Loli Ban “Will Be Reconsidered”


Anti-censorship mangaka Ken Akamatsu reports that the LDP is likely not only to quietly drop their loli ban for lack of support, but will go so far as to say it should be “reconsidered.”

Ken Akamatsu, who has been consulting with lawmakers and is presumably very much in the know with respect to the ban’s formal passage through the Diet as well as its far more important informal support through the factions of the LDP, tweets thusly:

Regarding the ban, it looks as if the LDP has just about formed the consensus that the bill should be formally sent back for reconsideration rather than just abandoned.

What is significant is that contents of the bill will be reconsidered after the current parliamentary session in this case, so what happens afterwards is the important part.

However, some are also saying the power balance has shifted and they won’t resubmit it for some time.

Assuming he is correct, it represents a major if not total victory for the ban’s opponents, though in the opaque face-saving form preferred by legislators.

However, the content of any future revised versions of the ban and the dogged persistence of its proponents in endlessly resubmitting it suggest long-term vigilance is the only path to ultimate victory.

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