And You Thought Japanese Cops Couldn’t Get Any Worse…


Japanese police have come under fire for managing to combine the legendarily creepy kigurumi cosplay with the ever unpopular furry fandom in an effort to fight crime.

Lacking the endless succession of sensational rapes and murders seen in barbarian lands and having most criminal activity firmly under the control of either the yakuza or police, one of Japan’s main law enforcement priorities has long been a plague of scams involving criminals attempting to persuade gullible old people they are relatives in need of funds.

Tewatasanaiinu-chan (2)

Against these perfidious schemes now stands the might of Tewatasanaiinu-chan, half doller, half kemomo, and all cop.

Tewatasanaiinu-chan, whose very name means “don’t hand it over!”, is assisting Tokyo’s metropolitan police in raising public awareness of the problem even after years of TV broadcasts have failed – a “cute” mascot with a Twitter account surely being the perfect means of spreading the word amongst Japan’s old people.

Combining as it does the worst aspects of three of the least popular groups in Japan, Tewatasanaiinu-chan’s online reception was another matter however:

Tewatasanaiinu-chan (1)

“Those hands, that’s got to be some old guy.”

“Scary wrists!”

“Come on, those are man hands!”

“Your taxes at work!”

“Kemonoers will love this, right?”

“Why does it have a partially human face.”

“Do they really think this will help prevent any crimes…”

“This vile chimera was probably the result of a bunch of these cops mixing up their best crime prevention ideas in the one effort.”

“There’s a hot policewoman under there, no doubt.”

“Don’t our cops have anything better to do?”

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