Ore no Imouto Ending Shocks Fans: “Her After All!?”


The release of the 12th and final volume of Ore no Imouto has cause a partial upset amongst fans, although some are now very happy indeed.

The finale sees a firm “Kirino” ending:

oreimoending (1)

oreimoending (2)

Amongst fans there is plenty of debate as to the merits of the ending – and so far no crazed excesses of author harassment:

“Who didn’t see this coming?”

“Well, it is in the title after all. Especially the ones stuck watching the rest of the anime.”

“It just says she is cute! Ahhh!”

“All those poor Kuroneko fans.”

“As long as it is not Ayase…”

“Where is the death threat guy now?”

“Honestly I suspect the author changed the ending to avoid issues with that.”

“This is as bad as the Yosuga no Sora ending.”

“Wait, I haven’t seen this – is she his real imouto!?”

“Yes, creepy isn’t it!”

“Kyosuke is a freak.”

“I thought he would cheat with a vague non-conclusive ending. This one is just creepy.”

“He just proposes to her and they get married? What kind of ending is this?”

“Right, pretty gross. What country was this set in again?”

“What’s up with the people getting angry over this ending when it is exactly what the title suggests?”

“God. That poor girl. She finally gets Kirino to commit to a normal relationship with her brother and then Kyosuke goes ahead and picks his sister over her…”

“Just the premise of having a perfect otaku imouto pretty much invalidated the rest of the story which followed anyway.”

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