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KIA: Cops Chase Drunken US Sailor Off Building


A US sailor has died under perplexing circumstances after trying to smash his way into the home of an elderly man from a 6th floor balcony, falling to his death when police arrived for some reason.

Police were called to the 6th floor Yokosuka city apartment of a 77-year-old unemployed man at 2:35AM after he reported “the man who lives above me is trespassing on my balcony.”

The man, identified as 24-year-old seaman second class Alex Spedia, was a US sailor stationed at Fleet Activities Yokosuka, which abuts directly onto downtown Yokosuka, and apparently enjoyed off-base accommodation, occupying the apartment directly above the man.

When police arrived they discovered he had broken the window of the man’s balcony window, and according to police “fell off the building” just after they arrived. The fall proved fatal.

Police say they found a whiskey bottle and other evidence of intoxication in his apartment, and shrewdly surmise that he may have been drunk. The fall itself was witnessed by another resident on the 3rd floor, who reported it as well.

Between drunken rampages, gang rapes and Yokosuka’s surprisingly open attitude to potential Chinese recruits, the USFJ have been experiencing less than favourable press of late – though there is some curiosity amongst Japanese as to just how this latest accident occurred:

“Why the hell did this American want to get into the man’s apartment from the balcony?”

“What on earth was he up to?”

“Now just why would a drunken US sailor want to get into your apartment?”

“He may have fallen onto the balcony on the floor below whilst drunk and tried to get back home via this guy’s apartment, but he wouldn’t let him in. Then he broke his window to get in, but the cops arrived and he got scared and fell off. It sounds like there might have been a problem in how the cops handled it…”

“Please, if you’re a soldier, don’t die falling off someone’s balcony.”

“It’s pretty sick getting lectured about comfort women by people from a country like this.”

“Aren’t these soldiers normally out raping people all day?”

“God, he was going to rape this poor old man!”

“Related: Stars and Stripes reported 2 US soldiers at Sasebo are under investigation for raping a woman a few weeks ago.”

“They’ll probably have to ban US forces in Japan from drinking as well now…”

“Who is going to pay for this guy’s window? Not the US military I suppose?”

“Surprisingly little reporting on this incident from the press, I wonder why?”

“So he got drunk and just decided to go climbing on his building.”

“I’d be pretty scared if some foreigner appeared on my balcony breaking my window and trying to get in.”

“It’s pretty unexpected that he fell off a balcony like that. Sure the old guy didn’t give a little kick?”

“If he lived above the old guy probably knew of him at least. Can’t help but think some neighbourly grudge was in play, and he got drunk and decided to get the old man? But then it went wrong and the cops showed and he tried to get away but…”

“He went to break into the place below looking for someone to rape but the old guy called the cops on him, and then he fell off. The end. Life is sweet!”

“US soldiers make really aggressive drunks for some reason, don’t they?”

“They seem to keep breaking into people’s houses as well.”

“US soldiers are total scum aren’t they? Raping people and breaking into houses, why don’t you fuck off and do it in the filthy slums of your own country?”

“It used to be that you’d get a lot of people rushing to defend US soldiers when they did this stuff, not so much any more. People saying it was the fault of the women, that sort of thing. I guess even they reached their breaking point.”

“Was he not engaged in an urban combat exercise?”

“What is it with US soldiers and balconies?”

“Come on guys. Instead of moaning about him being drunk and bothering an old man, show some sympathy for this poor foreigner who died in a faraway land like this.”

“Sure. He was only 24 too, sad.”

“I’m from Yokosuka. There used to be a big red light district there, with bars which wouldn’t serve Japanese where they could get a woman any time. When they abandoned $1:¥360 exchange rates, they became relatively poor, and when I think of this guy drinking away in his room like that, and then falling drunk to his death, it’s so sad.”

“It was their decision, so I can’t help but think it is their responsibility.”

“Soldiers should die on the battlefield.”

“The curtains draws on 24 years of life for this trash.”

“Come on. I think he was going to do this old guy over, why else be so scared that he fell off the building when the cops showed up and he tried to run? You guys would not be saying the same stuff if this was a Korean.”

“He knew Japanese have no guns, so he thought it would be easy!”

“Just be thankful the guy didn’t blow him away. That’s all that would have happened in the states.”

“I don’t see why they have to let these guys off their bases in the first place. They already have their own bars and shops in there.”

“Keep them on their bases. And especially, don’t let them live off-base in private residences!”

“If he’d only had access to prostitutes he might have been able to relieve his stress some other way and this never would have happened…”

“Another sacrifice which could have been averted had the US forces just allowed their men prostitutes!”

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  • Anonymous says:

    He collected bottles he thought looked neat. He was not a raging alcoholic. He enjoyed mtn climbing and hiking. He would also never consider hurting another person. He was a joy to be around and lightened everyone’s day. Wait for an investigation and please stop slurring on an honorable man’s name.

    Thank you

  • Anonymous says:

    Things that caught my eye:
    1. “77-year-old unemployed man” <-why the f**k doesn't he work? All those retarded NEETs! He'd better get behind the register of a Fast Food restaurant ASAP!
    Well, no… seriously, he's 77! It should be normal for him to be retired… FAIL article +1
    2. Title is "KIA: Cops Chase Drunken US Sailor Off Building"
    Article states: "fell off the building just after they arrived. The fall proved fatal."
    Erm… how is it possible for the man to die being chased by someone, who arrived shortly before he fell? It doesn't say that the police chased him or anything.
    FAIL article +2
    3. "KIA" my nuts. So he was a sailor/marine/whatever… who tried to break into his neighbors apartment! Usually KIA is said when someone dies carrying out the duty of their job = commonly sth. honorable. Sure, he died during his action… but well, still a stupid wording… and misleading, so FAIL article +3
    4. Wow, that old man knows his neighbor from a floor above? I don't even know who lives on my floor (5 other parties, 2 directly neighboring me) and I live here for 2 years (my house has 8 floors, 6 apartments each). Kinda nice for him, though that drunk American seems messed up, breaking into a flat 1 floor below^^

  • Anonymous says:

    Lets be honest US military crime is not in of its self an issue its likely much much lower then the areas Japanese on Japanese crime more so for the same crimes. The issue is they are US MILITARY so they stand out way way more.

  • It’s the Idiot Ratio. Whenever you have a big group of people, regardless of race or nationality, there’s always a certain ratio of idiots that make the rest look bad.

    When I read articles here about Japanese teachers molesting students should I infer they are ALL like that? No.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Aren’t these soldiers normally out raping people all day?”

    “God, he was going to rape this poor old man!”

    “He went to break into the place below looking for someone to rape but the old guy called the cops on him, and then he fell off. The end. Life is sweet!”

    “He knew Japanese have no guns, so he thought it would be easy!”

    “Just be thankful THE GUY DIDN’T BLOW HIM away. That’s all that would have happened in the states.”

    “If he’d only had access to prostitutes he might have been able to relieve his stress some other way and this never would have happened…”

  • I don’t know, if this sailor was truly innocent then there wouldn’t be incidents like this. I think he was drunk and frustrated. Well, we will never really know what happened. But I think there needs to be some really tight restrictions before letting a soldier go aland. Like maybe a test to see if they have a habit of drinking?

  • Anonymous says:

    I love how proportionally roughly 18 times more violent crimes are committed in Japan by Japanese than by Americans (0.291% compared to 0.016% per 100,000) yet “all Americans are filthy degenerate rapists and thugs.” The anti-American sentiment has nothing to do with a disproportionate number of crimes being committed by US servicemen in Japan; that’s just a convenient scapegoat. It’s simply pure, 100% Japanese racism and xenophobia.

  • Anonymous says:

    With all the stories about the crimes and just plain stupidity of American servicemen in Japan, you would think that the Pentagon would take a closer look at what kind of orientation these guys are getting. These idiots are making our whole country look bad.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you think smart people join the army then you are living in some sort of fantasy.

      Most of them are uneducated people, join the service and brain washed to think that they are above all because they are being trained for war.

      • Anonymous says:

        Uh, on average the level of college degree achievements and educational level of the US military is above that of social average, and most definitely above developed-world average.

        Not to mention the average IQ is also above average of developed nations.

        Do you even know what the fuck you are talking about? Or are you just too ass pained by all the cock that’s been up it since you couldn’t handle that shit?

  • Anonymous says:

    I guess getting bitten by a radioactive spider doesn’t do much to increase one’s alcohol tolerance.

    RIP, drunken Spiderman. May the next web-slinger go to rehab when he needs it.

  • Anonymous says:

    The sailor was probably screwing one of the girls on the floor above or to the side and the girl’s boyfriend showed up, forcing him to take stupid measures to avoid detection.

  • my first thought was that the guy somehow got himself locked out on his balcony.
    perhaps didn’t speak Japanese, so couldn’t explain his predicament to anyone …

    being drunk and franticly, unsuccessfully trying to explain yourself can look very similar. there’s usually a lot of shouting either way…
    then add policemen aiming guns at you.. policemen you can’t explain yourself to…
    … or policement that have too many experiences with “bad american murder-sailors” just deciding that it’s easier to push you off the balcony than to hear you out.

  • I don’t understand how it’s decided where a soldier is sent in the US military. Wouldn’t you send the ones that behave the best to Japan because they’d be least likely to cause trouble? Send drunks and minorities to Germany, they’re used to crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      The real problem is that the enlistment requirements for the US Army are almost nonexistent. They can’t get enough educated people willing to become cannon fodder, so they lowered the bar to allow druggies & other degenerate filth enlistment. In fact it’s the only branch of the military you can fail the drug test and retake it.

      It also doesn’t help that the military has become so PC, that trainees are never actually broken and pieced back together, to become proper soldiers. So instead they become overgrown children with a gun in their hand, a bottle of booze in the other and the belief that they’re now trained killing machines.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or better yet, don’t station your bases anywhere else on the world but your own soil when you’ve got too much soldiers who misbehave.

      Also, the only ones in Europe who are still supportive of the NATO are the damned politicians and the Eastern European countries.
      The NATO brings more problems then it is worth for Europe, and once Europe starts getting it’s act together producing military ware more themselves instead of overpriced American garbage (I’m looking at you export version of the F-35 Lightning-II, also known as the JSF), the EU easily can get it’s own defence and peacekeeping force.

      • Anonymous says:

        Here’s a hint – learn to fuck over your muslims before you think you can defend your country. I mean this seriously; how the fuck are you even capable of defending yourself when you can’t even keep some sand niggers from acting out?

        Here in the states a muslim watches themselves not to even look cross eyed at another person lest they be fuckin lynched.

      • Anonymous says:

        Europe, especially Western Europe, decided long ago that they were not interested in protecting themselves and gave that duty to the US. It would take a radical shift in societial thinking for Europe to start expanding their militaries to the point the US wouldn’t need to be there. But it won’t happen. People want their entitlements, not a strong military.

  • Anonymous says:

    What do you do with a drunk sailor?
    What do you do with a drunk sailor?
    What do you do with a drunk sailor early in the morning?
    Run his ass off a really high building
    Run his ass off a really high building
    Run his ass off a really high building early in the morning.

  • Anonymous says:

    I worked with this man. He was the most gentle easy going guy i’ve ever met in my life. I’ve never once heard him utter a unkind word or even hinted about harming anyone. Whatever happened, it was not his fault and all of you should be ashamed for treating him like a abstract concept (US Navy Sailor) to use in your personal biggotry in place of what he really was. A person.

    • Anonymous says:

      Since he was 24, well passed the point most would begin a career in the military, I’m going to assume he was on his second enlistment term and your story has some credibility. As for the rest of these faggots, good luck with that. Bashing America is what all the cool kids, aka entitled 15yo faggots, do these days.

  • Ah Japans finest at work again.

    They didn’t even bother with a postmortem examination and simply assumed he was drunk since they found a bottle in his apartment?

    And for the railing on those balconies, that’s 5′ high, which hits just below his pecks. He would have had to climb the railing to “fall off.”

    Nice detective work there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe the forensic result is not out yet?

      The police statement probably just an early assumption on what’s actually going on, based on the evident in his room and statement from the old man and people that see the incident.

      • Anonymous says:

        Since when have Japanese police ever done actual detective work, remember the kid falsely arrested because an IP range he may have once used lead them to his apartment? Japan – 99% conviction rate, arrest and FORCE a confession out of the suspect. Guilty or not.

  • Anonymous says:

    Considering the prejudices of the police in Japan you often read in stories on here, I’d be hesitant to go along with their story here.

    And the xenophobia and racism (both of which are retarded) are alive and well on sankaku.

  • Anonymous says:

    “US soldiers are total scum aren’t they? Raping people and breaking into houses, why don’t you fuck off and do it in the filthy slums of your own country?”

    Oh please, as if Japanese people don’t rape their own people…

  • I was in the NAVY, stationed in japan. And I have to say, that the stupid sailor deserved to die. Because if he had gotten out of it alive, he would’ve ruined it for everyone (again) that is enjoying japan. Stupid sailors like him are an embarrassment to the NAVY and all us military in general.

    That is one less shitbag in my military.

    • Anonymous says:

      And one less pussy since you are no longer in it eh ch ! nk boy?

      You don’t have the balls to solve your problems, then don’t bitch and moan when someone fucks you to pieces for being a mouthy ch ! nk who writes checks his mouth can’t cash in.

  • Or he was pushed…
    Seriously, the Japanese police force conclude “Suicide” on murders fairly frequently when they aren’t willing to investigate a murder fully or come to a conclusive murderer.
    No biopsy to conclude he was drunk, either..?

    In either case, this guy is the same age as my little brother. Sad to see such a young man dead on such sketchy pretenses.

  • Anonymous says:

    This man is from my Command and I worked with him. He was a fun loving guy and easily one of the most chill people i’ve ever met. Please consider that when articles like this pop up, the subjects are not abstractions. They are people. Just because you don’t know them doesn’t give you the right to spit on their grave.

      • Anonymous says:

        Japan isn’t xenophobic or racist. How are they? They’ve never been aggressive to anyone nor insulting to foriegners. They’re peaceful people who wouldn’t hurt a fly. If they do something bad they would never deny because it isn’t honorouble.

        I would trust a Japanese person much more than us White people. Their culture will always be better than ours.

        • Anonymous says:


          No. Not Japanese. Zainichi Korean are the only racist. They pretend to be Japanese to give them bad name. Only Koreans and Chinese make crime in Japan. 2 faced lie is created from Koreans to have people hate Japanese.

          Japanese hardly ever commit any crimes. Look at statistics. Much better than Korea, China and US. The numbers are all there. Just prove Japanese are better at a lot of things than us.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s all for show, to make themselves look good. Underneath, many of them think the complete opposite of what they say. I think there’s even a word for that social trait in Japan, though i forgot what the word is. They often bow to people with a two-face.

          No culture is perfect, we all have our ups and downs.

  • Anonymous says:

    *sigh* Some of us Sailors in Japan just want to live life normally here and enjoy the country. With this whole string of liberty incidents I hope I can still go off the base and see what I haven’t yet of Japan :/

  • Only US sailors get drunk and do things like this. All other countries’ armed forces always act well behaves at all times and NEVER do anything bad. That’s why all the other Asian countries like Japan SO much.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe if more “accidents” like this happen these stupid rednecks may think twice before acting like idiots.

    About time that the fatality in these incidents ends up being the redneck. Does my heart good to see it happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe if you did your best to shut the fuck up your bitch race wouldn’t draw so much unwanted attention from other people who love to fuck over mouthy fucks.

      lol @ “redneck”. Any “redneck” can easily fuck you to pieces no matter what you want to think 🙂

        • Anonymous says:


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    • Anonymous says:

      its obvious he was pushed by those yellow demons ( police OR old man ) for some kind of sick “revenge” for the apparent misbehaviour of US soldiers recently. Is Obama gonna sit on his hands over this, as usual, because the US needs to take action now. We kept this asian filth in check, with a coupla A-Bombs up the ass in the 40s and we’ve been too easy on ’em since. Things are getting outta control again so why not a little ” accentuated ” occupation of Japan, like we do other countries? This is the nips we’re talking about here, not muslims, so they’d easily be crushed because there men are such herbivores.

    • Anonymous says:

      Basically. NK and China (tyrannical countries) hate SK and Japan (prosperous and free) and vice versa. If US military announced tomorrow that they would be leaving SK and Japan, NK and China would throw a party – “Yeah let’s fuck up SK and Japan!!” SK has a decent military on their own, but even they might not hold out long enough, and Japan would just be smashed. I’m not saying US has military bases in countries solely to protect them, I’m sure there is some degree of self-interest involved. But the presence is necessary. US military is the strongest in the world, hands down. Not thumping my chest or anything, I’m not even American, but yeah that’s basically what it is.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s basically a good thing that the US is physically present there in force. Japan wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of fending off a Chinese onslaught. Say good bye to your saucy (and especially propaganda-free) anime, manga and eroge if that happens. But US presence there is in serious need of restructuring and improved handling, especially complete and strictly enforced isolation from the civil population is long overdue.

      • Anonymous says:

        These soldiers can’t protect a thing. It’s human shield, just like the base in South Korea within artillery range of the North. If there’s a war with China, that base would be a smoking crater before they wake up from their bunks.

        Not that there will be any war. China is interested in economic domination. The earlier Japan wake up and build their own economy back up, the better off they will be.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are retarded if you think US is in Japan to “protect Japan”, it’s there to protect the US of A.

        America never does anything in other people’s interest, only it’s own. No wonder Americans around the world are all cocky as shit cuz we think we are the saviors to everybody, when in reality we are just taking advantage of people while claiming to be the hero at the same time.

        • Anonymous says:

          As long as military organizations exist, there will be conflicts. Not having a military in your country = invitation for armed countries to invade you… having a SDF is the best option. You can defend yourself, but are not meant to attack others or go into action.

          Stationed troops from other countries? Well, not really needed in Japan’s case. Sure, China + Korea are “enemies” and the air can get pretty heavy… but I doubt that Japan would be invaded or attacked by them. South Korea already has enough on hands with North Korea and China tries their best to be recognized by the Western Nations and lose their negative communist image. Attacking peaceful little Japan would get them lots of enemies.
          As long as the fuckheads in Japan don’t talk shit about their neighbors or “friends”, there won’t be conflict (fuckheads = those who talk about American soldiers “using” Japanese whores; those stupid islands; war crimes not being crimes… etc. those retarded politicians you can read about on this site)

        • Anonymous says:

          09:26 Actually the us military has always resided within foreign countries to protect our VESTED INTERESTS, by assuring American funded companies are provided protection in the event of an invading force.

          And a lot of that early vested interest came in the form of cheap manufacturing. I know it may be hard for you children to imagine, but at one point Japan was America’s Chinese labor force.

          Anyway, if you really wanted to blame anyone for America’s military presence abroad, I’d say Cuba is to blame. There were a lot of upstarts interested in Cuba and invested in Havana, who got shafted after Castro took control and everyone watching paid close attention to their mistake.

          They placed money & pressure on their rich political buddies to assure the same thing did not happen to them. Especially the Jews that went drilling for oil in the middle east. Which is why Saudi Arabia got bases and America became hated by fundamental extremist groups. /Jews being Jews

        • Anonymous says:

          Where did I say they’re there to “protect Japan” you retarded dumbfuck? I only said it’s a good thing. China won’t dare to invade as long as the bases are there and a strategic priority to the US. I couldn’t care less what their strategic objectives are as long as they keep the communist party out of my animu producing Japan.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dumb cunt with self-hate issues. Or maybe daddy issues?

          No one is saying they will ‘protect’ anyone. All nations are motivated by self-interest. If you want to bitch about attitude talk to nations starting shit around a fuckin rock pile of islands and having an international pissing contest. US maintains the longest demilitarized land border on Earth.

          No one in American seriously believes they are out to be ‘heroes’. Only bitches like you with no other excuses constantly moan about what you think America is doing. Facts speak otherwise.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not the US presence that is in need of restructuring, but the japanese attitude and mouth that is in need of “restructuring”. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows this.

      • Anonymous says:

        What control? What “strategic value?” China’s route is economic domination. They don’t have to conquer you, they own you now…

        Last year China’s GDP, military spending, and living standard grow by the same 8%. While America digs itself into the ground with record military spending on borrowed money, as the economy stagnated and living standard declined. Have we forgotten why the Soviet Union collapsed?

        • Anonymous says:


          They don’t know or can’t follow any other tune then that which best qualifies them as a prestige whores.

          Think of either Russia or US. Did either of them give a flying fuck about what their ‘prestige’ is on the world stage?

        • Anonymous says:

          It really baffles me that they’re wasting resources and freaking land (in a country where the population is bursting at the seams) to build abandoned cities just to raise some numbers instead of properly making some decent housing/towns and support their own people.

        • Anonymous says:

          In case you didn’t know the reason why China’s “GDP” grew is because it bases its GDP on construction and not on property sales, in order to prop that number up, they are building massive abandoned cities all over the country. Do yourself a favor and look it up. There was a special on Vice a couple of weeks ago and it is scary. When the US Housing bubble collapsed, construction accounted for 16% of the country’s GDP, it’s currently at 50% in china. Its only a matter of time before China experiences an even worse economic collapse than the United States experienced.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why down vote the obvious facts? If, despite the extremely strict immigration policy japan is still having problems with ‘minorities’, and also that japanese are being fucked by korean and chinese criminals and how japanese police can’t do shit against them, then this statement is 100% true. Unlike other countries where police go toe-to-toe with hardened criminals on a daily basis, apparently japanese cops can’t do anything unless yakuza gives the go ahead, and that same yakuza is filled with koreans.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, go explaining that to his family…
    He didn’t die in action… but got drunk and fell off a balcony while trying to trespass. Drunk morons, bringing shame to their families since alcohol was invented.

    • Anonymous says:

      He died trying to be an actor for an American action flick… remember those 80s movies where a badass cop was an alcoholic, climbs buildings, smashes through windows and stuff (example “Die Hard”)? All he did wrong was actually dieing hard…
      basically he died “in Action”.

  • “A US sailor has died under perplexing circumstances after trying to smash his way into the home of an elderly man from a 6th floor balcony, falling to his death when police arrived for some reason.”

    Sounds like a Mission Impossible movie that ended early because tom cruises replacement is terrible and failed at smoothly breaking into the old mans home gymnast flipping through the furniture and escaping out the front door while the feds were in pursuit and instead got his foot stuck in the old mans potted plant on the balcony and fell to his death. Then the Japanese police sprinkled some crack and liquor on him and blamed the navy.

        • Anonymous says:

          6 million chinese civilians, 1 million koreans women, children, old men, and at least 1 million SE asian civilians were not military targets.

          Actually, keep trying to bitch about history. The way it flies in the face of facts makes you look all that much more pathetic.

        • Anonymous says:

          Japan attacked only military US targets(because there’s a whole pacific ocean for them to cross to attack civilian targets). China and the rest of Asia was a different story.
          The US and Japan like to push the concept of justice and innocence as their national symbols, respectively. It makes sense because they are the least just and innocent nations in the world.

        • Anonymous says:

          All those fire balloons they indiscriminately set loose on the trade winds say otherwise. Guess your wihtewashed textbooks neglected that part too, just like they did Nanking & comfort women.

        • Anonymous says:

          Japan did much more than that, sadly. “Rape of Nanjing” anyone? Of course, It’s a shame the Japanese government covered it up and didn’t teach it to the newer generations. Japanese society is far from perfect and may even be below your “barbarian Americans” in terms of development. I’m not even sure anymore which of the two nations’ government is more corrupt anymore!

          Go ahead, keep trying to suppress your urge in raping every girl you meet and have no sexual control and making those “robots” when you and everyone around you are already robots with no individuality.

  • Anonymous says:

    What’s with the rape jokes, it’s not like he was black,his name sounds Hispanic, and what’s with the “unemployed man”? does the Japanese news really report that all the time like what i read here?

  • Why precious 2d girls are better than 3d whores reason #5630

    2D girls get pregnant only if you want them to. So you don’t end up drinking, disturbing your elderly neighbors, and having a bad night overall.

    2d vs 3d Scoresheet:
    2d girls – 5630
    3d girls – 1

    • …what the hell did that even have to do with the article. Cant you relate it in a better way next time?

      Oh what the hell, I’ll play too, just for this round.

      Why precious 2D men are bettern than 3D brutes #5630
      2D men dont get drunk and try to break into random people’s apartments.

      2d vs 3d Scoresheet:
      2d men – 5630
      3d men – Calculating.

      (spoiler its a joke)

      • You don’t do to well with symbolism parallels metaphors and such do you. This is not the first time you missed one of my pretty obvious connections. Ill explain but just one more time ok.

        I was insinuating a situation where the drunken man was told by his 3d girlfriend that she was pregnant. This was an unfavorable revelation to the sailor. Which then led to his drunken splendor. Had the man only had waifus, this entire situation could have been avoided. That’s “what the hell it had to do with the article”.

        I’m going to need you to go through a few more years of school before before responding to my posts mkay dear? Mkay thanks.