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JCs Trash School “Because of Aku no Hana”



Aku no Hana’s capacity for controversy continues to increase – police are reporting the arrest of two schoolgirls for destroying their classroom in a copycat crime they say was modelled on a scene from the manga.

The pair, 13 and 14-year-old girls attending a middle school in Kanagawa prefecture, reportedly broke into their school and went on a moderately destructive rampage, smashing windows and letting off fire extinguishers, culminating in them flooding one of their classrooms.



Along with emulating the manga by writing “death” in chalk on a blackboard, they freely admitted their main motive was copying the manga (though why they were inclined to do this is still unclear).

Both girls have been referred to the juvenile offenders system for property damage.

Amongst Aku no Hana there has been sadness they could not have at least emulated one of the more interesting scenes:




aku-no-hikaku (1)

aku-no-hikaku (2)

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