Araragi’s Banana Sofa Monstrous Indeed



In a departure from merely festooning his room with anime goods, one of Bakemonogatari’s more enterpising fans has won much praise by actually going so far as to recreate Araragi’s excessively stylish banana sofa.



The maker explains:

“I’ve pretty much finished Araragi’s banana sofa! If you stay true to the measurements from the show it is pretty huge.”

“Huge, but it looks great to sleep in.”

“I tried sleeping on it and it is even better than I thought.”

“You must work with furniture for a living? If it were actually on sale you’d think it would be at least $500. I want to see that airship he has hanging from his ceiling made up as well…”

“I’m in IT, but DIY is a hobby of mine.”

“It’s made perfectly!”

“I want one!”

“Does it work like a rocking chair? It looks a little dangerous…”

“It is big so it doesn’t swing too much. It’s fine, perfectly stable.”

“I’d like to know the cost and measurements?”

“About $300. But $100 of that went on just the cushions (covers and sponge), so if you could find something cheaper it would come to less. It is W2.5m*H1.1m.”


“Come on, you couldn’t have made it that well so cheaply with DIY. You’re some kind of pro surely?”

“I’ve posted the plan I used, although the exact size differs a bit depending on the animators it seems.”

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