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Ghost in the Shell ARISE “Looks Amazing” “Maaya is Perfect”


A new trailer for the highly controversial Ghost in the Shell ARISE movie series has been released, and the scepticism of GitS fans disturbed by radical changes in both character design and voice casting appear to be evaporating rapidly.

The latest trailer:

An updated site also reveals old school Tachikoma, although it is hard to see Tsumugi being the object of much more than ridicule:

new-bots (1)

new-bots (2)

Online there has been an significant reversal in opinion after the trailer’s release:

“I thought Maaya’s voice would be too light, but she carries it off perfectly!”

“Maaya’s doing great. Though apart from Togusa the rest do sound off.”

“This is awful!”

“When they changed the seiyuu this ceased to be worth watching. Hurry up and make another proper sequel!”

“Saito’s new look is atrocious:”


“Please tell me this is a joke…”

“Maya really carried off Tanaka’s vocal style nicely. Not too sure about Batou though…”

“Did you guys forget Maya played loli Motoko!”

“I remembered, so I was concerned. But the preview is great.”

“The real problem here is that the movie and SAC were so good they are seriously tough acts to follow.”

“This PV is seriously promising. I didn’t think wooden Maya could pull off Motoko but she did it. She sounds like a young Motoko. I don’t think the seiyuu changes are a problem now.”

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