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Grand Union: “Just Give Up On Square Enix Already…”

grand-union-kamei (1)

Square Enix’s latest exciting new title has been announced as “Grand Union” – a social card battle game for mobile phones, prompting the usual howls from the few remaining gamers who expect anything more from the company.

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Aside from the usual moaning about Square Enix focusing on facile card games instead of endless JRPG sequels, the declining quality of the art employed in their card game has also aroused comment.

The game is due for release on smartphone platforms, although Square Enix has already demonstrated it has more than enough gall to consider porting such titles to handhelds as well.

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  • Step 1: Hire artists
    Step 2: Copy and paste “gameplay” engine from 700 others like it
    Step 3: ????
    Step 4: PROFIT!

    Art is the only cost, then they just sit there while people throw money at them for RNG prizes and stat bonuses.

    Pay2Win is like intellectual and social cancer. One mistake of getting to close to it and everything nearby stops working and starts to kill off the creature slowly and painfully. And it’s usually terminal.

  • Anonymous says:

    A new FF game always meant something new… be it a deep engaging story, unique characters, a new character development system, a slightly changed ATB or turn-based battle system…
    Basically FF12 & FF13 followed tradition, changing some things and introducing others. But FF13 was too different for most people and got harsh receptions.
    People also hated on FFX-2 for being un-FF-like. Yet, while there was no FFX-3 or similar, they continued with their FF13 sequel spree. They don’t see what went wrong and improve, instead they try to change even more of the badly received game. Fans request new characters, a new setting and a more traditional game… yet they produce sequels, milk old stuff and turn towards social gaming.

    Might be a radical example, but this analogy came to mind:
    While most mass murderers are stopped after one massacre, the serial killer continues with his wrongdoings and causes suffering over a long period of time. Nobody knows when he will be stopped and he himself doesn’t admit that he did wrong, thus killing more people.
    SE didn’t stop and they continue doing shit, until it’s too late for them to turn around

  • Anonymous says:

    I won’t play this game…Actually I;m never play card game in android..It’s just a waste of money…Play real TCG still better and you can always sell them to get some of your money back

  • Anonymous says:

    The only way to save this company is to bring out Just Cause 3 using Luminous Engine. And maybe, maybe, bring out Deus Ex HM but with the new game engine.

    Forget about Final Fantasy, its dead, same for Kingdom Hearts

  • Anonymous says:

    I am not convinced at all in the whole social-mobile gaming business can ever make money. SE is taking a lot of exposure by continue adding into such business. I would rather SE goes back and look at why FF6 is so successful, instead of trying something completely out of whack that has BUBBLE and FAD written all over it.

    Trust me if they follow the recipe of FF6, SE will do fine… Look at how many FPS and rhythms games that Activision makes, and Activision is making money.

  • Anonymous says:

    When they saw what a failure Final Fantasy 13 was they should have gotten the hint then and there. BUT what do you know they make 3 sequels too a shit game that nobody wanted anymore. It’s like they thought we would love the game and lightening if they just kept shoving it down our throats.

    Square Enix was already a lost cause when they tried to make the sequel to FF13.

  • Anonymous says:

    they should rather make a FF game that combines all lead characters into one game where their mission is to save their own worlds and every fabric of space and time of FF existence.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that already exists in some way… Dissidia.
      Back when it came out I played through the Japanese version with 0 knowledge of Japanese and had some fun, but as all other modern FF games… it’s shallow, fanservicy, too easy and gets boring

  • Anonymous says:

    Video game fanatics are the funniest of any product consumers. They often get emotionally attached to the idea of products that will never be made. But ultimately games are just products. Buy the ones you like, and move on if they don’t make something you like. Stressing about things they are not making for you seems like a waste of energy to me.

    • The problem seems to be that no one is making something they like. And since a lot of video game fanatics don’t know how to code their own games (for whichever gaming system[s] they’ve bought), all they can do is wait for someone to do it for them. It seems that they’ve put out a lot of money buying various gaming consoles, but can’t find anything they would consider worthwhile to play on them.

    • Anonymous says:

      But SQ is just a publisher for those games. You actually believe that SQ still has a decent talent pool to create good games lol. Tomb Raider was by Crystal Dynamics and Hitman by IO Interactive. Getting another publisher instead of SQ would still yield success.

      • Anonymous says:

        “decent talent pool”

        Well, they still have Tetsuya Nomura, the man responsible for all of the same-looking, visual kei faggot characters… the man who started as a debugger and created 2D sprites for monsters and characters… and after the departure of the FF creators rose to a high position in SE, turning the franchise into shit. He directed Advent Children (graphics aside, the story was either too slow or too rushed, plenty plotholes and most characters were just background fanservice… even Sephiroth was fanservice) and directs other titles… and look at them characters… no diversity at all

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s funny. Compile Heart has Amano and Uematsu working on their games, which are becoming more like traditional games now…

    …While Square Enix’s work is becoming more and more like what Compile Heart USED to put out.

  • Anonymous says:

    this is like watching a train wreck it motifying and awe droping awsome to watch but you know deep down its relly just tragic. and nothing good is gona come out of it.

    – Lost

  • Anonymous says:

    Let’s face it: if there was anyone left in the company that actually cared about games, or telling stories, or the status of their franchises they’d surely leave after being forced to work on this stuff. I was the one who always scoffed at the “end times” soothsayers but it’s time to acknowledge that the current SQUEENIX is no longer going to be an environment where quality games can grow. Creative affairs, if ever proposed will be shunned to favour quick and non-expensive cash-ins. After no much time, designers, coders, storytellers and artists that really want to make games will learn to avoid the company like the plague.

    This is really sad, really really sad. Today, for the first time in over a decade I understand that a third “Chrono” game will not happen nor a true sequel to FFT (none of that watered-down FFTA crap). It was great while it lasted.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, in Japan many people read manga and LNs or play these games during train and bus rides, whereas in Europe (America most likely as well) people don’t do that (many don’t read at all). Instead they listen to music, visit Facebook (also playing shitty games), chat with friends or simply look around… in Japan it is “forbidden” to talk in public transports. Quite ironic that instead of conducting conversations the Japanese rather play “social games”^^

      So… it seems to be a cultural thing with these games. Westerners play/do other things and might not understand this, though Facebook games are not any less shitty… good thing that I neither own a smartphone nor use social networks at all

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow, interesting observation on the unsociable train etiquette causing the Japs to resort to their phones and ‘social’ gaming. That’s really contradictory.

        Though, as always it simply proves that culture!=common sense.

        • Anonymous says:

          The train etiquette is an example for this modern phenomena in Japan.
          That doesn’t mean it’s not present in the Western society…

          Several years ago I noticed the trend of instant messengers, which nowadays turned towards social networks.
          People always asked for my ICQ number, so they could add me as a “friend”. School ended, you came home, turned on your computer, got a connection to the internet and then started ICQ. Then you’d chat with people all day long, sometimes waiting for someone to come online… and it was not only people you really knew, but also people from online games, forums etc.
          My problem is… instead of meeting someone in person to talk, play games, go out, or do nothing…. you ONLY met online, because it was easier, faster and stuff. As a child I met people in person to spend time and it was fun. Nowadays even children only meet in Facebook. Sure, people still meet up and do stuff, but it’s regressing.

          So, social networks = social games… the same shit

      • Anonymous says:

        Implying they aren’t playing Candy Crush Saga.

        They’re more casual than you think. I mean, if the mobile LNs and VNs sold like hotcakes, then wouldn’t the rest of the bandwagon-riding mobile indie devs have jumped to follow?

  • jamesownsall says:

    SE’s programmers, composers and 3D modellers must be having the time of their lives right now. Welcome to Twitter, Facebook and a little porn, suckaz! THIS is deskjob life! lol

    1. Code some simple plusminus stat game.
    2. Throw in static 2D illustrations, apply tweening effects and make them glow a bit for ‘graphics’.
    3. Shoot any gibberish notes that barely resembles rhythm and melody in FL Studio for ‘music’.
    4. Compile the ‘game’ for mobile platforms and charge retards for every little thing they have to do to win.
    5. ?????
    6. PROFIT!!

    Brilliant plan, Yosuke Matsuda! Just fucking brilliant!

    *single-man applause*

    • Whatever it takes to stay afloat until someone decides to actually come up with a good idea for a real game that will sell. Cellphone/smartphone games are probably the gaming industry’s version of the anime industry’s OAV/OVA: Stuff you put out there to make some quick cash to stay afloat or to build up funds to produce your real work. Probably. I could be wrong.

  • Cards! Oh please Square, give me more card games for my phone/ipad/whatever because there is nothing better than a mediocre card game that will nickle and dime me to death!

    Meanwhile, I’ll just look to other game developers to, y’know, produce some fucking decent games.

    • The worst part is after the information about social gaming surpassing Nintendo, they’re not really doing anything evil or stupid considering their financial woes. Something that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around is happening and it’s scaring me like the older person I’m becoming. For the first time in my life I can understand the past generations when they can only shake their heads in incredulity at the younger generations, because it just quite simply does not compute in our perceptions how the tumbling fuck anyone would not only buy card games, but cards from them that don’t actually exist in reality for that matter.

      Even facebook’s uselessness made sense because all their crap is modern day Populus or Tetris with friends, which has some merit. Even phones with Fruit Ninja are merely the new Minesweeper. But the days of engrossing story and atmosphere proving itself a viable component to gaming has apparently waxed and waned into a new NES era where everything is basically short and mindless with a smattering of epic on the fringe.

        • Anonymous says:

          At best they can get a cut. But why shoot themselves in the foot? It’s free advertising. It’s like asking for a cut when a magazine makes money off reviewing and previewing your games.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pokemon trading card game was fairly fun and addicting on nintendo gameboy, and the Yugioh games took that and incorporated and RPG feel into it, so i can see the potential of a card game that takes a que from the MMOs with real money stores, after all, real money stores take advantage of a certain type of person that can’t controll thier spending, and they are a lot of people like that, add the option to bill your cell phone and they’ve just created a bunch of kids secretly billing their parents phones.

        • Anonymous says:

          Problem is: Yugiou and Pokemon are big successful franchises. And they started the whole card game / collection boom back in 199x / early 2000s.
          Whereas this Grand Union game is just 1 out of hundreds of similar games! There are far too many of these games and most are so bad that the number of players dwindles until the game is discontinued (social games are like MMOs, no players = dead game).
          One might give this a try and like it, but why should I play this when there are dozens or hundreds of competitors?
          Heck, why should I play some social card game that will die after several months, when there are addictive Pokemon games since the 1990s? The SIXTH generation comes this year and will be a success, Grand Union comes and will be a failure (btw haven’t played Pokemon since Silver)
          Well, like you said they’ll still make some cash through backdoor traps and billing phones.^^

      • Anonymous says:

        I dunno. I think this can’t be compared to older generations, who, for example, had absolutely no idea what a computer even really was, let alone what you could do with it.

        We have a perfect understanding of how modern things work and what the theoretical appeal is. We know exactly the inner workings and goals of social apps, so the opinion that they are manipulative non-games is highly informed and not just based on feelings of “ugh, kids these days”.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s the same with most MMORPGs. If you look into the psychology of habitual gamblers you’ll understand why MMORPGs can be addicting. Provide a carrot and people will follow. “Invested time” mindset hoping for a payoff. In the case of “social gaming” (multiplayer gaming?? are we using new buzzwords now?) it’s only value is giving people an easy excuse to interact with people. IMO if a game is only fun just because it provides opportunity to interact with people, then it just sucks. You’re not actually there for the game. You can go to a bar or social event without the game.

          The ultimate reality is, the social addiction is causing people to be duped to sit around and play scrabble. FUCKING SCRABBLE. Oh I’m sorry, “Words with Friends.”

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m absolutely with you there. For several years I’m not really going with trends anymore and don’t understand what’s so great about most stuff… and I’m turning only 23 this year!

        Be it video games that only serve as eyecandy for graphics whores, social networks, smartphones, Apple products, tablets, Windows 8 + Metro, “cool visually pleasing websites with huge fonts, huge double spacing, so narrow it’s definitely pandering to tablet/smartphone users”, “friends” who you can only ‘meet’ via the internet… and lots of other stuff.
        Wow, I feel old and misplaced in our modern world. If only I were born 1 generation earlier to live the 70s and 80s…

  • Anonymous says:

    Stop fucking complaining!! So they made some games you don’t like so don’t fucking buy them then there are plenty of other game developers out there producing great games.

    • Anonymous says:

      I most certainly won’t buy this bullshit. The reason people are upset/worried is that this looks like a massive turn away from them putting out any future RPGs. The only real hope left is for Versus XIII to do so insanely well when it finally comes out that the executives are financially motivated to continue the series. The upcoming FFX and Kingdom Hearts HD remakes will definitely make them some money, but I doubt it’ll be enough to change any minds against doubling down on social gaming/F2P. A lot really is riding on Versus XIII.

  • Square Enix just wanna follow the success of TCG on smartphone like Rage of Bahamut…

    Who can blame them? a simple game with no complexity, ROB manage to rack up 3-5 million dollars a month (of what i heard), on the peak of their success just with the premise of sexy/moe artworks…

    Low budget, high ROI, and all they need is good artwork. Sound too good to be true…but they blew up on the artwork department. Way to generic to caught any attention.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then I hope for their own sake that they have a plan B for when things go to Hell, because according to these cases, they ALL eventually do.

      Atlus thought that social gaming could save their asses. It didn’t.

      EA, the root of all gaming evil in modern times with their huge resources and marketing machine, thought social gaming could add some more to their evil empire with Sim Social, SimCity Social and Pet Society. They ended up already shut down all three. So, no, it didn’t.

      Zynga? FUCK NO, IT DIDN’T.