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A US soldier has been captured by a 39-year-old Japanese woman after being caught taking upskirt photographs of a schoolgirl on a bus, and has been charged with chikan related offences more normally associated with salarymen despite his protestations that he was “aiming at her face.”

The incident began when an unidentified 22-year-old US petty officer third class stationed at the US naval base in Yokosuka boarded a city bus.

There he spied a 17-year-old high-schooler, and in true chikan tradition proceeded to manoeuvre his smartphone into a tactically advantageous position below her, giving him the opportunity to conduct photographic reconnaissance of her nether regions.

However, his operation lacked finesse and was observed by a 39-year-old woman embarked on the same vehicle, who considered it highly suspicious and intervened.

The soldier bravely attempted a tactical withdrawal but proved no match for Japan’s finest, who grabbed him by the arm and hauled him before local police.

He did however manage to prevent his phone being captured, smashing it prior to his capture.

He was charged with a chikan-related offence under prefectural anti-nuisance ordinances, which he denies, saying that “I just wanted to photograph her face.”

The soldier’s capture could hardly come at a worse time for the US military – between their usual habit of making sport of the local womenfolk and their propensity for various acts of inebriated or malicious criminality, even the relatively pro-American Japanese who dominate online opinion are starting to wonder at the wisdom of allowing America’s finest off their bases at all:

“Mission failed.”

“What the hell are they doing now!?”

“The old hag was pretty strong to overpower a soldier like this!”

“How did a 22-year-old US soldier get manhandled by a 39-year-old Japanese woman…”

“We should just entrust our national defence to these old women.”

“That our supposed protectors are getting overpowered by old women is not reassuring.”

“And I thought only Japanese obsessed over JK pantsu.”

“Yank soldiers like Japan’s JKs?”

“He must have been some creepy little nerd to be interested in that and so easily overpowered.”

“Poor soldier was poisoned by our hentai ways.”

“I think they have adapted a little too much to local customs in this case.”

“Even with stuff like this going on the Americans don’t bat an eyelid…”

“These Americans act like they are unimpeachable and Japan is still an evil vanquished nation, bashing us every chance they get whilst their nation’s own deplorable antics are ignored and not even reported on by their media. So much for their much vaunted free press.”

“Even now the American politicians are still busy finding new ways to censure Japan. Even as your own people run amok on crime sprees of their own. Vile barbarians.”

“Somebody get this soldier to a brothel, quick!”

“They need to deploy comfort women to their bases.”

“But please bring your own whores with you instead of procuring them locally.”

“Well, by the standards of American soldiery this was a rather modest little incident.”

“In the month of May alone:

On the 6th, sailors in Okinawa and Yokosuka arrested for breaking into homes.

On the 11th, a soldier in Okinawa arrested for refusing to be tested for intoxication after driving erratically.

On the 13th, drunken soldiers arrested for breaking into a Kanagawa elementary school ‘because it was cold.’

On the 21st, two soldiers investigated on suspicion of sexually assaulting a Japanese woman in Sasebo.

On the 22nd, a Yokosuka soldier was prosecuted for breaking into and smashing the windows of an elementary school.

On the 26th, a drunken Yokosuka soldier died falling off a building after trying to smash his way into the apartment below his.

On the 28th, a drunken Okinawa soldier was arrested for driving 5 times over the legal limit.

And again on the 28th, one arrested for upskirt photography.”

“If they keep this up people really will begin to question their presence.”

“They get up to all sorts of stuff but it’s overlooked for the sake of the alliance. But these last few years things have been getting out of hand.”


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