“Dirtiest Ever” JK Upskirtist Found In Gutter


An upskirt voyeur has been caught lying in wait in a gutter for women to walk over him, after worming his way 20m through a 30cm wide crawlspace.

Hyogo police arrested the 26-year-old salaryman for voyeurism offences, after he found his way into the gutter.

He apparently removed the cover of a roadside gutter one morning, and crawled 20 metres through the 30cm wide and 45cm deep gutter to a busy street where lots of JKs and JDs were known to pass by, and used the ventilation holes in the gutter to peer up their skirts as they walked overhead.

Amazingly, a 24-year-old woman walking past noticed “something like eyes moving” in the depths of the gutter, and sought help from a male passer-by.

He admits his crimes, although quite why he eschewed the classic “camera-in-shoe” or even the crude “phone shoved between legs” tactics for the pleasure of crawling through a muck-filled duct is not clear.

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