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“70% of Guys” Hate Nail Art


Elaborate nail art may be a staple of girly Japanese fashion, but that has not stopped the vast majority of men quizzed about it reporting that they actually hate it – much to the consternation of nail salons throughout the land.

Held up as one of the “three sacred treasures of femininity” (alongside eyelash makeup and elaborately curled hair), nail art is regarded by many young Japanese women as an essential fashion accessory, and certainly ranks as one of their favoured blogging subjects.

However, only 35% of 149,312 Japanese questioned reported liking nail art, compared to 60.8% who said they did not like it, whilst an understone contingent of 3.7% had never even heard of it.

Broken down by gender, only 24.9% of men liked it, compared to fully 70% who disliked it.

Meanwhile, 47.8% of women liked it, with 50% disliking it.

In spite of all this, it seems unlikely jewel encrusted talons will be going out of fashion any time soon – they are just “too cute”:





















The Aya Hirano collection:

hirano-nails (2)

hirano-nails (3)

hirano-nails (1)

Amongst men there is the usual incomprehension at female fashion foibles:

“Men aren’t interested in this stuff…”

“I hate it. I guess everyone else does too.”

“Nail art looks pretty inconvenient!”

“It’s inconvenient alright. Your fingertips get heavy and you have to put gloves on when you go to bed…”

“Why do this? And at least take it off when you go to bed.”

“It is unsanitary if you ask me.”

“It’s a good marker for women who have no intention of ever doing any housework.”

“At least take them off if you are preparing food!”

“Not applying nail polish is rude in some cases, but nail art takes it too far. Transparent or light pink looks good though.”

“Rude? What are you talking about? Where did these manners come from?”

“The ones with the overly elaborate nail art just look like hostesses at a cabaret club.”

“The ones with talons which look venomous just make me wither…”

“Lumping fake nails and gel nails in with manicured nails is just wrong.”

“It’s not like men can tell the difference.”

“Men just hate overly elaborate decoration like that, it’s not limited to nails.”

“Women really think it will make them popular with men, so if you see one who tries hard at least praise her efforts a bit.”

“Don’t worry, they don’t really think it will be popular with guys. But do praise them, although the ones who want that kind of praise are probably better avoided.”

“It’s just one of those things women insist on doing which men will never understand.”

“Nail and eyelash art are essential for women to look good. It’s just embarassing not to!”

“They just get the wrong idea when you call her cute when she’s showing off her nails, which the guy is probably not interested in.”

“Women are just narcissists.”

“Honestly I doubt any fashion girls are actually interested in appeals to men.”

“They aren’t doing it to appeal to men, it’s to appeal to their own sense of being kawaii.”

“Women’s magazines just incite competitive consumption amongst women. When they talk about ‘increasing you femininity’ and competitiveness amongst other women, it isn’t in terms of what appeals to men.”

“Get out of it girls, you’re dreaming!:”

[A manga advert for “Nail Salon Venusrico”:]

venusrico (1)

[“Hey, nice nails. Marry me.”]

venusrico (2)

[“Thanks to the tips of her nails, she was able to marry a hot guy! Next, it’s your turn!”]

“Ha, she’s in heaven.”

“Excuse me whil I go compliment a girl on her nail art and then marry her.”

“This explains why they do it perfectly though. It’s not because they are trying to appeal to guys, but because they are competing amongst other girls to get a good guy. They’ll stop if their boyfriend says he doesn’t like it, like they’ll stop one of those pointless diets.”

“My girl manages to look cute and natural without all this maintenance. Natural is number 1!”

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  • Anonymous says:

    This reminded me of Anjelah Johnson stand up comedy about nail salon. The Vietnamese nail lady kept saying she is try to help her because doesn’t have a boyfriend. Pretty much paying extra to add extra stuff to your nails is suppose to help get you a boyfriend. LMAO

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey men, yeah you males out there. Guess what? The world does not revolve around you. Not everything girls do is to appear attractive to you. Sometimes we want to do stuff we like just because we like it, regardless of whatever the male sex fucking thinks.

  • You gotta remember though that most women and the things they do about their looks and the like is mostly for other women and their women friends. A kind of competition if you will. They don’t want to look bad in front of them. Secondly it’s for themselves and that they enjoy it and what matters the least is to impress guys. So in the end it doesn’t matter much what guys thinks about these things.

  • Anonymous says:

    Long nails = Ugly

    I never liked seeing long nails and I don’t get why anyone would want some. You can paint your nails but keep it to paint only.

    The picture with the red branch type nails caught me off guard though. WHO THE HELL HAVE THEM LIKE THAT?

  • Anonymous says:

    “Blabla women in the kitchen joke, women must do all the housework~” Sexism aside, I believe everyone has their fair share of chores and manual labour to do at home.
    That being said, the comment that reads
    “It’s a good marker for women who have no intention of ever doing any housework.” is something I agree with 100%.
    As a girl who likes to grow out and try and maintain my natural nails (though mine don’t grow all that long in the first place) if I grow them out the second I wash dishes they soften and usually break, right now they aren’t even a cm long and just the other day I almost ripped off my entire pinky finger nail by just picking up a laundry hamper. Bending them backwards when they’re longer is incredibly common and painful, I have not found a way to be able to do my chores and maintain my nails except if I wear latex gloves, and they can only do so much, if I had hawk talons they wouldn’t help at all.
    For now I’m keeping them shorter, it’s easier to maintain. U.U

  • Anonymous says:

    I, as a male, personally hate nail art, nail polish, and fake nails all together. The old fashioned way of naturally grown, well kept, unpolished nails is most appealing and sexy to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sometimes young women juts try to out-do each other & lose all sense of why they are trying to look good. And yes, as a guy I think it looks ridiculous & gives me a negative impression of the girl.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t even say I like it when women keep long nails, painted or not, because, among other things, it’s just another way to stereotype them to cats 😛 and being “catty”, and resorting to scratching when they oughta be punching… it also adds to the idea of “delicacy” because they need to be careful not to break their nails and are restricted from doing certain things (sports, games, work, using a keyboard, almost anything, really…) I bet long nails have actually been in a decline with the rise of technology and the need to type constantly, thankfully.

  • Sorry, I’m a girl and a gamer and those nails wouldn’t
    last a day with me and a keyboard/controller.

    The picture of the pedicure is cute but long nails on your fingers is just too much maintenance and they look
    like crap after a few days of wear and tear.

  • Anonymous says:

    I find single, simple, one colored nail polish (all red, pink, and other colors that would also work as lipstick) to be pretty sexy actually, but any weird colors like green and orange without any reason behind them (i.e. not in use with a halloween costume) or something crazier just looks ugly, tacky, creepy, and/or disgusting, and also pointless.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, and I forgot annoying and obtrusive, for everyone involved, lol. On top of that, ever heard the complaint about men complaining about their wives jabbing into them overnight in bed? That can’t be pleasant…

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay, it’s not as if this doesn’t have enough comments, BUT… My two cents: guy here, simple nail art (such as image 5 in the article) is fine, but all of the 3D crap added on… ugh.

    Plus, short and non-crap-adorned nails are a must for masturbating herself or other ladies… 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    I dislike curled hair, fake eyelashes, fake nails, makeup in general (some light one is ok), colored contacts (eyes are beautiful, fakes aren’t IMO!), fake hair, botox injections, plastic surgery… and I think that nail art is: a waste of time & money, it’s inconvenient, looks like shit in most cases…
    I also can’t understand why women need so many shoes and clothes. It’s not like people really care about the diversity and number of their wardrobe… and they don’t really have any important events to show off their “treasures”, like a gathering for nobles at a castle several centuries ago… in public nobody wears expensive stuff and in discos/at concerts/parties, people don’t care about it either… men are either drunk, listen to the music, or it’s too dark^^
    Well, yeah. Who cares… as long as it’s their own money they waste on their shit ^_^

  • Anonymous says:

    I can understand them being enthusiastic about it as a hobby. It kind of is like arts and crafts when you’re sticking flowers and other nonsense on there.

    But if you’re doing it to look pretty/attractive, it will indeed fail. I think when it comes to hands in general, most men just want the natural deal.

  • Things could be worse. Women could take up wearing gold caps & blinged grills on their teeth.
    Or maybe some enterprising dentist could convince people that having painted designs on your teeth is an attractive fashion statement (there are people who purposely have their teeth fanged in imitation of vampires).
    Can you see it: A woman with full-body tatoos, nail & toe nail art, face glitter, grills, dyed hair or a wig, cosmetic surgery of some kind or other, and body piercings (can’t forget those pierced lips, tongues, noses, etc.). And she’s coming for you!

  • Anonymous says:

    According to their own numbers more people dislike it than like disregard of genge.

    Also, be it for nails, make-up, jewelery, etc, MODERATION! You can use it to improve good parts or amenize not so good parts but if you try to use them as main points you are doing it wrong!

  • Anonymous says:

    Yah some of that looks like a disease or lepersy or huge fungle growths hwen seen out of the side or corner of the eye. I bet they cause car crashes when someone passes a woman with those stick on things on top of the stick on nails.

  • Anonymous says:

    Not very surprized by this.
    I mean, really, a huge part of women’s fashion isn’t a thing for men to appreciate – it’s for other females and for themselves. Much like lots of male hobbies.
    Shoes, make-up, clothing, a good part of the hair stuff… they are all like that.
    I don’t particularly hate any of those, but it also doesn’t impress me that much as I can’t relate to it.

  • I think some nail art can be interesting, but not something you’d wear all the time. Not many of these people actually do wear it all the time though. It’s just a way of being creative.
    I like some I’ve seen that are unobtrusive and dont add anything sticking out of the nail; ie pink nails with white cat heads painted on is quite cute I think. But I would never have the patience to do it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a girl. Hate it. I like OCCASIONALLY painting my nails a pastel/neutral color that’s not too noticeable, but it’s a giant hassle. It spills everywhere, then I can’t do anything for an hour. It looks good for about a day, then you have half-chipped nails for a week, or you can scrub your nails to the roots with nail polish remover.

    • It doesn’t have to be for men…? I think it can look pretty damn tacky myself a lot of them time but just because a woman does something it doesnt mean it’s for men. Some people just have weird hobbies. Have you heard of ‘Decotora?’ They’re truckers in japan that decorate their trucks in even more gaudy ways than some girls decorate their nails, but its not like they do it to attract women (or men), they do it because its an outlet for their creativity.

      • Anonymous says:

        Me, a man dislike nail art. Oh, I understand very clearly that woman into fashion do not mean to entice man, it is also for showing off to another woman.

        There’s a joke of when a man watch a woman, the eyes focus on the face, tits and ass.

        When a woman watch another woman, the eyes bewilder around the cloth, pants/skirt brand, hair style, shoes/high-heel, handbag, in short, every gadget and equipment of the other woman.

        But what I am going to say, if a woman try to flirt with a man and doing those ridiculous nail art, it is a waste of time, as man do not care about it at all, and sometimes find it repulsive of woman wearing a “too shiny” nail art.

      • yuriphoria says:

        Haven’t you noticed that Sankaku has a lot of HATE articles lately?

        My opinion is mixed. For everyday use I think its tacky. BUT I do appreciate the subrealistic side of life and I think they look great in the same way a mural looks great. In others words it’s something nice to look at for a brief while.

  • I can stand it just fine, but it gets to a point where the chick apparently things you need more than 1/6 or 1/4 of an inch and end up with inch long or two inch long nails all bedazzled and shit. It looks ridiculous and tacky. Especially when they have a job working with customers and they have to go super slow to do everything behind they can’t use machines to ring you up properly. Gawd forbid you break a nail.

  • Anonymous says:

    Poor moronic Japanese otaku still think women do everything they do for the sake of men. When are these guys going to leave their basements?

    “Women really think it will make them popular with men”
    …Said no woman ever.

    “They aren’t doing it to appeal to men, it’s to appeal to their own sense of being kawaii.”
    And we have a winner. Most likely someone who has actually talked to a real woman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, I’m sure they’re not trying to wear things to detract men either, right? lol

      but as a whole, I actually don’t think nails like these would be popular with the majority of people, male or female, that one comes across…

      • Anonymous says:

        lesbians would. then again having those things when being a lesbian is kind of… inconvenient.

        overall, they wear those those things because they LIKE IT. it makes them feel comfortable and confident. if people dont like it, well, it’s their goddamn problem. you are no one to tell people what to do with their own fucking body.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s also nice to have the boobs to go with it, the ass to go with it, the haircut to go with it, the clothes to go with it, the accesories to go with it and the man to go with it. Balance is important.

  • Anonymous says:

    imo : Fellow Men! We must understand, that women wear fashionable and sexy/cute outfits for other women, getting attention from men is just icing on the cake. If you don’t believe me, “hear and listen” when they talk about the topic.

  • Not as big a deal as people are making it out to be. It’s just fashion. If your gurl likes it just let her do her thing if you don’t like it make sure you express it in a way that doesn’t demean her or what she likes and move on. Seems like a waste of brain cells to dwell on this for too long…

  • Nail art’s cool as long as they don’t truly believe they’re good fashion and wear it everyday. The more modest ones that aren’t as long or bulky are acceptable.

    If they do nail art for a living then they have an excuse to wear it everyday. Advertisement bro.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude, I had teachers teaching in college with nails like those 😛 and a college degree doesn’t mean anything, ultimately. Hell… one guy I know with a University degree is one of the dumbest people I know. Degrees give you knowledge in a field, not wisdom in life.

      • Degrees say more than you think. Like Im at least trying to make my own way through life and not depending on superficiality and my nails to land me a rich husband so I wont have to work or contribute in any way to society. If you have teachers with nails like this you should probably go to a new school.

  • Well seeing as though your hands are the part of your body used to do the most work, it makes sense that members of the useless gender have the luxury of decorating their hands in inconvenient ways making it difficult to do anything productive.

    2d girls don’t need nail art.

    • Also, at 2D girls dont need nail art; nail art is not something needed or not needed, its a hobby. I dont know what you’re trying to say here. That’d be like me saying ‘2D guys dont need gardening’.

      And on the contrary, I think a picture of a 2D girl with interesting nails would be pretty nice. There already are plenty of pics in the channel like this, and they look great. I know you always look for excuses to hate women, but this one is pretty weak.

        • Good call on that one.
          In this instance I approve because if she is interested in 2d girls then that means she has some idea of how to conduct herself properly as an ideal and worthy female as 2d girls most often do. There are exceptions to every rule. Ita-nails.

      • On the contrary, I think it makes a very revealing point about women and their priorities drawing the parallel between your hands which are used for really every kind of work including schooling and education, and nail art which makes it difficult to do any of said work. This thing that can only be done by people with nothing important to do with the most important part of their body that requires work, the fact that its another shallow superficial thing picked up by women, is quite an eye opening revelation. By the way did you not read the provided comic? You know deep down this is ridiculous and what Im saying is true. My logic is undeniable.

        This can’t be compared to a hobby like gardening that requires actual skill and work, which also ironically, you can’t do with nail art on. Check and mate.

      • If by this you mean I have revealed another clear point about the uselessness of women that you cannot agree to because of the meanness in its delivery, yet in a thought provoking manner you also cannot refute and so have to resort to petty insults. Then you are correct. :>

        • Anonymous says:

          I love 2D, but I will not agree that “2D is better than 3D” things aren’t that simple. If your plan is to basically love a delightful fantasy until it becomes a delightful delusion, you could also delightfully delude yourself about a real person, lol.

        • The thing is, I wish you’d only hate on the shitty women, instead of lumping them together all the time. I do that with men. I’ve met far more shitty men than decent men, but I havent met every man on earth so I wont make blanket statements of them all. I like 2D men better as a general rule, but I dont go around making fun of anyone who prefers 3D and warning them about the dangers of it – which there are a lot of.
          Our outlook is similar but our approach is different. I dont see why us 2D-complex people cant just get along instead of having to insult eachothers genders all the time. :/ Why bring all this negativity into it? Just embrace the love of 2D and ignore 3D, the more you hate on it, the stronger it gets.

        • The thing is, I wish you’d only hate on the shitty women, instead of lumping them together all the time. I do that with men. I’ve met far more shitty men than decent men, but I havent met every man on earth so I wont make blanket statements of them all. I like 2D men better as a general rule, but I dont go around making fun of anyone who prefers 3D and warning them about the dangers of it – which there are a lot of.
          Our outlook is similar but our approach is different. I dont see why us 2D-complex people cant just get along instead of having to insult eachothers genders all the time. :/ Why bring all this negativity into it? Just embrace the love of 2D and ignore 3D, the more you hate on it, the stronger it gets.

        • I was just agreeing with another poster because i seriously thought the post was a parody at first. It doesnt take a woman to see that your post contains such ludicrous hilarity that i dont even know where you got it from (women dont wear watches? the hell. Pretty sure i cant go without one, and i’m pretty sure the shop i got it from had a huge selection of women’s watches, unless you think they’ll go out of business). I could make another post that contains pretty much the exact same points except referencing the neanderthal behaviours of men, but that would be really dumb and a waste of time and I’m not as bitter a person as you, and besides, all it would prove is that 2d men are better than 3d men, which is obvious, because 2d is better than 3d. 2d women. 2d men. 2d food (the stuff they eat in anime always looks fuckin delicious and noone ever gets diabetes). 2d pets (I dont look at my cat and say ‘you freeloading sack of 3D shit you cant even talk or breathe fire or protect me from monsters 2D ANIMALS ARE USELESS!)It’s a pointless crusade, in other words. Of course reality cant live up to an ideal, theres no need to pretend that out of all the inferior 3D things women are the worst, though.
          Also, I don’t hate men, so i have no need for such a reverse post.
          I can respectfully debate with you if you like, but you never seem to really want to and resort to blanket statements, which get us nowhere.

        • Anonymous says:

          @16:43 – look, think of it has 3 levels of going against your posts:

          level 1 – the easiest thing a person can do is ignore you, that’s the LEAST a person can do in defiance of your posts. Some people, including me, do more than that:

          level 2 – showing any kind of objection to your posts, either by just stating condemnation or verbally attacking you

          level 3 – doing more than ignore your posts or just resorting to attacks, but actually trying to refute them.. this is more than the least that can be done (which would be just ignoring you), get it?

          If it still makes no sense to you, you’re hopeless to me.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Talor – I can’t blame Shuubi, it’s a waste of time to even discuss anything with you. All we can do is give our condemnation of your nonsense. It’s not like anyone else needs to be warned about you anyways, anyone with half a mind knows to at least ignore you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Most of us agree that these nails are stupid, yet we said it without reasoning that women as a whole are stupid as a result. Men can do idiotic, strange, pointless, and/or funny things too that we should also be called out on. Dammit, why can’t you be a misanthrope? They’re so much better than misandrists/misogynists, at least…

        • “I love 2D, but I will not agree that “2D is better than 3D” things aren’t that simple. If your plan is to basically love a delightful fantasy until it becomes a delightful delusion, you could also delightfully delude yourself about a real person, lol.”

          Thats actually a pretty decent point anon. See I give credit when its due if you say something not stupid to me I won’t treat you like a complete idiot.

          But anon theres a couple things wrong with your theory. 1 the happiness that comes from 3d relationships is nothing more than chemical reactions in the brain from interpretations of the outside world (no different than 2d). So if 2d is fantasy and delusions than so is 3d technically and scientifically when it comes to the brain. 2 if you still want to incorrectly characterize them as delusions, 2D delusions do not lead to all the physical world torment you receive from 3d women like unwanted pregnancies to trap you, divorce and alimony, catching your wife screwing the mail man, stds, I can go on and on. If they are both delusions one delusions is 100 times more preferable.

        • “I do that with men. I’ve met far more shitty men than decent men”

          -At some point it may be good to ask yourself maybe then its you or something you’re doing.

          “but I havent met every man on earth so I wont make blanket statements of them all.”

          -Generalizing is an important part of any functioning society. Laws are written by doing this, school curriculum are decided this way, every business plan on earth follows the same blanketing model.

          “I dont go around making fun of anyone who prefers 3D”

          -I don’t believe I made fun of anyone who preferred 3d. I only made arguments against the logic of this decision.

          “the more you hate on it, the stronger it gets.”
          While this is typically true for more abstract ideas, when the facts and truth is undeniable and irrefutable people eventually evolve and forsake their ignorance and previously illogical ways.

          “The thing is, I wish you’d only hate on the shitty women, instead of lumping them together all the time.”

          The problem is most all are shitty in one way or another. You just have to find it.
          Most every woman grows their hair long right, wears a bra, wears tight clothing. All these things are unnecessary yet most every one does it. You don’t think the same uniform generalizations happen when considering mentality behaviors and personalities of women? I know women hate to not think they are unique but then how would you explain most women choosing the same types of jobs like nursing and teaching, and how most women statistically prefer to be housewives if given the opportunity. No matter how much women hate to face it, they think alike and are alike in the majority of ways. So if you say one has a shitty nature, a shitty nature can be found in most of them. Give me enough time with you and Ill find whats shitty about you.

          At any rate if there are diamonds in the rough then millions of men looking for a few diamonds is just illogical. Most men don’t bother and take things at the surface which they later regret. No matter how sweet innocent and kind a girl seems, if shes faced with a situation where a guy truly loves her and hes a good guy, if his face is too ugly he stands no chance with her. At best she’ll keep him around on the back burner in case no one with a better opportunity shows up to make her an offer. She’ll then perhaps settle for the other guy if shes desperate. Men are not perfect themselves but they are not even close to being nearly as gross in so many ways as women. Women need to be fixed.
          I said all that to make my point most women are shitty which I thought you already agreed to when saying 2d women are better than 3d women.

          I don’t think I insult the female gender. I merely point out their flaws that men can’t or pretend not to see while introducing the beauty of 2d. The reason why my approach is more aggressive than yours is because I have a goal in mind. To successfully convert men to 2d and move on from the idea of 3d. So I cannot be passive, what appears to be negativity sometimes has to be used as a tool. I would not garner this much attention if my posts did not carry any shock value. But again I would not even call the things I say negative because I am only merely pointing out undeniable truths. My cause is not only the promotion of 2d but also the damnation of 3d which is necessary for the complete cleansing of the lingering evil residue of 3d women in the minds of men lessening the chances of relapses. And the damnation of 3d women leads to their reform. In most cases women have gotten so bad that the most effective method of having influence over them is to undeniably expose all of their filth and uselessness seemingly talking down on them and thats the only way to get through to them that they may then see and turn from the error of their ways and reform themselves. To prove this ask yourself honestly after reading all of my posts have you not even slightly felt the desire to be a better woman? Your introduction in your profile suggests you have. Then my program and method is working.

          2d complex men and women can be civil but I would not go so far as to say they can get along. 3d women of any type still cannot be trusted and my men are still weak blind and saturated with the cancer of the idea of being with 3d women entranced by their female parts and false ideas of love. 3d women at some point and in some way or another will take advantage of this and lure men back into the abyss if they sniff out and opportunity to latch on to one of the men to advance their own lives. Even you the seemingly most rational of 3d women here again first approached me rationally and open minded, then when you noticed the sway of popular opinion moving against me, then decided to trash me the leader of mens 2d revolution proving even you when your back is against the wall do what is natural to women and go into survival mode at the expense of others even though you agree with most of what I say. You as every other woman would, throw men under the bus at the first opportune moment to protect yourself n get a cheap laugh vote up and moral support and acceptance from your peers. So I welcome your hate. Men and women with the complex cannot get along until women first accept the fact they need to be reformed. If not it is better for women to uphold their suspicions and animosity towards men and keep their 2d complex strong giving men a better chance to be free from them. And their 3d complex is strengthened when they meet jerk 3d men….like me. My program and method is working.

        • ah shuubi you’ve retreated from your stupidity and made a logical point. If only women were capable of doing that more often. 2245 was probably the most intelligent refute I’ve ever received even though you called me bitter and didn’t understand the overall point of the forum post and how that paragraph wasn’t really about watches. Still the most intelligent rebuttal in a while which is not saying much for the thinking ability of sankaku visitors since it was pretty basic. I’m just going to ignore the idiot on 1723 and talk to you.

          You’re right, ideal is better than reality. (though its hard to say women prefer 2d men to 3d men anywhere near the same scale as the reverse, which says…something.) Why is it so hard for me to get people to understand that. But that is not my core point.

          Since you as a woman agree that 2d women are better than 3d women (you would be surprised at how many women and sometimes men generally flip out at my explaining this simple concept and go into a mental breakdown) then you should also be able to understand my core point of men should consider 2d girls as a viable alternative to being with 3d girls. As you have acknowledged, 2d is better. So why would men not consider a better alternative. All of the things you can do with a 3d girl can be compared with a similar or just as good alternate option with 2d. With none of the negative of 3D. Men just have to learn how to properly work with 2d and all its options. With this and with future technology women can become disposable as men pursue comparably better options forcing women to no longer be useless superficial leeches and become useful members of society or risk being used merely as incubators.

        • Nope. Sounds like you said you’re ignore me by not ignoring me and anyone with half a brain knows to ignore me which I guess doesn’t include you since thats not what you’re doing. So you have to refute or attack or ignore me, which pretty much covers all the possibilities of responding even if you discuss something you have to refute ideas. So in other words you’re an idiot.

        • “knows to at least ignore you”
          they say while not ignoring me and giving their opinion behind a long list of others giving me their opinion as well.

          Fact of the matter is no one can refute my points. They all make perfect logical sense and reflect statistically what the reality is of society. Arguing with numerical statistical facts is like calling the wall a retard. Which is what people have to resort to doing after not knowing better than to reply barking at someone more intelligent than themselves, as they come to the realization that their own ideas are idiotic.

        • What happened shuubi? At first you were trying to make intelligent counter points, now youve resorted to recycling internet meme lines hoping to be funny.

          Well I guess intelligence is not for everyone, at least you almost tried.

        • Men statistically work for more than women do. Men statistically are more educated than women are. Most every useful, progressive, advancing discovery and creation in history has been pioneered by men. While women decorate their nails in a way they can’t even simply wipe their butt without covering their own hands in their own crap. Sure men do some silly things, but the scales are FAR unbalanced.

          “Most of us agree that these nails are stupid, yet we said it without reasoning that women as a whole are stupid as a result”

          -That’s what I’m here for. To point it out for you. Because you may otherwise miss it and also may not realize men are not nearly as consistently useless and retarded.

    • Hatsune Miku has painted nails.
      You’re speaking as though people with nail art wear it every single day and not just as a fashion statement now and then. You’re also speaking as though this is something nearly all women do.
      It’s like saying men are useless with their hands because they usually have them in their pants. Can’t we all just get along?

        • of course there is. But people are acting like this is something that all women do, even though this article – dumb as sources from this site are – says that more than 50% (a majority) dislike it. Also, not disliking something doesnt mean you do it.
          It’s not like bling is a woman only thing, either.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, in some cases I notice that girls with nail art, the art is affecting her performance.

        For instance, a girl in restaurant eat very slowly in fear her nail will be tarnished or her fake nail, will drop if she move her hand too fast..

        Also, I am not particularly fond eating a dish made by a woman that wear nail art.. Fear some of the chemical dissolved into my meal during the preparation process. And its not pretty to eat a garden salad, and nearly swallowed a pink fake nail in the process.

        Well, if these problem is overcomed, then I have no pick against nail art woman.