“Hardcore” Gamer Girl Figure

gamer-girl-figure-by-onizuki-aruchu-from native-1

Based on an original illustration by ero-mangaka Kizuki Aruchu comes this cast-off figure of a busty and decidedly under-dressed female gamer, and dated for release this July from ero-figure makers Native.

gamer-girl-figure-by-onizuki-aruchu-from native-1

gamer-girl-figure-by-onizuki-aruchu-from native-2

gamer-girl-figure-by-onizuki-aruchu-from native-3

gamer-girl-figure-by-onizuki-aruchu-from native-4

gamer-girl-figure-by-onizuki-aruchu-from native-5

gamer-girl-figure-by-onizuki-aruchu-from native-6


Gamer Girl is available for pre-order now.


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