Birdstruck China Train “Once A Century Freak Accident!”


China’s world-class high speed trains are again facing safety doubts after a pigeon shattered its “super strong bulletproof glass” windscreen, in what Chinese media points out as a “once in a century” freak accident.

The CRH380 is said to employ “super strong bulletproof glass” in its windscreen, and China’s state media quotes an astonished passenger as exclaiming “such an unusual event can only happen once a century!”

One of the experts at China’s safety glass inspectorate offered the assurance that “this glass is completely unbroken from an impact with an aluminium ball travelling at 500kph.”

The train’s makers also promise that “we conduct our safety test over 200,000 times – the glass window is 6 layers thick and will absolutely not break.”

Unfortunately, whilst proof against aluminium balls and bullets, it appears not to be proof against the humble Chinese pigeon – whose lead content cannot be all that high even in China, although at least the train was confirmed as actually having been in motion at the time of the impact, having just left its station:


Safety problems with the trains China so assiduously copied from their former foreign partners which were carefully investigated by burying the wrecked trains eventually resulted in the head of China’s national rail fiefdom losing his job, but for some reason many Chinese still have doubts about the network.

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