AKB48 Rage at Rino: “If She Can Win, What’s The Point!?”


The widely derided general election victory of AKB48 “super carnivore” Rino Sashihara looks to have enraged even other members of the group, as comments from a number of them savaging Sashihara and her unclean victory as an affront to the very serious business of feigning virginity in order to extract creepy otaku cash have been made public.

Yuuko Oshima, who placed second after her former number one placement was brutally seized by Sashihara, is said to be particularly infuriated:

“What the hell is with this election? It’s laughable. If someone like Sashihara is number 1, we’re just going to become some sort of comedy group. I can’t even cry… it’s ridiculous for those of us who are doing it seriously.”

5th place “graduate” Mariko Shinoda also had plenty of vitriol to spit on Sashihara – and apparently her decision to retire was sealed by the sight of Sashihara sweeping into first place – saying that “if this is something where the likes of Sashihara can get into first place, there’s no point in me treating it seriously.”

The backbiting was rounded off my general manager Minami Takahashi saying “if I lose to Sashihara, I’ll kowtow!” – though she later revised her intentions to “if it’s something to kowtow over I may as well just quit being general manager.”

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