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    • Anonymous says:

      the train… i suppose you mean the train of think… or something on the line.. yes.. most pictures go over the train. actually… i cant turn the train off… so its more like… that they cant go NOT over the train.. if that made any sense.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    What’s with the screencap of the moving bullet train into the tunnel when this is supposed to be a show about taking photos of cute schoolgirls? Is the screencapper a closet train-fan?

  • Hey Bitfrost I know you’re new so let me give you some advice.

    You can’t post cute and perfect girl pictures like that as the main picture. You’re going to make butthurt all the chubby girls who will never look like that and it may lower site traffic of fujoshi and the like. Which I’m fine with but you have to know your audience. You’re going to get butthurt jelly girls if you post beautiful 2d girls in bikinis like that. Just saying.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol, fine by me if you say all that, maybe the chances of Bitfrost reading that and actually listening to you is only 0.00000001% but if it works then I don’t have to see these “cutesy” girls that you like all over the place anymore. Only hot, sexy, bon kyu bon and oppai girls, thanks! 😀 The girl in the main picture here is kind of plump in all the right places, though, I’m surprised you like her, I thought you were into flat chested lolis who look younger than this.

      Also I guess the amount of chubby girls and fujoshi on this site has skyrocketed conveniently since people started disagreeing with you and your tastes, right?

  • Anonymous says:

    Why do so many anime girls wear lycra underwear, or some other ridiculously tight, thin material that perfectly scultps their camel toe? Have the artists even seen a pair of underwear before? Fabric doesnt do that and it looks fuckin ridiculous. Imagine underwear that perfectly showed every vein on your dick.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anime isn’t reality. They can take something that happens a few lucky times in real life and make it happen all the time. What would be the point if it was just like real life? BTW some cloth can do that under the right conditions… and you can’t really compare fabric against pussy to fabric against dick… that’s like saying “imagine if your t-shirt showed all your chest hair the way t-shirts on girls show the shape of their boobs”.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re asking something that you answer in your own question… And yes, I’m fairly sure the artists know how they really look but they draw it like that because: “ridiculously tight, thin material that perfectly scultps their camel toe”

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you crazy? This is nice in anime and all but… I wouldn’t want girls to be exactly like this in real life. How can you even compare real life to one animated TV episode?? Not even american sitcoms compare to real life like that! How often do people say “I know a lot of people exactly like the ones in that show”? Kramer from Sienfeld.. maybe you could meet someone who reminds you of Kramer in a few ways sometimes but exactly like him? Impossible. It might be funny to know a replica of Kramer in real life, but being put into real life would change him… it’s a completely different situation. Fictional people aren’t complete people.

      Maybe you have fucked yourself over by enjoying anime too much, unfortuantely, but most people have not. Sorry Taylor.

      • You’re comparing the girls in photo kano…to kramer?

        You only strengthen my point by pointing out there arent any real girls like the girls in this series. Not because any of them are any where near as eccentric as kramer,but because its stupidity to assume you there are women who are faithful, caring, have shame, aren’t whores, blush when you compliment then not get conceited, bashful, hard working, willing to do embarrassing things for free with nothing in return just to be nice to their guy friend, true to their guy, beautiful hot cute and sexy but are still interested in an average guy with nothing but a camera. Yeah I agree with you it is dumb as hell to expect real women to be anything like these girls. Thanks for the support anon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who would be dumb enough to get that false hope…? Perhaps an underage, but then we have the fact that underages get false hopes from almost every experience they get, so anime is not the ONLY cause…

      Also, I am pretty sure women are no more “defects” than men are, so we are totally out of place labeling them as such…

      • what anime are you watching with girls with boring personalities? desu ne? obviously you’ve never even spoken to a japanese girl have you.
        yes because all anime girls are flat. anime girls are not known for having big breasts and perfect bodies. no they are without personality and all flat just like the girl in the main picture this whole post is about, yea shes flat as a board.

        must be hard being such a dumbass.

        • Wow you’re stupid. Anime is fiction so you can easily create any kind of personality that you wish for in a character. The possibilities are endless and OF COURSE they are going to be more dynamic than what you see in real life. This is why anime, movies, books and all other kinds of fiction and story telling is the most popular thing in the world. Because the characters and exciting and unique. Why do you think you even watch anime? If your life was filled with so many dynamic and amazing female personalities and people you wouldn’t even fukin be here. You would have no interest in anime. If all anime girls are dull bland and ‘flat’ why are you even here? Why do you watch it? The bitches in your pathetic life are not more fucking exciting then the girls in anime. You wouldnt be an anon on a anime porn site if the girls in your life were all so wonderful and had fantastic unique personalities. Most women are boring as fuck and basic and wait for men to entertain them because they feel like they are special. Multiple traits my ass, have money look good and get with any girl you want and find out theyre not that great little boy. 2d girls are the best and the ideal of women any moron knows that. Their personalities far outbeat what you see in 3d. And you know this just by looking at the lame bitches in your own life. But try to deny to make a retarded point anyone else can see your exaggerating. Go on and try to tell me about all the amazing women in your life and how they’re so talented and dynamic and interesting and their personalities are great and fun and your life is filled with so much awesome that you have to spend your time arguing with me on a anime porn website. Go.

        • Anonymous says:

          ‘flat’ -/-no boobs, it means a boring, one-note personality which is comprised of an otaku fetish rather than an actual personality (clumsy girl! tsundere girl!)
          Otaku like you find this easier to deal with than real people with multiple traits.