FF14: “Some Things Never Change”




Between the enduring willingness of Japanese players to queue for hours in a virtual world, the ineptitude of Square Enix for still not having fixed the game to stop them having to, or the howls of rage echoing through Eorzea as the zone they were all queuing up to get into bugged and had to be taken down, Final Fantasy XIV’s rebirth is shaping up to be as controversial as ever.

Scenes of gloriously entertaining queuing action have been proving particularly provocative:




These of course are nothing new:




There has been the usual puzzled reflection amongst Japanese as to what it is about their race which compels them to form orderly queues even in online games (although in fairness were it possible to freely PK the scene would likely be one of as much carnage as any US server):

“Even in 14 people are still doing this!”

“Look at the length of those queues…”

“What kind of hell is this, we have to queue for hours even in our games now?”

“What a gloriously well behaved people we are to do this.”

“Why, it’s a damn beta!?”

“It’s FF11 all over again.”

“It’s like this stupid game hasn’t progressed at all in all these years.”

“These players are complete tools.”

“What’s amazing is that they haven’t all decided to quit.”

“This is too surreal.”

“The queues are even longer than they were in FF11…”

“This is awful. Not again.”

“The foreigners are going to be scratching their heads about us again.”

“The great mystery of FF11 continues.”

“Not much of a test if everyone queues up like this, shouldn’t they all pile in and make sure it can take it?”

“Forget players who are willing to queue – the problem here is a game which is still badly designed enough to require this sort of behaviour.”

“It’s the users who choose to queue, not the game which makes them!”

“It’s server zones they are queuing up to get into. If you don’t queue, when 30 people try to get into a zone continuously you just have 1 in 30 chances of getting through. It’s messed up.”

“I guess at least there is something fun about the beta.”

“Square Enix are just going to ignore this as they did in all the other games.”

“Come on guys, let’s cut in.”

“God I wish they would enable PvP.”

“And at the end the zone everyone was trying to get into bugged and they scheduled a restart of it, and ordered everyone out of the zone. Those poor queuers…”

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