Man “Impersonated Foreigner” To Rape Girlfriend’s Daughters

original bather by wakagashira

A Japanese man has finally been arrested after impersonating a mysterious foreigner in order to rape his girlfriend’s two daughters.

The 52-year-old unemployed Okayama prefecture man was dating a local woman, but apparently started to take an interest in her daughters as well.

He broke into her home whilst only her eldest daughter, in her thirties, was home, and raped her whilst she was taking a bath.

He was subsequently also charged with raping and assaulting her other daughter, then in her twenties, in 2005.

In both cases he used a duplicate key to gain entry to his partner’s home when nobody but the daughter in question was present, donning a balaclava and covering his face whilst screaming at them “don’t move!” in English, pretending to be a foreigner of unspecified nationality (all foreigners in Japan are automatically assumed to speak English).

The man is facing multiple charges of rape and assault, though it is not clear if he maintains his innocence – or if the first incident was reported and police spent the intervening 8 years looking for a masked “foreign” rapist.

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