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Vocaloid China Project “Even Cuter Than Miku!”


The quality of Chinese artists has been in the spotlight after some of the candidate Vocaloids for the 2nd “Vocaloid China” project were revealed – securing much approval even in Japan.

The top-runners of the 666 entrants the competition received have received much praise:
















An earlier effort also secured praise:

zhonguoroid (1)

zhonguoroid (2)

Luo Tianyi has also inspired plenty of music:

Even amongst the Japanese, the usual monotonously anti-Chinese attitudes have given way to praise (although Japanese Vocaloid fans might do well to ask themselves why their Chinese counterparts feel the need to create a distinctly Chinese character, rather than worshipping Hatsune Miku like the rest of the world):

“Amazing stuff!”

“All cute!”

“When Yanks do it you end up with creepy stuff, but the Chinese really pull it off.”

“Where are the qipao with the long side slits? And what is with all the tiny pigs trotter feet they have?”

“China would have so much potential if they weren’t always ripping everyone’s stuff off.”

“Pandako is my favourite here.”

“I like these better than that Miku one!”

“Really good efforts, though I prefer simpler designs.”

“Some high level stuff for competition level…”

“Chinese art at Pixiv or Comiket is pretty good, they have some seriously good artists.”

“There are loads on Pixiv. They are just as skilled as the Japanese artists there.”

“They’ve really been poisoned well by Japanese anime, haven’t they?”

“There isn’t much individuality to their artistic styles though…”

“They really are all a bit mass-produced looking.”

“Hooray for China and Vocaloids!”

“It’s funny how they ended up like the kind of characters Japanese think up as ‘Chinese.’ It would be like Japanese emulating how Americans think of them (ninja and geisha, etc.).”

“Creepy otaku of all countries basically associate China with the likes of Chun-li so it’s not that surprising that they came out this way.”

“Aren’t they supposed to hate Japan?”

“I wanted to see something a bit more Chinese…”

“I guess in 10 years we’ll be busy salivating over Chinese anime as well.”

“Filthy Chinese and Koreans ought to establish their own artistic style, although I guess that would be difficult for them. Japanese art is special and belongs only to Japan, I think that is amazing.”

“Only Asians can draw moe art! Westerners always create total montrosities!”

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