Live Action Kiki “Picture Perfect For Once”


Ghibli classic Kiki’s Delivery Service is receiving a (Japanese) live action adaptation, and for once there is some enthusiasm that it may not be butchered – based largely on the response to rookie 16-year-old actress Fuuka Koshiba’s “picture perfect” cosplay casting as Kiki.

The movie, based on the same children’s novel series as the Ghibli film rather than on the Ghibli film itself, is due in the spring and has already been dividing Kiki purists.

Original Kiki and Ghibli Kiki are already in fact two different beasts:


original kiki

Fuuka Koshiba herself apparently won out over 500 other hopefuls in auditions – though her acting experience is limited to only 2 TV drama appearances and a few commercials, so there is plenty of scope for her to ham it things up, and Kiki fans have already criticised her for “standing too spunkily for Kiki” in the promo shot.

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