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“One Anime Movie You Wish Hollywood Would Make”


The prospect of a Hollywood movie version of shocking titan anime Shingeki no Kyojin has been causing some enthusiasm for once, after a parody Hollywood-style poster stimulated the imagination (to say nothing of naive optimism) of fans.

By Kouji Tajima, the theatrical poster is strictly unofficial – but has inspired the vanishingly rare sight of actual enthusiasm about a Hollywood adaptation online:

“I thought this was real, damn it.”

“It’s a really professional looking poster.”

“Please yes, a Hollywood version!”

“If they have to make a movie adaptation, please have Hollywood do it. I have a really bad feeling about what a Japanese movie version would do to it…”

“A Hollywood edition would just be some panic thriller without any of the character emotions of the original. I bet they’d cut the 9-year-old killer too.”

“Don’t worry, Hollywood made such a success of Dragon Ball it’s sure to be fine.”

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