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Final Fantasy XIV “Marred By Total WTF UI”




The endlessly incendiary Final Fantasy XIV’s relaunch and PS3 port is still proving controversial, with some rather convincing complaints about its overpowering UI being too much even for PC gamers, let alone those on the PS3.

The realm may be reborn, but the UI is attracting criticism for being stillborn – though the much praised graphics continue to be well received, the UI dumped on top of them has been dismissed as an unreadable mess:






















When relieved of its overbearing interface it is clearly quite pretty however – if just as unplayable, although the same can of course be said of most MMORPGs:
















The game has now been firmly dated for an August 27th launch, at least making it in before the PS4…

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  • Anonymous says:

    According to screenies it looks a more like an AI then an UI – an attrocious interface. Then again making a streamlined, clear and readable interface that can be navigated with something limiting as a controlelr seems to be a rather daunting and complicated task.

    Doesn’t look worse then any UI in most MMORPGs though – if you can customize it a la Guild Wars (1) then what more would you want?

  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pictures but horrible review… should play the game and experience it in detail before saying dumb things like it’s a bad UI… it’s a lot better than the majority out there.

  • Anonymous says:

    there isnt anything WRONG with the ui. its more like mmo’s offer a lot of customizability through addons.
    there is a difference between beeing able to completely overhaul a UI and beeing able to customize a UI.

  • Anonymous says:

    Those are some pretty busy screenshots, I agree, but I fault the MMO genre more than Square-Enix. Not everything can have Guild Wars 2 quality UI. Besides, what’s important is the player’s ability to customize the UI to his tastes. If Final Fantasy XIV lets you do that, I don’t see a problem.

  • That UI looks fine. The only way you might possibly not like it is if you’re used to Final Fantasy 11 or Dragon Quest X’s UI….

    Oh. Ooooooh…

    (tl;dr: This is just 2ch having a sad again.)

  • Anonymous says:

    Most of those “Clutter-filled” screenshots included parties. I’d prefer to have their health bars showing rather than randomly searching about to see who may need healing. With that being said, there’s not a UI out there that won’t seem more cluttered if there’s 8 other people in the screen. The command bar can be removed completely which clears alot of space as well. If people simply try the game, they’ll like it if they’re into mmorpgs.

  • Anonymous says:

    played the game in beta. it is utter shit. WoW gw2 whatever clone par excellànce. It’s as much of a piss poor easy, boring quest WoW, detached pc mmo without any depth as one can get. FFXI was the pinnacle of MMO creation. But why oh why do we need 2 games like FFXI… no we need 163 like WoW cause it is oh so FUN.
    Anyone who disagrees with me can either has the mental capabilities and the attention span of a 13yo with ADHD or cannot answer cause his mouth is full with YoshiP’s dick. FU SE and F all of you

  • Anonymous says:

    To begin with, all of these images are a breach of the Non-Disclosure Agreement and will be reported.

    The reviewer, or shall I say “gallery creator” is obviously both blind and illiterate. The UI is much cleaner then many MMO’s I have experienced over the past few years. It is also rather transparent in the regard that the vital information is visible, and everything else is well disguised.

    Also note that the entire UI has customization available, many objects include size adjustments, and simply put, there is nothing on those screenshots that eats up a player’s attention to any excessive means.

  • Anonymous says:

    How about playing the game first, before making an article about it sucking?
    I don’t care about this game and haven’t tested it… but the screenshots show nothing of major concern.
    Sure, those skill tiles are not in row… and there are lots of energy bars and names being shown.
    But AFAIK in MMOs you press a key to show those names and bars. Maybe in this case, too?

    And what some people here (actual testers) wrote… apparently the UI is customizable. That might not be possible in the PS3 version, and other issues with that version are thinkable… but let’s wait for actual PS3 testers/footage/facts to surface.

  • Anonymous says:

    “When relieved of its overbearing interface it is clearly quite pretty however – if just as unplayable, although the same can of course be said of most MMORPGs.”

    Took the article seriously until I saw this.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s still too early to tell; the game hasn’t even been released. I enjoy GW2, but honestly it felt like a single player game that happened to have other people in it. I kind of got the gist of the experience after 40 levels or so, and didn’t feel like I was working towards anything.

      GW2’s graphics are good on ultra, but so are FFXIV’s. Saying one is objectively better overall is tough.

      I like the art direction GW2 takes. However, I would say FFXIV wins out in sheer texture and environment detail. Some parts of the GW2 world just looked kind of plopped down… and after a while the flatness of the environment becomes more apparent in the details. On the other hand, S-E is good about sculpting their world down to the finest details.

      To this day FFXI, a PS2-era game, feels more detailed and well-built than other MMORPG worlds, and that is something I very much appreciate. If the world doesn’t pull me in, then I’m less excited about everything else.

  • Anonymous says:

    This news is just wrong. I’ve played it with a xbox controller and it’s perfectly fine. Controller UI and Mouse UI are two different things. This news is just wrong for news sake.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gotta love the people saying how SanCom overexaggerates SE news. Ever consider that you can’t handle the truth that SE is just throwing out shit games that no one really enjoys except for FF obsessed gamers?

  • Anonymous says:

    The guy posting this is a total idiot. Have you played it even to say its bad? Compared to what? Good this isn’t a game website or you would receive a closure notice for bad “journalism” better call it troll.

  • What’s issues? Seems pretty damn good to me, and I’m not all that much of a fan of FF anymore.

    The UI is clean, takes up minimal space while still providing important information, and appears completely customizable.

    I’ll admit it, I like it. A lot. Looking at the combat shots, the UI only appears to show critical information as unobtrusively as possible. Take pic #19, that UI is barely noticeable to a MMO player. Maybe SanCom needs to play fewer FPS games and more MMOs. This UI appears to be very nicely balanced. The kind of balance that you only get with custom UIs in WoW.

    I’ll admit, I’m intrigued. Need gameplay video, or a trial run of the game, to be sure.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve played this. It’s not THAT WTF UI.

    Jesus everyone expecting to learn everything 100% within seconds.

    It works JUST FINE.

    OH no wait, who gives a fuck about learning curves. Everything should be a clone of WoW or someshit

  • Anonymous says:

    What are they complaining about? i play world of warcraft for years now and the UI has at least double amouth of information as this does… O.o Even when im playing in a raid since im a healer i have to keep an eye on 25 or more things at the same time lol and im doing fine =P

  • Anonymous says:

    ROFL, out of all the legitimate criticism this game has received, Sancom chose to point out the UI!?

    Seriously? Should of followed the penny-arcade article that complained the game is a guildwars-clone if your looking to troll people.

  • I don’t actually give a flying fuck if the UI isn’t great on the ps3. There’s something wrong with you if you play an MMO on a console. There’s also the fact that the example pictures are in a foreign language so all the english speakers don’t actually have a clue what any of it says and can’t properly judge usefulness because of that. AND AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, having played in the beta I can tell you the examples are not indicative at all. They are not at 1080p, they don’t take into consideration the fact you can scale and rearrange the UI as much as you want nor the simple fact every MMO ever has shit UIs.

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s wrong with playing an MMO on a console? You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      I played FFXI on both PS2 and PC. Aside from the graphics, there will be no functional difference between the PS3 and PC versions of this game.

  • The picture is illegally take from beta (Where the player can get ban by doing this) because the release is improve from what you’ve seen in this. It’s confirmed that character name from afar will not cover your screen like this; It’s going to be arrange by 3d range and covered by the BG. So do not take any leak image as real. trust the official one only.

  • Anonymous says:

    Here’s an idea… don’t want a window open? click the X on the top right and close it. don’t like certain other UI options? use the UI options to turn those off.

    turning everything on, zooming in, purposefully obfuscating the view with random fauna does not equate to “total wtf ui”.

    quite frankly even with that happening it still looks crisp and understandable and not out of place. In the end I’ll wait till I play it myself to judge this one.

    • There’s UI customize mode where you can rearrange everything on your screen. and what’s make this look messed is the 3 skill bar. You can hide it in to 1 bar and use it by holding ctrl or alt (L or R button in PS3). Problem solved.

  • I liked the UI. It’s a huge improvement over 1.0, and a gargantuan one over FFXI’s.

    And yes, it is fully customizable. I’m on the regular and beta fora and don’t even see this complaint any more than the “make it FFXI-2” guys. I really don’t know where this post is coming from aside from a slow news day I guess.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve played the BETA of this and will be again during it’s next phase, and I found everything to be normal and very easy to look at. You can customize a lot of what you see as well, so this is a ridiculous post. Stop bashing on Square enix, I don’t really like them that much and pine after Squaresoft, but this is probably the last good thing to come out of Sqenix.

  • In the end, every Final Fantasy “ONLINE” game is SUCK, because casual player (like me) play final fantasy for story, i remember how happy i’m when a get a easter eggs in Final Fantasy 6,7,9 and 10 (i didn’t play 8)

    Because, RPG is not just about “leveling up your character and fight the hardest bosses”, but the main selling of RPG game was the story about that game universe.

  • Anonymous says:

    I bet those can be modded or turned off somehow.
    Anyways, here’s an interesting way on how a tablet controler could be useful… only this isn’t a Wii U game, but still.
    Dual screens on a PC too?

    • Anonymous says:

      the ui look annoying and would easily get lost in it, or overlook something. you need clear cut buttons and pannels, here look at this
      its youtube, anyway that is original everquest right there. clean cut, no fat, only what you need right in front of you.

      everquest of today however

      go to about 3 minutes in, it can be a fucking mess, but even that can be cleaned up pretty damn nice.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UI is good. U can disable any window or scale it. U can disable pretty much every kind of msg on chat. Only thing it lacks is build-in party and guild chat, not one just customised to show only party or guild msgs

    • Anonymous says:

      Played old 14.. played beta for ff14:ARR
      …the interface is fine…
      infact, the whole game has become enjoyable, and very

      the interface is highly customization. you can move anything, and adjust size.

      i don’t know what people want?
      maybe a game with no interface where you just speak to it
      and it does exactly what you say?

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL, no wonder this is a site full of trolls and trolls trolling trolls, the guy who runs it is a huge troll himself. He just made an entire blog post to basically express his hatred of MMORPGSs, basically saying that this game is just as unplayable without the UI, except that then it’s at least more pretty, and then saying all MMORPGs are unplayable like that, lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are not complaining because they think it’s bad, they are complaining because they think there’s a lot of information being displayed at the same time on the screen and they are afraid that the PS3 won’t be able to handle it.

        • Anonymous says:

          I can be wrong, but the reason that you can’t play WoW on the PS3 could be because Blizzard didn’t bring out a PS3 version of WoW.

          And just to inform you, the PS3 get his own UI.

        • Anonymous says:

          Can you play wow on a PS3 ?, no I thought not, the PS3 is old enough that any reducement in unneccessary effect is very much needed.

          Sure there are worse UI out there, but saying “oh it’s bad but there are worse alternatives” that’s like saying “dog crap doesn’t taste good but at least it’s doesn’t taste as bad as horse crap”.

          Both are shit, you should strive for a good result not just allow it because there are worse results.

      • Well i don’t see anything worth complaning..

        Looks pretty normal for any MMORPG… PS3’s users should learn to deal with it…

        and the game looks really beutiful.. all those scenaries… are really worth exploring.. I hope the game is made F2P soon so i can play it..

        • Anonymous says:

          and that would be Aya Hirano… if you understand^^

          Just kidding. I’m partly with you on this. SanCom creates too much negative hype, true. All the “pussy” news are fake bait, etc.
          BUT when it comes to SE and the crap they do… I can’t deny the truth. And concerning Hirano… well, she literally fucked up and is still suffering from the backlash. Also, a lot of things she said publicly were stupid, and whenever she appears with some new ugly look in for example a morning show/drama/other shit… it’s just hilariously bad. But in her case, she has to take any job she gets offered.
          Yeah, SanCom is hating on her, but it doesn’t matter… or does it?^^

      • Anonymous says:

        SanCom hasn’t “become” anything. It’s always been a troll site that gets hits by over-exaggerating to the point of ludicrous. You have to take every post with a bucket of salt.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t be putting all this on SanCom now, I see negativity towards S-E and especially FF no matter where I go on the internet these days. They’ve totally earned the backlashing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Because lately, Square-Enix themselves nearly always (inadvertently, one would hope) turn anything Final Fantasy-related into something negative.

        Exhibit A: FF XIII and its dungeons, which are more linear than the border between Colorado and Wyoming.

        Exhibit B: FF XIV, the original version. So terrible, they couldn’t give it away for free. Bad even by MMORPG standards and had ostrich-like birds you could ride like a horse, which were called “Horsebirds.” They were later renamed “Chocopos” [sic].

        • Anonymous says:

          FF14 was a commercial failure… they remade it, trying to get some of their losses back. How it turned out… no idea and I don’t even care. I don’t play MMOs or any other online game… I’m a singleplayer type… and after FF13 failed to entertain me, I didn’t even want to try the sequels.
          AND I won’t buy a FF15. After playing almost every Square-Enix JRPG and being severely disappointed, I’m done with the company. Not interested in rotten milk, failure sequels, MMOs, social games, bad new FFs, or any other stupid franchise they come up with, milk or ruin.

        • Anonymous says:


          They already bought the FIRST GAME?

          GW2 buy once, Free2Play and the SERVERS ARE STILL FULL!

        • Anonymous says:

          When you make a game, and are forced to REMAKE a game… you need to just say LOOK…

          14 flopped… end it, make 15…

          Stop trying to save Face… people really dont give a shit, what they wanted was a fucking REFUND.

          Since you didn’t want to REFUND our money, its like saying “Go fuck yourself and your next product.”

        • Anonymous says:

          FF XIV was one of the worst MMO when it came out, but had suddenly became one of the best MMO right after the billing started (took it long enough though dammit).

          try researching instead of just reading the initial receptions.

        • Anonymous says:

          What you wrote there in response has absolutely nothing to do with what was said.

          Regardless of FF14’s 1.0 launch shortcomings, it doesn’t excuse grasping for straws to try and shit all over the new FF14 team’s triumphs as they’re working their damndest to rebuild this title into a quality MMO by today’s standards.

    • Anonymous says:

      Absolutely what I thought. I know nothing of this particular MMO and I’m not really any good at reading Japanese, but I had a pretty good idea of what everything was for almost instantly. Because everything is exactly where it is in every other modern MMO around.

      The only bit that is a little “different” is the positioning of the hot buttons for the PS3 version. And that makes sense if you think about it. You could hold a button and then press in the correct direction to activate the skill or something like that. Totally intuitive.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did they not research that u can customize ur UI? I guess not… Not only does SE fail making games recently with its constant FFXIII shit, but also sankaku fails not doing proper research

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, someone didn’t watch the video like 2 months ago, showing just how simple that UI is to operate, even with a pad.

    Typical Sankaku Complex over-reaction and lack of research. I swear you chuckle-fucks do this as a side from your day job of working for the Daily Mail.

  • Anonymous says:

    Played the beta myself for a few weeks.

    UI is absolutely fine actually. The graphics are incredible as well. The main problem is the gameplay. They definitely went down the “WoW” style in this game. It gets repetitive and is always easy.

    I played ff11 for like 5-6 years and it was easily one of the most difficult/challenging MMO’s to play. This game has almost nothing in common gameplay wise as its predecessor. The beta felt exactly like i was leveling a low level char in WoW.

    • Anonymous says:


      I thought they could never repair the damage FFIV 1.0 caused. It was such a collosal failure and all other games from SEs around that time just makes me wanna smack both Kitase, Toriyama and Wada with a baseball bat.

      After playing the beta, I think this game might actually be something more people can agree upon as being good. It’s a shame enough that it took so long because ARR is WHAT 1.0 SHOULD’VE BEEN, but better late than never.

    • Anonymous says:

      People will always try find reasons to hate the recent FF games.

      “FF13 is too linear!”
      “I won’t play FF13-2 out of principle!”
      “FF14 has a messy UI!”
      “Haven’t played Versus.. b-but I’m sure it’ll be bad.”
      “Remake FF7, it’s the best!!”

      Whiny bullshit.

      • Anonymous says:

        More like I have played Versus, they changed the main plot and renamed in FF13-2 to save face. FF13-3 will be out before a game with Versus attached to it, if that’s not enough of a hint that you already got it, you’re dumb.

        • Anonymous says:

          “because there are many newer games that try to follow its recipe of success”

          That doesn’t change the fact that it would still be seen as cliche by today’s standards.

          The success of one game will not save the company.

        • Anonymous says:

          A FF7 would not “save their ass”. It would simply help them last a few months before complete bankrupt, being only a remake which, by the way, would not be as “epic” as most people proposing it think so. I mean… come on, it is just the exact same game with better graphics are voices… big deal, the game did well without any of those.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, it maybe cliche by today’s standard, but possibly that because there are many newer games that try to follow its recipe of success, hence it become a common to find kind of theme/plot/character that it turn into cliche.

          Also, FF7 remake will be treated differently than Advent Children, as people will play the remake mostly due to nostalgia sake, just expecting to play Cloud in HD. Not trying to grasp new content like Advent Children.

          Also, FF7 remake proposal= whines? Biggest bullshit ever, just because you hate FF7, doesn’t mean that FF7 fans should keep quite and not voicing what they want from the Square Enix, and give a thought of one of the solution how Square Enix can save their ass from further Final Fantasy game failure.

        • Anonymous says:

          FF7 was a classic at the time, because it worked that way back then.

          If it never came out all those years ago and was released now, it would be considered generic and cliche. Hence why Advent Children didn’t do so well, the fanbase grew up and it wasn’t the same and the film couldn’t possibly appeal to a new or younger audience.

      • I played FFXI for about 7 years taking breaks here and there. It will always have a special place as my first MMO.
        The crafting system in FFXIV is LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of any other I’ve played. I hate crafting in any MMO with the exception of Guild wars 2 (FFXIV is still better IMO).
        The battle system is a bit faster than I would like. It reminds me a bit too much of WoW. Mobs die in about 5-8 seconds. I’ve only fought 1 boss so far, but it was pretty easy. I’ve probably only seen about 1% of the game, and they’re still making a lot of changes.
        But, it’s really great that Square Enix is listening to the community on this one (1st time they’ve done that in a long while). I really hope the management working on FFXIV help bring Square Enix back from their spiraling downward trend.

  • Anonymous says:

    This seems pretty normal.
    The more stuff you get , the more you have to pay attention to.

    In the end, most MMOs just turn into watching timers and paying attention as some classes require more attention that others.

  • Anonymous says:

    Personally with my time with the game, I had no problem with the UI, you can move everything to reduce clutter, and nothing felt too foreign (besides the stuff at the bottom right, there was no tutorial for all of that lol).

    • Anonymous says:

      i get this feeling this is just a post to increase pageviews with flamewars…

      i played the first version of the game and i’m the first to admit that was terrible, and actually, even after playing the beta for this 2.0 version i’m still not sure if they can make it, but one thing they solved pretty well was in fact the UI

      just look for some of these screens for more than 2 seconds, there’s no wasted information and everything is clean, slim and color coded, the only thing you could argue is the players HP bars and names, but the only reason that is showing is because for the console version you don’t have a mouse to point to a player to see his name and health, everything else you can find in almost any other MMO

      haters gonna hate

    • Anonymous says:

      That was my only issue. I wish it had an open-mod support like wow or heavy customization so you not only could shrink it but change placement of objects.

      When I played in the RR beta, it wasn’t so bad on my PC because it was smaller than in those screenshots.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why do these idiotic customers keep thinking Square Enix is gonna make a good Final Fantasy game?

    I have NO doubts Versus 14 is gonna be trash, if it ever comes out. Whatever Square Enix did, there is no return from new reputation they’ve gained. I hope they fizzle out completely or get bought out by another company that knows what it’s doing.

  • Anonymous says:

    …it looks normal to me… Sure, maybe not as friendly for those playing MMORPGs for the first time, but I do not really think many players will start their MMORPG experience with THIS game. Most people do with lesser, free-to-play games, so, in that regard, I doubt this will ultimately turn into an issue.

    You should see the UI used by “veteran” WoW players. Now THAT is a real, unbearable mess… It seems the author of this article, and whatever group of people which rated the UI as “unreadable”, has limited experience on MMORPG’s…

    Incidentally and besides the point, I know it is on this site’s fashion and taste to be as biased as possible when presenting “controversial news”, but I, personally, think you should tone it down when such “controversy” is up to personal interpretation. You are indirectly manipulating the value of information when doing so, and that is not only unprofessional, but also bothersome to read. If something is as bad as you pose it to be, let people decide on it, without needing to use words as “incendiary” and “controversial” every 2 lines of text to actually get such result.

    Just a suggestion, take it however you desire.

  • Eh, I played beta for several weeks, there’s nothing wrong with the UI.

    The game just isn’t fun to play, it’s a WoW style fetch quest system that’s uninteresting. You’ll be killing 0/4 mobs there, 0/6 mobs there, transporting a letter to there. The combat is extremely spammy and monotonous too, you get very very few skills, by the time I was level 20 I only had maybe 5 skills total. Very boring game. The UI isn’t the problem, it’s the gameplay. Graphics are great.

    • Anonymous says:

      What other type of quest would you have an MMORPG do? This is a quest driven genre, you are not supposed to be THE ONE who saves everyone, hence why when you play with a million other people the narrative is sidelined. I would like to see you come up with ideas for quests that can be replicated over thousands of times without being fetch or kill quests.

        • Anonymous says:

          He’s comparing it to FF11. You did not quest at all to gain XP in that game, you formed parties, and grinded mobs for XP.

          For leveling, it was vastly different than any other MMO. Getting past lvl 15 solo is nearly impossible for most classes, and the ones that CAN solo, are extremely inefficient. Partying for XP was the only way to level.

          FF14 is wow style basically, theres almost no similarities to FF11

        • Anonymous says:

          @anon 09:06

          Pretty sure Sacky is comparing the leveling in ff14 to ff11. In ff11 you did not quest at all for exp.

          You grinded xp by grouping up into parties and grinding world mobs (its basically impossible to solo in ff11 past level 15 without being a bst or being HORRIBLY slow – You solo level in ff11 like at 20% the speed of a good party if your lucky).

          A large part of the ff11 was leveling multiple jobs, so everyone learned where the good leveling spots for each level range was. You would form parties in town (and everyone had to have really specific roles – can’t just got with 6 of any jobs) and head out for grinding sessions (usually 2-3 hrs on average for most people) Leveling required good teamwork. The difference between a good leveling party getting say…. 5-6k XP an hour vs a average party getting 3k XP an hour is huge in the game :o.

          Most MMO’s however follow the WoW style of grinding quests. Yes you get exp for killing the mobs in the quest but the bulk of the EXP comes from completing the quest itself. These quests are generally made to be soloed without much difficulty. FF14 also follows this model. Its definitely the model to choose to attract more casual gamers, but for people that come from a FF11 background, its somewhat disappointing.

        • Anonymous says:

          in every game i have played,quest is the only viable way to progress. Or in WoW you have a higher lvl boost you in dungeons, these are the only 2 ways.And i have played various games(mine and friends’). Explain better. Dungeons sucks? scenarios sucks? gameplay?

      • My problem is that there’s only questing for the majority of the game (there are some dungeons later on but you’ll go through hundreds of quests). Somme MMO do not force you to constantly quest and allow you to party up and group.

        And that’s another flaw of the game, the speed and the amount of quests means that grouping is actually counterproductive most of the time since you don’t have a common goal, which means you’re either constantly waiting for other party members, or what usually happens is that you’re all in another section on the map which defeats the purpose of even grouping.

  • Anonymous says:

    “The game has now been firmly dated for an August 27th launch, at least making it in before the PS4…”

    And instantly propelling it to one of the worst selling titles of all time.