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Girl 95% Burned Trying To Save Ill Mother

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The tale of a girl who sustained horrific burns to almost all of her body trying to save her mother from their burning home has been attracting much sympathy in China of late.

The 13-year-old girl was playing on the roof of the Henan province building she called home, when a fire broke out in her 2nd storey residence.

Knowing her mother was ill and bedridden, she rushed home to save her, ignoring the burning building around her.

Unfortunately, just as she arrived a gasoline can stored in their residence ignited,ย  engulfing her in flames.

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Despite 95% burns to her body she was rescued from the building alive, and has clung to life for the 20 days since the accident.

With tragically predictable pathos, when she regained consciousness in hospital, her first act was to ask after her parents.

One of the hospital doctors treating her has reportedly paid for the 20,000 yuan cost of her treatment so far, although it is not clear what her future prospects are.

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