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Shoko-tan: Aku no Hana “Shockingly Creepy”


The near universal loathing of Aku no Hana extends even to celebrities, with no less than Shoko-tan herself – evidently positively disposed to the original manga – bashing the anime in print.

From a recent column of hers:

It’s amazing how exciting it is as he is picked on and his perversions are exposed. If you read it you can discover your own hidden perversion too!

Its anime started in April, but Nakamura is just creepy now. They filmed it and then the animators drew over it, so their features are quite vivid, but Nakamura is way too ugly now.

I thought a 2D title about a cute girl who is actually a total sadist would succeed, but I was shocked at the reality of the anime.


The show looks likely to go down in history as Japan’s first rotoscoped TV anime – but for all the wrong reasons:





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