AKBnomics Again: Otaku Casts 4000 Votes @ $65000

Anna Iriyama (1)


The latest triumph of AKBnomics arrives in the form of an AKB otaku who proudly shows off the stack of 4,000 votes (at a cost of some 6.4 million yen) he is casting on young Anna Iriyama.

The explanation accompanying the stack of votes:

“My wife is angry that I took the day off work to vote, so you guys be sure to stick at it too!”

The object of his ardour – duck-faced 17-year-old Anna Iriyama, formerly languishing at 27th place in the general election, and standing to almost double her votes:

Anna Iriyama (1)

Anna Iriyama (2)

Amongst those charged with watching these maniacs opinion is divided as to whether this fan and the many like him are utterly deranged, religiously devoted, or – as the more hyper-cynical surmise – in fact plants inserted by promoters to further cultivate the perception that such behaviour is normal and stoke creepy otaku to further extremes of mass-voting frenzy.

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