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MS Caves: “Xbox One Now Supports Used Games”


After its catastrophic showing at E3 and humiliating drubbing at the hands of Sony, Microsoft has finally caved in and conceded gamers the right to share games and buy them second-hand on the Xbox One, freed them of the need to be continuously online to use the console, and allow removed all regional restrictions on where the console can be played.

A complicated activation system for sharing games and the requirement to be continuously connected to the Internet even when playing single player titles combined with inferior hardware and a higher price practically delivered leadership in the next generation to Sony, though it is hard to see such a belated about-face doing much to change this.

Less conspicuous, though perhaps even more important, than the DRM fiasco is a climbdown on regional restrictions – some had noted that the combination of online activation and limited regional service may have meant the console would have been unable to play any games at all outside of launch territories:


However, Microsoft now claim there “will be no regional restrictions” – not that this will be much consolation to those stuck in the majority of the planet without warranties on their hardware or any prospect of localised releases of their favourite EA Sports titles.

Microsoft’s sweetly scented PR patter on the subject – “Your Feedback Matters” (just not at any point prior to Sony appearing to be winning it would seem):

You told us how much you loved the flexibility you have today with games delivered on disc. The ability to lend, share, and resell these games at your discretion is of incredible importance to you. Also important to you is the freedom to play offline, for any length of time, anywhere in the world.

So, today I am announcing the following changes to Xbox One and how you can play, share, lend, and resell your games exactly as you do today on Xbox 360. Here is what that means:

•An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games – After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24 hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360.

•Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today – There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360.

In addition to buying a disc from a retailer, you can also download games from Xbox Live on day of release. If you choose to download your games, you will be able to play them offline just like you do today. Xbox One games will be playable on any Xbox One console — there will be no regional restrictions.

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  • Anonymous says:

    the fantasy is strong with this one…

    it’s really sad when i see someone so… stupid, i don’t know what other expressions to use, i’m kinda confused right now, but i must say he is so very stupid that he doesn’t realize he’s being stupid and whatever he acts or talks will just make a fool out of himself.
    it’s rather troubling indeed, for someone so self-centered can only think of himself as the most, if not only, important being in this world, and every opinion besides his doesn’t even matter one bit, yet he still cares enough to keep on arguing with other people instead of just keeping it to himself.

    i’m usually a lurker, but this time i had to leave a comment that i can’t help but feel incredibly sad when noticing the existance of someone like that. it must be really truly lonely for him, even if he isn’t aware of it, and the fact that he doesn’t know just makes him an even more miserable, pathetic human who is beyond any help.

    i said that i was sad, but to be honest i don’t even know how to feel about this…

    is what i was going to say about taylor, but then i realized that that applies to most of the people here, me not excluded.

  • Anonymous says:

    MS had to cave. And the damage is done. Also their system being 100 dollars more will hurt it as well. Plus, the kinect always being on to “listen” for “keywords” to personalize it’s advertisement hasn’t been changed.


    Now Sony needs to 180 about the PSN+ sub and they will really get to squeeze another nugget into MS’s face.

    MS is in a bad position. Their other hardware isn’t selling, they blamed manufacturers on the failure of Windows 8 and with them talking about going the Apple route and releasing their own hardware for the desktop, the open market manufacturers aren’t to happy.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how desperate they get, especially as they try to move into a content and hardware company versus a large enterprise software company.

    • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

      Sony… they know where you live, what you do, what you love and what you hate because Sony doesn’t need Kinect hooked up like the XBone’s do because Sony is ALWAYS watching you and they always ready to sell you something…

      …you been warned…

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone else think this was one large marketing scheme and they never really planned to do all the crap they originally intended. They just said all this shit to make it look like they were listening to all their customers. It’s not gonna make me buy the Xbone but still.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it could not be a marketing scheme. Remember that even developers are out there, reading these “policies”… They may freely toy around with customers, but it is not convenient for them to fool their CLIENTS (game developers).

      Also, I see no gain in soiling their reputation with such policies and then back off, so… no, definitely not a scheme, they actually wanted to doo all that.

  • Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t matter. We have all seen what they tried to do here and no amount of apologizing or groveling will undo it. They tried to take away even more freedom from us and they will get the proverbial middle-finger for it. Rot in hell, XBAWKS.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, it’s an improvement. Still doesn’t make it a console worth buying.
    Should I return to playing games, I think I’ll either play PS2, PS1 or older games emulated on the PC… there weren’t many good titles on the PSP and 360… and next gen isn’t worth any money. Maybe in 5 years the number of good titles will be acceptable, though I won’t buy a new console for a select number of games anymore. I learned the hard way with the 360 -_-

    Oh, and there won’t be support for the Xbox in Eastern Europe? Must suck for a lot of people. No support in Asian countries I can somehow understand (simply not enough sales)… but Eastern Europe should be profitable, I think.

    • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

      Actually it’s just a downgraded 360, they’ve just recycled old defective 360s removed everything the fans love about them and super-glued a couple of cheap parts inside and put it in a new case to give the consumers the belief that it’s “Next-Gen” quality.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t think a lot of people realize the significance of this announcement. This is the first time that a ‘fuck the consumer’ policy of the console makers has been overturned from public opinion.

    Is Microsoft still a moral shithole and scheming to find a loophole? Probably. I suspect Sony will bide it’s time until they’ve flooded the shelves and raked in all sorts of cash before they reverse their position and Microsoft does another 180.

    In short, I think you’re screwed if you buy one, or the other.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s just like the HDCP flags all blurays come with, where at any point they can DISABLE HD video output on any player not outputting via HDMI. Which a number of execs on the bluray board had intended to do too, after bluray became the next optical disc standard.

      Remember kids, you don’t get that large without stepping on everyone in your path.

  • Pretty wise move to listen to people’s complaints and improve their product. Now we can judge the consoles on their actual performance and the games available. So can these dumb console wars end? This happens every E3.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s too late. Even the most true Xbox supporters have abandoned it and are planning going on to PS.
    Not, that I ever owned anything newer than Nintendo console, I always was for Sony.

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone predicted this. Microsoft intentionally went overboard with the restrictions so they could ease them later. This “improvement” lets them have the last word after Sonys presentation, and conveniently takes attention off the fact that the XBone still costs $100 more than the PS4.

  • The fact that they had the audacity to bring these ideas to light and attempt to pass it off as something necessary and required and people should ‘deal with it’ is enough to persuade me to never buy this console.

    Just keep in mind that consumer control is on their agenda.

  • “You told us how much you loved the flexibility you have today with games delivered on disc. The ability to lend, share, and resell these games at your discretion is of incredible importance to you. Also important to you is the freedom to play offline, for any length of time, anywhere in the world.”


    The game development companies exclusive to the XBOX One started making noises about deliberate attempts to harm their product marketability and potential competitiveness. They also hinted that they might see if they could void their contracts based on those same grounds and offer their games on the PS4.

    Oh, and our shareholders really didn’t like the vicious (and justified) backlash from our customer-base.



    I’d bet money that their original plans were thought up by executives and bean-counters without even a token effort to involve marketing or game designers.


  • Anonymous says:

    Well the pre-orders are terrible and the Ps4 was getting alot more, if they hadn’t done this atleast, but they pissed alot of ppl so, things just wont go M§’s way after doing whateva they want.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fuck XboxOne. This is pure bad faith MS is showing, I’m pretty sure these “mattered feedbacks” were thrown at them prior to PS4 coming out, and did they listen? Nooooooooo, they wanted to get every cent they can out of a player, until its proven not many people wanting to buy its trash. Now would I buy it after they cave in? Hell no.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Your feedback matters” but only after you throwed our gaming hardware to our faces and preordered the enemy’s one.
    Nicely played, leet’s see if they can still save the game with this strategy.

    • Anonymous says:

      And it wasn’t too long ago that Sony was the evil empire with thier CD rootkits and whatnot. Fanboyism and brand loyalty is for suckers. Everything can change on a dime.

      That said, I’ll wait until the hardware reviews are out, but I’ll probably get a PS4. But good on Microsoft for listening to the backlash.

    • Anonymous says:

      People might hate to be shit on by large companies but they hate the idea that they might be left out of the loop when their friends talk about a new game even more.

      The same goes for movies, TV shows, music, or any other pop culture shit people incessantly consume just to avoid looking like an outcast.

  • Anonymous says:

    And now I’m supposed to forget that they tried to screw me and buy that piece of crap? Forget it, M$! Wii U and PS4 it is for this generation. And nothing you’ll do will reverse that decision!

    A pissed Xbox & Xbox 360 owner.

    • “Since unveiling our plans for Xbox One, my team and I have heard directly from many of you, read your comments and listened to your feedback.”
      He said, as he dodged a tomato from the forest of pitchforks and torches.

      “Now, let me say all this in a way that makes it sound like you should be thankful for all this.
      “No no. No apologies necessary.”
      The crowd hissed.

  • Anonymous says:

    People, please. Sony is not your friend. They aren’t doing you any favours. Who knows what they were planning to do later on this gen. They certainly went back on some of their policies with the PS3, so I see no reason to believe they wouldn’t have done it again had MS not rectified itself.

    You might still not like the new Xbox (I don’t), but you have to admit that there isn’t that big of a difference now, especially since Sony’s online isn’t free anymore. I’m with pretty much everyone on the $100 Kinect, but you can’t seriously think MS is that far behind just because of inferior hardware. I honestly can’t tell the difference between the two right now, but even if I could it’s the games that set a console apart. Ask the PS2.

  • Anonymous says:

    your “money” is not worth my feedback. i might as well speculate on the entire gaming world and see if i can something on my own without relying on something pathetic as costumer support.

        • I went to your page to see if you had replied to me because I dont have the time to slog through millions of comments just to look for them, saw this instead so came here to say that these anons are not me, I dont give a single monkey shit about the Xbox vs PS debate (I already gave my opinion on it several topics ago and its basically ‘console wars are dumb everyone stop whining before either is even released’) so I have nothing to say to you for or against this matter.

        • Anonymous says:


          lol wtf is shuubi? making shit up now how sad.

          lol@ rolling that brain trying to one up somebody when you can’t even properly respond to this type of small time shit. Grow a pair and report back when you actually understand how to use that mouth 🙂

        • leave me alone anon shuubi. No matter what age I say you’ll try and think of a clever and unfunny way to call me stupid because of it. Ahaha you’re 12 that explains it. Ahaha you’re 40 get a life. Ahaha you’re 21 still young and dumb. I’m trying to get intelligent arguments out of people not give bananas to monkeys just use the full retard line or something, vote down and feel good about yourself. 🙂

        • Hmm.. ok I get that you don’t like my comments seeing as though are replying to most of them in anger. But for some reason you opted out of the more mature and logical choice to just ignore me. Is there a reason you’re vying for my attention?

  • Anonymous says:

    After announcing their plans to anally rape every potential Xbone buyer with a bat studded with rusty nails, I should hope people aren’t willing to forgive them so easily. They may not be planning to violate your anus any more, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do it if you gave them the chance.

  • Anonymous says:

    well good step in the right direction but still way too far behind.. I’m still gonna save 100€ with the PS4, allowing me to buy what? 2 YEARS of playstation plus, while xbox is still 500+9e/m for the live…
    and btw steam seems to be on the brink to allow sharing games also.. so yeah microsoft you got lots of work left to do, starting with price.. mendatory kinect… so on so forth.. good luck

  • Anonymous says:

    Whilst this is a necessary correction on Microsofts part, it is not a good reflection on their company, marketing and overal, the Xbox One. Just because they corrected themselves here, this error in judgement only gives people the impression that they are likely to act in similar ways in the future.
    Nice try. You get an A for effort but no thanks Microsoft.

  • Anonymous says:

    Too little too late. I have already decided to get a PS4. I have stuck with Xbox for many many years, but Xbox One is the last straw. I am sick of Microsoft treating gamers like they are mindless drones to exploit and extort. I am sick of them making products which are VERY obviously designed to break (so you have to get another) such as the Xbox 360 and its accessories.

    I will not be pushed around any further. NO MORE XBOX.

    • I had no use for the XBox and never got one. Missed very little, I feel. I got the 360 – if you aren’t hit by RROD, it’s really a great system (but most people ARE affected by it, so looking at everything, it’s not that great. It’s at times great and awful.) I enjoy it a lot. It’s on par with my PS3, though I buy way more indies on it because they all have demos.

      …but with the XBone plan, I just had to step back and say “holy shit… it was that bad? No, stop talking – every time you announce something else it gets worse!” Now I just want the whole project to implode and MS to stay the fuck away from video gaming in case their next scheme actually works and they end up giving console gaming the kind of cancer that keeps me out of a lot of PC gaming.

      • Anonymous says:

        IDK, I’d say you missed out on the best multiplatform versions of many games, Sega exclusives like Orta & JSRF, playing said games in 480P and even some in HD resolutions. And most importantly, a system that could be softmodded into a retrogamer’s best friend.

        • I didn’t say nothing… I said very little. You hit the nail on the head though. Orta, JSRF, and DoA+. (IMO DoA3 was a bit heavy on constantly smashing each other across the room with single blows…) An XBox wouldn’t have been worthless, but it would have been far less worthy than the money and space it took.

          And yeah, if I didn’t watch stuff on the PC already, XBMC was a real killer app once they were modded too. As it was, I had no use for it, but… I’ve seen it and it was nice.

      • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

        You gotta admit that the preview of the XBone is making the RROD on the 360 seem like goods times, dont you think?
        Still even the PS3 had it’s up & downs just much as the 360, in the end we wont truly know how the next gen consoles how will act until they’re released. All we know is that Sony is promising it’s consumers a good deal whether they’ll keep it or not is what I’m worried about.

    • Anonymous says:

      Prediction: in six months to one year, if new XBox games sell well, Microsoft will release a firmware update.

      * The update removes the any title/any region/online-not-required feature;

      * *New* games will be programmed to refuse to run unless that firmware update is installed.

      • Anonymous says:

        MS is going to buy off publishers and delay PS4 games and DLCs back a full year anyway, they just have to much money. They take these restrictions away as a ruse to get people to consider and buy an Xbox, and then after they see enough sales, and make sure that the people who bought one are stuck with it, then they will put the restrictions back on, they probably already have a program imbedded into the Xbox One just for that. We’re not to far from release, which means they have them already built, which means the only way to remove the restrictions was to enable a blocker of the restrictions, they are still there, just being covered up

        • Dumping Other/OS on the PS3 was a dick move by Sony and it hurt them.
          The fallout from it it contributed to the lessons learned on the PS4.
          Don’t dick over your user base.
          As for not using it well with Linux the PS3 gained a real web browser,a media player that actually supported common codecs and the ability to be used like a computer.
          Hopefully the PS4 will support some sort of Linux.

        • Anonymous says:


          Why did Sony try to screw the consumer?

          They brought the idea of backwards compatibility with PS1 to PS2.
          They brought customizable music on PS1 with CD play after game is loaded, only later to be stole and patented by MS so they can’t do it anymore.
          They brought the pressure sensitive analog buttons even back on PS1 that nobody else have even til this day.
          They brought the all in one console that is the PS3 which MS is trying to sale their XBone now as.
          They invest in tons of developers and in turn created so many amazing ones, why all MS did was trying to buy out timed exclusive and dlc’s that pretty much just slowed down the advancing of gaming; look at the PS3 games now it is so much ahead of 360 games, this could’ve been years ago if MS didn’t force people developers to end up having to use middelware and everybody just developed for the more powerful console.

          All Sony does is trying to push the technology and give us the best possible at a affordable price, while MS just steals ideas, buy up companies to hult development to dry up the competition, try to screw consumers every chance they get, only to sell cheaply built crap with their marketing. MS is anti consumer and anti advance of technology because they will try to sell you as much crap for as long as they can, where as Sony will just try to keep come out with better and better technology.

          Sony’s stuff might cost a little more and might not always succeed because of that, but they are contributing to mankind by always trying to advance the technology.

          It’s really sad that many retards in US will fall for MS’s BS marketing ploy because MS is just so good at tricking the dumb

        • OtherOS is the weakest argument you could make. I’ve never yet seen someone run Linux on a PS3, and they removed it because it was being used to experiment with breaking out of its sandbox. It was warranted, but too late, as we saw with the dumping of keys from the system.

        • Anonymous says:

          Did I miss something big recently? Why is anyone even looking at ‘Taylor”s posts?
          Who gives a shit?

          Unless this is Major Nelson or the head of M$, no one should care what he says.

        • Anonymous says:

          “on the platform where we have control—which is PC—we’ll release on GOG day one and DRM-free.”

          -CD Projekt Red

          When console makers require DRM, devs have no choice but to include DRM.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well fuck you too, asshole.

          I dont need to put up with DRM shit that puts extra burden on playing games I paid for, when pirates will just bypass it anyway.

          i also dont want to keep a shitty game that was falsely advertised to me, so i would like to be able to sell it back.

        • @Taylor 09:58

          If you think people who buy used games are pirates, you have a bizarre definition of the word. Unique, even.

          Unless your argument is that by buying used games, publishers lose any significant amounts of money. To which I say, “Bull.” Also, “You have no idea how retail works.”

          Those games on retail shelves? Bought and paid for, in full, by the retailer. That’s right, retail stores BUY their stock, then resell it (with a mark-up) for a profit. A publisher has already gotten paid, often long before the game is placed on a shelf.

          If I’m not misremembering, new games sales drop dramatically after 60 days, but there isn’t a corresponding spike in used game sales (of those specific games). That spike doesn’t occur for until the price of the used game has dropped significantly.

        • Since no is able to make any accurate points (surprise surprise this is sankaku) as usual I’ll just assume my opinion is the correct one. The policy is changed anyway so get the fuck over it and find something else to whine over.

        • If you’re angry at your own stupidity in picking out bad games…oh why do I bother.

          Such anger is unsightly especially when coupled with attempted logic. Just call me a name vote down what I say vote up what anyone says to counter me and be on your way like everyone else. Ty.


        • I never made any comments about the always online thing. So I’m not sure how I could have supported it strongly…never having made any comments about it.

          Their previous game sharing policy really only negatively affects pirates and people trying to scam and get free shit. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Anonymous says:

        taylor’s avatar once got struck by…… probably something “what is this terribly love song” and warrior of love…. maybe that…… actually……… maybe…………. i mean….. its not like………… i belive it…. but… i mean….. errrororoererklösjaflökjflöakf…..ah just forget it.

        • Anonymous says:

          People have always been easy to anger. Being good at it is nothing special. Hence why young teenagers love the internet, because they can so easily get negative attention for so little effort. One comment or picture can make thousands of viewers fume with rage.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Compromise” “Ability”…?…? Heh, you are a funny guy…

          Making people mad on the internet can be done by ANYONE with a brain, functional or not. Hell, there are even solid psychological studies about the subject… You really think yourself a big deal for accomplishing so little…? And on a site where most people you interact with may be underages, no less…? Dude… go look for the term “keyboard warrior” on Google. Also, it is not even “on the internet”: it is just this site and whatever other similar sites you may lurk about. Do that on a site with actually intelligent people, like a social interest forum or the comment section of a serious site, and see how it works when there are no kids which you can easily troll with like here, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

          Ultimately, even if we were to create an alternate reality where what you said is true, you know how the saying goes: “Winning an argument on the internet is like winning at the Special’s Olympics: even if you win, you are still retarded”. And that alternate reality would probably keep this principle untouched.

          Reality check: being “someone important” on the Internet, be it for being too good or too bad at something, is as good as being no one if you have no influence on real life (like what you consider to be “impressive”). So… if I were you, I would be seriously asking myself where my life went so wrong to the point of believing that I can be someone relevant on the Internet without even showing my face or telling my name. No, I am not kidding or anything, I really mean it, so dedicate some time to think about it. For your own good.

          Being an internet troll can actually be quite a fun hobby, I have known some really good ones that do the work well, but you, my friend, took the concept way too serious now to be considered part of that people… Have you checked how much time you spend on that…? I hope you never told anyone they “need a life”, because, right now, you are not precisely on the position to tell that to anyone… except, maybe, a WoW player (whose are also usually kids, so there is no merit on that, either).

          …anyway, anon off. If you are half as smart as you pose to be, my message will not fall on blind eyes and you will do something about it. Life is too short to spend it all on the internet. Always remember that.

          As a personal tip: if you really want to get good at trolling, get out of this site FIRST, then aim at anyone but kids. It will be hard, but who knows… with enough practice, anything is possible. An try to make your intentional logical fallacies a little less obvious, as well… I have read some of your posts here and… less than half are actually well crafted for the purpose of trolling. It seems like more simply because people here are gullible.

          OK, now anon off for real. Peace.

        • Ah mai gahd My little two line comment sparked such a long and detailed bitchfest.

          You mentioned somewhere in that essay being familiar with popular internet terms, I actually do know a few, here’s a good one.


  • Anonymous says:

    I almost wonder if it was all a miraculous PR stunt to show people “That they listened to the consumer” xD… Either way, I play fighting games and those are on both consoles so I’m going with PS4 for the occasional JRPG exclusives and the 100$ I’ll save.

  • Nintendo forever! Think about it. Most peaceful and kind community. Always more exclusives. Some of the best exclusives. Free online. WiiU games are backwards compatible with Wii games. Classics in the Nintendo shop. What’s not to love?

  • Anonymous says:

    this pathethic comments are the so called psychos you have been fighting against?
    you call this an argument against me? that i should stop whatever i do? i guess you just want an excuse to fight a psycho.

  • Funny how this post is so much quieter than previous console topics. Guess Japanophiles are still googling hoping to find reasons playstation is so much better and trying to justify senselessly choosing to buy it over the xbox besides it being Japanese which makes it cooler. Guess I’ll fire up the ol kinect while I wait.

  • Well this is a Japanese themed website so..


    Say something objective and supportive to xbox to be voted down.

    Say something ball massaging and asslicking about playstation and show your cool and down with Japan to be voted up.

    That is all.

  • Because XBOX is a company for the people. They show they listen and care. Let’s see playstation listen to your whining.
    Let’s see what you Japanophiles say makes playstation SO MUCH MORE SUPERIOR now.

    “They still have .7 more tetraflops!!!” you say as you lick inbetween the hairy toes of a male playstation executive as he spends your american dollars feeding sushi to his to his japanese maid that you fap to pictures of as she blows his small rich penis.

        • Anonymous says:

          so it’s not an adult’s thing to call people names yet you do that all the time basically because they either don’t sahre your PoV or because its a majority. You’re admitting you’re not an adult then? at least according to your own words

        • Anonymous says:


          “grown up”

          HAHAHAHAHA this kid. Really, taylor. You state your own bitching as a fact, then tell other people to measure up to your ‘standards’.

          Here’s a fine example of mentally 12 year old-just-about ready to drop his balls- kid trapped in a 16 year old’s body. Really amusing watching you mouthing off like you know something ^^

        • When I call people names it comes after clearly and logically stating my point and position like a grownup, then when I notice the person on the other side of the debate table is a monkey, I simply make it known to them that they are a monkey because apparently no one else in their life has since they are able to come online and say the retarded things they say. This person like many others just ranted off without even being able to come up with a quality counter argument. That is my point.
          I seem to be assuming too much in thinking people would be able to figure this out on their own.

          Any more questions?

    • Anonymous says:

      nobody to counter the tyranny of microsoft and your voice wouldn’t have been heard at all .
      and they made it clear : “don’t want always online? go to xbox 360 !”

      live with it , you owe the return your stolen right as a gamer to sony .

        • Anonymous says:

          “Self esteem”. Hm. But he is not the one checking all his comments to see if they’re replied on an article of a site which is not even important, is he? I mean it’s OK as long as you recognize that’s a double-standarized statement.

        • Anonymous says:

          Try to put this into word first , you would have to be blind or stupid or both to claim objectively that microsoft listened to their player when the obvious deciding factor was : SONY

          Think about it : xbox one announce its shit = player get mad
          Sony announce it won’t do any of this shit = player happy
          Now think of it without sony , and think back of microsoft first answer to player reaction before sony announce .

          “Gamer will follow”

          They would have gone through with it , and you know it , everyone knows it .
          Microsoft didn’t listened to player , they listened to their wallet and the hole sony would have made in it .

        • 900. So if playstation didn’t exist xbox gamers wouldn’t have raged about always being online and not being able to share games and caused a backlash. RIIIIIGHT. You’re just assuming microsoft in the role of the big bad wolf because that’s what you want. And anyway even if you wanted to make that argument its a logical fallacy sorry. Did you not read the link? No matter how much you want it to be true you are arguing a point that you cannot prove and in the end are only shouting your own opinion. Opinion=butthole. Come to me with facts next time. Facts are microsoft has done this hundreds of times according to customer feedback without any pressure from any company even with things no other company was doing. As any successful billion dollar entertainment company would have to do to become a successful billion dollar company. But ignore that and get back on your playstation penis, you’re too smart for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      All hail M$, for they listen to customres and CHANGE the shit nobody wanted to have! Praise them!
      Not like the PS4 which did impose on players’ freedom…

      [Note: This post MAY contain sarcasm.
      Only retards take this bullshit for granted]

        • Anonymous says:

          Wait… You spoke of “superior intellect” and “correct opinion” on the SAME sentence…? You know, an intelligent person knows there is no such thing as an objectively “correct opinion”… It seems you just shot yourself int he knee.

          Also, an intelligent person spends more time refining his/her grammar that he/she does trolling other people. No… not necessarily an smart one, even having enough common sense is enough.

        • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

          uh, Taylor you are aware that most of these anons that are criticising you dont care about your perspective or views and what not. They’re just taking advantage of their anonymity to piss you off.
          Still neither MS or Sony stay true their word or give us what we pay for in the end. 360’s ‘RROD” and the PS3’s “Blue light of death” are good examples of quality and Sony’s PS3’s that aren’t backwards compatible and Microsoft ‘incomplete’ old xbox games compatibility list are perfect examples of empty promises
          so I guess we’ll have to wait and see who keeps their word when it comes to releasing “top of the range” “next-gen” console, because let’s face it once these consoles come out MS and will reveal their TRUE colours!

        • Anonymous says:


          How about you don’t know what maturity and logic is if it’s holding you by the throat, seeing as you squeal and bitch on an animated porn site days on end? Would you go out in public and let everyone know what an intellectual you are as you commit circle jerk alone in a porn website?

          How about you go over that and tell me what you get? LOL this kid.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hillarious ratings:

          OC rating: bad
          Trolling OC: good
          OC defending: bad
          Trolling defence: good
          2 randoms joining the bandwagon: still better then OC
          2 OC-guy-posts: same bad as initiall

          Lesson learned? That’s questionable.

        • 602
          The only people who spend their lives patrolling the internet looking to thwart logical arguments my pointing out mistakes in spelling and syntax in casual writing environments are the true no life mentally incapacitated simpletons using grammar to compensate for their lack of intelligence so they can feel smart while they search for meaning to their pathetic and embarrassing existence and nothing more really needs to be said about you. Even Einstein’s writings were always full of grammatical mistakes, get a life. Seriously.
          Oopsie, my first sentence was a run on. There ya go, feel alive again.

        • Let me save you guys some time here since obviously judging by your hilarious and clever continuous replies to me your time is important.

          If you want to hurt my feelings or make me feel stupid you have to say something smart and logical. Something intelligent and relevant to my argument. Give me something difficult for me to argue back, so smart that I can’t deny. Then you win one over on me.

          Insults, name calling, internet memes ect dont bother me and only make me think you resort to them because you’re to stupid to think of anything smart to say as I learned in 7th grade the kids not in the gifted classes usually do, but I will make a pass on those of you who haven’t apparently made it that far yet in your education. This behavior only encourages me making me further believe my opinion is correct and makes me feel as though my intellect is so far above your understand that you can then in your stupid brain only comprehend it as trolling. This has been a public service announcement.