68%: “AKB Election More Important Than General Election”


Japanese are supposedly now more interested in the AKB general election than their own parliamentary general election, with 68% more concerned over which idol finds herself “elected” to than which bunch of incompetents will be running the country next.

According to their survey, only 32% of those questioned found the business of re-electing the LDP more interesting the AKB general election, which was found to be more interesting by 68%.




A certain amount of scepticism attaches to the findings online, in no small part thanks to the slavish adulation the Japanese mass media lavishes on AKB48:

“Get out of here…”

“No way.”

“What, they asked 10 people in Akihabara or something?”

“It was held outside a concert stadium perhaps?”

“Obviously only these kinds of people would install the app they used to conduct the survey.”

“Anyone interested in AKB48 is much more likely to vote in this kind of stuff.”

“If 70% of the people have no interest in the election, I’d say that’s the real issue here. The show should have followed up on that, not the AKB angle.”

“Well, either election is just an elaborate farce anyway…”

“Behold, world, this is Japan.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Who gives a shit cause it will just be another BACKGROUND KOREAN.

    Background Koreans have been a scab on the Japanese landscape for far too long. They get benefits to sit on their ass and do nothing then they have the hide to whine about Japan. GO HOME

  • AKB48 elections are rig anyways whats the point someone spending so much money to make 1 out 48 girls to become and Idol.

    Electing Japanese Government Officials need to find better ways getting people to vote then traditional yelling at a Bullhorn outside of a public area.

  • All things considered, Japan’s political stability was not under threat until recently. They’ve had stable politics for a very long time and have forgotten how to be concerned with their government.

    I’ve spoken with a handful of students in Japan and they have absolutely no political views whatsoever.

  • Anonymous says:

    OK… which is more interesting:
    1. old men talking bullshit all day… fixated on stupid islands, American soldiers “using” Japanese prostitutes, banning porn/hentai, increasing censorship, returning to nuclear power, hating on Gaijin, etc.
    2. attractive (some I guess) young girls, singing and dancing all day… talking about how they LOVE their fans for supporting them. Oh, and they also show in scantily clad clothing, bikinis and stuff… do half-naked photo shoots. Some even do AVs lol

    Now, which sounds more INTERESTING? It’s not about what’s more worth, has more influence on life and shit.

    Advice to politicians:
    1. use young politicians
    2. puppet gov – some attractive, popular people are “in charge”, while the old farts control everything from the shadows lol
    3. Politician summons Idol, Idol uses Charm on Voter, it’s very effective, Voter supports Politician… learn from Pokemon lol
    Ask men: would you rather vote for cute lolis/busty girls, or some old farts?
    Ask women: would you rather vote for sexy hollywood stars OR some old farts?

    • This was the point I tried to make before it got countered by a certain someone trying to twist it into his anti-woman agenda again, even though that had nothing to do with the topic at hand, like some kind of internet tourettes)
      (Well, not the point entirely. I do think younger people who are more in touch with the general public are necessary, but not ‘sexy hollywood stars’ or anything. They still need to actually be competent.

      The main issue is how in touch they are with their own damn citizens (which is almost hilariously ‘out of’ for some of these right wing fellows) which makes people lose interest. The reason Obama was so popular was because, to many people, he was relatable. He’s popular outside the US too. He’s even popular in Japan. Japanese people cant think of any of their politicans in that way, though.

        • Or maybe people just upvote me because they agree…? I have the same stance as you, that 2D is superior to 3D, but unlike you I don’t sully and pollute the pure ideal of 2D with ugly hatred for 3D.
          Sure, a while ago, I used to be like you, and could trust no 3D man outside my family. All I ever heard about was 3D men raping, abusing or otherwise using women for their own needs and then crying misandry when called out on it. I was continually seeing male criminals on the news, male murderers killing their children (or other peoples children), and countless more men that do nothing with their lives yet still told me I was worth less than them. Seeing my sisters boyfriend leech off her until he left her for someone else. Seeing my uncle cheat on my aunt because he became bored of her. Seeing websites and guides made by men about ‘how to cheat on your girlfriend and not get caught’. A while ago I would have been preaching that 3D men are evil and dangerous. …And then I grew up! It’s amazing what going out of your comfort zone and opening your damn eyes can do.
          I started to travel. I met lots of people from all backgrounds and expanded my mind. Looking back, I’m ashamed of my past self, but I can recognize my growth as a human being capable of judging humans by more than their chromosomes. I was even able to forgive my uncle for how much he hurt my aunt, who I was very close to.

          I don’t ask for upvotes, or a ‘fan club’. My only wish is that other people don’t become as bitter as I once was, and to spread a -pure-love of 2D that isn’t tainted by unnecessary hatred.
          If my gender and stance is honestly surprising to anyone to the extent that they doubt it, it just proves that they don’t know anything about women or humans in general. I’m not a representative of women, but I don’t think anybody is, because humans are all different.

          To answer your ignorant question from before, the current prime minister of Australia is a woman, and she is far more competent than the moronic (male) opposition, a raving conservative who looks down on anyone lower than upper class. That’s not to say she doesnt have a lot of her own flaws, because she certainly does, but she’s clearly a better person than the other nutjob, and it has nothing to do with gender. (Of course, said opposition leader is so retarded that it isnt a particularly impressive feat to be better than him)

        • Shuubi I’m sad you can’t judge the quality of your comments because your profile says female in japan who loves 2d which on sankaku will gather you a gang of worshipers (which Im sure you knew would have that effect of attention when filling out your profile, you even mentioned being female twice lol) who will vote up everything you say regardless if it makes any sense or not. Maybe thats why you like replying to me so much because I don’t give a shit if ur a girl or not and if anything look down on you for it while the rest of these losers bow to your feet. Its nice having someone like me who doesn’t care about the lumps of fat on your chest and will tell it to you straight isn’t it. Let’s have an experiment, lets both post anon after first sending the message to each other and see which comments pick up more support. I do this sometimes on my own and usually see my comments at the top when Im not posting them as Taylor. I giggle at this all the time. But on the other hand its not like sankaku visitors have much intelligence anyway, most of them are republicans so I don’t expect much. Since we debate so much we can leave it in the hands of the jury, but no cheating by using your peons 😉

        • My profile states my reasons for preferring my comments to be voted down, I like to have to bottom of every post to myself so I can rant all I like without flooding the topic. So every time you feel that release of power grinning, clicking that minus on my comment feeling like you accomplished something important in the world, doing that in hopes it will bother me as I suspected and you confirmed, when I’ve already asked for it… wouldn’t that make you the idiot?
          Also if its only about me, you could still just vote me down and not her up regardless of any random thing she says, or are you hoping shuubi will give you some internet pussy someday? She’s probably a dude anyway dont worship her because she her profile says female in Japan who loves 2d. If I wanted everyone to ass kiss me on sankaku my profile would say the same thing hahah. Your dream of finding a cute otaku wife by voting up all her comments will still fail since what you do with your time is chase me around hoping to spite me with the very thing I asked for. Can’t impress women by being an idiot. Or are you mad Im getting all shuubis attention? Im probably closer to hittin it than you are haha. irony. Bleh but Ill pass. I hope she falls in love with you people for giving her confidence in her poor comments, she seems like the type to be happy about that kinda thing and fall for such an easy ploy anyway x3 Good luck internet hero fan club.

  • “Behold, world, this is Japan.”

    This should be rephrased “Behold, world, this is REALITY.”

    Most people in general don’t care about politics and hold their own hedonistic desires above everything else. But when things get bad to the point they can’t afford to indulge in their hobbies, you know who they will come to crying to for help. Which is sad because it could have been prevented if they were more involved.

    • I guess I’m old fashioned. I’d rather listen to a group of educated accomplished men who are in charge of running a country, than 1000 shadow cloned prepubescent girls (and 1 with a shaved head) singing LOVE LOVE HAPPINESS IS THE WAYYY LOVE LOVE LETS HAVE A MAGICAL DAAYYY. That’s not a direct translation, but I’m pretty sure that what they’re talking about.

    • Anonymous says:

      Appearance and charm are important for politicians.
      People look at Obama and see his charisma, he’s a nice guy, someone who is close to people.
      Then look at people like Ishihara or Germany’s Merkel… they are boring, ugly, you don’t sympathize with them.
      A country like Japan already has the problem of an aging population (overturned pyramid). Young people aren’t interested in politics at all, which is understandable. Japanese have a hard time as students, then they either go to college or work in some shitty job. They are unhappy, stressed, depressed… what they want is entertainment, something making life better. So they spend their free time looking for fun, instead of studying up on boring politics and listening to some old men ranting…

      • Anonymous says:

        and also due to the inverse pyramid their votes count for nothing (even if there was a party to vote for that represented them) because the grey vote holds the sway of power.

      • Anonymous says:

        During peacetime, the job of a president is to look pretty, give speeches, and pretend to keep the rulling body in check. No wonder major political parties chose charismatic people as their puppet.

      • 22:59- this is unfortunately true. It’s a never-ending cycle that will probably continue until the older generation dies off. Japan is one of the most apathetic nations on earth, and I saw that as someone who lives here.

        • Anonymous says:

          When the old generations die, then a new generations of formerly middle aged people will take their place. You underestimate what a lifetime of complacency can do to people’s minds.

    • It’s not about being interested in old men (who paved the way for Japan to be the country you love), but in the governing and direction of their nation. If they are all senile old men (who are more educated and capable than you and most women, I don’t see you trying to manage a country) then isn’t that more reason to be interested and replace them?

      He could have spent that money on a political education and made Japan a better place, your words tell him its ok to not be interested.

      See don’t listen to women guys I warned you, they shrewdly and covertly support each other no matter what. Their logic will only drive you to spending thousands of dollars on them for nothing. Go 2d.

      • Anonymous says:

        Finally someone who doesn’t talk absolute shit around here in the threads.

        Now if Japan can just break the background Koreans grip on the media then things will really start to improve.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know what hole you crawled out of, but in the better enlightened parts of the world, we have women politicians, and they do about as fine as their male counterparts. Which is to say, they are all really terrible at it, but hey, it’s not as if the ability of actually doing their job was ever important qualification for a politician.

        • Really? Do I have to constantly posts statistics in everyone of my posts? You can’t tell by looking something like most politicians, scientists, doctors, judges, engineers are all men? That just about every major invention and discovery was made by men. Do I really have to pull up the data and make you look even more like an idiot? Are you really that stupid? Well I suppose you wouldn’t know about whats going on in the world if your time is spent arguing against obvious points on anime porn sites from your parents basement.

        • Anonymous says:

          [quote]Exactly. I can tell by the type of comment you presented you failed this little exercise didn’t you. If you had the ability to make a stronger point with more facts and less ranted opinion you would done so.[/quote]
          I like how he is talking about facts, and yet his only argument is an ad hominem. My guess is trolling.

        • You’re expecting people to believe all of that is off the top of your head just because you threw in “The former PM of Sri Lanka in the 1970s whose name i can’t remember without looking up.”

          If you were smart you would have stopped at 3 names even if you DID happen to be a womans studies professor which you’re not, (and even if you were would disqualify you from replying as my question was posed to the average person who couldn’t come up with that list as many of those names are not household names which was my point you missed entirely) because going on and on like that makes your story impossible to believe and you would have known that obvious truth if you were really that smart. you easily fell into the trap. You would have mentioned you’re a professor or stopped at 3 of the most well known people, but you’re telling me you remember all of those names, first and last, and even perfect all of the spelling and their title AND their countries PERFECTLY AND even a backstory Lol. Right. Nice try though on the ‘sri lanka person who i just can’t seem to remember’ nice attempt at realism.

          Also I thought I made it clear to include some of their views that you agree with that’s constructive to society. I guess that was too much work to google. Even if you could name names, what good is it if you don’t know their positions and views on matters and whether or not you agree with them. What good is simple knowing what job they have. Did you really mention Hillary Clintons accomplishment as “being cheated on by her husband”? And you expect me to believe your story.

          People have ranted names at me before but they never seem to make mention of the fact these women are a miniscule minority or prominent women that have existed throughout history. And simply having a title as senator or president doesn’t even mean that you’ve made prominent change. Often I can pluck out listed names and give back stories on how it favored men in the political atmosphere to allow these women to take high positions and how they were just figureheads while men did all the work through them. But you wouldn’t believe me.

          The fact remains these women throughout history have made up what 4? 5%? of quality women? 2? 3%? or breakthroughs and major advancements in history? Some of those women on your very proud list didn’t any do anything significant. They’re not special just for taking the job unless you already know most women are useless pieces of crap, THEN its impressive to name some of the names you did who didn’t really do anything except take the job. Do you know the number on how many women have been whores and prostitutes? I’ll tell you at any random point in history including today where the excuse of female oppression is hardly valid, the prostitutes and sex workers far outnumber the female senators or just female doing anything productive at all. “But women are the ones who have children and thats a major contribution to society!” Ok 1. Having a child doesn’t mean you are then useless and cannot or do no need to accomplish anything and contribute to life though to women it does seem to mean that. and 2 thank you women for contributing babies in this hugely over populated world. What would we do without your sacrifice. Thanks for the overcrowded classrooms, and poverty, and hunger, and sex slaves, and Chinese sweat shops. Thanks women. Thanks.

          I really REALLY could go on and on here, but I think you are outmatched and I don’t like to bully people. But I have at least 5 other very strong points to make so if you insist I will go on and show you why your point is as foolish as assuming I care about being called a misogynist when either you don’t know the definition to that word or are not smart enough to realize there’s no logical way you could apply it to me.

        • Anonymous says:

          Magaret Thatcher, former kickass PM of UK, the IRONLADY before Pepper Potts.
          Indira Ghandi, former PM of India. Had ballz to send the army into the Golden Temple and her pissedoff bodyguards decidedbto turn traitor.
          Golda Meir, former PM, Israel.
          Yulia Tomoshenko, former PM Ukraine, defied Russia and Putin, lethal mahjong player according to legend of Koizumi.
          Benazir Bhutto, former PM Pakistan, ballz in a country run by male pigs.
          Angela Merkel, German Iron Chancellor.
          Hillary Rodham Clinton, former First Lady, Senator and secretary of state, wife to a cheating husband.
          Imelda Marcos, former beauty queen, first lady, current senator, for shrewdness into marrying into power, surviving bad publicity, charity and her 3k pairs of shoes.
          The former PM of Sri Lanka in the 1970s whose name i can’t remember without looking up.
          Corazon Aquino, former president, Phillipines, people power overthrowing Imelda above.
          Mary Robinson, former Irish President.
          Evita Peron, don’t cry for me Argentina.

          Still not satisfied Mr Misogynist?

        • I don’t know much about women politicians, but I lump them in my view that many of these politicians don’t have any expertise and just get their marching orders from corps, lobbyists, and such until they retire – there is no leadership in government, just tools.

        • Name some prominent ones, their achievements, and a position of theirs that you consider constructive to society, do this off the top of your head. Go.



          Ok just name 3 without looking them up. Go.



          Exactly. I can tell by the type of comment you presented you failed this little exercise didn’t you. If you had the ability to make a stronger point with more facts and less ranted opinion you would done so. By the way my post had nothing to do with women politicians to begin with.
          Maybe you should crawl back into your enlightened hole.

      • No, Taylor, I was referring to the fact that most of Japan’s elections are between old men who hate change of any kind, and people are generally apathetic towards that. I didnt say they shouldnt have an interest, I just said that to the average person, entertainment is more interesting than politics no matter how banal and shitty the entertainment is. I disagree and find many politics interesting, especially more than garbage like AKB, but I am not ‘the average person’.

        This is why I think places like Japan and the US, where voting not compulsory, has this kind of problem. In my country, voting is compulsory over the age of 18 so people are forced to care about it because there is a fine for not voting. When people dont ‘have’ to care about something they generally dont bother.

        However, in countries like the US, you have two very clearly opposing parties. For example, the outcome of laws and regulations would be very, very different if Romney got in instead of Obama. People cant help be interested in a fight between such opposing forces, but in Japan, there isnt all that difference between them.

        I’ve said it before, but I’m a teacher of Japanese adults and for warm up exercises they often talk about current events. During the election period last year, only about half of the students said they voted, the other half said they didnt even know the difference between the parties and didnt really care. This wasnt just young people by the way, it was both young and old, men and women. When questioned, they remarked that it didnt concern them (which, while a typical japanese response, really does hold some weight when you consider that for many parties nothing really changes.)
        The damn article itself even mentions ‘incompetents ruining the country’ on either side.

        • omfg I can’t take this anymore.
          2212 2221

          Shuubi, where did I say ALL WOMEN?
          You even added quotation marks on ‘all women’ what the fuck are you reading?
          Usually I just say women, which by itself in grown up conversations suggests it as a generalization, generalizations do not include all people, I never say all women and Ive repeated that multiple times, BUT I EVER WENT OUT OF MY WAY IN MY LAST POST AND SAID ‘MOST’ WOMEN SPECIFICALLY TO AVOID CONFUSING SIMPLETONS. MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST. IT SAYS MOOOOOOOOOOOOSTTTTTT.
          STILL YOU QUOTE ME SAYING ALL!! Are You Retarded?!
          Fuck it, after listening to you I’m convinced that it probably is all women who are complete morons losing what little faith I had in the few.
          This tells me in addition to not being able to listen you evidently can’t read either and your illiterate feminists demons are putting things in your head that are not even there. I can’t take any of what you say seriously when you screw up even the most simple and obvious of facts that I shouldn’t have to give numbers AGAIN for you to know and screw up reading simple words and see things that are not even there. I’m done with you and your ass kissing because you say ur a girl fan club. D.O.N.E. DONE. It doesn’t make any sense for me to continue to address any of your concerns or TRY to be rational and logical because there is a mental block making you incapable of understanding even the most simplistic of things. Just so you know when you reply to my posts from now on I will no longer speak to you as an equal but I will talk to you as though you are a child. You brought this on yourself.

        • Anonymous says:

          I like how Shuubi can make a post clarifying what she meant in a calm and reasonable matter in response to Taylor’s dumbassery, and then Taylor ignores it and goes for the one where she made a mistake. And then starts ranting on like some kid on xbox live, because you somehow even manage to be a sore winner when you’re not being a sore loser.

          Speaking of xbox life, this begs the question, how does Taylor feel about black people? In his amazing logic, everything good in the world was created by white men, while black men have contributed not nearly as much, so are 3D black men ‘useless’ to you too? Honest question here. We can ignore the fact that they have been a minority group for centuries – and still are -, and until recent decades were actively prevented from doing anything they want which kind of hinders any progress one could make in ‘developing things’, since you do the same when assessing women.

        • Hm, then I was wrong. That actually does restore my faith in humanity a little. I can concede I made a statement in error, so will graciously retract it. Since I learned something, I will be grateful and not run my mouth of like a sore loser as some others tend to do, but thanks for the ranting assessment on what ‘all women’ do.

          My original point still stands, that many people in Japan find it hard to relate to their politicians in the way that people in the US can – nor does anyone hate the opposition to the one they support as much as people in the US do, which drives the desire to make sure their supported one wins. (ie Romney supports that think Obama will ruin the country and vice versa.), so its not surprising if entertainment is more relevant to them. I recognize this is a problem that creates a perpetual cycle. I also recognize that this poll does not represent the japanese population because it looks like it came off some tacky variety show.
          Do you disagree to this?

        • Comment by Shuubi
          “I’m also quite certain that the ‘average’ person in the US cares a lot more about the Oscars than the elections, too, but that doesnt mean they should.”

          Hey Shuubi. 40.3 Million people tuned in to watch the last Oscars. Which is no hassle, no standing in line for hours, no learning about the issues. Just sitting on the couch and watching. In fact the highest Oscar rating to date is 57.3 million.

          One hundred eleven million people voted in the last presidential election, 13 million less than the election before it.

          Which number is higher Shuubi? 40 million or 111 million?

          That’s my problem with women and with you, you just rant off your own opinion and what you think is right, don’t assume you could be wrong and someone else could be right, talk and don’t listen and learn, and make yourself look dumb and uneducated in the end. FACTS SHUUBI FACTS RESEARCH READ LEARN. Plz stop talking out of your ass and assuming you know everything as most women do which is why you can never win an argument with them. Sorry you’re “quite certain” is WRONG and so far off from the actual truth that it makes me sad to know people like you exist. But nice try and Im sure you’ll be upvoted by your fans anyway because if they all upvote you because they agree with you as you say then that shows how smart they are. Birds of a feather stick together. You should really avoid debating me you are intellectually outmatched.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    “What, they asked 10 people in Akihabara or something?”

    Surely the guy who said this should have known that of those 10 being asked in Akiba, 7 would have no interest in 3D girls.

    Of the many times I’ve been to Akihabara, most of the AKB stuff is mainly confined to their theme cafe by the JR Station and their theatre by the Don Quixote store, owned by AKB48 boss Akimoto Yasushu.

  • Anonymous says:

    who’s surprised? I’m willing to wager most popular TV popularity elections are more important to people on a personal level than national elections, because unless you have a very specific set of circumstances who you vote for in a national election doesn’t matter nothing much will change regardless of who wins.

    I’m sure pop idol (x factor, american idol, etc) rank far higher in peoples day to day lives then whether you get a right of center or a very right of center government. Not just pop idol shows but any show where you can vote for the result (and also quite importantly you can have a greater influence if you have a greater desire/capacity.)

    Democratic national elections are a farce for the most part, you get one group of lying dickheads who you have no idea about who are looking to steal all your money, or another group of lying dickheads who are looking to steal all your money.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah, right. An election where one man can cast as much vote as his money can buy instead of just one man per vote. It doesn’t matter if one girl has 2000 fans more than the other, because all it takes is a handful of retards spending hundreds of thousands of yen to completely screw her up.

    Shit is rigged as hell, but I can’t exclusively blame Akimoto for exploiting the crazies’ minds with illusions of purity on these AKBitches even though some of these girls’ pussies have probably been drilled tunnelwide by Yakuza. The crazies live in their own alternate reality and let themselves be exploited.

    • Anonymous says:

      But the amount of money you spend on your idol is an indication of how much you worship them. If one idol has 2000 fans more then she should be ok if each spends at least a few months wages on votes otherwise their only lesser fans. =P

      • Anonymous says:

        So you’re saying it’s OK to let public results be determined by a select few?

        The AKB elections are supposed to be public votes. They determine how many people in Japan likes a certain girl and the chances of THAT girl getting a single that will be released to the public. The ones to hear that single won’t be just the people who bought the CDs, because those songs will also be aired on the radio and in TV shows, meaning that everyone else will have to put up with it too.

        Imagine a scenario where MTV held an election that sees, for example, Whitney Houston, compete against Rebecca Black for airtime. You’re telling me it’s OK to hear that Friday song all over the place just because a handful of pedos had enough money to pay for over 50% of all voting papers?

        • Anonymous says:

          bwahahaha! you mean your favorite artist wont get into Oricon whether they sell votes or not.

          AKB48 made it already in Oricon quite a few times even before the 1st senbatsu election was conceived.

          poor haters.. brain full of air.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure what evidence exists for these girls’ “pussies” being “drilled tunnelwide” as you said, but if these girls are being exploited by scumbage child molesters, it does not mean they are “bitches” or no longer pure. Someone who is being manipulated and is innocent of intent to what’s happening to them is still pure.

      A naive girl who is brainwashed into sex abuse is still pure. It’s only the girl who knows better and consciously chooses a route of prostitution who is not pure.

    • Anonymous says:

      In political one-man-one-vote elections the same happens. Media controlled (more money = more control) by government, corporate or even ideological interests shape public opinion and values. Who controls that? Who hires the editors? Who runs outfits like Fox or Huffington Post or NYT?

      A second was the public is manipulated is through bread and circuses. Hollywood presents a certain view of society, i.e. what is normal and what is desirable and people then vote for similar leaning politicos. Politicians promise people things such as emigration reform, free health care, free unemployment insurance, better wages for women or minorities, etc. These people then vote for these politicians. If someone gives free stuff, people vote for them.

      There is really not much difference here. I guess the difference lies in the locus of control. Your AKB48 voter chooses how much money to throw at his favourite girl, the man on the street votes according to what the media/politicians/and egoistical self-interest tells him or her.

  • Why precious 2d girls are better than 3d whores reason #5637

    The vast majority of contributions women make to society only make it more perverted, superficial, lazy, distracted, hindered from progress, and stupid.

    Show your unnecessary need for 3d women and their making the world dumber and Switch to 2d. The Revolution is Now.

    2d vs 3d Scoresheet:
    2d girls – 5637
    3d girls – 1

      • You must be new to my posts. I won’t blame you for your ignorance.

        That’s a pretty wide (and idiotic) claim that lack of interest in 3d girls means your asocial. You remind me of girls who get rejected by guys and the girl concludes they must be gay. Ok, if you say so.

        Also I am well aware of smooth talking, gaming, or manipulating women to get what you what from them, I just don’t want anything from them. Its sad and pathetic yet insightful towards women that a person should have to do those things and “make the moves” anyway but you are not yet intelligent or mature enough to understand that.

        Don’t blame me, blame yourself.