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hanasaku_iroha  tsurugi_minko in bus by asakura_ryou

A US soldier has been captured by a 39-year-old Japanese woman after being caught taking upskirt photographs of a schoolgirl on a bus, and has been charged with chikan related offences more normally associated with salarymen despite his protestations that he was “aiming at her face.”

The incident began when an unidentified 22-year-old US petty officer third class stationed at the US naval base in Yokosuka boarded a city bus.

There he spied a 17-year-old high-schooler, and in true chikan tradition proceeded to manoeuvre his smartphone into a tactically advantageous position below her, giving him the opportunity to conduct photographic reconnaissance of her nether regions.

However, his operation lacked finesse and was observed by a 39-year-old woman embarked on the same vehicle, who considered it highly suspicious and intervened.

The soldier bravely attempted a tactical withdrawal but proved no match for Japan’s finest, who grabbed him by the arm and hauled him before local police.

He did however manage to prevent his phone being captured, smashing it prior to his capture.

He was charged with a chikan-related offence under prefectural anti-nuisance ordinances, which he denies, saying that “I just wanted to photograph her face.”

The soldier’s capture could hardly come at a worse time for the US military – between their usual habit of making sport of the local womenfolk and their propensity for various acts of inebriated or malicious criminality, even the relatively pro-American Japanese who dominate online opinion are starting to wonder at the wisdom of allowing America’s finest off their bases at all:

“Mission failed.”

“What the hell are they doing now!?”

“The old hag was pretty strong to overpower a soldier like this!”

“How did a 22-year-old US soldier get manhandled by a 39-year-old Japanese woman…”

“We should just entrust our national defence to these old women.”

“That our supposed protectors are getting overpowered by old women is not reassuring.”

“And I thought only Japanese obsessed over JK pantsu.”

“Yank soldiers like Japan’s JKs?”

“He must have been some creepy little nerd to be interested in that and so easily overpowered.”

“Poor soldier was poisoned by our hentai ways.”

“I think they have adapted a little too much to local customs in this case.”

“Even with stuff like this going on the Americans don’t bat an eyelid…”

“These Americans act like they are unimpeachable and Japan is still an evil vanquished nation, bashing us every chance they get whilst their nation’s own deplorable antics are ignored and not even reported on by their media. So much for their much vaunted free press.”

“Even now the American politicians are still busy finding new ways to censure Japan. Even as your own people run amok on crime sprees of their own. Vile barbarians.”

“Somebody get this soldier to a brothel, quick!”

“They need to deploy comfort women to their bases.”

“But please bring your own whores with you instead of procuring them locally.”

“Well, by the standards of American soldiery this was a rather modest little incident.”

“In the month of May alone:

On the 6th, sailors in Okinawa and Yokosuka arrested for breaking into homes.

On the 11th, a soldier in Okinawa arrested for refusing to be tested for intoxication after driving erratically.

On the 13th, drunken soldiers arrested for breaking into a Kanagawa elementary school ‘because it was cold.’

On the 21st, two soldiers investigated on suspicion of sexually assaulting a Japanese woman in Sasebo.

On the 22nd, a Yokosuka soldier was prosecuted for breaking into and smashing the windows of an elementary school.

On the 26th, a drunken Yokosuka soldier died falling off a building after trying to smash his way into the apartment below his.

On the 28th, a drunken Okinawa soldier was arrested for driving 5 times over the legal limit.

And again on the 28th, one arrested for upskirt photography.”

“If they keep this up people really will begin to question their presence.”

“They get up to all sorts of stuff but it’s overlooked for the sake of the alliance. But these last few years things have been getting out of hand.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Aaaand this time it’s all about stupid acronyms in the title meh

    First thought… soldier captured by woman, wtf?
    Second thought… at least he knows what’s good, until… the part “17 year old girl” meh… why couldn’t he be a lolicon? Would have been a better scandal.
    Third thought… extreme FAIL. A gaijin is always drawing attention. They are easy to identify, and there aren’t that many gaijin in the first place. So if you’re caught, you are done for! Really stupid to try this in public transports… at least challenge a crowded train! lol
    Fourth thought… he smashed his phone. Just imagining that made me smile (destruction is always fun). Still sucks losing your phone and data, but in this case it was the best thing to do^^
    Yeah, so fun news, but could have been better. Let’s see what US soldiers do next^^

  • Anonymous says:

    Yay, another American militard fuckbag who thinks just because he is in the service, he can do whatever the fuck he wants to do. I’m very happy and proud that the Japanese woman manhandled that dirty, disgusting piece of garbage. Good work. Just because a bunch of American faggy-fuck servicemen have a bunch of bases all over Japan, doesn’t mean that they can run amok and act all disorderly and retarded. Do your fucking job or get the fuck out of Japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s almost funny how we all judge an entire race or culture just on one person or a group of people in the same class.
    Muslims: Terrorists and the second dangerous culture in the world.
    Blacks: Feared by most races, extremely violent, proned to be locked up.
    Chinese: Basically the fictional “Final Destination” setting.
    Japanese: The epicenter of the best fanservice ever, but very sensitive when it comes to formal/informal conversations, and easy-to-get women.
    Brits: Proper english with a fetish for tea and crumpets.
    Whites: Ability to do what they want, when they want to, spoiled rich people, especially blondes, rule over every job, degree, sport, and acting careers.
    US otherwise known as yanks these days: barbaric, feeble-minded, unintelligent, smart-alecky simpletons.

    Obviously movies that talk about family, helping one another, world peace, or specific ones like “Jun-Ai” are not getting into the heads of the current and younger generations.

  • Anonymous says:

    So apparently the Japs like US/foreign white boys, but they can turn a blind eye to blacks, caramel, and any other colored skin people. Now it makes sense considering the majority of all soldiers are mixed/not white.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just reading the first sentence was enough to know that that soldier is a disgrace to all soldiers by getting “captured” by a civilian in her late 30s. The funny thing about this is that he smashed up his own phone. haha, what a noob.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s almost like saying a black guy goes into soapland, hoping to get service, only to be hauled by police for “attempted rape”. Still, there’s been alot of commosions about soldiers fucking up around Japan. Must be virgins I assume.

  • Anonymous says:

    39 is an “old woman” now? Then what’s 70 called, an ancient woman? And Japanese supposedly live long lives of good health, so what would 90 be called? A zombie woman? Holy crap… it’s true what they say about youth in the mindset of the Japanese… :/ not to mention the lack of respect behind all the two faced bowing.

    • Anonymous says:

      What if she is a Yakuza and did this because the girl is a whore under their protection? The guy didn’t pay for the service, so he had to suffer. Yakuza baba drags him to the police, they get his data and then they inform the Yakuza to take care of him. Instead of physical torture, his reputation is destroyed and the media (which is also controlled by the Yakuza) report this as an act of a US soldier… people hate on America, the stationed military and gaijin in general. This helps the right wing politicians to gain control, but wait… they support YKZ48 = friends with Yakuza.
      Well, in the end it stays with the Yakuza. It started with a whore and a Yakuza baba and helps the organization controlling Japan. Now count every “Yakuza” appearing in my post and feel stupid…
      END true route (US soldier)

  • Anonymous says:

    Only good for losers with no wife and that will amount to nothing but shit that will die on this earth!

    Go die fuck heads! You are only assholes for Satan to fuck and kill off after like pedos do with kids!

    • Anonymous says:

      Japanese here.
      You don’t really have to apologize for them just because you are have nothing to do with it.
      Soldiers and the army are responsible for those crimes.
      If you really care about soldiers’ crimes and want to stop them, sankom isn’t right place to voice your apology and indignation in my opinion.
      I understand that you feel ashamed when your countrymen do something stupid/bad in foreign countries though..

    • Don’t ass kiss Japanese because you like anime. Don’t forget the reason Americans are over there in the first place. Japan would love to be the country who put America in check if they had the military power to do so.

      Anime fans you have to remember, Japanese people don’t fuggin like you no matter how much you worship their anime manga and games.

      • what the fuck are you smoking? this has nothing to do with like anime or manga nor ass kissing this has to do with when you are in another country act like the representative of your country not a complete ass face just because you have military control in the country you are at so go fuck off down the alley

      • Anonymous says:

        This isn’t about the japanese. This is about the military. What the japanese do or do not isn’t our concern, but our military behaving like assholes is inexcusable. Don’t be acquiescent with them if you are so willing to bash everybody else.

        • There is plenty of military bashing on this thread, I did not feel the need to add to it, it should go without saying that this guy is an idiot and making people look bad. That’s already assumed I shouldn’t have to repeat it.

          However what does bare mentioning as I did is how Americans are always so quick to turn on each other to support a country who doesn’t even like them, and this is usually because of their weaboo obsessions and ignorance as to how the Japanese people really feel about them.

          Japanese at least have the decency to blame the stupid shit they do on country bumkins and koreans and don’t turn on each other. Because of their obsession with Japan Americans are bashing each other even more than the Japs are about this. Which is more embarrassing than loli pantsu shots.

  • so many assholes that need to get curbstomped. People like that are turning our military into a laughing stock. Also, bootcamp has turned into boyscout since I last remember, which could explain why these idiots don’t get filtered out.

  • They should really use that Village People song for recruiting purposes

    In the Navy, yes, you can sail the seven seas.
    In the Navy, yes, you can rape the Japanese.
    In the Navy, come on now people, let’s get drunk.
    In the Navy, can’t you see us having fun.
    In the Navy, you can break into people’s homes.
    In the Navy, come on and take some upskirt shots.
    In the Navy, come on, people, and join us now.
    In the Navy, in the Navy.

  • Anonymous says:

    I always love reading the Japanese comments. They’re sometimes hilariously self-deprecating

    “Poor soldier was poisoned by our hentai ways.”
    “I think they have adapted a little too much to local customs in this case.”

    Anyway, its not just the US military that thinks itself above the law, but pretty much all of Congress and the CEO’s of the large multinational corporations. Things like this are probably going to become more common.

    • Anonymous says:

      You wouldn’t believe how much pressure the US soldiers are under to not fuck up some of these uppity locals when they bitch and moan. In this case, the article is pretty childishly misleading in saying he was ‘manhandled’. He most likely had number of witnesses and couldn’t bash his way out unless he wanted to get at least NJP’d by command.

      I suppose japs will have to try and buttress their non-existent pride somehow.

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL are you cyber defending your own man-hood and tried to up scale your e-penis like it is disgraced by some random sailor just because you are both American?

        How the fuck insecure ARE you???

        Are you in the army or navy? Well that says something about the kind of retards we get in the military LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    I suddenly get the image of LandLordLady of Hataraku Maou Sama

    Miki.T in bikini/swimsuit
    That…… Enough to make 2 of Greatest General of Satan and even Satan himself , stunned.


  • Anonymous says:

    Pfft is this why they censor the games over here yet their american soldiers go around bothering females in japan.

    Americans. What hypocrites. Pixels are real people but the real pervs are in the military bases snooping on females over-seas.

        • omgah the dude all I read was rantrantangryrantincoherentbabble. Evidently you could not handle my intellectual challenge to your comment which has caused you to have an internet spaz attack even bringing up things that have nothing to do with the original comment in what seems to be a desperate attempt to hurt my internet feelings. I have no intention of making enemies, only to make people smarter. So I will take the high road and ignore your insults. You may speak to me when you calm down and have become coherent again.

          “because you are too beta to talk to any real women,”
          -This would hurt my feelings and trigger a raging response, perhaps if I were 12.

          “because you are afraid of being ridiculed for I’m guessing being either non attractive, or fat, or have a deformity or a combination of the three”
          -Ok this is just too stupid for me to continue reading. I’ll just assume the rest of it is just as childish and idiotic and ignore because I’m a grown up. Sorry you wasted your time thinking up and typing out what Im sure you believed to be ‘super cool’ insults. Maybe someone else will care to read it. In the future if you are trying to garner my attention do it by making smarter posts otherwise your time is better spent with your yugioh cards. Have a nice day little boy.

          Just for reference anyone else who responds to my posts; be smart. I don’t indulge in flame wars so you’ll just be ignored as waste your own time. If you’re trying to make me feel stupid over the internet you have a better chance by logically debunking one of my claims if you can. If you rant on with insults I will just assume you are too stupid to challenge my points and I will look down on you no matter how awesome you though rant your post was. Thank you.

        • Is this fool serious? he says “Why are only idiots responding to my posts.” when you read through his crap, you will find not one thing that constitutes a need to give a intelligent because all of his statements are needless raging to pick a fight for I’m assuming is a pathetic life. nothing but “maaa fuck the world no one understands the glory of 2d girls” “Maaa someone makes an innocent comment lets go tear their asshole a new one for no reason” fool when you have a valid topic that isn’t just you spouting shit THAT YOU THINK makes you sound right then we can have a decent debate, go lust after the non real girl and watch as you bloodline dies with you because you are an undesirable piece of trash probably nothing more then a fat ugly beta who lurks behind his computer like those at 4chan and feels superior because no one knows how truly pathetic and demeaning he is

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, maybe if you didn’t leave such plebeian responses people with intelligence wouldn’t have to lower their level of writing for you to understand. After all looking at your track record I can surmise that you are of moderate to low intellect and only go for 2d girls because you are too beta to talk to any real women, because you are afraid of being ridiculed for I’m guessing being either non attractive, or fat, or have a deformity or a combination of the three. So you take your rage and channel it by trolling around on image board sites like a basement dweller, like the oh so wonderful patrons who frequent 4chan, or purposely pick fights with random people to give yourself a false sense of satisfaction, who feels like the big bad boy on campus because he lurks behind a computer screen, out of the time here I have yet to read anything that would surmount a valid argument all I read can be translated in to “I have no life, I have no friends, I am a perpetual virgin, everyone is a fag. I lash out at everyone to make me feel better for having a small penis, herp derp” so do me a quick favor go put some lotion on your hand use your two fingers to masturbate to 2d girls who wouldn’t give you the time of day and drop off the face of the earth
          /end rant

        • Pretty amazing you know the nationality of anons. My comment didnt depend on whether he was Japanese or not anyway point is still not to ass kiss anyone because thats the general idea of how they think of you. Plenty of people hate America because nobody likes a winner.

          Why are only idiots responding to my posts.

        • Anonymous says:

          I doubt OP is Japanese, either a butt hurt american or some other hierarchy neck-beard(which you can relate with) who traverses Sankaku complex because surprise the U.S and Japan aren’t the only two countries on this planet so your comment really doesn’t hold a lot of merit. its called anonymity.

  • Why precious 2d girls are better than 3d whores reason #5632

    3D females TEMPT what would otherwise be good hardworking honest men and work together to ruin their lives. This man is saving you from a north korean/chinese/south korean/every other asian country hates you assault, so what he wants a little cellphone pantsu the idea came from his Japanese buddy anyway. 2d girls won’t ruin your life if you want a picture of them, see also: Photo Kano.

    2d vs 3d Scoresheet:
    2d girls – 5632
    3d girls – 1

    • So at this point you’re boiling down to ‘2D girls are better because you dont have to treat them like human beings’.

      I can think of quite a lot of awesome 2D girls who would kick you in the groin if you tried to pull this shit on them. Alas, they are not real.

      • How high do you suppose this precious innocent child hiked up her school girl skirt? You know nothing is more common and popular amongst school girls in Japan right? Nothing. Who’s to say she wasn’t inviting her picture to be taken Especially to and American? You know in Japan there are elementary school girls who sell their used panties right? But alas its the mans fault of course for not ‘treating her like a human being’.

        Im sure your female precious innocent school girl mind didn’t consider these possibilities and yet you attempt to mock me.

        Men have become weak because of shameless 3d women doing things like this and in their weakness do women help? Of course not as in the example of the old woman they’re quick to throw men under the bus when it does not advantage them. If this young soldier was hitting on the old woman instead I wonder if the story would be another Japanese housewife cheats on her husband with American soldier. Something else popular in Japan.

        You missed my point again.
        If only my 2d message had gotten through to this soldier he would have been looking at 2d pantsu on his phone and his life would not be ruined. My work is necessary in this world. I will protect men from 3d females beasts and women like Shuubi.

        • Just that fact that you will not take into any consideration the women being at fault in this situation, even if they are not, but just your blind refusal tells me you are not an objective enough thinker to understand rational arguments and have your opinion be taken seriously no offense. You judge everything at the surface and that makes you no different than fox news republicans who willing have their minds molded and are easily deceived. “Thinking for yourself” means taking an objective approach even if the situation appears to be that which plays into common stereotypes. Which is what I did. Learn from this

          It is *Rational* to not explicitly assume blame even if something appears to be a certain way you are still innocent until proven guilty. But how many women do you think will read this and take the rational approach. It is entirely rational and within the realm of possibility that this girl knew and concented to the situation after possibly lying about her age, the old lady could have caught them, and out of fear of getting in trouble with the truth with her parents school and friend, completety through the guy under the bus and feigned innocent.

          This is why men run the world and women don’t, because they are able to think. But most men are thinking about women too much and they’ve lost this ability. Women do nothing about this problem men have that they obviously notice because they use it for their advantage and exploit men, example of this are on all the ads around my post. And thats -one- of my main problems with 3d women. If men see women in trouble they rush to their aid, women look after themselves. If a old man was on that bus and saw the soldier what do you think he would do? He would get the soldiers attention let him know he sees what hes doing and talk to him, correct him, help him, get him on a better path without ruining his life and future. That’s not something a woman or one of these male women worshipers would even think of. It would just be omg innocent poor victim precious young girl is being targeted! My logic is undeniable.

          Do you see my struggles men? There is no getting through to women of this age. They are NEVER wrong, never admit defeat, never even assume the possibility of them being wrong, never look at things from a wider scope. My battle with shuubi on every thread proves this even when you know as men I made clear and logical sense even if you don’t like agreeing with me. If you are tired of listening to me and shuubis debates I say this to you; Me and shuubi are a PERFECT picture of marriage today included with the fact Im not getting any sex from her. This is a perfect example of what 3d dating and relationships are like. There have been plently of times where even shuubi knew my point was valid, she sidestepped it, and instead of giving me credit, decided to instead argue a new point. If you look back on our posts there have been times I have complimented her and her intelligence even AFTER she insulted me and I have conceded to her points and gave her credit before. And I’m supposed to be the extreme one. How many times has shuubi done this with me? Zero. Even if you dont like what I say I’ve made at least 100 points by now its impossible for all of them to be bad.
          To answer your question shuubi why I have to protect men from you, the preceding has been just one tiny example.

        • also please enlighten me as to how I have become a woman that you need to ‘protect’ men from? Because I’m capable of thinking for myself? Or because I have a low tolerance for bullshit?
          I’ve made quite a few male friends on here due to shared interests, and I mean them no harm, just like I mean you no harm.

        • ‘In their weaknesses’?
          Why the fuck should a woman, or -anyone- for that matter, help a ‘poor man’ who takes photos of an underaged girls underwear?
          It’s funny, because -you- are the one perpetuating the idea that men are nothing more than growths at the other end of a penis that cant think for themselves and only do what the penis wants to do because of ‘evil women’. I dont think this at all, but every time you make a post like this it seems like thats what you unintentionally believe and I wish you’d see the irony in that.

          People do scummy things and get caught for them. The guy did a scummy thing. He got caught. Its got nothing to do with your delusions of grandeur or some secret spcoety of women who are all in communication with eachother to let eachother know how to act.
          It’s honestly time to just take off your tin-hat and join us in the real world.

        • 18:58
          yeah ofc its ‘spin’ because precious innocent school girl must be right and protected. And big scary pervert man must be wrong and demonized. For all you know these two arranged a meet up on the train for this specific purpose maybe she lied about her age not illegal, maybe he was minding his own business at first and she got his attention and lifted her skirt inviting him not illegal, maybe he was fucking the old lady and left her for a younger woman and she got mad and told him her cute younger friend wants to do try something fun with him on the train and told him to take pictures of her in a school uniform but dont worry shes 18 in order to entrap him not illegal. What about all these debts to society women get away with. But of course all women are weak innocent and need to be protected at all times forever and ever.

        • Anonymous says:

          However you spin it, the soldier is alleged to have done upskirt photography. You don’t accidentally do that.

          If it is proven that he did it in a court of law, its only right he pays his debt to society for his crime.

          A law abiding and honorable soldier would expect nothing less.

  • Anonymous says:

    yeah, just because they are dirty foreigners the Japaneses are complaining… while forgetting these few incidents is nothing compared to what Japanese born citizens do all the time.

    • Anonymous says:


      Yeah Japanese crime get reported on news all the time too, just because you don’t see them cuz you don’t live there.

      Your retarded reasoning skills thinks that the world of Japan all gets reported on Sankaku or something?

      F’ing retard.

    • Anonymous says:

      how many soldiers are there? if you want to compare the number of crimes you should take in consideration that there aren’t so many soldiers to justify it (and the fact that they are SOLDIERS, therefore they are supposed to protect and maintain order).

  • Anonymous says:

    SHitty US and its shitty people as always…BUT…

    But FUCK that woman, she should mind her own fucking business, no hamr done here, stupid woman, you find these wanna be heroes so very often

    • Anonymous says:

      lol “mind her own fucking business.” ???? yea, remind me next time u are being assaulted in any form, that no one should help u. No cops, no lawyers, nothing, since they should be “minding their own fucking business”

      … I think that was her business BTW. She has a foreign man, who is suppose to represent another country and protect the citizens there, but instead finds time to harass school girls.

      I bet you if this was in your country you would be telling the soldier to get castrated and such….

      I thought it was brave of the woman to take in the soldier, since she most likely had no training, and was facing a man who was trained to kill. Bravo Lady

    • Anonymous says:

      i have been reading this same insane shit for like 10 years… and i want you to stop right now okay? i dont want to discuss this anymore. there is no “mind your business talk in the internet” anon.

  • Anonymous says:

    I stopped caring about crimes against women because females never really cared about men. How many women care about male issues? Zero.

    Tons of women deprive men of sex already. Fuck it all.

      • ‘deserve it’
        you see? women look at giving sex to men like its a privilege and men fall under that spell. they hang it over your head and you heel like dogs and end up ass kissing your whole life. Women have always been useless whores and will forever be. Men need to be men again.

        • I think you misunderstood what I meant by saying ‘privilege’. I didnt mean its like a ‘reward’. I simply meant its not something anyone is -entitled- to, because trying to ‘claim’ sex likes its owed to you can quickly turn into rape. Being in a relationship does not entitle you to sex, its something both partners have to be comfortable with. And like I said, this goes for both genders – there are girlfriends who want to rush into sex when their boyfriends arent ready for it, even if the reverse is more common. Perhaps there is a better word than ‘privilege’?

          re:makeup I dont know why you think me commenting on makeup I think isnt particularly flattering constitutes me being vain or overvaluing my appearance. I think people should be allowed to wear whatever the hell makeup they want; whether its to make them look like a doll or make them look like a gothic dragon influenced by KISS, but I’m perfectly entitled to opinions on those choices. I said in another post I only really tend to use makeup for my job (because it’s expected and gives a more professional appearance, this is only a foundation anyway) and for cosplay (which is the only time I’ll go all out, as the whole idea of cosplay is to transform your appearance. Besides, men can wear makeup for cosplay too! 2D men have flawless features too, after all.)
          Or is it suddenly a crime to value my appearance…? Dont 2D girls do the same thing? Kuroneko wears makeup, and exquisite clothing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You seem to have a lot of double standards in regards to 2D vs 3D.

        • About sex being a privilege – it is. It’s not something you are owed or entitled to, and if you think this you need to get over yourself. This goes for both genders, by the way, as well as all and any orientations. It shouldnt be used as a bargaining chip unless its with a prostitute.
          If you’re so horny and desperate that you can be so easily manipulated by it, that’s your own fault, whether you have a penis or a vagina.

        • Right back atcha. Still wondering how I fail your lady test if dont do anything of the things you rant about, as well as enjoy the same things as you…only not letting my bitterness cloud reality. It seems you only dislike me because I keep proving to be an exception to your claims and you dont like that. So you’re angry if a woman cheats, steals money, acts promiscuous, disses on men for liking 2D, doesnt work, only buys shoes or whatever else you’ve said, but a woman who does none of those things whilst also contributing to society in a positive way is still someone deserving of your scorn?
          But seeing as your idea of a perfect woman is one who isnt able to refuse you (and, ironically, isnt able to say yes to you either) I think I’ll be quite content not passing that test.

        • “About sex being a privilege – it is. It’s not something you are owed or entitled to, and if you think this you need to get over yourself.”
          -I shouldn’t have to teach this to adults, but sex is not a privilege. In the case of husbands and wives it is a responsibility. The minds of women of this age are so perverse they don’t realize this and look at it as a privileged to dangle over the head of men. A husband gives his body to his wife and she does the same, the two become one and their bodies are no longer belong exclusively to themselves they are to be shared with each other. Every religious and secular philosophical text agrees with this and I can quote them. A doctorate level marriage therapist would say the same ideally but add people are selfish so promoting this idea is difficult. Marriage and love is not about your needs saying sex is a privilege, is about the needs and desire for your partner. It’s not about finding someone to love you, its about finding someone to love. Can’t handle it? Don’t get married, its why most people fail at it anyway. As you can clearly see men, 3d women do not understand even these simple concepts anymore. But your waifus do.

          “If you’re so horny and desperate that you can be so easily manipulated by it, that’s your own fault, ”
          -Women will say as they entice in every way they can with their words, clothing choices, and doing all they can to enhance their appearance. When you ignore it they’re upset, when you fall to it they can eventually look down on you and say something like what shuubi just said here.
          Apparently you don’t realize the entire world is manipulated and influenced by sex including you whos on a anime porn website.
          But you’re right it is the fault of men for allowing themselves to me tempted by 3d women. Thats why we need a revolution.

          “Still wondering how I fail your lady test if dont do anything of the things you rant about,”
          Like most women it appears you pay attention to hair makeup and being pretty as Ive read in your posts and completely neglect the idea there may be some elements of your personality that may need improving. You seem completely confident in your makeup advice but when I challenge you as a human being you have no idea where these allegations come from and why I would say this or that. Girls think all the have to do is be pretty and are shocked to learn they might be gross people on the inside seemingly never have considered this possibility before. They think they are relationship ready when they are pretty enough and in their lifetime don’t take any ‘serious’ consideration for their inner selves. And I’m not talking about things like working on not being shy anymore

          “as well as enjoy the same things as you…only not letting my bitterness cloud reality.”
          -All I am doing is painting the picture of reality for men to see themselves. Full of facts not opinion. But because you don’t like the reality of these facts, you call it bitterness.

          “It seems you only dislike me because I keep proving to be an exception to your claims and you dont like that. So you’re angry if a woman cheats, steals money, acts promiscuous, disses on men for liking 2D, doesnt work, only buys shoes or whatever else you’ve said, but a woman who does none of those things whilst also contributing to society in a positive way is still someone deserving of your scorn?”
          -I don’t know anything about you personally so its hard for you to say I dislike you for personal reasons and what you personally do. I have no clue what you like and what you do and have no clue if you’re an exception based on those two things so I couldn’t dislike you for that. I only respond on topic every time to what you say to me, I don’t express any personal opinion for any one specific woman, its not all about you ya know.
          But on that note, I’ve only judged you by what you’ve said, and in what you said I’ve seen nothing that says to me your an exception. Of course not every woman is bad at everything, so even if you are contributing to society you have others of the fatal flaws I’ve spoken about and are probably canceling out the good your doing with other bad. Even if you are the rare single digit percentage of quality women, the problems remains that quality women are in single digits. Since you’re opposing me you’re not helping the cause which then I wouldn’t say puts you in that single digit percentage. But again its not about you anyway.

          “But seeing as your idea of a perfect woman is one who isnt able to refuse you (and, ironically, isnt able to say yes to you either) I think I’ll be quite content not passing that test.”
          -You’re wrong. I very much enjoy having my points and ideas challenged, it just appears no woman is able to objectively do so. Every woman who has replied to me has replied with the you’re wrong /random insult and namecalling/ and this is the correct thing that doesn’t make any technical sense but feeeels right approach. You were the second closest to being objective and making rational points that deserved consideration, but you always revert back to simplistic typical 2 dimensional if you will thinking filled with misguided opinion thats easily taken apart logically by matter of fact. I don’t blame anyone for ignorance, everyone is ignorant once, nor do I turn from people who speak from objective opinion, but when opinions are regarded as fact, as in the case of most everything you say, and can and are logically disproved, as in the case with your sex is a privileged comment, but the person is unwilling to be wrong, shikatanai. And that is usually the case with women. If you can prove to me how anything you’ve said can logically be proved true I will gladly concede to your points because it means I learned something. If you can.

      • Anonymous says:

        Even ugly and poor people can get sex. Even ugly poor murderous cannibals can get sex (Issei Sagawa, look it up). The only people who can’t get sex or even a relationship are idiots, assholes, and other weak-minded and self-loathing people. People here need to fix themselves up, make a positive effort, and gather some courage, for fuck’s sake.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sleazy people don’t have the luxury of holding onto standards, male or female. Those people are all capable of loving and being otherwise good people too.

          And that balding, creepy murderer didn’t only find sex but from one of the women he also got acceptance, forgiveness, and friendship even after she found out about him.

        • No on wants just any sex from any sleeze whore of a woman. They’d like to have it with an wholesome attractive girl. But once a girl knows shes cute sex love and relationships with her dont come without a co$t and a pri¢e making her a sleeze whore of a woman as well. And even when men pay the price and eventually marry her thats when the sex deprivation begins. Anon is right, women don’t care about men, they are opportunists only looking out for themselves pretending to love and care.