Nippon Ichi’s Majo to Hyakkihei Finally Near

Majo to Hyakkihei-1

Nippon Ichi’s latest “dark fantasy” PS3 RPG is finally nearing release after having been delayed by over a year – Majo to Hyakkihei (The Witch & The Hundred Knights) is now belatedly due for a summer release.

In a sign of perhaps just how far behind the curve Nippon Ichi is these days, they say it will be their “first fully polygonal in-house title,” and it does look almost as if it belongs in this century (and certainly boasts nice artwork, mostly in the form of Bog Witch Metalica herself):

Majo to Hyakkihei-2

Majo to Hyakkihei-3

Majo to Hyakkihei-4

Majo to Hyakkihei-5

Majo to Hyakkihei-6

Majo to Hyakkihei-7

Majo to Hyakkihei-8

Majo to Hyakkihei-9

Majo to Hyakkihei-10

Majo to Hyakkihei-11

Majo to Hyakkihei-12

Majo to Hyakkihei-13

Majo to Hyakkihei-14

Majo to Hyakkihei-15

Majo to Hyakkihei-16

Majo to Hyakkihei-17

Majo to Hyakkihei-18

Majo to Hyakkihei-19

Majo to Hyakkihei-20

Majo to Hyakkihei-21

Majo to Hyakkihei-22

Majo to Hyakkihei-23

Majo to Hyakkihei-24

Majo to Hyakkihei-25

Majo to Hyakkihei-26

Majo to Hyakkihei-27

Majo to Hyakkihei-28

Majo to Hyakkihei-29

Majo to Hyakkihei-30

Majo to Hyakkihei-31

Majo to Hyakkihei-32

Majo to Hyakkihei-33

Majo to Hyakkihei-34

Majo to Hyakkihei-35

Majo to Hyakkihei-36

Majo to Hyakkihei-37

Majo to Hyakkihei-38

Majo to Hyakkihei-39

Majo to Hyakkihei-40

Majo to Hyakkihei-41

Majo to Hyakkihei-42

Majo to Hyakkihei-43

The Japanese edition is due on July 25th, whilst the US release is due in March of 2014, late enough to give PS4 titles a run for their money…


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