Police Hunt Man for Following JC 10m


The latest suspicious male to menace Japan’s womenfolk was found to have determinedly shadowed an innocent schoolgirl on her way home for no less than 10 metres.

According to the suspicious persons advisory, a middle school girl walking home through Kobe at 11PM was “followed” by an unidentified man for some 10-15m, but despite her watchfulness he “fled” at some point and got away.

The individual was identified as a male aged 18-25, approximately 170cm in height, of slender build with ruffled hair and wearing blackish T-shirt and shorts.

Coming as it does amidst a seemingly endless succession of increasingly sensitive reports of vicious male malingering, there is some understandable worry amongst those Japanese males who still dare to brave public spaces:


“What a serious incident!”

“Now just walking behind a girl is NG?”

“Expect walking in front of one to be next.”

“Come on, this girl was just walking along the same route as the guy for 10m.”

“How can you even accuse someone of tailing you when they are 10m behind?”

“Stupid girl is hyper-paranoid.”

“I like how the report insists he fled.”

“You can really tell there is an entire infrastructure in place for brainwashing people into this kind of paranoia now.”

“Easy to see where all those false chikan accusations are coming from.”

“There must be the odd weirdo out there who deserves caution, but this sort of paranoia is inventing 90% of them.”

“Obviously just chance that they walked the same route for a little while. If she was that worried she could just turn off somewhere and see if he followed.”

“I try and avoid walking directly behind women, but you can’t really avoid doing it for some distance if you are all getting out of a station or something.”

“She shouldn’t have been out at 11 if she felt this jittery. Go home.”

“Just don’t leave the house and you will be safe from being reported.”

“Expect women-only sidewalks soon enough.”

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