Square Enix Names Wada New Chairman


Square Enix has quietly named “sacked” ex-CEO Yoichi Wada as the new chairman of its board, the prospect of continuing without the benefit of his notorious business acumen evidently proving too much to bear.

Wada joined what was then Square in 2000 as CFO (after an apparently unrelated career as a financier at Nomura), and jumped to COO and then CEO in 2001, with his official profile somehow omitting to mention his resignation and only mentioning his new position as chairman of Square Enix’s board of directors.

Square Enix watchers have voiced the usual astonishment at his resilience in the face of the company’s utter ruination under his reign, although there has been the suggestion that it is a mere sinecure to paper over his exit in a year or two – assuming the company can last that long in the era of the PS4.

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