Not Again: Final Fantasy XV = “Action RPG”


Square Enix’s decision to completely transform Final Fantasy XV into an “action RPG” by the simple expedient of renaming Versus XIII looks to have been the final straw for many fans of the series – as have the intensity of its Nomura designed characters.

The gameplay trailer seems to confirm most of the traditional RPG elements the series was known for have been shed in favour of something looking more like God of War than anything seen in the main games so far:

The obligatory extravagant pre-rendered Square Enix trailer montage:

Most of the problem seems to stem from the fact that Square Enix – quite possibly now in no condition to even attempt a full-blown Final Fantasy title – appears to have simply chosen to rename Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV and so save itself the trouble of having to develop any more pesky towns or non-linear levels.

Its relatively nice graphics and Nomura-designed characters have won it some admiration, although the usual complaint that “they all look like hosts” quickly surfaced as well:

“Come on, just make an orthodox RPG again!”

“Ah, they made another one of the creepy ones.”

“So encounters are pure action now, but the rest is open world?”

“Looks like someone has been watching a lot of Berserk lately.”

“Not more of these hosts. Quit it with the sex trade hairstyles, I can’t empathise with them at all.”

“Huge unwieldable swords, weird hairstyles, bad music, strange dialogue, this is just going to far for me.”

“Final Fantasy Warriors.”

“Host Fantasy.”

“An action game in which narcissistic hosts do battle with gigantic monsters, great.”

“It looks like the health potions have been replaced by hairspray and perfume in this one.”

“Right, their hair gets messed up as they take damage.”

“The people moaning about hosts are just creepy otaku, ignore them!”


“Can you honestly look at this and tell me those characters do not resemble hosts?”

“Did Final Fantasy copy the hosts or did the hosts copy Final Fantasy?”

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  • Anonymous says:

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  • Anonymous says:

    agreed with everyone, FF XV was always said to be an action RPG in the vain of Kingdom Hearts with a darker or more mature story. That’s what everyone has been looking forward to. Also agreeing with another poster I feel Action RPG’s are the future, turn based still have a place but I feel those are suited for mobile use where one has a much higher chance of being distracted and that second glace away could cost you a health potion or a revive or losing the game, but in the living room I’m ready to take control of my character and be immersed in the game without worry of distraction until my next save point or checkpoint. I’ve always adored the idea of real time and jumping and moving around and having frantic fights like Kingdom Hearts which I personally feel is the best action combat gameplay out there, I really hope there is something similar to the triangle commands from Kingdom Hearts 2 or quick time events to make combat more cinematic. I’m a HUGE fan of cinematic gameplay and cinematics in general and Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts brings that to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of babies, we’ve known for years Vs XIII was going to be reminisce of Kingdom Hearts combat system ,but now that it’s officially called Final Fantasy XV you complain. I know Final Fantasy’s newer iterations haven’t been that great but some of you guys need to stop living in the past.

  • Anonymous says:

    Trying hard to see this first without any prejudice I already have for the current FAILTRAIN that is squeenix.

    First, I’m not homophobic. But I just don’t like to play with characters made for girls or gays. Most of my female friends don’t like to play for example Dead or Alive because of the sometimes ridiculous features of the presented female characters, like humongous tits that defy the rules of gravity etc.

    Second, graphics beside, what I really like in a rpg is the gameplay. Now, what I see here is one huge monsterfight and then the next, with no strategical element. Which means its at best an action rpg, but for me it looks more like an action game with rpg elements like HP. Which they could scratch then any way, they seem to be only there for decoration and to justify the term ‘rpg’.

    Maybe they’re just presenting the most spectacular parts, but from the looks of the trailer it seems like a huge level tube where you go on fighting one boss-monster after the next. Which I would consider to be very boring, for an rpg at least.

    And now comes the highly subjective part of my post: Add the current course of squeenix and I loose all hope for the new FF being something I’d ever would’ve liked to play.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you fucking out of your mind? Any good rpg has a story. I think you’re just trolling. I don’t care if you dislike rpg, are happy with the genre change because of that…., but don’t bitch that ppl who like rpg are complaining, because EVERY FUCKING FF WAS A RPG UNTIL NOW! YOU would propably mind, too, if your call of duty or whatever you prefer would’ve been made into a faming simulation. So STFU all of you action fans, just because the industry is yous today doesn’t mean us rpg fans should just quitely go with it.

  • I don’t bloody fucking care if they completely change the game genre or whatsoever. The demi-turn based gameplay of the previous 2 FFs (disregard the MMOs) does not seem to work for everyone and many even claim that they should rather make the whole gameplay full action based rather than that.

    Besides, KH IS ACTION RPG and many still loves it, so why not the FF franchise? I mean, really? Turn based gameplay is still good, as the recent persona franchises has shown, but for crying out loud, FF is been around since 1990 and its really really needs a new gameplay mechanic, at least. I think ARPG gameplay will work along with its proposed storyline, I mean, we see lots of guns and heavy ammunitions, heck, even mechas in the 2010 trailer. I dont see a reason why ARPG wont work in that format.

  • Anonymous says:

    looking more like God of War – that’s fucking awesome, it’s much better than the “turn-based strategy” in FF12! why you don’t like it? what do you want? date-sim? f**k you! if FF15 will be lige GoW3 i’ll only say “take my money and give it to me!”

  • Anonymous says:

    The game have nice graphics but the only matter is if the fans of final fantasy are going the accept that the game has a different gameplay. For me i thought the were going to return to the old turn base battles but the changes look pretty good the only question is if there will be a open world or you have to follow a “trail” and focus on the story rather than go around and kill some monster just for the fun of exploring. Well have to wait and see what surprise await us.

  • Anonymous says:

    ““Huge unwieldable swords, weird hairstyles, bad music, strange dialogue, this is just going to far for me.””

    Wait a second, aren’t these the people who love the bajeezus out of Final Fantasy VII?

    Dumb fuckers. This games looks bitchin.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Come on, just make an orthodox RPG again!”

    (like D&D, The Black Eye, Shadowrun, Dark Heresy or what kind of “orthodox RPG” do we speak about?)

    Besides the spikey hair syndrome this looks pretty neat. Shit it allready looks better then XIII and feels better then XII.

    No FFX wasn’t to my liking the story does make no sense whatsoever.

  • Anonymous says:

    How is this news that it’s an action RPG? Some of the videos a year or two ago showed the Kingdom Hearts inspired battle system with running around in the environment to attack. Something I think the people on 2ch aren’t NEETs because they’re lazy or can’t get jobs, but because they’re mentally challenged.

  • Honestly I don’t mind a action RPG. Goodness, I LOVE those games.

    But I don’t think it’s proper to call this “Final Fantasy XV”. They should have named it something else, like Crystal Chronicles and Tactics.

  • I don’t get it. They bitched when it was standard turn base RPG and said Final Fantasy had nothing left to give. FFXV looks to me like this is a revolution and I believe this will be much more kick ass than standard final fantasy games. I agree, I haven’t been more excited for a final fantasy game in a long time now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Final Fantasy is about more than just it’s combat system. They have action-based combat now, so what?
    As long as there is a huge world to explore like in the old games, wit villages and cities and lots and lots of NPC and an awesome story – it might become an awesome game…. with actionie combat lol 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I’ll miss the real Final Fantasy battle systems. This looks sick, but don’t try to tell me this isn’t in a world of Metal Gear: Rising + Tera Online + DMC. No complaints, but really? Sasuke Ichiha anyone, don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I’ll miss the real Final Fantasy battle systems. This looks fucking sick, but don’t try to tell me this isn’t in a world of Metal Gear: Rising + Tera Online + DMC. No complaints, but really? Sasuke Ichiha anyone, don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • … We already knew that V13 was an ARPG. We’ve known that for years.

    As for hosts, well, Hosts look fashionable, and they went with a modern fashionable look for the characters. BFD.

    Remember, these are the same autistic 2ch sperglords that troll-rated DQ9 to 1 on Amazon because it “had visible monsters, and thus was ruined forever.” Screw them.

    FFXV looks really quite good. The boring as shit FF13 / 13-2 combat might be actually tolerable if you’re directly controlling all those crazy-ass flips and shit.

    Lets just hope they don’t fuck up the maps. No goddamned railroading.

  • Anonymous says:

    It was always meant as an action RPG from the very moment they announced it, it’s made by the team that made Kingdom Hearts and Nomura said he wanted the gameplay to be like Advent Children movie.

    And where does it say here that there will be no towns or other RPG stuff in old final fantasy games .. it’s clearly a trailer focused on the combat, enemies and fancy graphics .. the game is still underdevelopment it’s too early to assume from one trailer that they removed things.

    I’m tired of internet Drama Queens XD

  • Japanese market seems to make only fucking turn base RPGs this days,I am SO glad,that Square decided to make an action game instead of another god danm turn base RPG,because there simplis is thousands of them already,and I really want the japanese talent doing something diferent

  • Japanese market seems to make only fucking turn base RPGs this days,I am SO glad,that Square decided to make an action game instead of another god danm turn base RPG,because there simplis is thousands of them already,and I really want the japanese talent doing something diferent.

  • Anonymous says:

    SquareEnix STOLE everything from Mystwalker’s The Last Story, to make Final Fantasy XIV. They may as well rename it The Last Fantasy and pay royalties to Mystwalker founder & ex-Squaresoft legend Hironobu Sakaguchi.

  • Anonymous says:

    I put Square-Enix up for this move. I thought it an outside possibility that they would rebadge the game into a mainline Final Fantasy title, and I am glad they did. This game is in no way related to FF XIII, so keeping the “Versus” name would just confuse consumers into thinking this is another Lightning adventure, and many fans are critical of that series.

    According to Square-Enix, they initially named it “Versus XIII” because the gameplay was substantially different from any previous single-player Final Fantasy, and they were not sure how fans would react to it being a mainline title. But after eight years in development and the passing of an entire console generation, it just didn’t make sense to release the game on current generation consoles, whatever their prior commitment to the PS3. Likely this title was earmarked for the next generation a few years ago anyway, explaining the very long development cycle.

    Square-Enix deserves no hate for this. It’s probably the best thing they could have done under these circumstances. After so many years of development, this game deserves the benefit of the doubt. It’s not like they’re rushing it to market like they did the first Final Fantasy XIV.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope it’s not going to be like FF12 the rare items and weapons was idiotic to obtain and boss Yiazmat I mean 50 million health give me a break I hope they gonna put boss with 900 million health now that would be awesome for lunatics of course. Just die square enix and stop making bad FF games already.

  • When Final Fantasy 13-2 and Lightning Returns were announced. People were constantly complaining that they wanted Versus and KH3.

    Now that Versus(15) and KH3 is here, they want a remake of FF7 instead.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know what the funny part here is…? It is funny how the author of this article is accusing SE with “Not again”, when what he/she did was EXACTLY the same: joining YET AGAIN the bandwagon of “let’s hate on everything SE does because it’s SE and they’re not making a FF7 remake so it surely sucks!!!”

    …I guess that is why he/she makes articles for this site and not a gaming site. Then again, I have seen worse reviews at IGN, the “O-all-so-mighty” gaming site… so I guess everything is possible. But seriously, stop echoing everything that some butthurt japanese retro-faboys say about SE and admit this game, for once, DOES look promising beyond simple looks.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait for this game to turn out to be a great game, so I can just sit back and have a nice laugh at all the reactionary fools.

    Besides, I’m all for SquareEnix changing up character designs and getting back to experimenting with their setting, character, and battle system.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, because for the last few years those “idiots” have been wrong and you guys were right. Just went through some of the old posts of the last three years and guess what? Those “reactionary fools” were always the ones who got it wrong with you guys magically vanishing and only creeping back up when there was something new to gush about.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was waiting for this game ever since it was announced way back at E3 on may 2006. That’s 7 years, 7 FUCKING years of waiting, so I don’t dive a shit what all the haters are saying about it. I really want to buy and play this game (yes, the factor that decides if a video game is good is the gameplay, if someone is looking for eye candy then that person should go stare at a painting, wallpaper, watch movie or something along those lines) and no amount of angry and/or but hurt (wannabe) fans will convince me otherwise.

  • samuraikatana1 says:

    Ok, I never usually comment on stories but I can’t help myself here. I don’t think I have ever seen a more visually and aesthetically impressive game in my life. The gameplay trailer also looked insanely good. The fact there is ANYONE complaining about this game right now is mind boggling to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    The game looks awesome, even today.

    My only lament goes to Noctis & Co. faces. Now they are less animeishy and more westernized. I liked the face from the original trailer more…. but oh well, it’s SE police to please the western audiences so that change was inevitable.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh no, a game not set in the XIII world or related to XIII in any way aside from its original name has changed its name to XV to reflect those facts. Clearly the franchise is doomed.

  • Anonymous says:

    Never really liked turn-based games.I mean,if you can dodge or block the attack,why shouldn’t you?

    There are times in turn-based games that you lose not because your opponent is better than you,but only because his turn came first.Action hack n’slash is so much better.

  • Anonymous says:

    The audience’s silence and absolutely lack of enthusiasm in the Sony E3 conference after the in game trailer said it all. I totally agree with this “host” point of view, it’s just repelling and look just fucking stupid. They keep milking over and over again the FFVII Advent Children visual blow and success, That was AGES AGO! Give it up already!

    Why can’t they just start an epic story about a common boy in a smal village in a nice valley sorrounded by pretty woods, and a fucking abandoned castle in the horizon? The boy grabs dad’s short sword and with a couple of friends goes to check the fucking castle just for fun and that’s it, let us taste adventure little by little, let us enjoy gaming and discovery… Can’t we just go back to the basics of adventure and storytelling? What the hell is going on? You’re doing it wrong Squeenix, and you should know it by now.

    • Anonymous says:

      “story about a common boy in a smal village in a nice valley sorrounded by pretty woods, and a fucking abandoned castle in the horizon? The boy grabs dad’s short sword and with a couple of friends goes to check the fucking castle just for fun and that’s it, let us taste adventure little by little, let us enjoy gaming and discovery… ”

      That sounds just… awful. Very generic, unoriginal and exceptionally boring.

      • Anonymous says:

        And yet that’s how most of the games I play start out. I don’t really care how it begins, I care how it plays. See, back in the old days you saw the same basic plot each time and still went out and bought the game. Why? Because it found a way to draw you in. It offered adventure rather than force-fed drama and flashiness.

  • Anonymous says:

    first, from the very beginning they said it was gonna be more oriented towards action. if you’re ignorant then it’s your fucking business.

    second, fuck these faggot purists. if it were always the same you’d bitch about it being boring and never innovating. games cannot forever be the same shit over and over again, you know? if every company stuck to their formulas forever we’d never get anything new.

    sankaku, you’re trying waaaaaaay too hard here. we know you love sucking bandai namco’s dick and hating on squeenix, but grow the fuck up already. people are excited over FFXV and KH3, and with good reason. GET. THE. FUCK. OVER. IT.

  • this is the game i’ve been waiting for. it looks like a mix of shinobi-with the flash moving, monster hunter- with the mega beasts, and dark souls with the more realistic weapon movement speeds, and cool ways to kill a boss. if the dialog is spot on, then it will be mine.

  • Pyrolight says:

    Not enough from the trailer to see if it will actually stand out story wise or even game play wise.

    Not a fan of the character designs, they should just rename the FF series to “Heroes with Feathered Hair”.

  • Anonymous says:

    As always, people just love to bitch, don’t they? Even if this game was designed to play like a classical Final Fantasy, people would find fault with that too. Well I for one look forward to this and hope that the story turns out to be one that moves me deeply, much like some of the previous installments of the Final Fantasy series.

  • Anonymous says:

    from the first until latest ff online all walk on field of grass,but now on road,like the title said fantasy based on reality,i like it if its like gta in ff stail + monster hunter combat skill and heavy stories then mw3.

  • Anonymous says:

    Only one complain about this and KH3…both will end in the Xbone. I know this is messing with a hornets nest but f*ck you….this takes away the maximizing of the best and more powerfull platform for a dubious chance of the gaming actually selling one the other platform( see XIII…sold so nicelly in the X360….NOT) These games are born dead in Japan (and now pretty much the whole Asia) in teh XBone….and MS will try to advertize the shit out of it as a exclusive in the US market, but it will sell way better on the PS4 anyway…in both US and EU….at this point we can only hope the game is good….

  • Anonymous says:

    They completely ruined the franchise! There showing they don’t know there main target audience. I still consider FF VIII to be the best one. I was mature had deep story amazing character psychology.
    Now this FF brand has become some sort of no attention span joke.
    Final Fantasy Zero
    was successful let’s make Final Fantasy Verses an action rpg! yea everyone will love us…
    no sorry you guys are going the wrong way.
    but yea all the little kids will probably dig you.

  • Anonymous says:

    First thing I thought when I saw the trailer for the game was “neo-Final Fantasy world design meets Kingdom Hearts battle mechanics”. Which, the way people go on and on about Kingdom Hearts, if they can manage to pull that off right they are going to have themselves a golden goose.

    I say it is too early to judge.

  • Anonymous says:

    Final fantasy has been shit since number 8. It’s about time they changed up the combat formula to something like this. It’s a lot more fun to play.

    Its more along the line of kingdom hearts than it is god of war..

  • Anonymous says:

    Both Vids look really great! I am really excited to play this. The only thing that could really put me off is the fear that this game will be super heavy on Quick Time Events. :/

    • THe new consoles are pretty powerful. Think about it. Most of the stuff scenes should be rendered real time and in the game play. Sony was bragging about how the PS4’s specs no longer have to rely on Quick Time events, which are becoming a thing of the past. I think MGS4 is a good example to think of when games just started to move away from Quick Time Events. Not the best example bu I can’ think of any others.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know what guys, I know it’s different, but the problem with the Final Fantasy series right now is that they’re constantly rehashing and it’s become dry and bland. We’ve seen it all before.

    This is a step in a completely different direction, but maybe it’s the right one? I don’t like how they’ve removed the RPG elements, but it’s experimentation, and maybe they’re right to try something different.

    I have to admit, the trailer does make it look bloody fun.

  • Anonymous says:

    I find the idea to fight all those FF Monsters head on in an action game pretty cool. That is something i always wanted to do 😀

    And the hair styles have always been like this. Just compare those guys to Squall, Xell, Cloud, Tidus, and many other FF characters. I dont see any difference, except that they are more detailed now.

    But i also wish for a classic FF style rpg like the ones from 6-10 were 🙁

  • Turn based combat is no different than prerendered backgrounds or tank controls.

    Either gradually becoming irrelevant or just plain outdated.

    I like to see games move forward and update itself, so I am totally looking forward to this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who actually looks forward to this game?
    Granted, Squeenix’s decision to rename XIII versus to XV does warrant some skepticism. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it being XIII versus
    Personally I dig this game. What’s wrong with host looks? FF always had that generic host hairstyle and shit. Look at squall, cloud, zidane etc, all had weird long hair. Anything wrong? I don’t see a problem.
    Now onto what SE seems to have fucked up: renaming it FFXV. The whole Ff franchise was always based on strategic RPGs(Party, skills, turn based combat etc), save for the spinoffs like crisis core.
    Changing the goddamn name of Versus to XV changes the whole outlook of the FF series. Ok, maybe SE wanted to work up more of a hype, but still they shouldn’t have renamed it a member of the ff series. The XIiI spinoff is much more viable than renaming it.

    And if it still stayed as Versus XIII, by god, this would be a sexy game

    I haven’t felt so much adrenaline rush in a boss fight since bayonetta.
    And being FF, I’m expecting a lot for the story.

    All in all, I would buy this game. Not as an FF game, but as an action game.
    I mean holy crap that water dragon thing looks sexy as hell

      • Anonymous says:

        So you want it to be the same, same fucking thing as what it likes 15 franchise ago? It’s getting boring. I’ve had enough of turn based. It’s like playing chess, and I fucking hate chess.

        • Anonymous says:

          So you’re saying because you hate a certain genre, that genre should cease to exist.

          And no, I don’t want the same fucking thing from 15 years ago. If you’ve played Final Fantasy I and played FFIX, you’d see how much fucking difference there is in terms of depth of customization, narrative and storytelling, more expensive worlds, etc. Series don’t have to reinvent the fucking wheel every time as long as there are enough depth and flavor added to each installment.

          Your comparison is flawed because CoD is hated due to its unproportional success while getting a release every single year-CoD isn’t hated simply because it’s still an FPS game. Think for a second, if Star Craft 2 had come out as a FPS, racing, turn-based, action rpg, or any other genre, you’d see just as much complaint from SC fans no matter how amazing it looks. You’re comparing apples and oranges.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why you choose God of War for you example, looks more like Devil May Cry. Either way when you play it, it probably feels more like Kingdom Hearts’ gameplay.

    I just want a Turn Based Final Fantasy game, is that too much to ask for? Pokemon keeps making money off of it so it’s not a dead genre.

  • Anonymous says:

    Those dumbasses couldn’t be more wrong this time around. I haven’t been this excited for a Final Fantasy since 10.

    This was just the boost square needed to pull themselves out of the pit they’ve been digging lately.

    I’m hype for FF15

  • So much hate and down-voting in here…

    Personally, I grew up with Final Fantasy for the SNES, and have played all of them except 3, Crystal Bearers, and the ones for handheld.

    What fascinated me with Final Fantasy was always the story, and the turn-based element. In every game they would add something new. Even if the rough idea and formula was the same, they always had something that made each game different: The introduction of the airship (which came in FFII that they later spun further on), the different abilities, the job system in FFV, the magicite in FFVI which evolved into Materia in FFVII. You get the idea.

    I think most will recognize the change around FFX. At least, that seems to be the game people started to not like. (It was the 2nd FF game in history to actually have a kissing scene, FFIV being the first).

    And for the first time in FF history, we get a continuation in the form of FFX-2, that a lot of people did not like due to the rehashing feeling along with overall girl power.

    Ignoring FFXI let’s move on to FFXII, that broke the mold and used the Gambit system, practically making the game fight for you, making you wonder why you were there to begin with. The story had potential, but felt shallow, and many characters were not explained properly or given a chance to shine.

    And then we get to what in my eyes is the worst FF that I’ve personally played: FFXIII, that is extremely linear map-wise, the fighting system is automatic with just the press of a button, and both the characters and the story are shallow.

    Then we get the 2nd continuation, FFXIII-2, which adopts a Chrono Trigger feel with traveling time and dimensions, as well as introducing a pet as the third member, which was in my eyes a very cheap move. It also utilizes the rehash of FFXIII’s world and graphics.

    While XIII-2 feels better than XIII, I never finished it: There was too little motivation for me to do it.

    To conclude this: Final Fantasy has gone from turn-based, with great story and innovation, to simplistic, shallow eyecandy. While the more recent games are not “bad” per se, they don’t live up to the old ones.

    FFXV may turn out good, I might buy it, who knows. But based on how their past 3 games have been, I remain sceptical.

  • I don’t care, as long as it’s “FUN TO PLAY”, i will buy that game, well i was a FF fans since Final Fantasy III (or FF VI) on Super Nintendo, and they have changed their game play since FF 10, i hope this innovation will make FF XV plays great and not “Long hallway and boring” like FF XIII.

      • Anonymous says:

        Because FFVII still a Final Fantasy game in all aspects. It might consider be vastly overrated but everything about the game is Final Fantasy(Star Wars reference, rebels fighting against a big empire, ATB battle system, etc). FFXV looks like a Kingdom Hearts game disguised as a FF. It makes SE look like they have no confidence in their own legacy.

        • Anonymous says:

          That IS a comparison.

          ‘Final Fantasy resembles Star Wars because its story involves a rebellion against an empire.’
          – In effect that is what you are saying, which is a comparison. And Incidentally, that type of story is not exclusive to Star Wars, it’s been done dozens of times before. It’s a bit simple minded to associate two completely different stories like that.

          The gameplay IS what I was referring to. And it is synonymous with the fact that the game was directed by Tetsuya Nomura who directed Kingdom Hearts, so NATURALLY that is why the gameplay resembles Kingdom Hearts. It’s Nomura’s style and there’s nothing wrong with an artist or director having a recognisable style.

          “FFXV looks like a Kingdom Hearts game disguised as a FF. It makes SE look like they have no confidence in their own legacy.”

          As stated before, no, they ARE confident enough in the game to change it to a numbered FF title. Why would they disguise any game as a Kingdom Hearts game when they could just make a Kingdom Hearts game? That’s completely nonsensical.

          People can read fine. You just need to be more coherent when you say something.

        • I didn’t compare FF7 to Star Wars, learn to read. If you know anything about the FF series, you’d know that it’s no secret that Final Fantasy games loves to reference Star Wars.

          And I’m not talking about a “vibe”, I’m talking about the gameplay. Goodness, you people are thick.

        • Ergh, please don’t ever compare Final Fantasy 7 with Star Was.

          What your saying doesn’t make sense. It’s the opposite of that actually. Square renamed the title from a spin off series into another main instalment BECAUSE they are confident in this game. It took so long to make and they kept expanding the game itself, so much that they realised this was worthy of being a main FF title.

          Well the game is directed by Nomura, so naturally, there’s a KH vibe.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man, everyone I know LOVES this. I do as well! What I hope for now is that this game and KH3 becomes super successful. Then on PS4, they can make a FF7 Revamp with a battle system similar to FFX-2 with the fast pace and interactive action. They can add Crisis Core and Advent Children story to it as well! If all of this happens, SQUEENIX IS BACK!

    • Such a stupid question.

      The whole androgynous look stems from visual kei and j-rock and lots of the hairstyles from there were probably inspired by the haircuts of anime and jrpgs anyway.

      In summary, the hosts copied what they saw.

  • Anonymous says:

    In order for this to work well, they need to not eschew calculation in favor of action. The whole point of the Final Fantasy world is turn-based calculation. It’s certainly possible to favor calculation in an action game like this. If they were to balance calculation with in-your-face action, this would be an amazing game that lives up to and surpasses the previous games. I so hope they try to do that.

    Unfortunately, they won’t.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would want to hate on that trailer. As it started during the conference I went into it not particularly assuming it was FF. As it went on I became fairly certain it was something entirely new. When I saw the FF title on it, that blew my mind. To think so much tightly packed pure AWESOME could follow on the tail of the bucket of shit that was 13… I just, I don’t even care about anything anymore, all I know is that I WANT THIS GAME.

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone knows Final Fantasy Versus 13 was going to be an action RPG. What people didn’t know is that Final Fantasy Versus 13 is replacing what would have been the next Final Fantasy RPG in the series.

    It’s not a ‘no duh’ statement for you idiots to scoff at. “U didnt no it was action rpg? lol, i knew! I’m smart, ur dumb!”

    The article is talking about disapproval of the series becoming story-driven action games.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s really surprising how people are surprised that this is an arpg game. I mean that said it would be arpg and a more realistic KH game since 2006.

    I just can’t understand how people can be so ignorant when this information has been available and known for 7+ years.

    • Anonymous says:

      They aren’t ignorant. Versus was an Action RPG. It was assumed 15 would be a more traditional one. Versus no longer exists, it has now become 15. People are complaining about the lack of a traditional FF.

      Why is this so hard to grasp?

  • MasterX25 says:

    Fuck those that complain about FF15. It’s been announced for 7 years now and they complain now? I’ve been waiting 7 years for a FF games that has similar combat to Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts (guess it also resembles GoW and DMC which I’m all good with) for ages so fuck them.
    If they want to play turn based RPG, go and play all those other ones Japanese Indie developers are making and support your own damn indie industry.

    • Anonymous says:

      So because you like it, no one can complain about it? For example, i really dislike action games, so i don’t fuck play it. But it is sad that one franchise that is good at what i like become a diferent kind of game. As you were waiting this shit, i was waiting other kind of shit, so of course i’m disappointed.

      • Well it’s just that people are complaining about certain elements that aren’t really problematic.

        “Oh no the characters are good looking and androgynous!”

        -Yeah they’ve always been that way.

        “The gameplay is action rpg based, you broke your promise square”

        -No they didn’t. They always said it was going to be an action game, since 2006.

        • Anonymous says:

          hell Final Fantasy hasn’t even been a pure turn-based system for… most of the series at this point.

          and frankly as far as turn-based JRPGs to idolize Final Fantasy isn’t even one of the series to worship.
          compare it to the Shadow Hearts series.
          or End of Eternity, for a modern example of a turn-based system that actually uses turn-based for a reason.

          FF turn-based systems were pretty much a case study for JRPGs that weren’t really doing anything with it and are just turn-based to appease an increasingly marginal audience they just repeats “turn-based, turn-based, turn-based” for no real reason other than blind allegiance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok, here I go: Kingdom Hearts, action “RPG”, DISNEY…. urghh…….

      Now that I’m dead you can be happy again that one of your “enemies” is gone, yay!

      Troll aside, I only ever played KH2. I was interested in the franchise, because it is so successful and popular. So I rent a copy, started the game… and was disappointed.
      The prologue with Roxas (or what’s-his-name?) was boring to me, the battle system wasn’t to my liking, and worst of all… I always disliked Disney characters…
      Still I accept that most people do like KH, I just have a different opinion (if it weren’t Disney-infested I might love it, too).
      But… FF shouldn’t be an “Action RPG”, at least not a main game

      • “If KH went turn-based, you’d have almost the equal amount of complaints.”

        But that’s not likely to happen considering turn based gaming started off as an older form of RPG.

        Besides, this is just the first time they are doing this with a main FF title. They very well might just look into mixing the traditional RPG elements into the future FF games.

  • Anonymous says:

    “looking more like God of War than anything”
    Geez, you people are dense…
    It’s already been established that this was gonna be an action RPG from the beginning. And it’s more related to the Kingdom Hearts series rather than God of War. Also, be glad that this isn’t related to FF 13 anymore.

    This game may not be turn-based, but at least it looks fun.
    fucking nostalgia fags…

  • Anonymous says:

    Somehow this sounds more like a hate article, it was pretty obvious from previous trailers that this would be an a-rpg. It was a a huge hype before and it is now that they compare the the looks to hosts clubs? As long as the story holds, the gameplay holds and less linearity, this game will meet what we waited for

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised by all the God of War comparisons. Didn’t see that at all.

    If anything, with all the hide/cover mechanics, dashing around from point to point, and apparently AI controlled party members, it looks like they’re completely ripping off The Last Story.

  • Anonymous says:

    FF fans who want Square to go back to roots can go die in a hole. If you don’t like it don’t buy it, go and play another game. Square does what they want and FF Versus 13 was announced years back and it was seen as a non traditional RPG. Where have you FF fans been? Have not read or watched the gaming news? Been fapping over old FF games? I for one never liked FF series because it is the same shit every game, just different world and characters but same old story. I’m glad Square is trying something different and would like to try and play FF15.

    • Anonymous says:

      So because you’ve never liked the series they should change the main concept to suit your tastes?

      Are you losing something because other people are enjoying a genre that you can’t stand? You can’t let them have their own game series that they like? It has to be changed so YOU can play it as well?

      I like your logic, it’s pretty awesome. You really are the cancer that is killing video games.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pfft They can make any game they want it’s there choice there trying to be different and stand out from the rest, I love all the final fantasy sure some were better than others but at least they had the balls to do it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m intrigued, I want to play this for what looks like a really interesting story, but like most people I hate the whole action genre itself. I’m glad it looks like it won’t be a bore fest like XIII, but it’s doesn’t really look like an RPG which is what Final Fantasy is supposed to be.

    I could care less about the male characters being a bunch of pretty boys just look at Cloud, Squall, and Tidus. I would’ve preferred a different title instead of Final Fantasy, I think it would still sell with a different title.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh god Final Fantasy fans are never fucking happy. You want shit to go back to being an iteration of the same thing and despise any kind of innovation or anything that isn’t the formula.

    Bunch of narrow minded tools.

    • Anonymous says:

      13:52 What exactly is wrong with the formula? It was perfect in its own way. Fucking with it and pasting eye candy on top doesn’t automatically make it better. FF wants want an FF game. Put this side by side with FF6, 7, 11 etc and there’s no way you could call it an FF game.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, I liked “the same thing” in FF1-FF10, that’s 10 games I really love and still play today.
      And they are not the same thing all over again, every game changed its story, world, characters, battle system (to some degree), level-up/development system, etc.
      If you don’t see the differences, you just didn’t give those games a fair chance.
      There has always been innovation and it was good. But starting with FF10 the franchise turned into something else: FF10 was really linear, FF12 dropped the classical battle system, FF13 was just “too different” = a bad FF (as a standalone game it ain’t horrible, though).

      Innovation ain’t the problem mate… some years ago people ate apples every day, if you took away apples and gave them kiwis/bananas/coconuts/salad lol instead, they’d also hate it. Sure it’s an analogy, but it’s fitting.
      People like one thing and expect that from the producer. If the producer changes to a completely different product without listening to their longtime consumers, they lose them (not all of them for sure). The FF franchise caters only to the modern market and its new generation of gamers. Ain’t bad, but disappointing to the people, who grew up with the old FF games that were classical JRPGs.

    • Taking away what made a game unique isn’t “being innovative.” Final Fantasy fans didn’t want innovation, they wanted a good storyline and a gameplay system they’re familiar with that’s easy to use.

      Now personally, I’m a fan of the Crisis Core/Kingdom Hearts style of gameplay, but it has the inherit flaw of making every enemy seem either super weak, or incredibly overpowered. And even when they are OP (KH2 Sephiroth) they’re still easily beaten with a cheap items/skills setup.

      They need to make the enemies harder if they’re gonna give the player more control, like Monster Hunter difficulty. Make where you hit them actually matter. If you smash it’s foot, make it limp. If you break it’s wings, keep it on the ground.

      • I just want better FF and no more turds like FF13 and FFX-2 from Toriyama. I don’t care about being familiar with the stuff in the games, I just want good games. You want traditional stuff then play the archaic Dragon Quest games, Ni No Kuni, Tales of series games, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      What they are doing isn’t innovation.
      Changing the formula isn’t automatically being innovative. Innovation is when you change for the sake of discovering ways to improve.

      They ARE changing in order to not keep making the same mistakes. The problem is, they don’t have any idea what the mistakes are. All of their efforts to change are futile because they aren’t trying to innovate. The main mistake they made is that they stopped trying to innovate.

      They, like you, think that change and innovation are the same thing. So they keep trying to do something different because they don’t even know what innovation is anymore.

      Still, this might possibly be a step in the right direction.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just in case you’re implying otherwise, FFXIV 1.0 is a piece of shit that had development for other games dragged away from them so that SE could make ARR, and XIII is just Toriyama masturbating to his own Mary Sue.

      I don’t like Nomura, mainly for his taste in design. However, when he’s involved with gameplay, he delivered. I’d say that XV warrants a whole lot more optimism than Lightning Returns based on Nomura’s track record, as opposed to Toriyama.

    • Anonymous says:

      innovation? They made it into a generic action rpg that we get shoveled by the dozen each year. Sure it may have a story worthy of FF, but the gameplay is important too, and the last few iteration were nothing like what FF originally was. If I wanted to play God of War, I’d play God of War, I don’t need a franchise that doesn’t even know what it wants to be.

      • Anonymous says:

        so pray tell what is the grand gameplay that they should be producing?

        lemme guess, “just remake Final Fantasy VII already!”?

        reality check =
        even if you literally copied Final Fantasy VII, but plugged in HD graphics, it wouldn’t even sell today (it might manage to be a niche hit that moved a couple 100k tops, worldwide) if it didn’t have the name “Final Fantasy VII” attached to it.

        none of you REALLY want that gameplay back unless it had “Final Fantasy” attached to it. you’d never play a brand new IP with that game design.

        but slap it on “Finial Fantasy” and then you’d call it “staying true to the series”, and you feel special cause you think you’re being a “true fan” of the series.

        • Oh yeah, because there’s nothing more practical as next gen mechanics and realistic visuals with chess-turn based moves.

          It would look so odd in this new game for Noctis to stand there waiting to be hit by a fucking behemoth. I think there’s a place for that kind of battle system and it’s not with this kind of next gen gaming.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re so right, right now it hurts. Everyone is circlejerking and calling themselves “true fans”b because they can’t get their dick out of their ass long enough to actually give the game a chance. I actually can’t believe the uproar because we’ve known what it is for so long to troll now seems arbitrary plus this is very well the most asked for final fantasy ever. Sure you hear “VII HD” every now and again but “where’s VIIIVersus” has been a thing for years now. When I saw this trailer I dropped my jaw and watched it again well over 5 times.
          I guess what I’m trying to get at is none of the people complaining are real fans of the series anymore or SE in general. All they do is complain about every thing they release now if it isn’t VII and nothing should share the name “Final Fantasy” if it isn’t VII.

        • Anonymous says:

          I, for one, would rejoice if the series went back to the ATB system. Or even better, turn based combat.

          But don’t mind me, you just go on ahead with your X button mashing pal.

        • God of war
          God of war 2
          God of war 3

          Final Fantasy 1 – 15

          Quite the big difference in quantity of instalments for main branch series.

          God of war is sequential yes. In effect, so is Final Fantasy, for a while each game was doing the same thing with its battle system. As time progressed, they had to move away from that style of gaming. And after 15 instalments, it’s only natural they moved even further. Whereas God of War has yet to reach this amount of repetition and when/if it does, it will be trying something new. And if it has already done new things, then that just further enhances my point.

        • Anonymous says:

          There is like a new God of War released every year or so, and it’s the same game rehashed over and over. Just like Assassin creed, and COD and Halo, and ninja gaiden, etc. Come on how do you not realize this? Are you that delusional?

        • Um… yeah it does. It has a bunch of different installments, actually your analogy was spot on until you said no it doesn’t 😛 God of War is basically the same game with a different story. Or rather a continuation. FF goes the other way and reinvents itself almost every game, so things just change constantly. At least recently they realized they still had sequel potential. It’s not their fault they overestimated their gamers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Action RPG that we get shoveled with every year? Pray tell what the fuck are you talking about? You make it sound like we’re completely saturated with them, when we are clearly not.

      • The franchise doesn’t have a singular mindset. It has a bunch of different developers from different teams trying different things. When it started out, the people WERE of the same mindset, but Square is not the same it was back then (no company would be over this much time–if they were, many people would shrug them off as “stagnant”). Nomura is experienced with action-RPG’s. So FFXV is an action-RPG.

        Whether it will be a good action-RPG or just become overshadowed by action-RPG’s in the West only for time to tell.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m just happy that both final fantasy XV and kingdom hearts are released. Even though final fantasy XV is a total change from final fantasy’s original game play style.Plus, it was super obvious from all the way back to final fantasy 11 that they wanted to switch over to a more action type of style ever since Kingdom Hearts came out. Heck I wouldn’t be surprise if a lot of the mechanics will be adopted from their other games that they help produce. They do have the right to do that.

  • The guy who’s making this made Kingdom Hearts, which is his biggest franchise credited to him. The elements are very much like Kingdom Hearts, albeit in more realistic graphics and in-game action-gameplay cutscenes and such. I see the resemblence to God of War, but I don’t think it was influenced by it one bit, considering its predecessors existed first and are more crucial to the creator’s sphere of influence.

    I could still see this being a bad game. But then again, I could also see this being a good game. Either way, it’s different. And it wasn’t necessarily intended to be a main numbered game, so while the name change may influence the position of the franchise, I can accept that it’s different without worrying about the future of the franchise. It is what it is. If you want classic Final Fantasy gameplay, I recommend trying out the upcoming Bravely Default. I own it in Japanese and it might as well be a Final Fantasy game in its own right! =)

    • To clarify, I think he WAS influenced by Western action cutscenes implemented into the gameplay and vice-versa, but from what it sounds like, he did that to “modernize” the franchise for a contemporary audience and take advantage of the possibilities of the system to enhance his action-RPG idea–not because he likes God of War or Uncharted or anything like that.
      For better or for worse, this is how most Japanese developers typically think when developing something for an international audience now. Unless they’re surviving off of what they already have, change of some kind is considered necessary.

      As for the pretty bishounen characters… I’ve always considered them the Final Fantasy trademark. Did you expect them to change the entire graphics style just to be different? I mean, it WAS a part of FFXIII’s world at first, and Nomura DID do the designing, so… whether you like it or not, there was nothing else to expect.

  • Anonymous says:

    the industry has changed – dark souls proved that japanese companies making western-style RPGs can do a damn good job. the gameplay trailer looks awesome, hopefully they can get their shit together and finish this game…

  • Anonymous says:

    God of war huh? I was thinking more like kingdom hearts. This is them trying to make full use of the new technology. It Is supposed to be different. As many people as there is right now complaining there would be many more complaining if the franchise was still the exact same formula over 15 releases. There would be no point in playing the same game over and over again. Does anybody know what a working title is?

    • Anonymous says:

      to me SQENIX just making an orthodox title is no longer working this is in all seriousness the ATB no longer cuts with their design esthetics… so I guess something like kingdom hearts should indeed be the way to go I think this is for the better unless they really want to burn their franchise to the ground. re-imaging Final Fantasy would be an interesting sight but that is doe me

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought that VersusXIII was always going to be action RPG since its inception? Do you people not read the exclusive Famitsu screens and interviews with Nomura a few years back?

    Granted, back then people retaliated more mildly to this because the title made people assume that it’s not a mainline FF title. Now that they completely changed it straight to being XV…

    I remember Nomura promising us overworlds, so that implied TOWNZ. If shit goes linear like XIII, I’d blame the new CEO.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, if you watch the trailer carefully, you’ll notice an overlay map pop up at one point, showing that at least part of the game appears to take place in an open-world area.

      I suspect they renamed this simply because its only vaguely tied to FFXIII, and because that game met a relatively poor reception. By calling it XV, they’re trying to show that they put as much effort behind it as any major installment. And besides, who should care if they give an action game a full numbered title when they’ve been giving their MMOs the same treatment for years?

    • Anonymous says:

      “I thought that VersusXIII was always going to be action RPG since its inception?”
      “Granted, back then people retaliated more mildly to this because the title made people assume that it’s not a mainline FF title. Now that they completely changed it straight to being XV…”
      Was there a point to this post? You explained what was happening yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        The game was developed from ground up to be action RPG. The screens from the Famitsu mag made it look like the gameplay segment at least was already so late into development at this stage. It’s been seven years and Nomura’s been forced to put this game down several times to develop others, but even with that considered it’s still plenty of years worth of work put in.

        It’s unfortunate that Versus is now shoved into mainline title just because the new CEO is cleaning house with old investments and still wary of investing for an AAA title(and instead going mobile. assholes). I for one don’t agree that Versus has to be renamed XV despite how toxic the XIII brand has become, but at least they’re still going ahead with finishing the damn thing already.

        If the developers scrap all that action style gameplay they made over the course of seven years to revise them into turnbase now, there’s a HUGE chance they’ll just quickly scrabble everything up and give us less content.

        “Develop the game longer then!”. Well, pal, you’re not SE’s CEO. And since there are fanboys shoving their asses with their copies of XIII, which was hastily developed after the team lost their focus for more than two years, they’ll think it’s cool to pull that shit off again.

        TL;DR I’d rather have a complex action RPG with plenty of content than a half-assed turnbased hallway sim they assemble together at the eleventh hour like XIII is.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know I don’t care that this is not a turn based rpg the game looks good. Not to say I don’t wish Square Enix would go back to making turned based games. But this looks fun like a more adult Kingdom Hearts.

    • Anonymous says:

      as far as what S-E has said (as opposed to interweb rumors passed around by people who can’t tell the difference between internet bs and official statements), yes, its moved on to the PS4/XBOne.

  • Oh for fucks sake. People can find anything to complain about.

    “The characters look pretty!” Well it’s a fantasy for one, and attractive and androgynous characters is nothing new in Final Fantasy. It has done well in the past. Cloud Strife is one such example and he is one of the most iconic FF characters after all. It’s Square’s style.

    “Huge unwieldable swords, weird hairstyles…”

    -Ermmm Cloud….?

    “The people moaning about hosts are just creepy otaku, ignore them!”

    -Yep. They are jealous of a game characters appearance, how sad.

    “Square Enix’s decision to completely transform Final Fantasy XV into an “action RPG” by the simple expedient of renaming Versus XIII looks to have been the final straw for many fans of the series”

    -No longer a turn based gameplay? The developers in Square said that would be the case in this game, not forever. They’re always trying new battle systems, some work, some do not, it’s all about experimenting.

    I for one am looking forward to this. It looks thousand times better than that Lightning Franchise.

  • Anonymous says:

    well it does look fantastic but it’s what worries me, I’m afraid the game will be way too short like a GoW or something, and the fights looks too scripted and we’ll just end up finishing those big mobs the same way over and over.. I just hope I’m totally wrong and the game will be freaking awesome all the way for dozens and dozen of hours though..

  • Anonymous says:

    Overall graphics are good. Character designs are typical Nomura-gayness = DO NOT WANT!

    It might be a good action-adventure game… but I desire a JRPG ffs!
    Square-Enix should just drop the “Final Fantasy” from their titles and make these games a different franchise. None of their FFs after FF12 resemble RPGs much anymore (just having some RPG elements doesn’t make it an RPG lol).

    XIII was the last one I gave a chance and that’s it. XII was good in some aspects, horrible in others. CC was bleh IMO and only further milked the glorious FF7. Dissidia was fun, until the repetitiveness got boring. XIII sucked big, XIII-2 I don’t even wanna try (same boring world, characters, battle system), XIII-3 will be stupid action with Lightning AGAIN (in 13 I found her simply bland and flat… as a character). There might be some games I forgot about, but that just shows how insignificant they were lol

    So… FF15 also won’t be a JRPG, great thing… not interested… next… NOT! Let the franchise end already, no, the whole company… it’s only a shadow of their former success and greatness -_-

  • Anonymous says:

    Turn base is dead admit it, it was fine 15 years ago due the system limitation, but as for now if you asked me I’d rather play something like the witcher game play, action rpg with numerous characters interaction and heavy storytelling.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just a renamed Versus XIII, at least sell the Final Fantasy name so it can become great again. They are just stealing stuff now. Anyone else see the almost exact copy of Assassin’s Creed character? And you know what the airship in Final Fantasy XIV is called? Enterprise, they expect us to go “Oh, I relate to that because of the new Star Trek movie that came out recently.”

    • It seems very close and simple minded to associate a hooded character to assassins creed just because he wears a a hooded coat. I can see loads of differences, like the outfit itself and that characters hair style.

      So what? Loads of media and movie franchises make references and parody gaming tropes all the time.

  • And now a bunch of stupid people will judge this game because there’s a connection between host hair styles and this game’s characters. Just like prejudging FFXIII for some douchebag posting a map that looked like straight lines when it never felt like a straight line when playing it, which was the important part.

    Oh well, yet again I’m reminded why I ignore stupid people…

    …but I can’t deny the host haircut.

      • I wish. Then you’d actually see dialogue that you’d enjoy. Either that or I’d mix up the animation style a bit to make the characters move more like Reno did in Advent Children. FF is my favorite altime series, but the mark of a true fan is also the ability to love and acknowledge what it is while recognizing what it isn’t and could be.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Just like prejudging FFXIII for some douchebag posting a map that looked like straight lines when it never felt like a straight line when playing it, which was the important part.”

      BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That is the funniest load of shit I’ve ever read on SC. Congratulations sir!

    • Anonymous says:

      it was exactly like a straight line, at least give me a maze or something. I’ll never love FF again until they make it open world, what made the games great was the ability to explore a seemingly open world. If you want to be steered down a simple path go join a herd of sheep. Stop being a sheep and open your eyes passed the fanboyness.

      • Again, only an idiot believes that the open world is what made it great. Because it never was an open world. Not once. Look back and try to pretend that any FF was ever an open world save for the MMOs. I dare you to find a single instance where any FF was any more open world than FFXIII was by comparison in length. The only thing they failed to do was veil it enough through design to fool everyone.

        They have all been linear, every one of them. The only difference is enough idiots keep thinking that because you can run in circles on an overworld before going to the next location means it’s an ‘open world.’ The only thing Squareenix was guilty of was bursting your bubble that the games were always linear by not wasting their time on faking it so you could follow the narrative, which was better than nearly all of their others, and after FFXIII-2,I’d go so far as to say it’s the best when combined.

        • I played 6. I have played every FF in existence minus actual 2. The character setup and atmosphere of 6 is the best bar none, and that is why I cannot believe how surprised I was how far-reaching and amazing FFXIII and FFXIII-2 ended up being. One example, without spoiling anything, if you actually think a little bit, you’ll recognize some similarities between FF6 and XIII. FF6 still wins merely because it was pulled off all in one game, however as a combo, XIII and XIII-2 both do something very similar to what FF6 did, but not so blatantly that you’d easily make the connection.

        • In conjunction with FFXIII it is becoming the best collective game in the series in terms of narrative and atmosphere. All they have to do is not mess up the setup they’ve pulled off in FFXIII-3 and it’s an incredible epic. There’s no chance it’s the worst Final Fantasy, because it quite simply isn’t. I’d have to know what you’re actually comparing it to in regards to previous ones, because it was a very solid game. It really depends what you were craving when you played it, and that has nothing to do with the game being bad. That’s all you.

    • When something is ‘based’ on something else, it doesn’t imply that it is the exact same thing.

      They’ve obviously gone for more realistic tones both visually and narratively.

      “If they wanted to get revenue they should Remake FF7…”

      They’ve made the FF7 Compilation already. It’s time to move on. They’ll only be appealing to a small niche that wants to relive their personal favourite game, but if they did remake it, it would mostly likely disappoint people anyway as the company and FF has changed and evolved.

  • Why the hell are they so butthurt over this Title?

    It’s finally a game that somehow differs from the other games, that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

    The Main Chara isn’t a Double D breasted Woman anymore, they don’t look like they would have a sad past like Cloud or pretend to be the coolest piece of fuck like Lightning.

    It’s actually something new and I definitely approve this step of the game maker, people should really give it a shot.

    I mean really, do you REALLY want a 15th game that is EXACTLY like the ones before but with other faces and sightly better grafic? Common…

    • Anonymous says:

      …you realize the screen interface was HIDDEN, right…? It is a trailer, not the final game… Dude, that should be common sense. Not to mention that character’s main menu for equipment, stats, and etc. was not shown, either, but it obviously exists.

    • Anonymous says:

      Before Sasuke and Cloud there was the original Final Fantasy fighter/warrior.

      He is so similar to that FF1 fighter that I original thought this game was “Final Fantasy vs XIII” (FF1 vs FF13) which found the idea to be awesome at that time, just for the fact they had created FFXIII to explain how the FF1 events were destroying Lightning’s world

      and now the retelling “Versus” game would show how the two worlds/games were connected…. obviously I was wrong. 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    I laughed so hard when I noticed the gameplay was action. You morons waited so freaking long for this game. Claiming it would be the best thing ever and the savior of the series. You can all get bent now.

    • I dunno. Most people who were excited for the game since its reveal long ago already knew it would be a more free-world, action-based RPG. I doubt those people were disappointed by this game trailer.

      Anyone who didn’t expect something non-turn-based didn’t care enough to put the time into researching it in the first place. What little info we had at least told us this. There was even a cutscene trailer out for years, so we knew what the characters looked like long ago.

      Which is why I’m confused about the current reaction.

    • XV does have females in it, they just weren’t seen in the trailer (aside from the character montage bit near the end)

      Just because the characters are attractive doesn’t make them sleazy man whore hosts.

      “story advent children levels of bad”
      ….Oh so you went into the future and played the game so you know that the story is bad?

      “Yep. FF is dead to me.”
      …oh no, what will FF do without you?

  • Anonymous says:

    As far as i understood from the presentation, versus and XV are two completely different titles. They showed footage of versus but just the logo for XV.

    Also, this info matches what i read in other websites as well. Anyways, dont know why the bashing since versus looks pretty amazing even though its not a classic FF style title.