“Pump & Dump” JK Sex Fraud: “I Did 100 Girls This Way”



The arrest of a man who had sex with “close to 100” girls by offering to pay them ¥70,000 a go and then leaving them waiting on the curb as he “went to fetch the money,” in most cases also filming his exploits for a promise of ¥300,000, is currently making waves online – not least after suspicions emerged that he may be the man in a popular series in the distressingly popular “ugly fat old guy doing young girls” AV genre.


The 42-year-old Tokyo man would approach girls on the street (whether he specifically targeted female high school students is not clear), and make such propositions as “I’ll pay you ¥70,000 for enjo kousai [“compensated dating” – paid sex], and I give you ¥300,000 if you let me film it.” He also made similar offers online.


Not surprisingly, he had many takers and they would retire to local Taito city love hotels to complete the transaction.

However, in all cases after they left the hotel he would tell them “I’ll just go and get the money,” and then make good his escape, leaving the girls to wait in vain for his return with the promised wodge of notes.


His initial arrest stemmed from a promise to pay a 17-year-old girl ¥300,000 for a filmed sex session, which he indulged in but promptly fled from.

This offence and a similar one involving a 16-year-old girl led to his home being searched, where investigators found no less than 62 tapes of his various encounters.


He claims to have used this modus operandi on “close to 100 girls,” so police are investigating further.

He told also police that he did not think his victims would be shameless enough as to come forward about being cheated during their attempt at prostitution: “I thought they would be too scared of being exposed to report it to police.”

In addition to child prostitution offences, police estimate that 22 of tapes show minors aged 14-17, and so also intend to charge him child pornography offences for making them.

As usual, none of the prostitutes involved face any charges.

Online there has been a great deal of expert discussion of the case – with some saying he looks awfully similar to another creepy fat man who appears in a popular line of semi-professional adult videos:


“For once, everyone got what they deserved.”

“The police really increased the size of their collection this time, didn’t they?”

“Close to 100, amazing. It’s more like he was pursuing some esoteric discipline or something.”

“Just tell us the titles of the videos so we know what to search for.”


“Looking at his pictures, it really is the same guy as from the ‘Tsubomi-kui’ series of videos… he was pretty famous. He was only 42 though?”

“If it is the oyaji I hope more videos will still be released.”

“That series is just gross, I don’t see who can get off on that.”

“Just another day for Tonkin.”

“This guy is scum so I have no intention of defending him, but the issue here is that they never charge the women. Especially with minors, there is no penalty so they can just go do it again. Some kind of light legal treatment of their offences as sex crimes is required.”

“They don’t leave it. They’ll at least tell the parents and make an issue of it.”

“You would wait for 300,000 I guess. Total bitches.”

“Tonkin girls are no different to Korean whores. They’ll do anything for money now.”

“Japanese women never any sense of chastity to begin with. Try Chinese girls if you expect that.”

“Honestly with girls like this around you’d be crazy to get married.”

“If you did 100 JKs for money I would be more than a little worried about what you might catch off them.”

“Cops should make the evidence public so these whores can be named and shamed!”

“They don’t say which sites he used to get these girls. Gree, Mobage?”

“The man is a lowlife of course, but what does it say about Japan that our young girls are willing to open their legs for a bit of cash? Japanese society metes out preferential treatment to these avaricious women at every turn, whilst men are just expected to work even harder.”

“It’s getting pretty tiring to hear of every man involved in prostitution automatically being convicted whilst every woman is automatically innocent.”

“Thanks to the crackdowns by police the prostitution market is oversupplied. That’s why they are so cheap, all the risk is on the buyer.”

“He got to 100, he can die fulfilled.”

“This is taken for granted, but it’s odd that a guy in his teens would be aghast at having sex with an old guy in his forties for 300k, but girls are apparently OK with that?”

“Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if you said having sex with an old women in her forties for 300k?”

“Right, and what lad wouldn’t? Although doing it with an old guy would be bad.”

“For 300k, I’d sell my ass too.”

“What’s disturbing is not so much that they’d sell themselves as that they’d sell themselves to a gross whale like that.”

“The police who confiscated this lot are the real winners.”

“Not as much as that Hokkaido cop who got let off for paying for a 13-year-old…”

“Envious fatty here. I can’t believe he had the balls to proposition these girls like that! I could never do that, and nobody’ll ever come to me…”

“At least punish the sellers a little!”

“He’s still likely only to get a suspended sentence.”

“This was a pretty bad case with a lot of victims – I think he’s looking at a couple of years.”

“Tapes in this day and age…”

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