Ghosts Molest 18 JKs in Mass Haunting


18 schoolgirls have been hospitalised after a “strong spiritual presence” drove the girls of their school into a frenzy.

The incident began at 11:45AM at a Hyogo prefecture high school when a a first year girl started to feel ill.

According to the diligent investigations of local police, she and the girls who first became afflicted by the disturbance reported a “strong spiritual presence” as the cause of their panic.

Resembling a classic case of mass hysteria induced by suggestion as much as an ominous youkai manifestation or mischievous kami, the panic soon spread to other girls.

The panic lasted an hour and saw scores of hysterical girls sent to the nurse’s office, but their ministrations proved in vain and the condition of a number of girls steadily worsened. The school eventually called an ambulance.

By this time 17 first year students and a third year student had begun hyperventilating and had to be hospitalised at two of the city’s hospitals. None of them were seriously injured.

Curiously, teaching staff and male students were spared the ordeal.

The authorities have not yet provided any explanation for the events, but amongst Japanese online there is not much credence given to the paranormal explanation:

“Mass hysteria.”

“Sounds more like they were a pack of crazies rather than being spiritually sensitive…”

“It’s a bit much for girls their age.”

“Reminds me of chuunibyou…”

“Don’t they have anything better to do?”

“Why didn’t any of the boys suffer the same fits?”

“Women do occasionally succumb to this sort of thing.”

“Started believing their own weird lies it seems.”

“Delusions are an easy thing to accept and a hard thing to shake.”

“More of our taxes going to good use I see.”

“After she committed to a spiritual presence she probably had no way of backing down until the ambulance took her away.”

“Don’t make light of this, a kitsune may have stepped in, or one of them may be of a shaman lineage.”

“This would definitely have been treated as kitsune possession in the past though.”

“It’s the 21st century and we still have idiots believing in supernatural gods and demons. Can we not get rid of them somehow…”

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