China “Begged” US for Senkaku Landing: “Just 3 Hours!”

Senkaku Complex

Japanese have been reacting strongly to reports that China has been secretly “begging” the USA to allow them to temporarily land PLA forces on the disputed Senkaku Islands.

According to comments by US officials reported in the Japanese media, rather than discussing its legion of army hackers attacking US interests or the nuclear antics of North Korea, China’s leaders have been desperately begging the US to countenance them seizing Japanese territory:

The reason [the Sino-American summit at the Sunnylands Ranch] has been brought forward 3 months is because of China’s pleading to the US. President Xi Jinping wants to discuss China’s maritime territorial disputes, especially the dispute over the Senkaku Islands with Japan.

Using various channels, China was desperately begging for America “to let the PLA conduct a temporary landing on the Senkaku Islands,” even going so far as to suggest “it can just be for a day – even 3 hours! We want to work out a way of doing it without bothering the US.” Xi Jinping said he would accept “any condition.”

According to the official, by way of incentive for the US to betray its ally, China has been offering preferential access to Chinese markets, a re-evaluation of its exchange rate and the purchase of more US government bonds.

The US is supposedly having none of it, believing it already has the Chinese at a definite disadvantage:

President Xi’s power base is weak and because he has to accommodate the factions of both Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin he can’t decide on anything. His economic policies have been a succession of failures, and some now believe they are on the verge of an economic meltdown.

In addition, between the TPP and Abe’s independent foreign policy they are facing the prospect of a successful encirclement. The party and the army are on the verge of exploding.

If Xi can’t pull something out soon things will become very dangerous for him.

Amongst Japanese there is outrage at the suggestion that China would try such a thing:

“Did they really think they’d say yes?”

“Just how incompetent is Xi’s leadership to try this?”

“Just asking was wrong. If America went along with it, they’d lose all support amongst the Japanese people.”

“I don’t believe this.”

“If it is true it is awful, but it sounds too shady to be true.”

“I don’t think much of the credibility of this, but it definitely sounds like something the Chinese would try.”

“What good would only 3 hours do?”

“I rather doubt they would leave. America doesn’t have the guts to attack them anyway.”

“A landing would mean war. Do they really want one that much?”

“How could the US expect to let them occupy it? It is Japanese territory!”

“America doesn’t care about that.”

“If they went along with it they’d lose all their Japanese bases and Japan would become militarily independent. Not a great move for China.”

“So if the US allows it they can just land there? The Japanese government may be America’s vassal but I don’t think they would go along with it.”

“The US just has to ignore any landing and Japan is screwed.”

“Sounds like just the sort of thing Obama would do.”

“Were they to allow this the US forces in Japan would soon be expelled…”

“You don’t think we would ever hear about them agreeing to allow it, do you?”

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  • Anonymous says:

    if china gets the senkakus the first thing that will happen is that the island will explode, so give them the island they blow it up with thier shitty chinese workmanship, no more island to bitch about, problem solved.

  • Anonymous says:

    China may be miscalculating, but they do understand American politics. They know there is incentive for American politiicians to go where the money is when the economy is suffering so those politicians can gain more support from voters. It is sad but true about our current administration.

  • Anonymous says:

    In an ideal world, those shitty islands would belong to no one, and the Japanese and the Chinese would live there together in harmony.
    Oh reality… why are you so fucked up -_-

    They could at least try for an intelligent solution…
    1. make it neutral grounds, with a split government (though each country would increase the number of their countries population there, to gain a size advantage)
    2. split the island into two divisions, similar to Cyprus (still better than fighting)
    3. let the USANyans bomb the island, so no one can have the island lolsolution
    4. ignore the conflict, undergo plastic surgery, get some Japanese prostitutes ready, listen to AKB, and party on the islands *Hashimoto solution*

    Really, I’m getting sick of those disputes over land (or religion duh)… be it those islands, Kashmir, Gaza/Palestine, etc.
    How I despise patriotism and national consciousness… I don’t care about the country I live in, it wouldn’t matter if I had to live somewhere else (as long as I understand the language)… Everyone should just live their lives in peace, and those dickheads should concentrate on more important issues (of which our world has more than enough)… sad 3D world

    • Anonymous says:

      Anything happens with that pile of rock, US will strong arm china into begging to be let in the international market again. No one will side with china since they managed to piss off every single neighbor within the last 5 years by getting too mouthy with their ‘historical ownership’.

      If they are serious about historical ownership they need to get the fuck out of Uyghr people’s territory and Tibet. Those two places were legitimate established civilizations long before china even knew their existence.

        • Anonymous says:

          @00:59 & 14:40

          People bitching about US always find some shit to bitch about left and right whether US is in the picture. If you think ‘friends’ exist within international politics and economy, you just marked yourself a fuckin naive know-nothing.

          Also, we don’t recall getting into pissing contest about ‘historical claims’ and pile of rock that riled up anti-US protests on a daily basis. We don’t recall there is historical mass protests because we tried to claim some worthless pile of rock as our territory in order to divert political turmoil like china has, which in the process they managed to piss off vietnam, phillipines, japan, korea, and even malays. US is bigger than china in many ways that have significant impact on the world, and whether you like it or not it’s better than what china’s doing with even smaller task on their plates.

          US offers tangible benefits. More than fair share of our cold war allies have wound up prosperous and successful, while chinese allies are either under beijing’s thumb or long forgotten with little to no tangible growth, and those growth only owned specifically by chinese enterprises, with all benefits ultimately flowing to china.

          No one gives a shit about your feeling on the international stage. Someone who throws around ‘historical’ claims and start a bitchfest over a few rocks have no place to criticize others about responsible and fair international politics.

        • Anonymous says:

          Precisely what 00:59 said. Consider what’s happened with the UK and how happily Germany’s been making deals in their stead.

          Most countries follow the US because it’s too big to refuse. The US has few countries it can actually consider to be a friend. (The same holds true for most other countries.)

        • Anonymous says:

          Firstly, US pissed off far more ppl than China ever did. The only reason they still trade with us is economic interests, and it’s a damn good reason.

          You’d have to be a moron to think they’re willing let their economy sink by cutting off trade with China because you said so.

  • Anonymous says:

    LOLOL, what a whole load of BS. Begging the US? Afraid of the US Army? Sounds like something the Chinese would do? Well first off, seeing as how this petty debate has arisen from a single, non-credible source, these strongly biased statements, along with the ridiculous and racist comments made by the Japanese, are positively fuarking hilarious. Do people even know how much money is owed by the US to China? It is the US who are afraid of the ever increasingly powerful Chinese. With the prominent uprising of China as a second superpower, they couldn’t be happier that China’s relations with Japan are deteriorating. They’d grab any chance to strengthen their scheme for China’s downfall, and if these ‘comments by US officials’ even contain a single thread of truth, that just proves it. In fact, releasing the information of China’s alleged ‘begging’ is just fueling the fire in itself. After all, wasn’t the collapse of the previous second superpower, the Soviet Union, also caused by the US?
    Secondly, Barack Obama is like a hero compared to the last joke of a president the US had. I mean, come on, people. Bush was a complete idiot. Who would you rather have. Obama or Bush?
    Finally, to the Japanese who detest China, if you didn’t already know, your country would not be the way it is if it wasn’t for China. Your culture, language, economy…if it wasn’t for the Chinese, none of these would even exist. They are all branched off, related to or evolved from the Chinese counterparts in one way or another, I assure you. For fuark’s sake, your famous ‘ramen’ and ‘udon’ wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Chinese noodles. Heh, the very paper you print your manga on wouldn’t either if the Chinese hadn’t invented paper.

    • Anonymous says:

      The USA has a large debt to China, and China’s economy is completely reliant on the western world’s major companies. It would be economical mutual destruction.

      The debt however, would be easier to fix. They can always do what Argentina did, as in clear the debt by not paying. Nobody would easily start a war with them, and honestly they produce enough food, oil, and such to be self-reliant for a while (not to mention the patriotic mindset of the people itself, they’ll take quite a bit if they feel threatened as a country).

      It’s true that China has a lot of economic muscle right now. Not to mention its military getting stronger. But the moment the market moves to another country (as has happened so many times, i.e. Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc), they’ll melt like warm butter.

      • Anonymous says:

        Such ignorance. America isn’t Argentina. It can’t get away from deficit spending short of disbanding the military and removing social security. It’s long past “self-reliance.” Then you’ll have a revolt.

        Like it or not, China’s got you by the balls, and cutting off your balls isn’t much of a solution.

    • Anonymous says:

      the chinese always bring up thier “glorious” past yes the chinese invented and gave alot to the world, but that was before the “culture” revolution, communist china hasn’t done shit for the world,and they destroyed thier own culture,mainland china is shit, chinese culture has only been preserved in place that the prc hasn’t sunk it’s claws into yet, places like taiwan,and singapore, i would say hong kong, but china is fucking that up too, the “one china” policy bullshit if they ever decided to really enforece will ensure the destruction of what little remains of thier culture in those places. fuck china, and fuck you.

      • Anonymous says:

        China actually didn’t invent that much because most of their so-called inventions are tangential flimsy connections, like calling telegraph ‘early internet’.

        Papyrus was in circulation years before when chinese were still scribbling on pieces of wood. Indians invented zero while chnks were still flailing around with archaic lines for numbers. Greeks and Romans pioneered engineering, mathematics, warfare, logic, philosophy, and proper science when chnks were still going to herbal doctors to try and cure themselves with miracle superstitions not to mention constantly being invaded and raped by ‘barbarian’ tribes from all 4 directions.

        In fact, today’s ‘china’ is a mongrel nation of raped bastard children who will not be recognizable by their supposed ancestors. Last ‘great chinese’ dynasty was a manchu creation that practically raped the hell out of han chinese populace.

        There is no ‘chinese culture’ so much as ‘chinese shit soup’.

        • Anonymous says:

          And Greek culture in turn inherited from Persia, Egypt, Phoenicia, and India, who inherited from Assyria and Babylonia, who inherited from Sumer… nevermind all the inventions stolen from oral traditions (e.g. La Tene culture, or the “Celts” in Europe, who laid the groundwork for many of the so called Roman roads) and passed off as their own. Yes, the Greeks had mathematics and something similar to science before the Arabs did, and the Arabs inherited from them, but knowledge didn’t suddenly spring out of thin air in Greece either.

        • Anonymous says:

          14:57 I am also in awe of your classically ignorant idea that majority of knowledge and know-how flowed from east to west as you so casually hold to be true. That is historical relativism at its ugliest. Silk road was a two-way street just so you know.

          Greek culture and knowledge had great deal of influence upon the middle east, and the mathematics does not equate to arithmetics which is a subdivision of the science in question. Origins of hard science and mathematics as well as logic and philosophy is largely based on Greek culture and greek people, and its successor the Roman Empire. Roman architecture, engineering, system of governance and law hugely influenced the structure of the levant as well as as far east as india when the east-west routes were populated.

          Middle eastern ‘golden age’ were by and large pilfered and learned from both east and the west. Arithmetic and other progress from that era were based upon knowledges and know-hows of ancient greeks and romans, as well as the chinese. There’s a reason why greeks and their descendants were held in primacy even after the muslim conquests and their practices and culture endure and influence that region even to today. Even many turks can’t deny basic greek influence had vast amount of impact upon turkish culture and language.

          As for the chinese, majority of their achievements were either not propagated properly or based on shaky tangents. Their medical sciences possessed a distinct basis on pseudo-scientific (at best) shamanism, with clear lack of scientific analysis. Saying our malaria medicine is a ‘chinese derivitive’ is like saying iphone is a derivitive of paper letter, and medicinal advances has no parallel from far east to west instead they developed individually with knowledge trading going both ways (surgery and emergency medicinal treatment practices for example is thought to have been heavily influenced by Roman Legion practices who stationed in the levant which spread via silk road to east along with mercenary roman legionaries).

          It’s exactly that kind of biased, relative and slim tangential excuse making of ‘originality’ with goal of advocating amusing idea of ‘cultural power’ that is so childish and shallow.

          In terms of astronomy and mathematics, they were even behind the Aztects whose loopsided culture nevertheless definitively achieved higher degree of understanding in those areas. Also, you haven’t denied any of the things I said about how supposed claimed ‘firsts’ from china actually had precedent in the west and middle east africa. Romans weren’t writing documents on stone tablets but on paper (or papyrus).

          Your comment reeks of classically ignorant notion that east is some how more ‘advanced’ or ‘cultured’ from the beginning and all useful inventions and knowledges began in the east, which is a laughable fallacy. Definition of core value of culture and power is based not on superficiality but on the results they bring as well as provided evidence that it contributed to advancement of society, not just a privileged few as was so common in the east more than anywhere else (19th century and early 20th century peasants of east asia were still living as if they were in 14th century and that’s being generous).

          It is this willful ignorance and desperate denial of objective historical analysis that you should get rid of if you want to be taken seriously. The level of achievement in west and east is actually very much even with trade of knowledge and know-how going both ways equally. Only your lack of objectivity contributes to the idea that certain cultures had it better when in fact cold hard facts fly in the face of such shallow claims.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m in awe of the author’s obliviousness to the notion of Silk Road trade and the flow of technology and goods in classical/medieval history.

          By the way, the Greeks and Romans weren’t pioneers of mathematics. That accolade goes to the Middle East, where arithmetic was birthed.

          China was unique in that it recorded an inordinate amount of knowledge compared to the rest of the world. That alone had many implications, of which Chinese medicine was one of them. It didn’t have the benefit of chemical analysis, but it did have a lot of correlational data. Our current cure for malaria is a chemical derivative of a Chinese medicinal cure – they knew about it over a millenium ago simply because they kept recording how it was effective.

          By contrast the Dark Ages was the mass destruction of information. We all know how that turned out…

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem with conceding these stupid islands to an expansionist amoral empire whose internal warring claimed more lives than any world war in its history is that it is repeating the behavior of the previous expansionist amoral empire. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Most of all, this is the unspoken truth of any unaccountable country. If you lend it a hand, it takes the entire arm.

    The art of diplomacy is saying no without really saying no, and that’s what we need to simply continue practicing here; delay, deny, repeat. The best part is the only casualty is the pride and dignity of world leaders and midlevel bureaucrats.

    • Anonymous says:

      Retaliating with QE and driving chinese inflation through the roof, forcing them to float their currency value and driving away foreign investment back to their home countries.

      Why not make your own options? Oh wait, you don’t have the balls for that.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m going to get shot down for saying this here, but I can’t help myself.

    People (most especially Japanese nationalists) tend to forget that the Potsdam and Cairo declarations make it clear that Japan was to surrender all territories it had taken in its earlier conquests. That includes the Diaoyu islands. Even the Ryuku’s should become an independent state.

    Japan’s insistence that it has rightful sovereignty is in clear violation of international law and the terms of surrender it agreed to. China is merely seeking to retake territory stolen from it, which it is entitled to under international law.

    Without American support, Japan would be screwed. If the Americans decided for a change to abide by international law and past agreements, Japan could do nothing to stop the Chinese taking these islands back. Another thing to consider is that, by all indications, the American military is going to be forced to downsize due to economic problems back home. Without Uncle Sam to hide behind. Japan is screwed.

    What I’m trying to say here is that it’s in Japan’s interests to give up its claim on territories it has stolen. Japan needs to take the same path Germany took. Not only does it need to return territory, it needs to admit to the crimes it committed over the last 150 years and apologise. Only then can it move forward with a chance for a bright future, instead of more war and suffering.

    Japans racist superiority complex has to stop (for its own good) and you stupid American Otakus are not helping matters.

    • I wish I could join you in your fluffy dreamland. It sounds like such a nice place, as opposed to this real world we are living in. Because this real world has no such thing as an international law. There’s only the law of the winners and the strong. Terms of surrender are exactly what the name says: One side holding a knife on the throat of the other and kindly asking them to sign the paper. It makes no difference if the one holding the knife was the attacker or the defender. It only matters it was the stronger side. That’s how this world works, so wake up before it’s too late.

    • You’re conveniently forgetting that the Senkaku islands came under US control during the war and the US KEPT them after the war, now seeing as how the US never signed anything saying that they would return any land they had taken during the war, the US wasn’t violating any international laws in keeping the islands. A few decades later the US decided to give the islands to Japan, which they had every right to do.

      So therefore Japan’s claim on the Senkaku islands is 100% legitimate and in accordance with any agreements and international law.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m fully aware of the U.S.’s cunty behaviour in this regard. They weren’t about to make any concessions to the ebil communists in China. I’m not saying the present situation is all Japan’s fault, but it is the main instigator.

        The fact is that the surrender agreement the allies and Japan agreed to make it clear that the Diaoyu’s belong to China. It’s in black and white without a lot of room for interpretation. The U.S. broke the Cairo declaration by handing the islands and Ryuku to Japan instead of its original holders. China has every right to use diplomatic and military means to persue its claims.

        More importantly. It’s in Japan’s long term interest to just get it over with and hand them back with an apology for for its conduct prior to the end of the war. If the Japanese take it on the chin now and come to a diplomatic solution, it will prevent a nasty war. As I said, they can’t rely on American support forever. With a rising China and declining U.S., it’s a simple fact.

        Not only would it prevent a war, it would immeasurably improve Japan’s image in Asia and even in the rest of the world. It’s just too bad the likes of Shinzo Abe and his mates look like they want a war.

    • Anonymous says:

      The US military isn’t going to downsize in Asia. There is a major transition occurring in the armed forces to guarantee this.

      The issue is that America is bound by its word to protect its previous obligations. It has many of those unfortunately and basically has its hands tied. The Japanese political parties know this and are eager to abuse this power to boost poll numbers. Basic foreign policy, really.

      That being said, Japan absolutely can claim sovereignty. The treaties just prevent Japan from really claiming suzerainty by occupation.

      But really, international law doesn’t exist, only diplomacy. Also, Japan won’t ever admit to its crimes. That’s not how passive-aggressive Asians operate.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s pretty cute when asians thinks their passive-aggressive dumb fuckery isn’t shit basic to anyone else on the planet. There’s a reason they squeal the hardest when they get fucked over in a game they thought they would surely win.

        I mean just watching that pathetic excuse of toyota ceo traveling halfway around the world just to cry like a bitch in front of US senate committee and US workers. How about the fukushima disaster when the real shit hit the fan and all the top japanese leaders ran around either screaming doom or trying to cover their little asses instead of being competent in their job?

    • Anonymous says:


      just imagine, china gets what it wants and then, the best part, is SATISFIED. man, good one. whats next, china stops polluting? or maybe they make something that doesnt explode? heh

    • Anonymous says:





  • Anonymous says:

    you’d understand that America’s histories before indians meeting whiteman and making their own bigger territories that they know indians would decline which leads to a terrible mass genocide for all to know what manifest destiny really meant of.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s just internet idiots calling others idiots…

      Anyway, China’s been raising the value of yuan to curb internal inflation (inflation -> public disapproval -> social instability), so that’s no longer an issue.

      Obama’s main focus now is reining in China buying out staple American companies at bargain prices in this economy. Everything else, from hacking to your insignificant island, just serve as bargain chips thrown around by either sides.

      There won’t be any “breakthrough.” China will do what’s best for itself, like always. At some point, what’s best for itself changes, so positions realign.

      The dinky island on top of a volcano out there serves as a rally point for that healthy nationalism, so Chinese leadership will continue to prod it once in a while, with plenty of press coverage. In fact, it would be a loss for them if Japan were to hand it over tomorrow.

    • Anonymous says:

      But he Is is idiot. Have you not seen the news about he fuck ups with Benghazi, the IRS, and Attorney General Eric Holder? The only thing he’s done right is killing Osama the 1st chance we got.

      • vanchrian says:

        A large part of his perceived inefficiency may be due to the fact that he inherited a train-wreck from the Bush Administration.

        Cleaning up a mess is a lot harder than making a mess, especially when the mess is to the benefit of some very powerful corporate entities with huge lobbying groups who would rather it stay messy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fox News watcher, eh?

        Wasn’t a fuck-up. Obama tried to push legislation to highen security in embassies around the world, Republicans stopped it, most likely to achieve just such an outcome.
        The reasons in all reports independent or not states it started spontanously over the internet video.

        Apparently done in the lowest levels of the IRS, so that even the higher-ups didn’t know it. So there is no way for the adminstration to know it to.

        True, that was bad but again, Obama wasn’t involved in it.

        You didn’t mention this but it is important.
        At the moment more and more veterans wait for money from the VA and the backlog gets longer. And you know who is at fault?
        The Republicans impeded Obamas tries to modernize the VA office to a standard data system in line with the one the army uses.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually the whole Iraq-American war started when Bush is claiming that Iraq have weapon of mass destruction.. guess what, after all that civilian killing and bombing, and capture Saddam in process, Bush say “ops, the Intel was wrong”.

          There is no weapon of mass destruction found, just the destruction of Iraq and all people reside inside it by the war. Saddam just a killing bonus, he is not even the reason why US was there in the first place.

        • Anonymous says:

          Killing that bastard was the right thing to do. IF we were to capture that idiot alive, his trial would have cost millions of tax dollars and been the subject of ridicule for years to come. Just like the Husein trial.

          As for the rest of the world; if they want to voice their complaints, they can house his trial on their soil, cover his court costs and provide him burial grounds. If they’re not willing to take any political heat, they should shut their f**king mouths.

          In fact the only thing they did wrong was reporting to the rest of the world we got the bastard. Personally I would have taken him alive and tortured the bastard til he spilled his guts and then put one in his skull.

        • Anonymous says:

          The rest of the world thinks it was barbaric to kill him instead of capture and give a trial, so that’s not really a plus. The world is still confused as to why we even went to Iraq, as Saddam was hung for crimes from 1982, nothing brought against him had anything to do with WMDs, at least plant something.

  • “If they went along with it they’d lose all their Japanese bases and Japan would become militarily independent. Not a great move for China.”

    Actually this would be a fantastic move for China. It would take Japan years to turn the JSDF into a proper military, and without the protection of the US, China could just roll in and say, “Sup bitches, welcome to Chinese rule.”

  • for japanese haters…fuck you all. and chinese chink, i can see them bombing themselves to death with every invention and product they produce. and one more thing…those chink will fail to invade Japan even if those trash so called amerishit move out of Japan cause the DIVINE WIND will knock out those chink like it did to the amerishit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sensationalist article from a sensationalist source for the sake of sensationalism? Welcome to the world of generic journalism.

      It works wonders on the massses…

      Kinda like how after 9/11; majority of focus on Patriot Act et al where most news relating to it were pretty much universally “‘Murrica! You hate? You’re not American! You support terrorists!”.

      Now look where that got us and those abroad. Should of gone Ron Paul. Obama isn’t that far from Bush.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ 11:02:

        It’s been a traditional move for governments whose countries are suffering economic problems or political weakness to distract/redirect the thoughts of its people by whipping up nationalism. Sometimes this is done by speechmaking, sometimes this is done by actually starting a war.

        Some examples:

        * Argentina vs the U.K. in the Falklands (aka Los Malvinas) War.

        * The U.S. vs Whomever in the “War on Drugs”

        * The U.S. vs The U.S. and Others in the “War on Terror”

        I didn’t say it was a *good* move, or an *effective* move, just that it’s a *traditional* move.

  • Anonymous says:

    “I rather doubt they would leave. America doesn’t have the guts to attack them anyway.”

    lol Coming from a nation of sexless cowards, this comment made me laugh. You pussies wanted to stop the osprey program fearing it would aggravate Chinese. And have said numerous times that you’d flee the country, if an invasion occurred.

    “Sounds like just the sort of thing Obama would do.”

    Well I don’t know about Obama, but I’m sure Biden would. Biden sucks yellow dicks and everyone knows it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually Biden told a bunch of yellow shits to suck his dick and now they are all menstruating screeching about ‘apologies’ and ‘retractions’. Vice President’s office is telling them to fuck off.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its just brinksmanship. If the US allows the PLA to land it will never be temporary. The Chinese would stay betting on the fact that the US would be unwilling to risk war with China to prevent future grabs at the Japanese main land.

  • The U.S. even issued a statement saying they think the islands belong to Japan officially not that long ago..

    But yeah, incoming anti U.S. hate and near retarded Okinawan’s protesting them again..

    • Anonymous says:

      Okinawans have no valid reasons to hate Japan or America.

      After all, it’s not as if retreating Japanese troops massacred thousands of them instead of leaving them to advancing American troops at the end of WWII. It’s the honorable death that these Okinawan women and children had always wanted…

      Then, as reparation for the war, these same Japanese gave Okinawan land away to Americans to occupy. So now these ppl that fought their war, on Okinawan land, killing Okinawan people, throws Okinawa around as bargain chips. No hard feelings! 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      We have been seeing many of these ‘authentic’ news articles spun from japanese sources. They are most likely fabrications or wild embellishments to rile up support for the current PM. The timing of the article coincides with recent reports on setbacks of ‘abenomics’, so it is very suspect.

      Politics 101: Alway deny, playdown, and deflect discontent to external enemies.

      • Anonymous says:

        Politics 102: There is never a guideline that is sufficient in your analysis of the political situation.

        I agree, this stinks of embellishment and campaigning. But aside from that, there are quite a few good examples of foreign policy taking precedence over domestic policy. Consider Nixon’s efforts in China, or the Bush and Obama administrations’ current stance with China (engagement and rivalry, but not ideological enemies to the bitter death).

        There is much to be pessimistic about. Don’t let that blind you from what keeps civilization ticking.

        • Anonymous says:

          A single long range sea surface skimming Sunburn antiship missile that can’t be intercepted will sink an aircraft carrier. Chinese cruisers can fire a dozen of them within half a minute.

          SDF ships, while “balanced,” doesn’t come close in alphastrike.

          Frankly, the Chinese got the right idea. “Defense” is an outdated concept when weapons have became this destructive. Unload as much firepower as conceivable in as short a period as possible, before you’re inevitably sunk by a single missile. You’re an expendable weapon platform, any ammo not fired before you’re fish fodder equals your failure.

        • Anonymous says:

          [quote]no. the japanese sdf is pretty strong compare to the inexperienced, cheap, and generally incompetent chinese navy[/quote]
          Ever heard the term “zerg rush”? PLAN outnumbers the SDF navy 5 to 1. You will need far more than better training to sink 5 vessels for every one of your own.

        • Anonymous says:


          Only place SDF is strong is when there is no real battle and in jap fantasy land. Case in point: a member of their 1st airborne brigade (supposedly an ‘elite’ organization) decided he was going to waltz around Iraq in a flimsy ass truck. He got dragged off like a bitch without even putting up a fight and got beheaded as one of the first japanese killed in Iraq.

          Just 1 lands in iraq and in a real battlefield and gets fucked like a bitch. That’s telling.

        • Anonymous says:

          no. the japanese sdf is pretty strong compare to the inexperienced, cheap, and generally incompetent chinese navy. this is mostly due to corruption within the navy ranks as well as a general shift of direction toward producing cost effective ships due to armor becoming obsolete in face of thermal nuclear weaponry. most of chinese weapons platform have become increasingly mobile but completely devoid of protection. in a conventional war, chinese navy would likely lose big time.

      • Anonymous says:

        You notice how things that make japs uncomfortable or insecure always gets downvoted. How many loser japs from 2ch comes here and think that actually ‘influences’ our opinions?


        • Anonymous says:

          This wouldn’t be too surprising considering 2channers/Japanese has in the past mass downvote and upvote things. However weeaboos and japanophiles have this “adopted” nationalism, so not always neccessarily Japanese.

          But if you think it doesn’t affect opinions then you need to learn a bit about Bandwagon Jumping.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Just asking was wrong. If America went along with it, they’d lose all support amongst the Japanese people.”

      Ask us if we give a fuck.

      “I rather doubt they would leave. America doesn’t have the guts to attack them anyway.”

      LOL @ this jap. Whose embassy was flattened by our bombs? Whose defectors do we have? Whose blind lawyer activist escaped from lol guards to our embassy in the middle of their capital? Korean war with over 1 million ch n ks dead says otherwise. Anyway, now with technological parity japs wet their panties or have instant menstruation at the mere mention of chinese power.

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s an old saying, and I’m paraphrasing here:

      If you owe the bank ten thousand dollars, you’re in trouble. If you owe the bank ten billion dollars, the bank is in trouble.

      This is pretty much what’s going on between China and the US right now. The US obviously is incapable of paying back the money they owe anytime soon, but that also means that China can’t risk having any direct military conflicts with the US, or the debt would all be nullified.

      • Anonymous says:

        US doesn’t need to pay back anything. The world reserve currency is the US Dollar, and US government/federal reserve controls that, no one else. We can devaluate or play with our own money as much as we want and everyone else will just take the inflation up their asses like china did back in 2008-2011, probably somewhat now as well.

        There is a flip side to having a negative trade balance and at the same time having control of the currency that is the primary mode of currency in the world. All our money printing is actually forcing a balance in our trade balance sheet, hence the lack of hyperinflation in US and upward inflation in export crook nations such as china.

        One last thing: for every dollar American owe to foreigners, they owe us 0.89 dollar because Americans also invest overseas in bonds and other things. Since American bonds are extremely low yield compared to other nations, this means we actually receive more money than we are paying out, at least in private sector. Public sector is secondary compared to massive amount of money being traded by nearly 17 trillion dollar economy.

        If feds run short on money, they just print more and it will force exporting nations to basically ‘pay back’ their balance to us via inflation and other effects.

        LEARN ECONOMICS and how it intertwines with geopolitics.

        • Anonymous says:

          01:21 LOL simple fucks like you who don’t know what they are even trying to criticize is the reason why this country can’t get moving – because everyone, especially simple ones, like to feel their ‘opinion’ is worth something when it clearly is lacking.

          The devaluation is merely a balancing act. US dollar is already overpriced against other currencies, and rest of the world knows this. As for stability, I suggest you try and find another nation whose economy can rebound this quickly and effectively if something like great depression or great recession hit them head on. Plenty of nations have gone bankrupt and defaulted within a couple years from far less.

          Because of our established political and military and economic power, the US dollar is infact defacto world trade and reserve currency. The only retard thinking against the facts is you because you think shallow about how this is just grandstanding when it’s a fact.

          Just because you won’t be able to move beyond that doesn’t mean others can’t, so don’t bring other people to your level.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lol, an idiot with zero clue about economics trying to lecture others about economics.

          Did some divine law made American dollar the world’s “reserve currency?” That trust is earned through a century of stability and NOT devaluing our currency. But trust is a fickle thing, it’ll take far less time to break.

          While we’re busy squandering our inheritance and tearing down what once made this country great, China’s positioning itself as the next alternative. All working according to plan…

          People like you is what’s wrong with this country.

        • Anonymous says:

          16:08 LOL dumb fuck. Upward inflation in china is actually happened and clearly you don’t get a single thing about who’s actually being hysterical about not getting shown up on international stage 🙂

          If you want to hear wishful thinking, listen to yourself on a recording lol

        • Anonymous says:

          >probably somewhat now as well
          >All our money printing is actually…
          >lack of hyperinflation in US and upward inflation in export crook nations such as china

          Such wishful thinking, such hysterical desperation…

    • Anonymous says:

      Then we bitch slapped the uppity shit with a good wad of US dollars and said,

      “Hey, remember who controls these?”

      Serious LOL @ dumb fucks who still believe chinese having US loans is an advantage. Thanks to gullible fucks like you we managed to gain over 2 trillions worth of immediate finances that we can just devaluate away 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        lol They can have all our debt, it won’t help them in the event of a war and in the event of a war it’d never be paid back regardless of victor. Which is why a piece of paper is worthless.

        • Anonymous says:


          Not anymore than other nations who have repeatedly bankrupted, defaulted, and drove their economy into dirt with corrupt practices that makes 2008 recession look like a normal cyclical phenomenon.

          It’s all relative. United States has enough political and economic capital to back up and rebound from momentary set back of that kind. Other nations are not so well placed.

        • Anonymous says:

          Trust in the economic sense is dependent on the stability of the currency’s value. Pulling the rug out beneath trillions of USD is a great way of telling the rest of the world “if we don’t like our economic situation, we’ll just fuck you over.”

          It will unnerve everyone with significant US investment and absolutely keep others from buying in down the line, since they have to worry about their own financial stability as well.

        • Anonymous says:


          Trust in currency ultimately comes from stability and ability to protect a nation’s interests. No one is better at that than US unlike other places with rebellions, etc.

          Some devaluation is actually just balancing it out. As long as US maintains its political, military, and monopoly on diplomacy and economy, not to mention the innate ability to bring nations together under common direction (that means not having a bitch fest over a pile of rock and your populace not acting like mouthy 5 year olds demonstrating for ‘historical grievances’).

          Some people just don’t get the right perspective when looking at how badly the world is fucking itself over. America was the beginning of the economic disaster, yet it’s rebounding so much better than any other nation could have if it were in the same situation.

        • Anonymous says:

          Exactly. Their money is here in our hands. All they have is a bundle of written agreements on papers which will be worthless as toilet paper if they decided to break it .There are occasions where politics can go above the head of econonmics, and war or military confrontation is one of them.

    • China’s entire economy is based on selling cheap shit to the US, we could literally reduce China back to third world status by simply refusing to buy any more of their crap. A trade embargo against China would collapse their economy virtually over night. By comparison the worst Americans would have to deal with is paying slightly higher prices for better quality products, oh and the huge surge of new jobs as companies desperately rush to reopen old factories before their warehouses run out of product.

      That trillion dollars in debt to China only serves as leverage if we need them more than they need us. But fact is the US’s trade agreement with China is toxic, we’re growing China’s economy at the expense of our own. Cutting ties with China would actually be the best thing the US could possibly do right now, it would not only allow us to begin to recover our own economy, it would also stop a major military threat before it had a chance to start.

      • Anonymous says:

        Absolutely doesn’t work that way. The impact of a strict embargo on either economy would be somewhere at Great Depression levels, if not worse. Our economic growth is very unstable currently and the wacky marriage of fiscal and monetary policy we have speaks to an inability to deal with bad outcomes. We don’t have the political scene that made FDR’s Fair Deal possible, we have the political scene that made Hoover’s administration flounder.

        Besides, engagement is just more fulfilling. The president of the American Chemical Society put it nicely – he had realized a day after giving a speech at an annual conference that his talk used three references, all from Chinese institutions published by Chinese journals.

        We have a lot to share and a lot to learn. Cooperation isn’t barred by ideological walls this time around. Why ruin a good thing?

        • Anonymous says:

          14:48 That’s my line. You have no idea how our educational institution leaks like a sieve in terms of guarding their intellectual properties. The very nature of such institutions and peoples is that information flows freely. Therefore, combine that with some financial needs as well as plenty of money spoiled chinese throw around to get their way for degrees (more than a few bought theirs, popular topic in china and common knowledge), and there is definitely market for plagiarized, ripped off papers who can stand up to so -called ‘scrutiny’ of academics.

          It’s wide spread enough and academic as well as industrial bribery is a well-known fact. You obviously have little professional experience dealing with this issue and it’s pretty amusing to see you thinking you know something to say everyone else is just trying to contradict your views.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, no. I’d expect that from politicians, but I wouldn’t expect that from the elected president of a major component of our scientific body. Especially one that is classically tied at the hip with research and peer review.

          The papers that get cited aren’t the type that would ever be sold for a cheap buck. Hell, they tend to cost a massive amount of resources just to produce anyways – to get the investment for that, the research team is most likely under some scrutiny.

          Then again, I doubt you would ever be convinced of anything that contradicts your worldview.

        • Anonymous says:

          He probably didn’t realize he was referencing papers that chinese bought from US in the first place to write for them because they are too unimaginative to come up with anything new.

          Look it up it’s common knowledge.

  • Anonymous says:

    Were they planning on blowing up the islands or something? 3 hours isn’t enough to do anything other than take pictures and I know the Chinese isn’t above using Photoshop.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japanese and their blind supporters have to realize:

    (1) The Imperial Japanese Army really did do many of the bad things they are said to have done. Read the sympathetic but revealing interviews with former Japanese soldiers in “Evil Men,” by James Dawes.

    (2) This means that Chinese hard feelings toward Japan are justified by experience, including the experience of many Japanese refusing to acknowledge what their parents/grandparents did. This includes the present prime minister, who does not accept the verdicts of the postwar trials.

    (3) The Senkaku islands were only taken by Japan in the late 19th century, and China at least _may_ have owned them before.

    (4) A wartime declaration by the leaders of the Allied countries said that all islands outside the main Japanese islands would be taken from Japan and only returned later, after consultation with China. But China was never consulted when the US gave the Senkakus back in the 1970s.

    (5) The Senkakus are not part of the Okinawan chain of islands, but are geologically different, and lie on the continental shelf that extends from China. The islands are closer to Taiwan than to Okinawa, and closer to Fujian Province than to Kyushu.

    (6) Childish delight in terms like “begging” is calculated to cause trouble rather than avoid it. Japan has a powerful military, but China does, too. Any kind of war between the two countries would dramatically harm both economies, and no-one can say who would “win.” War is not a game.

    • Anonymous says:

      1. don’t care that was 70 fucking years ago
      2. again 70 fucking years ago the people who did those things are dead.
      3. potsdam declaration also china fucking agreed the islands where theirs the US knows this also.
      4. see number 3
      5, no proof of this more pro china prc bullshit.
      6. Japan doesn’t have a “real” military what they do have is US backing if china tries anything even so much as gives a menacing stare towards japan , they won’t be fighting japan, they will have declared war against the USA. War is not a game, the chinese need to remember that.

      • Anonymous says:

        The atrocities of the past certainly don’t grant justification for hateful action, but it certainly explains why people feel angry. The Nazis are a thing of the past, but we equate them to unequivocal evil. The equivalent is if Germany, eager to move away from their past, simply shrugged at the Jews and said “oh yeah, my bad, but you can’t really blame us since you had it coming.”

        As for the other points, the absence of China at the Treaty of San Francisco despite both the CCP and Nationalist’s allied status (and their significant sacrifices in the war) alarmed the USSR delegation. Of course, the Cold War was in full gear at that point, and the rest is history.

        It is also remarkably easier to prove a geographic observation than a political claim.

        And judging by the current foreign policy stance, the US is strongly averse to waging ideological wars. Japan would be a bit different since it would be on the grounds of prior committment, but the administration has been trying extremely hard to ignore the claims issue. The US may still back Japan, but it knows it doesn’t have the political feasibility for an alternative plan to resusitate the economy. Shit would be fucked.

        All sides know this.

      • Anonymous says:

        Chnks ain’t much but the real problem here is the general japanese attitude.

        It doesn’t matter if it was 70 or 700 years ago. What japan does is constantly trumpet their past crimes as great accomplishments – crimes of ignorance, groundless and childish racial ideas about how the superior chinese culture is actually inferior, etc.etc.

        If someone were to come out and constantly portray mongol conquest of middle east as a blessing, there will be a strong reaction. What’s pissing off rest of the world is how these ignorant japs don’t know anything about themselves or the world and consistently acts in a childish and infantile manner about their place amongst other people, hence their attempts at whitewashing and completely revising history down to every detail that doesn’t suit their ideas about how japanese ‘culture’ is so great.

        That’s a fucking laugh riot right there. I have no sympathies if PLA and ROK marines swooped down tomorrow and started raping every japanese women in sight.

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  • Anonymous says:

    “President Xi’s power base is weak and because he has to accommodate the factions of both Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin he can’t decide on anything. His economic policies have been a succession of failures, and some now believe they are on the verge of an economic meltdown.
    In addition, between the TPP and Abe’s independent foreign policy they are facing the prospect of a successful encirclement. The party and the army are on the verge of exploding.”

    Oh man… So much wishful thinking by the Japanese. I wonder how retarded and desperate they are to call Xi’s leadership being “powerless”. If anything, there was never such a powerful ruler in China since Mao. Jiang and Hu’s factions are all but marginalized and Xi has consolidated his powerbase within the princelings faction, the de-facto “aristocracy” of China.

    Also Abe’s policies being effective? What the fuck. No structural reforms and blindly printing money to artificially devalue the Yen (just as we always accussed the Chinese of doing) is not a successful policy for anything outside of short-term gains.

    As for the “news” here; its pretty much Bullshit from the Japanese. China never begs anyone, as they would lose face when they do it. Again, Japanese wishful thinking.

    If anything, China will just land on the Islands with a special operations team and dare the Japanese and the US to do anything against it. Nuclear powers never wage wars against each other and thus Japan will stand alone with this one.

    • Anonymous says:

      chinks or japs calling each other names and trying to belittle each other is like comparing solid shit to diarrhea. They are both shit.

      Clarifying it for you slow ass yellow dumdasses lol

  • Wat?
    I won’t bash China/Japan/USA, this just left me really confused. Why? USA? 3 hours? How can all of this make any sense?
    As I see it there are 2 possibilities:
    1)This is all part of a great chinese master plan, or
    2)Completely irrational actions.
    My bet on the latter.