“New” Infinite Stratos Anime Due

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The prayers of Infinite Stratos fans awaiting a new anime appear to have finally been answered, although an apparent announcement of a “new anime” based on the novels has some worried.

The “announcement” comes by way of a promotion which featured an incidental Infinite Stratos cover including the news – and as the official image has since been changed to feature an uninformative IS cover it would appear to have been a blunder on their part, leaving its official status in doubt.

new-is-pseudo-announced (2)

new-is-pseudo-announced (1)

Aside from the circumstances of the announcement, the “new anime work production decided” wording (as opposed to “continuation”) has attracted a great deal of attention – suggesting that the series could be receiving a fresh anime adaptation rather than the long anticipated and now hopelessly overdue second series.

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