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GungHo Stock Plunges: “The Social Bubble Finally Bursts!?”


One-shot wonder social gaming publisher GungHo Online’s days of outstripping Nintendo in market cap look to be well and truly over – the company’s value has plunged by over a third in mere days, leaving nobody in any doubt as to the permanence of social gaming’s ascendancy.

Even so, the company probably still has a very long way to fall, as it attained almost all of its value in the last few months of its 15 year history:


Japan’s stock markets appear to have been overheated by unrealistic (or premature) expectations of Abenomics and this resulted in a record drop for the entire market, but the collapse of GungHo’s share price began well before this, and tellingly Nintendo was left almost untouched:


Meanwhile, Sony has become a market darling on the news that it has already won the console war for the next generation and likely has years of gleefully crushing Xboxes underfoot ahead of it:


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