher will to mate starting from age of 30 and relationships before 30 are usually really unstable. Is it really that important to take such decisions this early in your life?
    If this is only because sex is important, then there are ways to get the effect of an orgasm without need for a partner.
    Promotion of pedophilia, like done in Japan, is a serious problem too of course. Promoting such things as if they are really a must is no good.

  • Anonymous says:

    Videogames, porn and highly sexualised culture have rendered actual sex fairly obselete for a lot of people. Animal brains are susceptible to hyperstimulus, and in particular men are able to consume vast amounts of highly accessible, hyper stimulating material at low cost, which totally deprograms any kind of desire for real sex. The only people who have anything to lose from this are the women who are in a rising competition for male attention.

  • Not sure, but isn’t this trend starting in the west as well? You know: in the twenties, most guys who get the best women, if not just most women, are the rich (and/or goodlooking) men. When looking in the thirties, most women find it hard to find a partner to settle down with, when all of a sudden the beta males are having the time of their life fucking left and right without any intention of actually starting a relationship with women their age.

    tl;dr -> FEMINISM YAY~!

  • Anonymous says:

    Enough with the “virgin” bullshit. Once you start having dirty thoughts your innocence is over, and once you end up masturbating 6 times per day you can’t keep calling yourself a “virgin”. There’s a new type of “virginity” it’s the virginity impossed by feminazis on their poor captured preys who can’t fap without asking permission, can’t even look at a dirty picture without guilt.
    A perverted “virgin” today has much more sexual experience an knowledge than a guy who fucked some bitch and now became a castrated mind and soul.

    If “loosing your virginity” means submitting to the command of some 3D shaved monkey, I said FUCK THAT BULLSHIT. I don’t need “permission” to “have sex” whenever someone else “feels like having some”. You 3D shaved monkeys are obsolete slavers, you won’t have my money, nor my liberty, nothing. I’ll choose my supossed “virginity” any day over your lot bitches. Go screw up someone else’s life. Now if you excuse me, My 2D harem are waiting for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    As always men led the pack on all things intellectual, odd, disturbing,anti social or reclusive.
    But a 40% to 25% difference is amazing.
    Elsewhere it must be like 10% for men and 1% for women.

  • Anonymous says:

    Put it this way… if you’re an older guy and lose your virginity when older you can do it in style.

    Younger guy: with plump neighborhood farm girl inside a beat-up pickup truck.

    Older guy: a threesome with supermodels from a high end VIP escort service.

  • Anonymous says:

    Big chunk of the generation born in 1980s and after still virgins, its no surprise, this applies to every developed countries.

    Reason? lifestyle changes from Rural area to Urban, technology and grew up in a materialistic society.

  • Anonymous says:

    Holy fuck, they are following american way of sex and culture. Hey, Japan prove there is respect, trust, loyalty, honest/truth in Japanese relationship. Don’t follow the self destroy path, be faithful to partner,or the other countries are going to make american bitch jokes about you,Japan. Prove the truth about Japanese relationship.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait? 1/4 Japanese women in their 20’s is a virgin aswell?

    And I thought my times of virgin hunting were over now that I am in my 20’s and I’d have my final count. But I can still go on, I just gotta visit Japan!

  • Anonymous says:

    As far as the males go the number is 65 to 72 percent because many of the males were anually sexually assaulted by a family member or the family watching the kid during the day. From what I have seen long before SC here existed, Japans idiotic traditional society caused this and will cause its downfall. Today there was something new – computers, computers with programs that make any one an artist and electronics. Back when there was just silk robes and maybe someone had a work truck.

  • Not surprising at all, 3d chicks these days have been sluttier and dirtier, wide spread daily drug abuse or alcohol abuse. Not attractive at all. I myself am 19 and virgin and only recieved my first kiss a few months ago, it wasn’t what how it appears on tv, it was very boring. :/ i miss not knowing what it felt like…

    2D>3D forever

  • Anonymous says:

    The goal is to have sex with a woman and then leave before she has ideas of being in a relationship. The ultimate goal is to find a woman cool enough to have sex with you, no strings attached. ‘Tis something we all search for. Few have reached the top of this mountain.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anime sex is fine… up to a point. Buy one of those sex-toys for men, makes it more “real”.

      But I like laying down with my girl. Feeling her sexy little 5-3 103lb body.

      Oh, she likes Anime too… but when I’ve gone hunting for girls, I don’t act or talk about anime or any sort of fandom.

      PS: you can only do so much with your hand, as it has no emotional feelings.


        • Anonymous says:

          Did my post get deleted?

          I already responded… she’s 30. yeah, some women are short and stay that way.

          She’s cute, great little body – we both go to the gym… but she’s not a “girl” 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          She is 30 years old… she’s 103lbs. So yes, she has a sexy-little body.

          I’ve had sex with women at 4-11 ~ 6-0. Age 20~45 (since I’ve been an adult).

          I’ve gone 7 years without having sex with a woman. I have my anime and manga porn and still enjoy anime erotica.

          The pedophile line is quite silly, considering the amount of loli fans here tsk tsk.

          In the past 9 months, I’d say I’ve used my hand by myself about 5 times. And usually thinking about my girlfriend.

          When I jump-started my sex-life, I went / made-myself easier choices, older women. I didn’t tell the first one she broke my dry-spell.

          Without dating, being social with people, even if YOU DON’T care for them – you do NOT gain experience.

        • Anonymous says:

          It denigrates men for having sex and women are always poor victims of male rape. That is if a man does not ask the woman if he can enter her at moment of entry and she is not 100% sober and emotionally fine (i.e. can’t be slightest bit unhappy e.g. about job prospects or something) he is a rapist.

          In fact all men are rapists. That’s left wing talk and most of you are under its spell.

    • Anonymous says:

      Many people end up dating others because of social pressure; later, they’ll fuck which moves them past the V-line. Social pressure often takes the form of “loser who cannot even get laid”, which is to be avoided. Thus it is that haters look down their noses to make up for their own unsatisfactory choices.

      tl;dr: bitches be dissin’

  • Anonymous says:

    Well im 21 and im still a virgin, im not really proud of it but i dont really care about it anymore since i dont intend to live a long life, ill just enjoy doing what i always did and when the time comes ill just end everything by myself.

    • Anonymous says:

      I love my virginity at 17 to an attractive 21 year old woman. She was terrible at sex (believe it or not) and it was still awesome. I can say she was terrible because I’ve since had, what I would call, amazing sex and there’s nothing like it.

      You guys are losers and need to get laid. Sex is one of the most life-affirming things you can do. There is a great range of benefits. Physiological, physiological and, with the right person, even spiritual.

      Start having sex. It’s not that hard. Act like a descent person, have a half-way respectable appearance and most of all have some self confidence. (or pretend you do even if you are a closet-case loser like most the 2D wifu-humpers on this site.)

      • Anonymous says:

        Amen brother!

        If just going for booty, I say nothing of my love for Anime and SciFi. If she becomes GF material, then I let her know.

        My girlfriend has masturbated to anime-porn even… 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      dont doe it, its brilliant to be alive and ending it all is a rather permanent solution. Someone out there for everyone! I know dudes older than 21 that are still virgins. Sure plenty also 21 and still a virgin. Your not alone. Remember, to get women you just got to be assertive and confident. You see a women look at you, your eyes meet. Head straight over to them.
      Also online dating can help!

    • Anonymous says:

      I just turned 20 a few months ago and im still a virgin. I’ve had a few close encounters but seriously don’t even give a shit anymore. Women come and ago but I only have this one life so i don’t want to live like a slave to society.

      • ok ok it was fine when 2 or 3 people did it but lets not turn this into a virgins anonymous meeting.
        Funny how many people have come out of the closet of being a virgin when the 2nd most popular insult on sankaku after “retard” is “virgin” haha ahh you people…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m 25 now and I recently just decided to pay for a prostitute. It was nothing special, well worth it just to know what it’s all like and I’d take it over masturbation but not really worth the hassle of leaving the house.
      I recommend it to everyone, just for trying it sake’s.

      • Anonymous says:

        Congrats… there are lots of hookers out there. But there are also women you can meet online, strickly for the sex. You know, criagslist (sort out the guys).

        One of my friends, he’s in his 60s – constantly hooks up with women in their 20s. Some of them quite good looking.

        Do research into PUA (Pick Up Artist). There are groups in every major city… free.

      • Anonymous says:

        Have you ever tried one of those good warmed onaholes? Those things are better than real sex! To me real sex is only worth if it is with someone I like, sex with people you don’t have any link is just putting your dick on a slippery hole.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you NEVER go after women in their 20s… then you’re left with older women. How many women have 6 kids? Few. Hell, there are those at age 20 who have at least 1 kid.

          Hence… again, you WAIT for the perfect girl – it won’t happen. Then other guys, will have her. So, yet – I’m over 40 and even months before I had my girlfriend, I was dating a 22yr old girl. I simply asked “hey, want to go out dancing to XYZ club”?

          There are some cute / hot girls in their 30s who don’t have kids.

        • Anonymous says:

          “second hand goods”?! Really?

          Guess what little boy, most people are not new… and if you’re out looking to fuck a loli or a teen, you’ll end up in jail. You know, once you break that seal… or even before, it feels no different.

          Then, you’ll have access to prison sex.

          “another thing is that the older they get the more desperate women become.” – what, neither do guys?

        • So, that’s what it all comes down to these days.
          Unless you’re a 100% top demand male, expect to get women who were passed over or fifth-hand , looking to settle down and find a chump to help take care of her 6 kids.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was like “What the hell is SanCom”? Until I realized you meant SankakuComplex.
        When I abbreviate Japanese style, I always do it in Japanese, so I had always assumed it was “SanCon”

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey that sounds just like myself, only that I’m 23.
      I won’t indulge in sexual or romantic relationships, and I just live my life like I want to. After I’ve done everything I wanted to, I’ll end it.
      Sure, it sounds fucked up how young people can think like that, but not everyone wants to work most of their life, not having much free time, suffer from depression and other shit… just to turn old, suffer from illnesses, live from low pension etc.
      If I hadn’t been lucky to live as a parasite, I would’ve been dead with 18 lol

    • Anonymous says:

      You guys are making BS excuses when saying you are living the life you want to as justification for your fear of really trying to live. Living your life to the fullest is full of the kinds of failures & let downs you are trying to avoid. It is like you put yoursleves in prison & now trying to rationalize that is freedom for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is actually wrong.
      In a generation the relation of men to women is of.
      there 105 boys born for each 100 girls. women just tend to live longer which causes it to shift in their favour.
      In nature males are more prone to die early but the societies developed so this no longer applies.
      Also males are longer in the reproductive cycle, so the average cycle has a relation of about 80 to 83 males to 100 women in industrial countries.
      Countries like China (50:100) and India (43:100) are even worse because they tend to kill off females in favour of males…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m in my 40s… and I’ve had sex with dozens of women. My wife is 30, the girl I dated before her was 22.

      She’s a great girl and gives very good oral and cooks too!

      If you’re happy… fine. Proud? Whatever, its your choice.

      If you are interested in women – sexually (you watch porn?) – then you’ll need some experience. Learn how to do non-anime fandom things. I too was shy in my early 20s. I missed out on sex because of it.

      But asking a girl out is actually easy “Want a drink? Want to dance? My name is XYZ”. The worse that can happen, she says NO… if you never ask, you’ll have nothing anyway.

      I’ve seen fat guys with hot girls, cause they simply asked (okay, rare… but it happens).

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude, 31 year old virgin here. Lemme tell you, first, the thing about becoming a wizard is quite true, but. Second, if you spent your ten years of not chasing skirts instead fapping to figurines and working a minimal requirements job at McD’s, then you’re going to be a wizard of figurines and McD’s. It’s only the guys who actually get to doing something, such as maths or software or semiconductors or something, who become wizards in the sense of “retractable lightning bolts from between their fingers”, or what it looks like to mundanes anyway.

      And yes, your aura will drive off women. They’ll call you a fag, intending it as an insult. Far as I can tell this is because of the “not gonna kiss ass to some woman who’s likely not as good as my right damn hand” effect: because of that it’s possible to act so equal to women that to many of them it looks uppity. (looking like absolute crap notwithstanding. i don’t, so can’t comment.)

      I’m quite certain that it’s possible to gain wizardlike skill without actually being one, but it takes a good long while longer. My guess is that there’s some aspect of interacting with women that ends up putting your higher brain functions temporarily in “off” mode, and without the constant intake and integration of stimulus you might not get to the required place before old age starts to set in (first around 27 or 28).

      Frankly, if I were to run across a female wizard who wasn’t as much a complete bitch as women-in-general, I’d at least try. However, at 31… there are hurdles, to say the least.

      • Anonymous says:

        @31-yr Virgin:

        There is NO SUCH thing as the perfect women. Never going to ever happen. I’ve had a GF thats into computers, gaming, Anime, etc… and she drives me crazy. Still friends with her, but she is quite nuts. I thought she would be good.

        My GF-soon-to-be Wife is NOT into computers, plays different games, a little bit of Anime. She is a very good woman for me. She is still a women and does things that is what women do… oh well.

        Old age in 27~28? bwahahaha.
        When you are 40, you’ll wish you were 28!

        It may take months or years for you to bring up your skills in asking women out on dates and having sex. You have to de-program yourself, learn new skills.

        You can be COOL and still be into computers… to do that, you need new SKILLZ that are not geeky. Like dancing, rock-climbing, racing bikes, you know… stuff that maybe interesting to a brain attached to a vagina.

        “I only watch cartoons” will rarely get you laid.

        • Anonymous says:

          Gets worse, the older you get.

          Just have to make a point to get laid. Seriously, a little mutual drinking, some dancing and good times = sex.

          I didn’t start drinking til my 30s… made the different big time. Only way to stomp my shyness and crowded places into the ground.


        • Anonymous says:

          Ah, the quest for sagehood. It gets easier…

          Lost it at 11, but haven’t had any since college. Ppl get complicated as they get older, and it becomes more and more of a bother.

          I’m beginning to see why loli is all the rage these days, lulz.

        • Anonymous says:

          Some advice on experince points.

          Do things outside of Anime. I still like Anime.

          But having a girlfriend suck you off in the morning rocks! Sticking your dick into a REAL wet vagina is better than any drawings.

          Yes, 2D girls have advantages and the day VR or sex dolls are “perfect” – it will be awesome!

          2D girls: don’t age, don’t get pregnant, have STDs, will do anything you can imagine (in your head), run away, etc.

          The dis-advantage: they are not real.

          check out the website fetlife (com), I hang out there, I know people there.

          You can talk about leveling up on whatever, but in the end, its a game. In real life, you get better with each date and sexual experience. So yeah, at 33 myself – I made a POINT to MEET GIRLS at places I DON’T LIKE.

          Has there been drama? Yes! Has there been BS, yes. But its real. And each new women and EXPERIENCE leads me to my girlfriend.

          That PERFECT girl that I (and many of us) are looking for is NOT REAL! living with another human being, you gotta deal with each others quirks and habits, etc. Oh well.

          From experience, I’m glad I didn’t marry/whatever with women from many years ago… some are quite CraZy and incompatible. My girlfriend, we are very compatible… as experience showed me that is was a keeper. I was avg. 2-3 new 1-night-stands/FWB a month…

          yes, I’m still shy a bit. But I’ve gotten far more tail last year than in my 20s. I worked out, lost 50lbs of weight, I dressed better and learned new skills.

          Without Experience, what would you talk to a girl about to show her that you have anything to say or think about? As you get older, it DOES become harder to lose your virginity.

          Get laid. Pay for a prostitute. Go to a dance-bar, pay $20 to have real boobs in your face. Make it a “play date” because that also give you about 5 minutes of chit-chat.


    • I’m proud of you all. I would add there aren’t many better feelings than making a lot of money, making yourself personable, attractive, and turning down women left and right. Women fell it alll the time and without needing to earn money. The Revolution is Now. Men need to be Men again.
      THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Ive become a wizard this month. Dont feel like needing a prostitute or thr sudden need of sex @ 30 now, but does not help that i work from home, no chance to interact with girls, @ 30 can be challenging and very intimidating too without prior experience.

        • Anonymous says:

          The gay phrase is interesting. its good for laughs. But in reality – lets say you have a building with 100men and 100women , 2 guys with game will fuck all of them. 20 guys will bang a few, 20 more guys will bang a single girl, and the shy/otaku types will get almost none.

          Seriously, there are guys out there that have banged hundreds of different women.

        • Anonymous says:

          To Turning 23 in OCT:

          In my 20s, I avg wacking off 3~5 times a week. When I turned 30, I made an effort to LOSE weight and started to expand my life beyond anime (which I love and still buy). I had a long long dry spell of NO sex in most of my 20s, I was even to shy to do much with what few girls I had gone out with.

          Whats wrong with being a sex-addict? I’ll admit I’ve run into an anime fan at an orgy, he had gone full blown sexual pervert. It was cool! Do I have hand-cuffs, floggers? Yes I do. Have I had sex in public with women? Yes I have! Do I go to parties, yes.

          Have I had sex at parties (in the bathroom) – yes.

          Have I inserted my penis into womens vaginas in public bathrooms, yes.

          Have I peed on a girl or her pee on me? Yes.

          Have I fucked a girl in front of strangers and people I know while quite drunk at a parties? Yes, some even used their cameras and took photos and video… I wished one of my friends recorded more than 60seconds worth… as does my girlfriend.

          Have I had sex with more than one person at the same time? YES… two girls at the same time is quite fun. Or 2 guys and 3 girls.

          Have I had sex on date 0 or 1st date? Yes.

          Have I had sex on a 1st date that turned into a 3some? Yes. we picked up another girl at a dance club… it was super sexy hot. She was going down on my date, so I jumped in and pulled her clothes off, etc.

          I’ve had BAD sex and great sex. Bad sex = after 10 seconds, I want to go and so I fake cumming (thank you condom).
          Great sex = my girlfriend, the way she coos as I slam into her body with my cock while she scratches my back and I pull her hair.

          Check out fetlife, its free… its for kinksters. And yeah, some people on there, I know some I’ve had relations with, some are just friends. 🙂


          PS: I know some people don’t have a sex drive, they don’t even watch porn and I doubt wack off. Oh well… each their own. Everyone has a right to be a virgin.

          But for those who are a virgin and like sex and want sex. Its all up to you. I realized this when I turned 30… What happens if I die? What did I do in life? You want to die a virgin? Never have asked that girl out on a date?

          I’m 42. My GF just turned 30. The girl I dated before her is 22~23years old. And so think about that for a minute.

          A guy in his 40s, with a bi-sexual girlfriend – for which we both go out clubbing, including lesbian clubs… are sexually active and picking up women in their 20s is happening. I’m not rich… But I do work out and I like to have fun. Last friday, I danced with two women from California visiting my city, about 25years old. I took turns. We all had fun.

          And here you are, a 20~30 something virgin, doing what? Nothing. I and other guys are having sex with the girls/women you are afraid to talk to.

          Go out, find some cougars… they’d love to break you in. Won’t cost you anything… and you’ll learn sex and more.

          Because… what if that PERFECT possible girlfriend for you is right there, and you can’t even say hello to her… or if you do manage to get a date, you are nervous or cream your pants in seconds? It freaks out women if you are an OLD virgin… in their mind, you are not a “man”. Its a cold hard truth. Note: reminder, women (cougars) about 38~50 won’t care as much… as long as they like you. Expect sex 1~5 times before they are bored with you. But after you get some sex experience points, you’ll do better.

          PS: Also consider that you maybe gay, nothing wrong with that.


        • Anonymous says:

          It’s okay. In all honest I’d wish more guys were like you. Same as I think more guys should become gay. That way eventually those of us left can have two or even three girls! 😀

        • Anonymous says:

          Stop talking about your virginity anonymously, chickens.

          I will no doubt be hitting 30 as a virgin. I’d like to pay a nice whore to try it out, but it’s just such a bother…

        • Anonymous says:

          Turning 23 in October, virgin as well.
          I’m more than happy using only my hands, don’t desire real sex at all.
          I also believe that if I had sex and liked it, I would turn into a sex-addict, try a lot of things and maybe even become uncontrollable. Sex would also be something that binds me to life, which I don’t want (same reason I don’t want to have children).
          In other words… I forbid myself to have sex, not that I could get some without paying a whore lol

          On topic… those statistics are pretty meh. It’s also unbelievable how they have 1.52-2.79 times sex per MONTH. I don’t know about European countries and the USA, but it can only be more often.
          I masturbate on maybe 3-4 days of a week, making it 12-16 times per month. No idea how often one has sex in a relationship, but shouldn’t it be at least 1-2 times per week?
          With such low numbers it’s no wonder that Japanese people are sexually frustrated and get turned on by NTR shit. “My girlfriend won’t have sex with me, but maybe she fucks some other dude… ooh how hot, gonna masturbate to that… oh yeah!”

    • Anonymous says:

      Birth control and abortion all the way. Japan is doing it wrong however, their racism and xenophobia is preventing diversity. Yet it’s only white Tea Partiers/Europeans who are bad racists. Japanese can’t be – so Japan how about taking in some people from Africa and India where you sell your stupid products so your JKs can get LV for sex with rich salarymen?