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Haganai Movie: “They Aren’t Even Trying!”


The first leaked glimpse of the movie adaptation of Tomodachi ga Sukunai – which even the author seems keen to disown – appears to have revealed its casting choices were even more misguided than had been feared.

Even a blurry long-distance shot of the production has set fans off, so it is anyone’s guess how they will react when full details of the cast emerge, already having made some abortive efforts to get it cancelled by way of a petition:

“Niku has black hair!?”

“She’s not even got the butterfly!”

“Yukimura is gigantic…”

“Please just stop this!”

“You wouldn’t know who is who, apart from Yukimura and Kobato.”

“Yukimura is big, don’t tell me they actually got a man for the role…”

“Who wants 3D maids, only 2D ones are of any interest.”

“Niku looks nothing like Niku and doesn’t even have blonde hair. They aren’t even trying!”

“Please let this not be real!”

“Honestly, a live action adaptation of Haganai is impossible for a yellow race like the Japanese.”

“Even if they brought in a foreigner for it they’d still get bashed.”

“So I guess you’ll all be going to see it then?”

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