Chikan Forum Group Gropers Touch Up Wrong Woman


Police have arrested one chikan and are hunting another after the pair joined an online chikan mash-up on a train to grope a woman egging them on from a chikan forum – only to find out they were victimising an innocent woman whose clothing and position on the train mysteriously matched the instructions left for them on the forum.

The 26-year-old Osaka man had been frequenting a “Kinki” chikan fetish forum for those interested in groping and being groped, when he came upon a post by “Yui” asking if there was anyone who could come and grope her on the front carriage of the 07:10 Kokawa-Kainan Wakayama line service.

She provided regular updates to board visitors about her choice of clothing and which carriage she could be found on, providing such fastidious warnings as “It’s the realism that makes it exciting, so I’ll be sure to put up a bit of a fight at first, don’t take any notice!” and soon had takers asking they “could watch or participate,” which she informed them was OK “if you obey the rules and have proper manners.”

On the appointed day she informed the board that “I’ve got on the back of the first carriage, I’m wearing a flesh-coloured skirt, blue blazer and have a brown bag,” and that they “should come on up without asking and touch me for real.”

Board denizens following these posts from the train itself apparently took these instructions to heart and proceeded to grope the woman whom they thought matched the description.

The 26-year-old man approached a woman sat in a box-type seat by the window, and took a seat next to her where he began to persistently touch her nether regions despite her protests. A man stood nearby also joined in and began groping her breasts from behind.

She asked them to stop, but was ignored – until she raised her voice further and the man stood behind her decided to flee and got off the train at the next stop.

At this point the 26-year-old also stopped, turning his back on the woman, but the eyes of the rest of the carriage were on him, and he rode on the train until the last stop, at which point the woman turned him over to station staff.

He maintains that he was attempting to take part in the encounter organised on the board, but the woman says she was not a user of that esteemed site and did not even have her phone on her person when the incident occurred. so there was no way she could have reported her presence to the board.

The admin of the board proved only too willing to cooperate with authorities, saying that “As you all know, one of our users was recently arrested. The IP, host name and user agent of the user responsible for this incident have been recorded, so we will provide them to the authorities should they request them.”

As for the man who got away, police are appealing for leads from anyone who may have seen him (apparently not having worked out that he was most likely one of the board’s users as well).

They also say should they somehow be able to track down the person apparently responsible for posting the woman’s details to the site so she could be mobbed by chikan whilst the poster presumably watched from a safe distance in a state of some excitement (or possibly amusement), they will be prosecuted for the crime of instigating a chikan attack.

The national experts on chikan-affairs are as keen as ever to provide some valuable opinions:

“This is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard.”

“I don’t even know where to start, my brain has just seized up.”

“As if anyone really wants to be chikaned?”

“The poor woman who got mixed up in this must be traumatised…”

“Since you can use Tor easily enough on Android, as long as the culprit isn’t a complete moron they’ll never catch them.”

“Please don’t believe such dangerous posts!”

“This is what you get for watching too much AV.”

“From the description the poster gave of the victim, they must have been in the same carriage at least…”

“Interesting if the culprit knew the woman pointed out as a victim.”

“Could also be that she was the poster but didn’t fancy the pervs she drew this time and dobbed them in. It’s not like the cops would search the victim, so how would anyone know whether she had a phone on her?”

“Or did the guy who fled point her out and then use the other fool as a decoy?”

“This is as bad as someone calling the number on toilet wall…”

“Real life is more like an eroge than the eroge.”

“Expect an ero-manga of this incident soon!”

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    • Anonymous says:

      20:42- He wouldnt, unless it was a fake. Otherwise he’d blow his cover as a spoilt little 13 year old kid with delusions of grandeur, because I can’t see the dribble he writes as belonging to anyone else.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wish people wouldn’t degrade and generalize 13 and 14 year olds like that… that’s not so different from what Taylor is doing himself, you know. I was those ages myself, once, and I wasn’t a dumbass asshole then or now (as no one has ever called me those things, at least, lol) although I’m more hornier than I was then. Think of a smarter and more original way to putting him down than calling him 13, please. I know of a 9 year old even smarter than Taylor.

        • Anonymous says:

          I meant he is clearly a child trying to sound smart but just sounding like a child, not that all 13 year olds are like him. I’m just trying not to think about the far worse possibility that he really is an dull silt because adults this stupid are a danger to society.

  • Anonymous says:

    Taylor, money and good looks don’t mean squat if you don’t have the personality to match. Catch the hint, will you?

    I’ve looked at your comments and you don’t seem to be able to represent yourself clearly enough to be taken seriously. Try sentence structure and grammar, to start.

    Unfortunately, you fall into the line of people who say they’re experts when they think they know a little bit more of something than the people that they surround themselves with.

    Too bad for you, those who call themselves experts usually aren’t.

  • Wow. Loads of posts saying “oh, they shouldn’t get charged with x because y”; no posts about how utterly fucked up it must have been for the woman who got publicly groped on a train.

    Let me explain it for you dense motherfuckers.

    1]. A man or woman hates a particular woman.
    2]. He/she decides to get her attacked on a train by a bunch of brain-dead pervs; this is possible because of the target needing to keep a routine a relying on public transport.
    3]. It only takes maybe an hour trolling, before dropping the bait. Which gets taken because bravado and stupidity always go hand in hand. That line of “I’ll probably fight at first” kinda sealed the deal.
    4]. The day in question, the woman/man starts following the targetted woman from a distance and texting updates.
    5]. The above happens.

    Police should be looking at CCTV footage for the crowds and seeing if any one person was following the groped woman for a suspiciously long time and messaging on a mobile phone at intervals that match the ones posting updates online.

  • Anonymous says:

    It makes me think of that Family Guy ep where Peter tells that guy at the bar he will let him sleep with his daughter if he gives him something. Peter points to the hottest girl in the room…

    Guy: “Ok, I’ll do her. But can you tell her to cry and beg me to stop?”

    Peter: “I think that can be arranged.”

    My bet it was some dude who was just messing with these guys and is laughing his ass off that they actually did it.

  • Anonymous says:

    It was pretty obviously a revenge ploy by someone who was fairly close to her, wasn’t it? There was an even worse incident orchestrated from craigslist, if I recall.

    Set up code words, or something.

  • Train Dating is a horrible way to meet. Just think how the story of two people meeting telling their kids how they met. “She wanted it and I molested her, She wanted it”

    I would of nailed the man in the balls if that was me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t read this fully.

    Seriously, I got about halfway through before laughing at the stupidity here. Matter of fact;


  • Anonymous says:

    Well, it is a rather grim new means of bullying. If it turns out the poster was doing it as a deliberate targeting of the women. For either him choosing her, or because he hated her. Its rather horrible thought actually, if someone starts doing this and it leads to sexual assaults occurring in bullying.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is one of the possibility..

      Aside from a simple mistake because both the victim and girl want to be chikan-ed wear the same dress.

      Its Japan, a land where there are two people in same street wears the exact same dress because the attire is featured in a popular fashion magazine.

      The other possibility is there are no woman want to be grouped, just a trolling old man, but unfortunately there’s a woman in the train wearing the about same dress as the troller describe.

  • Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, the police have issued a search warrant:

    Wanted, alive or “alive to Japanese standard”, male fugitive sexual-harrassment otaku, average height, jet-black hair, yellow-ish skin-tone, speaks Japanese……

  • Anonymous says:

    Only a total idiot would have fallen for this. Toss ’em in prison and give them 99 years and six months: six months for molesting the lady and 99 years for criminal stupidity.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    Now that has got to be one of the most epic trolls, if I ever saw one. LOL

    Though condolences to the poor lady, who was totally oblivious that she was being used as troll-bait.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have a phone call first, or better yet have the outfit designated the night before hand. How would the instigator know before hand unless she is actually the participant victim.

    • In their defense it was somewhat clever of the instigator to say ‘it’s the realism, so I will struggle.’ Still should have taken steps like demanded a picture to specific people who agrees and such, but this is more unfortunate than anything being particularly stupid. Someone pulled a prank and probably ruined this guy’s life now, and caused that woman some embarrassment (won’t go into the inequality of those consequences at this point), and I hope he’s found by the people on that board and beaten to within an inch of his life.

      Be ironic if this does go ero-manga plot and the woman ends up falling for his courage for sticking around or something and it blossoms into an relationship somehow.

    • Thats not how things like this work. You dont meet up with people who you are asking to basically ‘rape’ you. I mean..That ruins all excitement for the people involved if they knew what each other looked like and have met before.

      • Anonymous says:

        There are such things as safe words, they are used in BDSM. People with an ounce of sense make sure that everything is consensual at the beginning before starting the roleplay.

        The real perpetrator should be prosecuted of course, but these dumbasses are no innocent either.

      • Anonymous says:

        What also ruins the excitement is the impression that either of you is working on such an appointment. Ruling out any about-faces, the most basic precautions would account for it being done in plain view of unaware commuters. That neither side thought of it and the other didn’t take note of this is the most suspicious.

      • Anonymous says:

        Interesting. I don’t suppose this sort of thing comes up somewhere else, too? Violating a safety rule because that’s part of the whole appeal?

        Perhaps those people are indeed just that dumb. Suspension of disbelief, and, like, maybe just the knowledge that it’s with some random perv from a fucking internet forum, wouldn’t that work just as well? Ain’t no one saying you should bungee jump with a broken cord, either.

  • yea my first thought was, yep this is no accident, this is how women are these days and this is what u get for trusting them.

    if u want a good 3d wife, u have to find one whos really poor but still truly happy. <– best advice you'll ever read.

      • Truth is the greatest misogynist of them all Anon.

        Honestly wouldn’t surprise me at all if the woman really was the poster and simply decided she didn’t like the looks of the guys she rounded up, so she turned them in, or even worse, she some man hater bitch that gets off on luring unsuspecting guys into traps and having them arrested.

        • Anonymous says:

          There was some feminist activist who did something similar to got an facebook site of her university shut down and prove her whole rape culture thing.
          That’s Meg Lanker-Simons you’re referring to.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ha ha.. so true.

          One of the fuck up situation.

          The guy went out for a drink with his ex-girlfriend as two friends, and the gal find out. The guys explain, but the gal don’t believe it..

          The gal dialog: I know I shouldn’t trust you, cheating jerk. My friends was right to call you that.

          The gal went out for a drink with her ex-boyfriend as two friends, and the guy find out. The gal explain, but the guy don’t believe it..

          The gal dialog: How could you not trust me, you paranoid jerk. My friends was right to call you that.

          Their way to approach an issue always change to fit their needs. Only saw others fault, but not their own.

          Katty Perry and her song, I Kiss A Girl is one of highlight that. Many reason are given to justify her hypothetically situation of kissing another woman. I doubt she will accept that reasoning if she caught her boyfriend kissing another man.

        • Anonymous says:

          Reply to Chen: Where did you here this? There was a bit of a buzz about the possibilites of creating a child without sperm, I’ve never heard of it being done without an egg. It’s still something in the beginning stages, not something that can be implemented in great amounts, but the article was about its benefits for women with infertile husbands. Point being, eventually men and their precious penises wont be worth as much as they think.

        • Anonymous says:

          There was some feminist activist who did something similar to got an facebook site of her university shut down and prove her whole rape culture thing.
          It was a site that allowed to anonymously confess their crush/thoughts and she used it to write a long and disgusting post about how she would “hate fuck” herself into an obedient republican bitch.

          Funny thing is, she looks completly appaling and nobody would actually want to do that. Because in the end the police ran her down as the culprit behind it, she wasn’t even smart enough to not use her own pc.

          Sadly not all of them are that dumb, but if they lack real evidence and proof to justify their misandrism and hate mongering while trying to find things they can use to label men subhuman they just make it themselves.

          I wish there would be real figures about how much of it is in fact produced by them themselves, but I’m fairly sure the figures would be incredible high.

          Women in the west are brought up to believe themselves to be perpetual victims, something that injects them with a mindset of entitlement afterall victims are entitled to compensation from the one who victimized themselves while they can claim the moral higher ground and are themselves unable to discriminate or be sexist.

          I find it the most baffling how a great many women don’t even recognize when they themselves do all the things just way worse they always accuse men of.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hope is the mother of despair… I would be happy if it happened but I stopped working towards it finding a girlfriend. I’m not made to take rejections appearently…everytime they doing this to me something cracks painfully a little bit more in my chest…Protect my life and my dreams is also my duty as a person. And that is what I have decided to do.

        • >>2D men have made 3D guys like you pretty damn obsolete too.

          Sexual reproduction is possible without women, but it is impossible without men. It’s possible to create artificial wombs, but as far as I know there’s no such thing as artificial semen.

        • Anonymous says:

          I for one will not attack TAYLOR for his blatant misogyny, maybe fueled by some butthurt past of his, who knows? Poor guy. I kind of understand, I know someone who says he had 10 bad relationships before hitting 30 and deciding to be dedicated to a video game character for the rest of his life, but I know deep down he still hoped…

          Anyways, I prefer to counter Taylor than attack him. I’ve always been a fan of both 2D and 3D. I see positives and negatives in both kinds of women. And today, I’m thankful for the loving touch of a 3D woman who actually loves 2D with me. She loves to watch anime with cool tough guys, feminine guys, cute little boys, and also sexy women. She’ll watch all kinds of anime with me, from Ghost in the Shell to Seikon no Qwaser to Milk Junkies! She saw these and liked them even before she met me. She’s kind, and smart, and beautiful, and fun, and funny, and before anyways says anything, she’s got a better paying job than me and is older than me by a year.

          Don’t give up guys. I never went out of my way looking for a 3D woman, I just met and became friends with female anime fans no differently from male fans and one day one of them turned out to be special to me. I was ready to be alone with my 2D forever, but I’m glad that I didn’t throw away the idea of a 3D woman either. I’m glad I didn’t look down on women in any way, and I’m a much happier anon for it.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are a lot bitches around, especially among the educated one that use her bias knowledge and unfounded anger to take down to all man.

      The one that claim want equality, but in fact the equality, ain’t a fair demand at all. They only speak when their gender seems oppressed, but when the opposite happen, they shut their lip tight.

      But I still believe there are decent woman among all this bitches, just hard to find, that’s all.

      Just keep searching, 2D wife and 2D children is great, but they still imagination product, and wont be any help when you got into trouble, or when ya got old and cannot wipe ya ass properly.

      That is the advantage of a system called family.

      • Anonymous says:


        The way you post like that, it’s almost if things were perfect in your way, we’d never be able to see something that awesome…

        men piss and jizz too, it’s just far fewer of us have the guts to put that on display for the world…

      • well if u cant find that rare 1% of quality girls which no one ever really seems to find…

        Focus on making $ and hire maids. They will do all the wifely things without complaining and drama and expecting u to do what they want in return and do it better and in sexier outfits. and if u really want 3d sex that bad there are always women willing to give it to you cheaply, or you can keep a few women around as just friends and do them making sure they know u are just friends and nothing else will come of it. when your old u can hire young nurses who will take care of u in sexy nurse outfits.. your old wrinkly wife wont do that nor would u want her to. if you want kids adopt someone less fortunate.

        • Anonymous says:

          I feel compelled to apologize to all women as a man just for the existence of people like Taylor. I hope he isnt turning you off 3D men forever, we’re not all like him, and I don’t know how he can even stand living with a stick that huge up his ass.

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor has turned me off rich guys forever. If they all act anything like that, nothing in the world could compensate for having to deal with an ego that huge and yet a brain that small.
          Granted, seeing as his posts read as though written by someone recording the words of a 14 year old kid over Xbox Live, he’s probably too young to be dating anyway.

        • Anonymous says:

          …..wait, wait wait. I just saw this glorious clusterfuck and have one question….Taylor’s a MAN? This whole time I thought he was a self-hating lesbian, what the fuck. It made his ‘story’ a lot more interesting in any case. But who the hell calls their son ‘Taylor’?

        • Anonymous says:

          ‘THIS IS TRUE BECAUSE STEREOTYPES’ is the funniest shit I’ve ever read from Taylor and thats saying a lot because everything he writes is funny. The thing about stereotypes is that they’re generally NOT true, dicksweep. Especially one about women invented by men. There are numerous stereotypes about men from women that you probably disagree with too (they hate being wrong, they refuse to ask for directions if lost, they never wash their hands, they have uncontrollable rage, etc.)

          Here are some more stereotypes for you, Taylor:

          a) otaku are pedophiles
          b) taylor is a girl’s name
          c) americans are fat (if he lives in america, if he doesnt, I’m sure theres a bunch more stereotypes for him)
          d) guys who brag about their money are compensating for their small penis size

          Dont get mad at me, I didnt make those stereotypes. They’ve existed in media for a long time, and have examples to support them. Does that make them true? By your logic, it does.

        • Anonymous says:

          @18:23 all im gonna say is, it takes 2 you big baby, even after the baby is born and has to be raised. Even if you’re looking at the majority of women, still too many make up the rest of women who also slave just as much to take care of their kids, sometimes worse than their husbands for all kinds of reasons (a deadbeat who ditches them, he has a cushy job sitting on his ass while the wife has to cook at home or maybe she has a more hard working job, or it’s the roles reversed and he’s one of those new house-husbands, etc).

          Again, I’m talking about an equal view of women and men here, of all people, not saying women are better overall. People are individuals, not their gender or race or color or country or etc.

          @23:51 – Even I love 2D and I feel like he’s making 2D lovers look bad. That’s another reason why I’m saying all this… if not to help him, then at least to help the view of us (not among women, but among sane people).

        • Anonymous says:

          is taylor supposed to be some kind of roleplay account of one of those rich ‘bouchama’ characters that look down on the main character and says things ‘HMPH YOU ARE NOT ON THE LEVEL TO TALK TO ME!’ and ‘hmph dealing with commoners is SO TROUBLESOME!’ and everyone laughs because who even says that in real life.
          If so, bang up job, 10/10, would laugh again. If not….well, uh, oh dear.

        • Anonymous says:

          First of all, you have clearly never been a teacher ever if you think it isnt a hard-working job. You dont have any idea what teachers are expected to do every day, and how quickly it causes you to hate children and their parents. It’s a thankless job for men and women alike, some like it, sure, but if you get stuck teaching the asshole teenagers my mother is stuck with, it’s very hard to enjoy.The hours are much longer than you seem to think, and my mother very rarely ever has true holidays (often taking the work with her on holidays.) She has to take on even more work than she used to in the school because of my father’s genius ‘early retirement and living off your earnings’ plan. And before you say some genius comment like ‘why dont you change jobs’ then I have some news, not everyone has a Jeeves to wipe their ass like you seem to, and this is not a luxury for everyone.
          Second, the secret is out – Taylor is an immortal, time-travelling all powerful lord who apparently has the power, and funds, to visit every country on earth, know about the habits and personality of every woman on earth, and come back here, to the year 2013, to let us know this truth. Amazing!
          Third, you do constantly spew this stuff out, dont act like you dont. This article, for example, has nothing to do with 3D vs 2D, but you still bring the debate in because you just cant seem to go a day without it. It’s like you’re badly trying to compensate for something, like the fact that you secretly know you’re wrong but maybe if you remind yourself what you believe every day, you’ll start to believe it again.
          Now you’re saying ‘It’s mens nature to work and women’s nature to nurture’, even though a few hours ago you were going on about how lazy women are for ‘choosing’ not to work. (Even though, by the way, you’re still wrong on that, as by the actual damn evidence that more women are working nowadays. The evidence being the birth shortages because they dont want to have to stop working to have a baby. Or are you going to deny the existence of the birth shortage too?) If men ‘love working’ so much, why are you going on about how terrible it is that they slave away all day? Shouldnt that be a good thing, then? You clearly know nothing about the Japanese workplace if you think the average salarymen actually enjoy what they do. Why do you think so many of them commit suicide? Why do you think the ‘miserable salaryman dreaming of a better job’ is such a common trope in popular culture? You also didnt address the number of working women outnumbering those that stay at home in recent years, which directly contradicts your claim that they want to freeload at home.

          You keep going on about majorities and statistics, but where the hell are you getting these from? One minute you’re citing the bible, the next you’re reffering to an article on this site, the next some porn, the next some people you know, it’s like you dont even know any more.
          You keep mentioning bad things about women and ignoring the fact that men do just as badly. Every time I see a crime on tv, 9 times out of 10, its a man that committed the crime. ‘But none of MY male friends would commit a crime!’ says someone. ‘Who cares!’ I say. ‘They’re clearly a minority,and only a personal example so it doesnt count, because I know the facts and the majorities!’ See how dumb it sounds? And if you’re going to again say ‘I never said men weren’t bad as well’, then why do you only ever talk down about women, saying you want a world without them and yet men can stay, whilst also saying ‘all women x’ and ‘all women y’. When I give you examples to prove you are wrong, and that it is not ‘all women x’ or ‘all woman y’ you’re just like ‘but that’s just an EXCEPTION!’ even though the existence of exceptions disproves what you said.

          The point of the matter is that, at the end of the day, you are still under the impression that someones moral compass and worthiness is dictated by whether they have a penis or a vagina, which is fucking ridiculous. Let’s judge people by what they actually do. For example, I’ll continue to hate the men that rape, that murder, that are evil dictators of countries I’m glad I dont live in, that kidnap children, that plagiarize, that get mad when their precious idol dares to have a boyfriend, that steal, and so on, just like I’ll continue to hate any women that do these things, as well as whatever it is you think women are more ‘capable’ of doing. But I’m not going to pretend one gender is more or less corrupt than the other, because such a concept defeats logic. But every time this topic comes up, that statistics dictate that men do far worse things than anything you hate women for(just look at any newspaper any day of the week) in far greater numbers, you have no comeback other than a petty insult, like it seems to hit a nerve with you. You’re so sure in your ‘superior intelligence’ that the mere possibility of you ever being wrong infuriates you.

          I don’t care if you’re not interesting in 3D women because I’m not interested in 3D men either, but I don’t go around sharing my ‘gospel’ like its some kind of fucking lifestyle.

        • Anonymous says:

          I get the feeling takes literally everything written on this site about women as the gospel truth and if so lmfao. Does he also watch Fox News?
          Granted, for one who thinks he follows ‘logic’, theres a clear fallacy here. This site may post a lot of articles about undesirable women, but I seem to also see a lot about rapists, murderers, child-mollesters, shitty politicians, dumbass policeman, bad parents and idiot schoolchildren who are all male, so does that mean that if this site is the gospel truth on what we should think about genders, that all males have the IQ of a brick and are some hideous frankenstein monster of Ishihara, a policeman that stands around going ‘dUUUUUUUUH THAT GUY WALKED NEAR A GIRL MUST ARREST’ and a NEET that murdered his family? Cool, now I’ll find some forums to spread my ‘gospel truth’ on about how men cant be trusted ever because GUESS WHAT I READ ON THE INTERNETS ABOUT THEM!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          @ 1:42 – how has any of your long winded response countered anything I said? What I said still stands. Most women entering childbirth totally accept what they’re gonna have to go through and they don’t regret it at all, but that doesn’t change the fact that they went through the hell of it and would even do it again. What happens after, in raising the kid, why are we even talking about that? IMO, the male equivalent of the hell of childbirth is just having to support and deal with the woman they impregnated until she does give birth. I see women as the gateways to human life, although men are the key. I never said that women should be venerated above men for that reason, I actually think they both should be equally!

          Kissing up to women? Damn is your perspective twisted… forget it, I just remembered why it’s pointless talking to anyone online, you’re not gonna get anything from what anyone discuses with you besides aggravation. I just wanted to say my piece in hopes of countering your bullshit propaganda, and to represent the side of men who aren’t assholes.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Taylor , why are you bringing up fathers now? This is about mothers right now. No one said to respect mothers at the expense of fathers. Of course she didn’t create us on her own, but she had to go through the worst of it.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Taylor: I have a lot of respect for my mother, but not much respect for my father because he cheated on her out of his own selfishness. Out of all the stories of infedility that I’ve heard about within my social sphere (family, friends, aquaintences, work colleages, friends of friends), at least 80% were initiated by the male in the relationship. I also have stories of men beating their girlfriends or trying to stop them from seeing their friends out of some kind of bitchy jealousy (said men now dont have girlfriends.) This kind of thing sours my image of men and its hard to view them as something that has any respect for women or fellow human beings in general, but, unlike you, I have not given up on them yet. I believe there are decent men out there, because they’re human too, so I’m not going to be an immature little dumbass and go on about how I know everything about every man who has ever lived using only what I’ve learned from the 0.0000001% of earth’s population of men that I know. I’m still wary of men, and perhaps a little afraid of them, but I still believe there are plenty of decent ones in the world. And I’m pretty sure you’re not one of them.

        • Anonymous says:

          Looking down on a woman is the same on looking down on a mother. We all came from women. If she isn’t one now, she may be one in the future. I don’t have respect for all individuals, but I will never lack respect for women-kind and mothers.

        • 2313
          Those characters are based on real people who do and say things like that all the time. Unfortunately you are poor and so have nothing to reference other than anime because you lack the ability to have real like experience with those in a much higher class than yourself. What a pity. Smart people have money class and sophistication. Sadly for you other than my gracious acknowledgement of your existence, your only experience with such types will be though the cute little stories you watch in anime. Well enjoy what little you have in life, thats the important thing.

        • yes anon 544
          because working and slaving at a job for the REST OF YOUR LIFE in order to support another human being is totally the same as the HELL of 6 months of pregnancy. yep they are totally equal. Thats why the overwhelming majority of women in the world prefer to not work and be housewives and have children. How about I go adopt a kid so my wife wont have to go through that 6 month hell of icecream cravings and babyshowers and she can slave at a 9 to 5 for the rest of her life to support me while me and my son dust the table from time to time and play video games all day. I wonder how many women will take me up on that offer.

          Please don’t write anything else to me. I don’t mean to be rude but you are too stupid to exist.

        • @anon50
          go through the worst of it? omg you see this woman ass kissing is whats wrong with the world today.

          Im going to resist writing this is caps.

          It was her decision to open up her fuggen legs to have the pleasure of sex and all the other benefits shell get like having her ass kissed and get pregnant. Your acting like women are not aware of the process of having a baby before they decide to open their legs. Like oh no look at all I have to go through to have a baby…I didnt know I had to do this for 9 whole months OMG. Well actually the 9 month process is not that bad aside from some sick days and one painful day. The first 3 months is no really no difference at all. you should watch this show called I didnt know I was pregnant on tlc. anyway back to the point they know before they decide to open their legs so why are u kissing ass on their own decision?

          Not to mention what usually ends up happening is the guy then has to slave at a job the rest of his life to support everyone. How about that pain? and if he has to ask her to work see how long shes faithful and still gives him sex regularly. Men get no credit no respect and all the blame. Ask a woman would she honestly rather give birth to a child or work a job she probably doesnt like every day for the rest of her life. Ah wait there was already a study done asking this in japan. guess how many said theyd rather be a housewife? just about every single one. I can get the numbers for you if you want. and even as housewives they complain about being bored, their husbands being to tired after slaving at work to deal with them, and then they go off and cheat. Happens everyday in millions of situations. And usually to guys who once kissed womens ass like they are gods gift. ha. ha.

        • Listen anon 2022
          What I am doing is called generalizations and stereotypes. The thing about generalizations and stereotypes is that they are usually true. Asian are good at math is a stereotype. Well statistically that shet is true if you look at math scores per year per country or even if you break down the score by race of a melting pot country like the US.
          My points on women are not politically correct and people don’t like to hear it in the same way they dont like to hear asians are good at math. But that doesnt mean it isn’t usually true. Though my point on women is a more solid statistic than asians and math.

          If it was your mom who cheated, which may have happened and they didnt tell u the whole story, that happens with children all the time, then you would probably agree more with my points. Theres always two sides to a story and ofc you didnt include the other but im sure your mom was the innocent pure one as is usually the case in those situations right?

          Either way you’re arguing from a bias that makes your points null and void. In fact it could be argued that women like you who are apprehensive, doubtful, distance keeping towards men, hurts the men around you and gives negative impression which could lead men to being coldhearted towards you can other women that can lead to cheating just as it did in the case with your mom. Maybe how you treat men is selfish which leads to a chain reaction. Like how I did not insult you but you called me a dumbass and belittled me attacking my pride as a man which is the worst thing you can do to a guy. Just for that maybe now Ill always feel bad and angry towards women so maybe Ill make one fall in love with me have a baby and cheat on her. And it all started with you and your little comment. But your the type that looks at men to blame so shikatanai.

        • So what if we all came from women? She still only did 50% of the work. See thats the problem with women today, they become rotten because people treat overly and unnecessarily special. Don’t look down on am mother but its ok to look down on a father? Let me show you some porn of mothers cheating with their husbands best friend or having sex with their own children. Then come back and tell me how you can’t look down on women.

        • Ecclesiastes 7:28 while I was still searching but not finding– I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all

          Even if you don’t believe in a god (which you probably dont since ur on a porn site) it’s funny how theres a line like this in every ancient holy book.

          JUST SAYING…

    • Image a world with nothing but your bros and robot women have been perfected and feel nice even better than the real thing and she can be custom made to look like whoever you chose as your waifu. In my case Shinobu. Fking glorious.

      • Anonymous says:

        also why cant women be your bros? Most of my bros are women because all my male friends ever want to talk about is their dicks and that’s hella gay, why would you want a world of male bros?

        • Anonymous says:

          I have equal male and female friends. I enjoy both of their company. Maybe one day you’ll make friends too, Taylor, you should listen to your mother when she tells you to go to school. You’ll have to repeat the fourth grade at this rate.

        • In a perfect world women could be your bros. But we all know that overwhelmingly is not USUALLY the case is it? Guys and girls have trouble being just friends for many reason, and when it does happen theres usually a catch like she doesnt like him in that way at all and just kind of has him there for when shes bored even if he does like her. Or she already has a boyfriend but still keeps you around just in case. or u take care of her because you feel bad she wont get a job and go to school and make her own way in life because she thinks she has a vagina so things in life should be handed to her. You are talking idealism, I am talking realism. What usually happens. Before you argue my point look around you in your life, how many girls in your life have been your bros vs guys, how is it for you other guy friends? Maybe you know one guy in your life who has a harem like in the animes where there lots of girls around him, they probably like him, but theyre all just friends and get along fine. HAHA. When it does happen ask yourself how much money does he have and how good are his looks. My logic is undeniable.

          And I don’t know what the hell is wrong with your guys friends but mine don’t do that.

        • Hmm are you suggesting we drug women and alter their brains and personalities into the ideal amazingness of 2d girls? Fuck anon that might be the most brilliant thing anyone has said to me so far. I think I did see a movie similar to that one. Good one I’ll do some research and take this into consideration. I do know of a dangerous street drug famous in columbia that supposedly robs victims of their free will and ability to make choices. Maybe some safer more specific version of this drug. Not bad anon, not bad.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Taylor- rather it was the words of someone who is sick of talking to a brick wall. With due respect given to brick walls, at least their defense is solid, unlike yours.
          Have fun in your dream world, although it seems like a bitter, ugly place.

        • Anonymous says:

          re:stereotypes – I think it is you who doesn’t know how stereotypes and generalizations work. To not realize they differ according to culture is ridiculous. For a benign example, think of some of the stereotypes westerners have about Japanese people; one is that they carry cameras everywhere and take photos of literally everything when on vacation, with the peace sign, etc.
          Now, I live in Japan, and in conversation with work colleagues, I can’t remember how it came up but one of them said something about western people being obsessed with taking photos. I told them how on the contrary to a westerner it seems that Japanese people were more obsessed with taking photos, and they were very surprised and couldn’t understand such a stereotype at all.
          Japan also has stereotypes about foreigners that other countries do not have. America stereotype white men as being intelligent, but Japan stereotypes them as simple and brutish.
          Some stereotypes are harmless, but others exist out of hatred and to fuel superiority complexes and oppression. It’s why terrible things like racial profiling exist. When people use more harmful stereotypes, they essentially rob people of their humanity. People are more than stereotypes, they have goals, hobbies, memories, but deciding a black man is just a ‘thieving nigger’, a Muslim is a ‘terrorist’, or a woman is a ‘greedy whore’ based only on race, religion and gender erases all that and makes them subhuman.
          You mentioned you didn’t say ‘all women’, but this isn’t true. I’ve seen you say ‘all women would’ before, and even here you said ‘nothing good comes of 3D.’ and if you admit men are also horrible, why do you still only attack women?

        • Anonymous says:

          Alright Taylor, you’re just simply a lost cause. You’re deep down in a dark, dark hole. I’d be worried about myself if I had views supported by such obvious BS like you do.

          All I know is that I’m happy today and in love with a beautiful woman, and I never thought I would ever be, but I’m sure it’s because I never gave up and never became like you. I’ve had cynical thoughts like you before too, but I never let those thoughts get the best of me and I remained optimistic. I see problems in the majority of the world and relationships too, but rather than complain and give up, I strived to be part of the smaller and happier world where things can go right for the long run, if not by fate then by my own hand and hard work.

          It’s just depressing that you’ve made up your mind and decided to side with such shitty ideas. Please, my only hope is that you won’t spread your poison and try to sway the innocent and ignorant, keep that shit to yourself please.

        • “I only read and respond to Taylor’s posts in the hopes that something can make him see outside his narrow, sad view of the world, but, I’m sorry. You’re a lost cause,We live in a wide, expansive world that most of us will never see all of…we should keep an open mind and not a closed one. Peace out, Taylor, an again, good luck.”
          -This sounds like the concession speech of the person who embarrassingly lost the argument and is trying to save face.

          “I only read and respond to Taylor’s posts in the hopes that something can make him see outside his narrow, sad view of the world…”
          -How very noble of you. I will personally see to your knighthood.

          “For someone who believes themselves to be on a high level, you are still far below my own…Perhaps, one day, I can look at you as an equal, but that day may be far off as long as you continue to endulge ignorance.”
          -Um. Ok…

          Normally I don’t do this but…indulge*

          “Taylor, stereotypes are not true as it would not be possible…You can not speak for the entire population of earth”
          -I questioned this before, but now I am positive you don’t know what stereotype means. Look it up it doesn’t mean every nor have I ever said every woman. And this is not my first time mentioning that I never said every woman. You might not be attacking me as you say but talking without listening is just as bad. Maybe worse. I would rather you attack and insult me if it meant you actually read what I said before giving your own opinion and make me have to repeat myself.

          “it is both foolish and closed minded to judge entire genders”
          -When did I say entire? Or all? Or every? If you find it even one time Ill concede to all your points. How many times did I mention the existence of quality women even if few? Does stereotype mean every or even most? Why do you keep talking without listening? People are so confident in their own intelligence and are so anxious to share their so valuable wisdom that they don’t even read, research, or even grasp the basic fundamentals of opposing viewpoints. You are the type of person that when someone starts talking you can barely hear them over the sound of your own thoughts and precious opinion of what you’re going to say back. And you call my logic flawed.

          “Stereotypes are often also very old and I will remind you the ones you use are created by straight white men.”
          -Ok I don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore. And you know the origin of stereotypes? o_o..okay..

          “Even if you were correct, you would only prove that apercentage of women are horrible. Yet, a huge percentage of men are also horrible as one can see on the news”.
          -there so many things wrong with this that I don’t even~
          the news eh…even if you watched the news all day and night everyday for a year and you heard bad stories involving men, what percentage of those men do you think represent the population of men worldwide. I’ll give you a clue. Less than 1%.
          Also I’ve already spoken against men, and I never said they were not horrible or said they were great, or even technically said they were better than women, AND I already said they were both flawed. Who are you even talking to??? Are you arguing with me or version of me in your head that hasn’t made any of the points your fighting? This is the problem with women, they don’t listen to anything other than themselves. FYI THAT IS A CALLED A GENERALIZATION AND GENERALIZATIONS TO NOT INCLUDE THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF WOMEN. Also the topic of horrible woman things this conversation is about is not something that would be reported on the news…?/? And the things you do see on the news is driven by…ah just..nevermind.

          “your logic is very flawed.”
          -its my logic thats flawed, right okay.

          “The stereotypes of one culture can completely contradict the stereotypes of another.”
          -Ok I can’t even read this anymore. There is no person on the planet other than you who can explain what this sentence means. Let me just say what needs to be said to end this, the magic words of husbands worldwide.

          “Ok, you’re right dear.” 9_9

        • Whew. I’m just going to say a few things here. First of all, Taylor, I am not attacking you. Let me get that out of the way first. Let me also get the fact that I’m a woman out of the way, because I hope you are capable of not dismissing anything I say based on that.
          The things you say about women are hurtful, even though I can understand your reasoning. Horrible, shitty women exist in this world. I’ve met them. But I’ve also met horrible, shitty men. And lots of them.
          I have met many, many women in my life. I’m a traveller, so I meet people from all walks of life and all nationalities. I broaden my horizons and find the differences between outlooks and values that different people in different locaitons have quite interesting. I’ve also met a lot of men, but not quite as much, mostly because I’m a very shy person and find men difficult to approach. But out of the ones I have met, I know both decent and awful ones who are all just as varied as the women I’ve met.

          The thing is, statistics, stereotypes and things that you read can only tell you so much. There is bias, untrue or skewed numbers, etc. Real experience always, always trumps what we read, and I dont just mean about people. For example, I learned japanese from textbooks for many, many years. My knowledge was all ‘read’. When I came to Japan, the way of using the language was immediantly apparant to be very different. Thus, I learned far more from experience than from what I had read. I also learned loads, loads more about culture than from what I had read in any textbook. Its the same for any learning process – you can read about theory all you want, but when it comes to the practical, in the real world, things quickly turn on their head.
          The same is true for people. Theory doesnt mean anything without real world experience, and you can not make blanket judgements unless you have actually met the entire population of the world. I have met a lot of people in my travels, and despite how horrible some of them are, I can’t hate people, the reason being because so many of them are so different that I find people inherently fascinating.I was able to meet so many interesting people, men and women, who dont adhere to any stereotypes about their gender.

          A rich man will attract gold-digging floozies. A beautiful woman with large breasts will attract men who see her as nothing other than a sex object. If these two people take the easy offerings that they can get, their perception of the opposite sex will be forever skewed, and this is where the stereotypes come from. Brainless, gold-digging women and brainless, perverted men are the easiest difficulty level for the types of men and women they want, while the special people are not as easy. Our rich man and beautiful women thus have to get out there and make the effort to finding that someone special.
          I hope you understand the point I am trying to make, as it’s not one I’m making to insult you. You’ve mentioned several times you have looks and money, so you automatically attract a certain type of woman, the ‘easiest difficulty setting’. Just because it’s the easiest difficult doesnt mean you have to take it, and it doesnt mean it represents the rest, just like the creeps the woman in my example has to deal with don’t represent the entire spectrum of men. There’s a saying something like ‘just because you are thirsty doesnt mean you have to drink the sewerage’.

          I’m not interested in money because I have my own. I feel uncomfortable when friends buy me things. I have been told my both men and woman that I am attractive, and both male and female friends like talking to me for my sense of humour (I am not a good judge of myself, I am going by what other people have told me. This is not supposed to come across as vanity.) My flaw is my shyness, which makes it harder for me to talk to men than to women, but if I were to list things I am attracted to in a guy, the top of the list is humour and hobbies, with looks right at the bottom. I had a big crush on a male friend once who was certainly not the type to win a male model contest (or so, I imagine, the truth is I’m not really a good judge of other people’s looks to begin with), but he wanted to continue as friends and so, valueing his friendship, we continued as such and remain friends today. I dont think I’m special or unique for being different to what you think all women are like, and I’m not asking you to treat me as such – because nearly all my female friends, and my mother, and most of my relatives are the same. (the slutty golddigging cousins aside, to be fair I have sleazy male cousins too)

          I like the same things you do, I like this site (even though I disagree with many of the things posted on it), I consider myself to be a straight woman but I have a healthy collection of anime waifus (and husbandos too, of course). I enjoy anime made for both men and women. And I’m not the only one of my gender like this.
          But when you insult my gender the way that you are with blanket statements, I feel like its a slap in the face for people like me, my mother, my sisters, my friends, my teachers, and every woman I have ever looked up to in my life. They are all amazing people that I am glad to have in my life. Likewise, the few men I know that I am good terms with are also amazing people that I’m glad to have met. It’s true that comments like yours make me angry, and that stories on the news about rape and murder and so-on committed by mostly men makes me very anxious. It’s true that I love 2D men, just like I love 2D women. But I dont want to condemn all of mankind for the actions of a few, or even the actions of most.

          I’m sorry if my comment is long, rambly, annoying, or whatever. My point is that experience will always trump theory, and that people are far more interesting than any theory can give them credit for. Take it from a traveller. I don’t know what women have done to you to make you hate them the way you do, but I’m sorry you feel that way.
          For the record, there is nothing wrong with thinking 2D is superior, as a fellow anime fan, I believe both 2D men and women are better than 3D men and women. I would just appreciate it if you didnt put down people so much for having vaginas. Let’s hate people for what they do, not what you think they can or might do or are capable of due to statistics of stereotypes. Good women are out there, and I believe I am one – but it’s up to you if you want to decide if I am or not. I can not say if you are a good man because I do not know you personally and I know that people are rarely the same online and offline.

          Again, I’m not trying to be rude to you and I hope my message didnt come across as that way.

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor, stereotypes are not true as it would not be possible. Every culture has its own stereotypes. The stereotypes of one culture can completely contradict the stereotypes of another. You can not speak for the entire population of earth based on isolated knowledge of one country or even part of that country no more than I can.
          Stereotypes are often also very old and I will remind you the ones you use are created by straight white men. I see stereotypes challenged every day for all kinds of things, and it is both foolish and closed minded to judge entire genders, cultures or ethnic groups by them.
          Even if you were correct, you would only prove that a percentage of women are horrible. Yet, a huge percentage of men are also horrible as one can see on the news. Therefore, it is mankind itself that is horrible, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good people.
          Please note I am not trying to attack you, I am just telling you your logic is very flawed.

        • Anonymous says:

          I only read and respond to Taylor’s posts in the hopes that something can make him see outside his narrow, sad view of the world, but, I’m sorry. You’re a lost cause, not even worthy of calling yourself a ‘man’. When you call yourself a man you are briging down other man to a frighteningly low level. I can’t even hate someone as pitiful as yourself, so I can only wish you luck instead. One day you will grow up, and maybe even deserving of respect. For someone who believes themselves to be on a high level, you are still far below my own. Unlike you, I do not take unnecessary pride in this, and don’t look down on others the way you do.
          Perhaps, one day, I can look at you as an equal, but that day may be far off as long as you continue to endulge ignorance. We live in a wide, expansive world that most of us will never see all of…we should keep an open mind and not a closed one. Peace out, Taylor, an again, good luck.

        • If I am wrong about anything it may only be the idea the purpose of women is anything more than the objects men use them as and they have in these days willing open themselves to be. The hugely booming and growing sex industry and the millions on millions of women in it, plus the ones who accept it completely, plus the ones who would do it if they were pretty enough, or plan to do it if finally things get bad enough, plus the women who judge you not on love but based on what u can do for them and money, looks, penis, (id say overall all these things combined probably reaches a number that equates to what? three quarters of total women in the world probably? maybe more 80-85% these days? 90?) is a very eye opening revelation on women and their nature and who they are. Think about it.

        • zomg for someone so stupid and all the other insults I sure am drawing in alot of attention. This old topic people still just keep coming back to. I read 10+ new responses in the span of just a few hours. Pretty good for someone as stupid as me.

          I’ll try to make this brief.

          “‘THIS IS TRUE BECAUSE STEREOTYPES’ is the funniest shit I’ve ever read”
          -You should google most stereotype are true and read some credible articles so you can see how stupid you look. Also I didnt say this is true because of stereotypes. Why are you all illiterate? Men never wash their hands and have uncontrollable rage? Where the hell are you getting these stereotypes from?

          a) otaku are pedophiles
          -could be argued. I know of a few. at the very least a good majority of them are lolicons so it depends on where you stand on the lolicon/pedophile debate. Though you probably just brought this up to try and make me feel bad since I identify as an otaku which is desperate, sad, and failed.
          b) taylor is a girl’s name
          -statistically more girls are name this so yes. true. why you assume this bothers me though idk. grasping at straws a bit aren’t we.
          c) americans are fat
          -statistically in comparison to other countries this is true. I could find the numbers for you.
          d) guys who brag about their money are compensating for their small penis size
          -There aren’t any studies on this I know of, but looking at rich celebrity old men who do accent their wealth, Im thinking of Hugh Hefner types, I could see how this could be mostly true. Speaking of Hugh theres also a sterotype that if your rich even if your old and ugly young attractive women will flock to you and sleep with you and take their clothes off on camera for fame and money. I wonder if Hugh thinks this stereotype is true.

          So thank you for proving my point and making yourself look like an idiot at the same time. Next.

          “But who the hell calls their son ‘Taylor’?”
          I could list all of the famous males named Taylor throughout history, which includes a president and a twilight movie star who probably gets all the vagina he can handle. I could also mention why would you assume taylor is my first name and not my last like chuck taylor the converse guy. I could also mention why would you assume taylor is any part of my real name at all. But if I did any of that then it would make me a moron arguing over the internet about my internet name against people who have gotten so desperate at their failed attempts at making logical points that they now have resorting to attacking my internet name lolol. Next.

          “Taylor has turned me off rich guys forever.”
          Mission accomplished. Look at all the work I had to do to make at least one woman turn from her shallow self centered worthless woman golddigging judging a man by his wealth ways. Though now she’ll be shallowly judging by what they don’t have, theres just no hope for women is there. Well at least is a slightly lesser evil. You’re welcome guys.

          “I feel compelled to apologize to all women as a man just for the existence of people like Taylor. I hope he isnt turning you off 3D men forever”
          I hope I am. You’ll thank me after your 5th heartbreak, 2nd divorce, or after all your assets are gone in a settlement. Marriage success is less than 50% now. I’m doing you a favor believe me. Its a tough job but someone has to do it. Stick to 2d and fapping, a few years into your marriage when shes ‘too tired’ youll be doing it anyway. Its cheaper less stressful you wont have to beg or ass kiss for it and youll achieve better orgasms. Had it not been for the distraction of women men would have already completed the robot wife and your life would be perfect and happy.

          “I get the feeling takes literally everything written on this site about women as the gospel truth and if so lmfao”
          I already explained more than 3 times that I never claimed to get information from this website. Learn to read before you embarrass yourself ranting a moronic opinion everyone else sees doesn’t even make sense to the conversation. lyourfao to that.

          “First of all, you have clearly never been a teacher ever if you think it isnt a hard-working job”
          Ok ‘first of all’ When did I say it wasn’t hard working? I said its the type of career people generally get into because of their love of it. How did you pull I said it wasn’t hard working from that you monkey get off the computer. Your response was the longest one of them all but I didn’t bother to read passed this opening line because it was so stupid I assumed you were/are possessed my a primate and I’d surely will lose intelligence points by continuing to read.
          AGAIN everyone if you are hoping for me to read you post and have a response, you must first learn to properly read yourselves children. You cannot rant on and on about points I have not even made based in your own ridiculous assumptions and perceptions and expect me to acknowledge you. Prepare a well thought out report and it may render my attention.

          I did happen to catch this though.

          “Taylor is an immortal, time-travelling all powerful lord who apparently has the power, and funds, to visit every country on earth, know about the habits and personality of every woman on earth, and come back here, to the year 2013, to let us know this truth. Amazing!”
          -No, it’s called reading. You should give it a try.

          Everything else you said was ignored and you wasted your time.

          “all im gonna say is, it takes 2 you big baby, even after the baby is born and has to be raised. Even if you’re looking at the majority of women, still too many make up the rest of women who also slave just as much to take care of their kids, sometimes worse than their husbands for all kinds of reasons (a deadbeat who ditches them, he has a cushy job sitting on his ass while the wife has to cook at home or maybe she has a more hard working job, or it’s the roles reversed and he’s one of those new house-husbands, etc).”
          -Good job anon this is a partially intelligent response. The correct rebuttal for what I said about 6 months of pregnancy being no big deal and not worth a lifetime of supporting a lazy women, is to mention is to mention how the woman then will have to spend her lifetime raising the child. No one else was able to make this clear logical point other than you. This is the correct comparison. Not what that other moron wrote about the hells of 6 month pregnancy being equal and fair for a man to then support her the rest of her life. You see I give credit where credit is due. You all aren’t complete idiots at least. However as you mentioned ‘it takes two people’ so the man has to spend a lifetime 100% slaving at a job to support /everyone/ and still do 50% of the work raising the child. Its still not 100% of the womans job. So what does the woman do at 100%? Well she takes care of the house work you might say. Nope most women complain endlessly if they are the only one doing housework and expect their husbands to chip in working at work and splitting 50% of the work at home. So at best shes 50% working at home 50% raising the child. Im talking overall worldwide situations historically, yes I know more (ugly) women are having to work nowadays (since no one is is bothering to marry them, ie;see japan birth rate). But still most are/prefer to be housewives so their job can be just lay on their back open their legs do half the housework and pay some attention to the child. What a nice life. What does she do 100%? Make her body available sexually for her husbands use pleasure and release? HAHAHA We all know how often that happens after years of marriage. Unless he married a nymph whore which is actually not as bad an idea as it once was. I could go through some more examples but no matter how you look at it the scales are not balanced, it is not equal, and yet all women do is complain about how unfair life is for them in one way or another. The problem with your argument is this, if you interview 100 women and ask would they rather slave a job or stay home and take care of the house. Most every woman would easily choose to stay home. So what are you talking about ‘cushy job’ and ‘slaving to make dinner’ hahahaha. Most women don’t even know how to cook anymore these days. You are trying your best to make the house wife job look so tough when the majorite of women would prefer than over YEARS OF SCHOOLING TESTS AND UNIVERSITY YEAARRSS AND STRESS AND MONEY THAT COSTS all to have to work hard at a job. There are not many ‘cushy jobs’ years of school will put you in. I think its much easier to wash the windows from time to time. ‘deadbeat’ husbands and fathers make up a tiny tiny percentage overall. Go look up how many men/husbands are on child support for example and see why your claim holds no water. But I guess sociologically speaking if you hang out on porn sites like this one you come from a broken home in a trailer park or ghetto somewhere and all you see are bad guys so you think the whole world is that way. What a shame.

          I feel sorry for ugly women who can’t even marry and so are forced to go to school learn something and work. I read a comment someone said about more women being in college than men. Right. Now look at the rest of the numbers. These are ‘some’ colleges and ‘rarely’ the elite schools. And there are more women DROPOUTS than men and more PROFESSIONAL DEGREES, I don’t mean that 2 year/4 year useless shit, are held by MEN more than WOMEN. So get your facts straight I am a titan and you are an ant. Don’t waste my time if you don’t have the intelligence or facts to speak to me on my level.

          Here is a nice fact to piss you all off. STATISTICALLY worldwide MEN are FAR MORE educated than women. BY FARRR FARRR FARRRR. So statistically the probably of me being right about all this and you not realizing or comprehending it because you’re an uneducated moron is high. ha ha.

          “Hey Taylor, just cool it, ok? You gotta know when to cut your losses. I’m a dude with waifus, I know how you feel, but man, you’re making us 2D-ers look bad.”
          -I’ll let you in on one of my secrets anon since you seem to be one of the good guys. Believe me when I said women are worthless trash now a days and alot of the reason is the ass kissing men have given them over the years allowing them to freely be the wretched being that have always lurked deep inside. There was a time when the house wife really was a house wife and took care of her responsibilities and saw it as 100% her job. Saw her body as something that belonged to her husband. And raised all the children properly paying attention to all of their needs. There have always been whore but there was a time women were respectable. And men honored them. Its different now because men dont honor women they kiss their fucking assholes literally and put them on pedestals like they are gods gift to the earth. They worship them and their looks and bodies undeserving only because of human lusts and the women buy into it. This in turn has turned women into the useless shallow creatures they have become believing all they have do in life is make themselves as physically attractive as possible. No education, no real talents, no skills, dont cook or clean without complaining, not understanding how their gender puts them at an advantage in this world not a disadvantage and fight to be equal which if they were to fully get would not even want. Ect ect. Humans dont know what they really want they have to be lead by someone or something this is especially true for women. I said all that to say this. There are enough ass kissing men in the world, and that has done nothing but ruin the women we men once honored and respected. Someone has to be the dark night. Someone has to be the bad guy. The old days women respected and revered their husbands. Women by nature are opportunists so when they see men willing to fall head over heels for them just because they are cute it goes to their head *usually* taking away that reverence and turns them into the spoiled money grubbing shallow unless beings we see today. Look at all these ads around and see the new world female pedestal ass kissing idolotry. Make 25k a year and be an average looking guy and see how many really cute girls youre able to get. See how many girls judge you based on your heart, how much you love them, and how you will treat them and not you money/looks/penis. See how few quality girls there are to date at all. How many if your guy friends are dating great women that even you respect? I bet one if any. See the birth rate in Japan. See the marriage age rising in every country. Wana know a secret to bagging women? dont compliment them because if they are attractive they hear it all the time and shell be more interested in you if you act disinterested. Its assholes and jerks like me who maintain the proper balance making it easier for white knights and soft kind guys like you get a girl and get a QUALITY one at that. Enlightening women by speaking down and negatively on them because this is the type of treatment they hear better understand, remember, and listen to since its contrary to the ass kissing they have now to their detriment grown accustomed to. They will never agree to what Im saying and that isn’t my goal, but the will remember the spirit of the asshole taylor and subconsciously construct themselves into better humans to counter me and my points making a better woman for you to have. Simple psychology. Its a shame but sometimes it has to be this way. How many of your girls are cute and great and precious comments have rendered responses like the pages and pages you see here. I know what I’m doing don’t underestimate me. Do me a favor and realize when someone is doing you a favor. -Taylor.

        • ugh how log will this continue.

          First Im smart enough to know the best way to deal with feminists is to ignore them and their interests and opinion. And so most of these comments will be ignore as I know there is no reasoning with these types.

          I will only respond to the attempts at logical points I will ignore the insults and man hating rants Im too mature and educated to get drug into.

          You started your women are more logical argument with the popular internet phase tldr, taylors response was too long and I didn’t read, and then followed up by explaining how you did read it all in your own long winded response… well Im sure you can figure out why I didn’t bother to do more than skim through this post though Im sure it was all brilliant.

          “My father complained-”
          I stopped reading there and skimmed to the end. I already addressed how using your own personal ‘terrible male’ experiences to make a point is a logical fallacy and I won’t explain again. Women don’t listen and only talk. Fucking read before you rant I explained this 3 times already.

          And of course this is the same person constantly calling me a misogynist though by technical definition I am not this is just your own erred opinion which another anon already explained to you but ofc youre a women so any opinion that differs from your own is wrong.
          And you wonder why I don’t waste my type with women.
          Since you continue to make such a simple technical mistake it says nothing to me other than you can’t hear anything other than your own opinion and you can only think emotionally and not logically proving all my other opinions on women. You’re emotionally using this word like it were a weapon you hope that bothers me. (You have not seen a rebuke to my “misogynist stance” because I DONT CARE that you THINK I have one. You’re constantly trying to pin this name on me and hoping I will defend myself against it and when you’re ignored it seems to enrage your opinion even more.) It doesn’t and it hasn’t, even if it were true it wouldn’t bother me to be called that and if you think logically even if it were true it wouldn’t bother me especially hearing it from a woman so why are you wasting both of our times with this. This constant emotional and illogical mistake tells me the rest of what you have to say is not worth me responding to. You say you won’t give up on men. Please do and cut your hair shop in the mens flea market department become a feminist lesbian. It will feel like homecoming for you. Give up on men because I wouldn’t wish you on my worst male enemy.

          I already addressed women victimizing themselves since the beginning of time with sexism I won’t repeat myself again after this. Apparently women have been oppressed throughout the entirety of their existence in the human race. All you’re doing by continuing to complain about sexism and how men and just so unfair to you is what your ancestors have done for hundreds thousands of years. If women are too stupid to get from underneath this “oppression” in all of the generations of their existence then there is nothing I can do or any man can to save you.

          to the other anon I can’t be bothered to scroll up and see what number you are.
          Men and women don’t have the same flaws. When another man walks in a room men aren’t compulsively comparing themselves to them for example. Men and women are not the same. We are different physically, biologically, emotionally and in every other possible way. The rest of your response is feminist nonsense I will ignore. Except for this. Otaku bitchfits are for fun. I do it all the time with a smile and laugh on my face. It is nothing like PMS. Wtf kind of retarded false comparison is this? Insecurities of my own flaws, there I acknowledged what you said. Ok great, moving on.

        • Anonymous says:

          Comment by Anonymous
          19:24 12/05/2013 # ! Neutral (0)
          Hey Taylor my sisters have full time jobs and their boyfriends leech off them, my mother slaves as a teacher all day while my dad enjoys socalled ‘early retirement’, my female cousin is a baker while my male cousin stole his mothers money and ran away to another state where he ended up in jail.

          Women choose bad boys, then ask the nice guys to “restore their faith in men” by accepting those women when they are older, probably diseased, maybe with kid, have student loans and mental conditions.
          You’re being asked to pick up the cheque for a meal you never ate, in other words.
          Or pay full price for used.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey Taylor my sisters have full time jobs and their boyfriends leech off them, my mother slaves as a teacher all day while my dad enjoys socalled ‘early retirement’, my female cousin is a baker while my male cousin stole his mothers money and ran away to another state where he ended up in jail. Questions for you, are your persecution complex and stereotypes now shot down, and, am I allowed to hate 3D men and complain endlessly about them every chance I get because my experiences are obviously more important than any other person’s experiences with genuine, caring men? Or would that be, how you say…’fucking retarded?’ Just curious.

        • Anonymous says:

          Taylor you seemed to ignore everything I said. You also ignored all and any points that counter your arguments. Which is unsurprising as you never had an argument to begin with, just bile.
          ‘the vast majority of women’ want to not work? If you asked the vast majority of men ‘would you rather work or not work’, of fucking COURSE they’d say ‘not work’ because people in general hate their jobs. The fact that women have said this proves nothing except that working sucks. I like how you ignore the actual facts, that Japan has a socalled ‘birth crisis’ precisely because more and more women -dont- want to stay at home and Japan gives shitty support to working mothers for the most part which actively discouraged them from becoming housewives. No, you ignore those facts, on which there have been countless studies and documentaries on by sociologists, anthropologists and the like, and counter it with…shitty tabloid statistics from a porn site run by a known woman-hater. And apparently this makes you the intelligent one. Riiiight.
          (Also, I like how you ignored any questions that would make your stance seem ridiculous.)

        • Anonymous says:

          “I say unpopular things that most people secretly agree to”

          No, you say things that trolls say because you want to see who comes running to argue because it gives you a thrill. Just like when you brag about your looks and money, because it’s bait.

          Just ignore him, people. He’s not worth our time.

        • Anonymous says:

          It is a fucking scientific fact that women get the short end of the stick with childbirth, oh my fucking god taylor. Do men have to carry another living being inside themselves for 6 months, have it disrupt their biology, make them sick, make them nauseous, and then have to eventually discharge the screaming thing from their genitals? If men were the ones who had to give birth, the population of the world would probably be half of what it is now.
          It seems to be that men just want to stick their dicks in and then high-tail it out of there. I have a lot of respect for fathers that stay and take care of kids, or work to support them, but you talk as though mothers dont work at all. There’s a thing called ‘maternity leave’, which men can take as well.
          And you are using FUCKING STATISTICS FROM THIS FUCKING SITE TO PROVE YOUR ARGUMENTS oh my god do you think for a second that any of these dumb surveys on women on this site were actually cultivated from every single woman in Japan, because if so, you’re even dumber than I could give you credit for. These surveys target a certain type – whether through a magazine earned at certain people or just shoppers at a certain store. Of course the results are going to be biased. And I’ll think you’ll find that quite a lot of housewives became so because they are expected to do it by japanese society. There are companies that even basically fire their women employees when they get pregnant because they are expected to become housewives.
          The fact that the men are then ‘overworked’ has a lot more to do with Japan’s boner for overworking than women, though, but nice try.

        • Anonymous says:

          Also Taylor I’m pretty sure you’ll find that the reason there are more men in political positions has a lot more to do with sexism than you want to admit, and the US is one of the most sexist countries in regards to this.
          However, many European countries as well as New Zealand and Australia have all had female leaders (Australia currently has one). Say what you will about Australia’s current prime minister, there are people who dont like her, but in comparison to her opposition, the right-wing male dumbass extravaganza, she operates on pure logic, while he only operates on his dumb opinions.

        • Anonymous says:

          In Taylors big tl;dr response, he still didnt say anything supporting anything beyond his own prejudices. ‘Factually proven that men are more logical’? By who? Men? My father complained about not having enough money in his cushy job living with my mother in a dual income family that allows him to have a great house that was only possible to build due to my mother inheriting the land from her father and only possible to maintain due to said dual income, so he…abandons my mother, goes to another town, buys a super expensive appartment that he can barely pay for each week, and complains some more about having no money? How’s that for logic?
          Men can be just as emotional as women stereotypically are, but this society has been conditioned to view men expressing their emotions (beyond ‘manly’ things like ‘anger and rage’ as unmanly and bad. Because this society hates women so much that anything vaguely woman-like, like ’emotions’ (which still makes no damn sense to me, emotions are a HUMAN THING) are seen as bad and unwanted. Not only is this sexist to women, but its insulting to men. Men should not be looked down on for being ‘feminine’ for having emotions because they are a human thing.

          I only reply to Taylor because I’ve yet to see him make an intelligent rebuke to his misogynist stance, and I want to know what his opinion is on a woman like myself who has a similar stance (a general distrust of 3D men due to my own experiences with them) yet hasnt given up on them.

        • Anonymous says:

          The flaws of women are the same flaws that men have, except they are too shallow to admit it, and men hate, above all else, to admit that they are wrong. Therefore they will talk about ‘cheating women’ despite cheating more, about ‘women PMSing’ despite being highly irritable and emotional most of them time (have you even seen the way men act at sports games? How about the bitchfits the otaku on this site throw whenever something doesnt go this way) which can also make them prone to violence/etc, about ‘women getting ugly when they age’ despite resembling droopy elephant testacles when they hit hold age themselves, talk about women being ‘stupid and illogical’ yet doing things that are equally ‘illogical’ themselves whilst there are more women attending universities, and so on. These are flaws ingrained in the human species, not particular to a set gender, yet men are conditioned to see theirs as normal and womens are faulty, so they build the image of a ‘perfect woman’ who has no ‘woman’s flaws’ – that is, no human flaws, and then get mad and bitter when said woman doesn’t exist. Of course she doesn’t exist, women are human, and humans have flaws. Just like men. Immature people act like they ‘deserve’ something flawless when they don’t. We’re all flawed and shitty naked ape meatbags, and we only deserve our fellow flawed naked ape meatbags. Fantasy is fun, but trying to pretend its how things should be is pathetic and only highlights your own insecurities of your own flaws.

        • Anonymous says:

          wow you’re right taylor its not like male pornstars exist or anything right, and its not like there is a whole category of male pornstars called ‘gay for pay’ or anything, nope, only women in that business. The men are all 3D computer models.

        • Anonymous says:

          taylor manages to miss the point as usual, to the surprise of absolutely no one. We shouldnt ‘treat women like flowers’, but neither should we treat men like flowers like you seem to. You go on about how women can only do wrong as though men have never done any wrong ever. And yet, which gender commits more crimes? Which politicians are the most corrupt? Other men screw men over more than women could ever even hope to. It’s mankind in general you hate, taylor, not one gender, so get over yourself and your superiority complex for having a penis. It’s not that great.

        • Anonymous says:

          taylor thinks he says ‘unpopular things’ like this makes him unique. sorry you’re exactly the same as every other MRA who thinks women are all secretly the same person. It doesn’t make you unique or special, it just makes you a giant tool with a superiority complex who will never be half the person the women I know are.

        • Anonymous says:

          It must be really difficult for Taylor’s regular dominatrix to get that giant stick out of his ass every time she wants to fuck him up the ass with a strapon. She probably wouldnt bother if he wasnt so desperately needy, licking her boots and begging her for it.

        • Hey anon 1924 guess what your sisters, if ur even telling the truth, are the minority of cases number one. I’m not talking about a random anons personal situation Im talking about overall numbers. Number 2 using personal situations as I already explained makes your biased view null and void. Your mom “slaves” as a teacher? Right because teaching is one of those professions you really have to force people to get into. Its not like its one of those careers people get into because they love it, yeah teaching, how terrible for her. Why am I even arguing with you? Only thing you’ve shot down is your hope in making a point. Your point is from a giant minority of situations, mine is from the majority. Good shot. When did I say I hate 3d women? When did I endlessly complain about them or did I graciously answer giving my opinion (and really facts) to anons inquiries that typically go ignored? I’m done with you because for the 3rd time you are arguing points I never even made and arguing with yourself, which if your curious is “fucking retarded” so go find a mirror and continue by yourself as you have been. Don’t take your frustrating life out on me and try to force me to argue with you so the attention makes you feel better about yourself. Seems like thats all your doing at this point arguing random things I never even said.. Anyway.

          I ignore everything thats stupid and not worth me responding to. For example your new first point is already wrong. Its in the nature of men to work. Sure no one likes to do anything sucky and complaining is just part of any job but still men enjoy working and prefer it for the most part. For the same reason they like sports and competing, for the same reason its in the nature of women to be nurturing and care after children. So your comment you said so BOLD and CERTAINLY of men not wanting to work is already wrong and tells me the rest of what you have to say is probably also stupid and not worth me considering. Maybe you should watch more of those “documentaries on by sociologists, anthropologists” you apparently are (not) an expert on if you don’t even know the basics of human nature. Also I ALREADY stated I never claimed to get any statistics from this website. If you’re wondering why Im ignoring you its because you seemingly can’t read and can only rant, are your the type who knows how to talk but doesnt know how to listen, and so I am wasting my time. I’m not going to repeat myself. Learn to read and learn to listen to things other than your own opinion and try to speak to someone on my level again some other day.

        • 643
          youre ASSuming I got my statistics from this site, when did I say that? All you’re doing is constantly assuming and thus again arguing with yourself and its pointless to talk to you. Whine whine women have to go through so much at childbirth for 9 whole months (really just 6) as I said before it was HER decision to open her whorey legs for the pleasure of sex and to do it unprotected so she gets no special credit for THE 6 long months of HORRORS and MORNING SICKNESS from time to time and OMG mild back pain every now and then and PLEASE NO THE ICECREAM CRAVINGS I CANT BELIEVE IT and having people one BEND OVER BACKWARDS FOR HER and dont forget the dreaded BABY SHOWER AHH and about 4 hours of pain one day when its over what a terrible fate women have to suffer!! they should be treated special!! What about the women who get pregnant to trap a guy why dont u talk about that? millions of cases of this. Cry me a river.

          there a difference between a troll and a person you can’t logically counter because you lack the intellectual fortitude and so have to resort to calling them a troll.


        • ah mai gai so many comments.

          For someone as dumb and -insert all other useless namecalling- as me I sure am stirring up alot of peoples emotions. Usually when someone is as dumb as I am you just ignore them but you guys can’t seem to ignore me. Maybe because deep down you know theres truth and logic in what Im saying you’re just in denial about and don’t want to accept. Its easier to just automatically rant at the bad guy and name call than it is to think objectively about a perspective that differs from your own. But anyway..

          Its really not worth me responding to these comments because like usual in these situations you’re assuming, putting words in my mouth, and drawing conclusions based on your own opinion on my view from points I haven’t even made. Which means essentially your arguing with yourself making it foolish for me to try and jump in and spend my precious time enlightening your types.

          Never did I say men were great and perfect and better than women. I repeat NEVER did I say men were better than women. That fact alone throws out your entire argument so why should I bother arguing your ASSumptions? You are neither intelligent or mature enough to engage in conversation with me. Your petty insults I liken to a dog barking at the moon.

          but sigh yes to answer the other retardo point, yes men are pornstars even though its like 3000 women to 1 male working in the sex industry and if were not including the straight ones who are really just their to help the willing woman be further objectified and were calculating just the gay porn its more like 50-75,000 to 1 (if not more and im almost positive its way more if I look. gay guy porn makes up a tiny fraction of the industry. go look up how many Japanese girls have appeared in porn vs their female population and how many new debut actress there are per year. not including the other sex workers like prostitutes, pink hotels ect. You wana guess what the guy numbers are?) but if u want to make a point based on those numbers fine just dont expect me to acknowledge it again. just look at all the male porn ads next to this comment.

          The nature of all humans is evil this is obvious, but there are still many differences between men and women. The nature of women is more dark and vile than it is for men. Every single credible historical philosophical text dating all the way back to even the story of adam and eve where the woman was put under man in hierarchical rule specifically for this reason agrees with this point. Oh wait another biblical refrence and sankaku I should know better than that. But I have to make references people are familiar with because I know your types don’t read. Ok. How about some ancient Chinese proverbs that say the same thing. You’ll listen to that right since you know Japan came from that. Actually those proverbs and texts speak even harsher against the nature of women. Please don’t overwhelm yourself debating with someone more educated than you, this could get ugly fast.

          Anyway that said it, I’m not saying nor have I said that makes men better than women. There are other elements to consider as in the case with adam who could be said was responsible for eves bad decision. But I won’t go there because you’re an ASSumer with no logical points (I mean come on how many female politicians are there? most women want to focus on looking pretty so they can marry and not work or study anything, so of course statistically there more men than…sigh fml) so trust me when I tell you if I were to go into detail on this topic you are not intellectually sound enough to follow my line of logic and thinking.

          Just the fact men are FACTUALLY SCIENTIFICALLY more logical thinkers than are women who are more emotional, should tell you where that road of behavior will lead. 10 emotional people male or female and 10 logical thinking people working separately on a very intense problem who do you think will make more progress. Why do you think more men are leaders in the world? Will you blame their evil man oppression? Really thats the cause since the beginning of time? I would think from the beginning of time women would by now get from underneath oppression. What do you think the reason is women tend to say “most of my friends are guys, I can’t deal with bitches”. I mean come on if u wont believe me because im a man, listen to your own kind. Chach.

        • I think women are all secretly the same person huh..hmm..Maybe you’re right let me think about that…

          Well, its pretty hard to take your comment seriously seeing as though your comment is surrounded by whorey women all willing to objectify themselves and their bodies for profit on a website with thousands of other women doing the same thing in an industry with tens of millions of women doing the same thing.

          But yes ok you’re right, women are special beautiful flowers we should all treat delicately and never speak negatively against. Lul.

        • I say unpopular things that most people secretly agree to and others cannot properly debate and so rely on their elementary critical thinking ability to inspire their elementary insults. I understand. Sigh mingling with the lower class is so troublesome and beneath me…

  • Anonymous says:

    Obviously..any normal “woman” would walk into forum boards of sexual deviants, and invite them into something akin to group gang-bang willingly.

    Tacos for those guys being so short-sighted.

    • Anonymous says:

      Keep downvoting, go on. Just because these idiots were stupid enough to believe this doesn’t mean you- wait, this is sankakucomplex, half the people on here are probably stupid enough to do something like this.